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    sorry this is just a PRANK done by my little brother and his friends..little ruscal...
  1. Hi....please DO NOT BELIEVE all this tulpa thingy...i didnt wrote all these stuffs..its my little brother and his friends with their imaginary story to prank me ;)
  2. Day 53: Heart Aches Nothing much happened. I was engrossed in reading an online novel with Grelda (Sort of). It was a very romantic novel, and the writing style was amazing. This made me, also a writer, very encouraged to write more and better. The only problem was my feelings after reading. Grelda and I have professed our feelings to each other. We both have admitted it. But the problem is obvious. Sometimes I feel that I can't be there and I'm not real. I don't have a body and in the end he is going to have a real girlfriend anyway, so what's the point? Also, Grelda is perfect for me. I don't know if there will ever be a girl like her in my life ever. Have any of you felt this way? I'm sad. But I know I can support him. I'll try. -End of Day 53-
  3. Hi there. I know your'e busy but I would just like to join the queue. It might be a long queue, but I think it's worth it. And yup, I can wait. I would like you to draw Grelda. Grelda: Basically a human with red eyes with red glasses, long blue hair that reaches the midpoint of her back, wearing a plain white shirt and a mini pants. Simple really. Below are some guiding images (and yes, it's Hatsune Miku. I know) -Hair Colour -Shirt -Face -Eyes -Glasses -Hair Style #5 -Pants with Belt You can choose a simple standing smiling pose. Again thank you! Please take your time! Please take your time! I love you for drawing me!
  4. Day 46: A Surprise I didn't post last Thursday because I really had nothing to report. And besides, it's exam season. But that doesn't mean I left Grelda to stale. Oh no no. In fact I just realised something that I feel just happened to her. I didn't fully realise until about five days ago. It makes me feel very stupid actually... The thing is... Hello guys! My name is Grelda and I like cheesecakes and chicken nuggets! ACHIEVEMENT GET! I am so happy that she can speak in full sentences. Her parallel processing has also improved rapidly. Once, I was playing chess with my friend. I was doing okay, but I wanted to gain an upper hand in positioning my pieces. So I asked Grelda for some help. 'Move the bishop there' I doubted her at first. I could see no benefit in it. Thinking that she didn't really know any chess tactics or she could just be playing around, I played another move. After two or three moves, Grelda again insisted on playing the bishop. Giving in, I played that move. After another two or three moves, I was actually gaining the upper hand. I realised that the bishop move had actually exerted more control over the opponent's pieces, thus enabling me to secure a win! I was so surprised! And yes, I'm sorry Grelda. Apology accepted. She still is using my mind power to speak and I could only hear if I stop and listen for her. Her mind voice is the same as my mind voice, but as some forcers have reported, her mind voice 'feels' different than my mind voice, or the essence, as some of you have called it. I feel like I need to work more on the parallel processing to reach a higher level of mental power. I also feel like starting on some imposition and some level of possession. Overall... I AM SUPER HAPPY WITH MY PROGRESS WOOOHOOOOO!!! Crazy boy...xD TL;DR (DIE!) 1. She speaks full sentences 2. I want to work on possession and imposition. 3. Also parallel processing -End of Day 46-
  5. Day 32: Ow that hurts! I didn't get the chance to post last Thursday due to the stupid internet and a mass visit that lasted for two days. But during that time I have been seeing improvements in Grelda. Before I start, I would like to mention that my Wonderland name (and I would like it to be my nickname too) is Zen. Grelda picked it, not me. And she seemed pretty insistent on it. I am still thinking of a form for myself, but I can take my time, no one is rushing. Now something super cool happened. During the mass visit, we had our breakfast and I decided to take a short nap. I had a 'nightmare' sort of. At first, it was Haruhi Suzumiya being all 'Oh I am God, fear me' crap, than it changed to Haruhi again, but this time she was screaming out of pure terror. It was Mikuru (or was it Miruku?), about to be sawed in half by some crazy guy. Okay, please don't think that I am crazy, but I was actually intrigued by the dream, and wanted it to continue. Yes I was in a way scared by my curiosity was burning, and I wanted to see more. Then the cool part. I suddenly felt someone elbowing my left side (I was sleeping on my right side) I instantly got a vision of Grelda frantically elbowing me. I woke up. I could actually sense her fear, my body reacting to it. I realised that she also could see my dream and she was terrified (poor girl). So she frantically woke me up, so the dream would stop. This just certified my trust in her and in the tulpa phenomenon. I am a believer now. Thank you thank you. I also, for some idiotic reason, wrote her name on my right calf, and my name i.e. Zen on my left calf (I hope you all know what calves are. No, not the cow kind) So I was walking one day, I looked down at my legs and just absentmindedly read out 'Grelda and Zen'. Grelda immediately continued,'... sitting on a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!' I immediately got super duper embarrassed. Heck, I couldn't even walk straight. My friends thought I had gone crazy. I mean, who gets so embarrassed about what you just thought of? Also, I heard one of her thoughts but for the first time, it felt 'separated'. Usually she would latch on to my mind to generate her thoughts,making it feel like it came from me, but now it felt different, like as if there was a speaker in my head. Which probably means the goal of parallel processing is getting closer. PROGRESS PEOPLE! PROGRESS! Overall I am very happy at this increase in her development. Although it would have been more if not for my terrible management skills, barely active forcing. TL;DR (God have mercy) 1. Sentience Ultra-Confirmed 2. Created a form for myself called Zen 3. Achieved some level of parallel-processing -End of Day 34-
  6. Ermmm.... Is it over? Or can I claim a stake?
  7. Day 19: We need to split... mentally After a week on school, I am back home on Thursdays and Fridays. Grelda likes her new makeover (as in she has not mentioned a dislike) and the new wonderland has served us well. I have had multiple conversations with her, mostly just me asking a question and she replying with a 'yeah' or 'no' or a 2 or 3 word answer. I know that about like 75 or 80% of the time it's really her, as she has said things I would not think of. When I ask her whether I should try shooting (as in the sport) she replied with a firm no. That surprised me, as I had always dreamed of learning how to shoot since young (I am an archer though). Also sometimes my brain attempts to puppet a response, but I hear her mindvoice (it's the same as mine) first, then it's overlapped by my parroted response. She is still at a pretty basic stage, but hey, that's a sign of sentience. Also, her thought seems to be quite simple, unable to form proper arguments or reasoning. She really can't elaborate much besides 'yeah' and 'no'. The longest reason she had was 'I just don't like it'. Also, I have read a guide that said that the tulpa in the beginning 'draws' its thoughts from the host. So I figured Grelda was the same, as I feel she is still 'latching' on to my mind, making her thoughts seem 'familiar' and not 'alien' as most of you Forcers describe it. So I have decided to train parallel processing i.e. to make her think on her own. I tried out the 20 Questions game once. I put a cob of corn in the box. The first question she asked was 'Is it yellow?' . It was obvious: she was cheating! xD When I return back to my school today, I will try to play chess with her to train parallel processing (if my Syrian friend brings along his chess set. That idiot always forgets) as some of you have suggested. TL;DR (Go to hell) 1. She is sentient 2. She has a very basic thought process (no offence Grelda) 3. I will try training parallel processing -End of Day 19-
  8. May I have a 4 day ban please? And some cheese on top. Thank you.
  9. Day 11: Reloading... First time typing on the phone... Anyway I decided to give my Wonderland and Grelda a redesign. New Wonderland: It now is an island. Up North is our house and Triton Tech building (the main computer for the Triton Operating Sub-Conscious System, also known as TOSS i.e my servitor) South of it is the Great Library. I refused to demolish the library, as it holds very important memories for me and Grelda. Although it is no longer infinite. :( South of that is the air strip, where Grelda and I sometimes go skydiving. South of that again is the convenience store, a KFC, and a simple restaurant. Its the same restaurant I took Grelda to last time. Off the coast the island to its east is an island, accessed by bridge. It had a single feature which is a ridiculously tall mountain, where we go climbing, if we're feeling adventurous. To the west of the airstrip is a football field (as in British English, what the heck is soccer? ) Yeah, that's basically it. New Form: Its based on Ribbon Girl Miku. In decided to base Grelda off a character I know, so that visualisation becomes easier, instead of trying to imagine someone I have never seen before. Hopefully these changes will help Grelda as her progress had begun to slow down. I now notice get thought process I'd usually just one thought running through her mind, and changes often. I probably won't expect full-blown replies for quite a while.
  10. Day 9: Green Hair... Sorry for the inactivity. Considering the past few days have been very busy (Thursday was Eid Al-Adha), I was unable to post. Even the forcing was at an all time low. Mostly just passive forcing, and about 2 or 3 active sessions. Unfortunately, I only remembered one of the forcing sessions. This time, I gave her freedom. In our newly-created house, I gave her a walk-in closet. I told her to get it and choose whatever you like, basically, reform yourself to how you like it. She seemed happy enough. I should take some time now to talk about her form. I don't know how to post pictures (n00B) so I'll just describe. Version 1: The first form I created during visualisation. I had ideas for her to become a fire mage cat-person. Meh. So her hair was white with a ponytail. Nekomimis and glasses, with orange eyes. Her dress was a black robe, with red shoulder plates. A purple scarf, red dragon amulet and yellow belt give her some accessories and design. She wore red gloves and to top it all off, a red staff so she could blast fire at unsuspecting prey. But she deviated from that. My subconscious probably wanted something simpler. So then came... Version 2: After a couple of days, she simplified herself. Simple sleeveless black dress, with red ribbon tied around her waist. Her hair had turned black and grew longer. The nekomimi and glasses disappeared. Her orange eyes turned blue. If you want a reference, find 'Alice' from Kamisama no Memouchou, when she's wearing the simple white dress (the cover of one of the light novels) . Except its black. When I gave her the chance to 'reform' herself, she changed so much I doubted she was the original. Version 3: Her main change was that her hair had turned... green. Like this green. It was such a contrast. She tied her hair into a single braid, like Elsa from Frozen. In Version 2, she had an innocent look, but now, she gave the vibe of an adventurer. She now has a brown, long sleeved shirt, with a black vest. Her bottom was now a black skirt. She looked ready to climb mountains. Besides that, nothing special happened. It seems like I was too expectant of her to acheive milestones, failing to realise it had barely been a week. I should focus more on narration first for the next week or so, and try to insert conversations as I go along. As a side project, glitchthe3rd's servitor-making really interested me, so I might try that out. And as the school week approaches, I only get the chance to post every Thursday. So yeah. TL;DR (... Sigh) 1. She now has green hair omgerzz 2. I should be patient 3. Less posting frequency
  11. Day 4.73: My fears have dissipated! (somewhat) I didn't really do much tulpaforcing today, just a short 25 or 30 minute one. I did more passive forcing though. I decided to take Grelda out on a date today, to try to make up for my idiotness yesterday. I created a town, just a bit south of the Library, where I took her to a simple restaurant. Damn man, I just love simple. Anyway, we just sat down and ordered our food. I was too lazy to read through the menu as technically every available food I ever knew could be on it. I ordered fish and chips, while Grelda ordered fried chicken. I was quite surprised she didn't actually order chocolate cake. When the food arrived, we just started eating and talking a bit. I tried out a bit of her chicken, she took a bite of my fish. Standard stuff. And no, I hate complex food. Its my simple brain and my simple life. Anyway, we finished, we took a little look around town, we went shopping (big mistake when you are out with girls). She just seemed to try different things out. I don't really remember what she tried out. Basically it was ordinary, but she enjoyed it. And thats what matters. Buuuut she's still angry at me, albeit lesser. Meh, I got result. I really spent the rest of the day just going out in the real world with her, as I had a ton of errands, and not a lot of free time. I might try to force before I go to sleep, as my mother really is bothered by me being on the computer (its only 9 o clock though) So yeah I had to make this quick. There is no TL;DR cause it no make sense.
  12. Day 4: I'm bad at keeping promises I mostly spent the day figuring out how to turn her truly sapient. I had reached the point of extreme parrotnia and puppetnia. It hurts very bad. I then read about how SentientDreamer and her tulpa discovered their enlightenment. So Grelda and I also went on a quest: to explore the Great Library. We first turned right into the first row of bookcases. It became dark as we entered, and the helper birds were nowhere to be seen. That was when the snakes attacked. Where they came from, what they were supposed to represent, I don't know. I quickly created a sword and slashed them, while Grelda clinged on. Apparently she could shoot fire. Amazing. I could actually feel my heart pumping, its heartbeat increasing. We kept walking and fighting till we saw a light. It was a statue, with a book at the top. Its immense glow was like our beacon. I continued to fight while climbing the statue. When I grabbed the book, all the snakes disappeared. I sat down with Grelda and I asked her to read it. The first words were perplexing. 'You will be what you were meant to be.' I asked her to continue to read. 'Time waits for no one.' The rest... I forgot (sorry for my bad memory) I then placed the book on her chest, and she absorbed it. This happened for all 4 corridors. Bottom, left and right, and top, left and right, all saying different things, all absorbed by her. She began to smile more, feel more. Unfortunately, that is also a problem. Later on during the day, I went out shopping with my dad. She wanted to follow, as it was her first time actually being outside. She had a sunhat and bag ready, eager. I promised her that would passive force while shopping so we could be together. Like the title said, I'm bad at keeping promises. Sorry for my daydreaming. I had forgotten about her nearly the whole day. Only when we were returning back home, did I remember the promise. All I felt was sadness. I was devastated. I didn't know what to do. I felt like an idiot. A complete total idiot. I had broken her heart. A heart that never deserves to be broken. What do I do? I kept asking her. How would I make it up? She didn't know. -End of Day 4-
  13. Day 3: She writes! Today was an exciting day! My first forcing session was a blast! We played all day with our blue starry ball, and I built for her a wooden house outside the Library. I mean, she need a place to chill and sleep right? The Library probably is quite cold. Anyway, when it came time to go, I asked her to follow me into the real world. She agreed wholeheartedly. As we held hands, we teleported into the real world. She got the first look at my world. I brought her around my house, showing her the different objects and telling her their names. Before that, during the forcing session, I asked her to attempt to move my hand. It was freaky/cool as heck. The only problem was that my hands were on top of each other, so she had the friction to overcome. It was painfully slow and jerky. But she successfully moved my hand to the side of my body. It was a tremendous achievement for both of us. In fact, during the forcing session I had daydreamed about something else. She actually jerked my leg to grab my attention. I apologised for daydreaming. In fact, was she jealous that something else was grabbing my attention? Maybe when she's fully sentient I'll ask her. Anyway, we did some crazy things while we were in the real world. She tried to control my hand while I was frying some potato. "Maybe next time..." I told her, as drops of hot oil splashed on my hand. Trying to cut the potato was worse. Then, I thought of something. I grabbed her hand (somewhat, but I did feel some pressure) and brought her to the study, where I tried to teach her how to write. People should learn to write first then type. Jeez. My name is Fahmi, I wrote. "Now you try." I gave her control of my hand. What she wrote (read: drew) was illegible, as a writing or a drawing. So I started with the basics: the letter A. Her way of writing the letter A was unique. First her hand was jerky. Understandable, as this was only her 3rd or 4th time possessing. She wrote the letter A without lifting the pen. She started at the apex, then went down to the left. Then she went back the same way. Halfway through she turned right, then went down again. Then she backtracked and joined the apex. Creative. I like it. Throughout the day, I just passive forced and narrated to her about random stuff. Although the thing is, its quite difficult to tell whether I was parroting or not. And I have been watching multiple movies, so sometimes some characters jump into my world. I need to find a meditation technique. And, I think I fell in love with Grelda. TL;DR (You should just get the hell out of my face) 1. She possessed my hand and moved it albeit jerkily. 2. She kinda communicates by muscle jerks? 3. I am really parrotnoid, not really puppetnoid though. 4. She wrote! Yay! 5. I love her. -End of Day 3-
  14. Day 2: My tulpa loves to eat... Like me! Before I went to sleep the previous night, I took a short while to flesh out my tulpa. I gave her bones and a brain. I gave her lungs, pancreas, liver and even a stomach (I think I focused on the stomach too much, as you will see). I fleshed out her entire body and gave her muscles and vocals. After I woke up, I tried to have my first serious forcing sessions. I found her at the Tulpa-Creator 5000, while sitting on a chair. I also found that the staircase had changed. It used to go up and turn to the left. Now it turned to the right. Strange. She seemed to have some control over the Wonderland. Now I should point out that for two days all I have been doing is passive-forcing and talking to her about random stuff. Sometimes, I try to 'mix' her into my senses so she can hear my world. I even gave her a taste of some cheese, chocolate and my sandwich. So in this active-forcing session, I tried to straighten out her personality. I called the personalities I wanted and they flew to me as planned. I flip through the pages and visualized what each personality meant. For example, Intelligence, I imagined mathematics symbols and science diagrams floating in a hologram. Then I closed the book and inserted it into her chest for her to absorb it. What was unfortunate? I had forgotten some of the traits I wanted to input. So I had managed to input only 6 or 7 of the 20 I wanted. The rest of the time was spent trying to move her hands, like how a therapist would do, to little avail. Before I went, I told her I would be back after a while, as I felt my energy had drained out. When I returned to the real world, I found out something. I had tulpa-forced for only 25 minutes! My mental energy is really low. When I used to go to chess competitions (which make you sit and think really hard for like 1 hour, repeatedly for 10 hours) I would come back home and actually get fevers. So I decided to do multiple sessions a day for short amounts of time. Before the next forcing session, I narrated to Grelda (it used to be LuLu, but I think she wanted this name, because every time I thought of her, the name Grelda appeared, instead of LuLu), trying out that trick of 'completing your sentence'. Here is how it kinda went down. Me: Okay, lets play 'Complete the Sentence'! I say the first half of this sentence, and you finish it off! 'When I'm bored, I like to sleep'. Okay? Grelda:... Me: When I'm bored I like to... Grelda:... Me: Come on, you can do it! When I'm bored I like to... Grelda: *mumbles* Me: That's it! When I'm bored I like to... Grelda: p... play! Me: Oh you like to play? That's nice! Lets try that again! When I'm bored I like to... Grelda: Eat! Me: Oh? What do you like to eat? *surprised* Grelda: Chocolate cake! At this point I felt like a mother teaching her baby. Now came the forcing session. I entered, and again found her on the chair. Knitting. Can you believe that? She was knitting! I suspected this was a 'deviation'. Although 'deviation' sounds negative. I'll call it, 'trying something out'. So I approached and she put her set away (as in, it disappeared). I pulled a chair and sat on it. I talked to her for a bit, then tried to refocus her features again. Then, I decided to treat her to some chocolate cake! I lifted her up (as she can't rally walk yet) and created a door in the library which lead to a dining room I created. I sat her down and created a chocolate cake for her. I then spawned an 'oscillating feather' and focused on it. I read this was a way to remove doubts of puppeting. As I focused on the feather, I saw her moving her fork to eat, albeit robotically. She needs some practice moving. I also remembered she liked to play. So I brought her outside behind the library and spawned a ball. Then we had a few minutes of playing ball, before I felt the tiredness gnawing at me. I told her with a heavy heart that I had to go. I could feel a tiny sadness radiating from her. That made it even harder. As I walked past the bookshelves to the front door, I created birds as guardians of the library, and told them to keep her company. As I stood at the teleporter, I looked behind. What I saw surprised me. There Grelda was, standing at the front steps. I had no idea how she had gotten there (teleportation?). As I bade her good bye, I returned to the real world. Even now, I feel a longing every time I think of her and the library. The same feeling when you miss someone. TL;DR (You all should just die) 1. Her name's Grelda now. 2. She likes playing and eating. 3. She moves a bit. 4. I feel sad when I leave her, and so does she. -End of Day 2-