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  1. 'Don't let your tulpa become depressed, because then they REALLY start looking into 'suicide'. What if I as a host sometimes get these suicidal thoughts (nothing too serious)? You really think she should stay with me and listen to this bullshit. She is not developed enough to talk through this, its only 8 or 9 days. And again I DON'T treat my tulpa bad in any way, I created her as a companion, life friend and treat her that way. Even best friend shouldn't see you when you're at your worst IMO.
  2. Well i never mistreated her, always show attention and imagine she's with me whatever I do. However I simply do not let her talk, sometimes it gets out of my control but i just don't most of the time. Reason is that I cannot believe its actually my tulpa talking and I went into some conflicts about that with her. Other thing is my depression and some really negative thoughts i sometimes have that could've affected her. At these times i tell her to go away for a moment and let me deal with this. I'm not saying she dissolved but I see it as possibility because I'm having hard time seeing her in
  3. Couldn't find any threads about this so can tulpa dissolve it self? And if it can is there any particular reason?
  4. I wasn't trying to get her done fast. First guide on tulpas i read the guy said it can take a year but this didn't get me and i just went with it. In my imagination we were having loads of fun and I was surprised with the early emotional responses and even vocal later on and this surprise got me to the doubts but the more I think of my tulpa the more of those doubts fade away(if thats the right terminology since English is not my first language)
  5. I wasn't pushing the response at all but when I got it the disbelief thought is stalking me(weird because when you get response you should push aside any doubts). But I'll try sticking with your advice of "imaginary friend" and visualizing her image. Wow this has gone waaaay off the actual topic so I should stop :D
  6. Thing is I created a tulpa and only after 2 days i could feel her presence. Its 5 days now and these negative subconscious thoughts that she does not exist just affects us badly and I can't get rid of them nor i can tell where they're coming from. Tried everything from symbolism to ignoring but nothing works. Anyway it's something only I can solve and if I can't then... I just don't know...
  7. I wouldn't mind either if I puppet, pretend, parrot or whatever but my subconscious mind just won't let me believe in her (don't know how else to explain it) and subconscious mind is not something that you can control. Guess this proves tulpas aren't for every mind so yeah.. I posted enough threads about some silly questions so didn't want to make another one.
  8. So basically tulpas cease to exist if you don't believe in them any more or stop thinking about them? I thought I had conversations with my tulpa but I have this paranoid feeling out of nowhere that she does not exist and I'm only puppeting and now I can't hear her any more or when I think I do this dumb paranoia comes back. Did you run into this kind of issue before?
  9. So speaking or 'fading out' thing is something we should both work on. First should come speaking of course but i ran out of ideas of how could i help her. Tried in my imagination to give her voice box or parrot speak her but nothing worked so far or i just dont know how to listen. I get random thoughts or comments out of nowhere but its hard to tell if it was her or intrusive thought since i get a lot of them.
  10. Oh so I guess I'll find out if/when she's active when she starts speaking to me. But I don't really push her to start speaking or give a lot of meaning to this thing so yeah just gotta wait.
  11. Yes i know that when you stop thinking about them or keeping active they just disappear if thats the right term. But even if I dont think about my tulpa she comes back by surprise and i start feeling this 'happy' feeling so if I wasn't thinking about her and she comes back could it be just a placebo effect? I know its off the theme but im just concerned a bit. Edit: Its not just that happy feeling, its more to it and I can't find the right words.
  12. Okay so its same or relative as to a host. Time seems to go faster if you do something you enjoy and slower when its boring.
  13. Hello, does tulpa understand the concept of time or speed? By that i mean do they understand like how long does it take for X years to pass?
  14. Then she does talk to you maybe you just cannot always can tell which thoughts are yours and which are hers. I personaly didn't get any response from that so most likely I was making up what she's saying :D
  15. I felt that way too. I just didn't think about it and strongly believed its my tulpa talking, helped for me. But to be sure i just asked simple question that I couldn't make up. Just ask how was your day or what did you do when i was sleeping. Edit: I'm new to this too so maybe more experienced people can help you better. Its just what works for me.
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