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  1. Won't it know anyway since the movie will be in your subconscious?
  2. In fact it was more in the idea of "too confuse didn't read"
  3. Touching is also the easiest sense for me... at least in the wonderland. I was even touching my tulpa to help my visualization. Thank you all for your answers, I'm also interested by how that "overwriting imposition" can be dangerous (I didn't it was possible at all). Also, did someone ever experienced the "reading" part? Thank you.
  4. Let's supposed I have a fully imposed and sentient tulpa, and I impose some ice cream for her. If she wants me to taste it, will I be able to feel the cold of it? Or the taste? Or would I be able to check time on her watch? Or read the contents of a diary she wrote when she was alone in the wonderland? tl;dr Would I be able to interact with my tulpa's belongings?
  5. You imagine her besides of you. It's explained in the guides (inb4 DON'T USE THEM), you have to imagine and believe your fully formed tulpa is besides you, then you imagine it next to you. You'll get used to it with time and your tulpa will be able to be with you in the real world without effort.
  6. While reading this, I thought about something. What if you could exchange personality traits and tastes with your tulpa? For instance, let's say I was forced to study Jazz in music class, what makes it jazz, all the great musicians, etc. and today I totally hate it. Let's say my tulpa loves it, and loves to talk about jazz. Since she's a projection of my mind, would it be possible that I make her love for jazz mine? Or in the opposite case, her hate of jazz mine?
  7. A Great Unclean One appeared one time while I was tulpaforcing. Yeah, I know.
  8. It's strange, I had fun since the first day, even though it was somehow hard. But hey, people are different. I'll try to give you some advices and I apologize in advance if you're already applying them. I recommend you to work your imagination. Try to walk. A lot. When you walk, listen to music. I would say soundtracks are the best because they are made to go with visuals. Choose a theme, a story, and tell it to yourself while following the songs you're listening. It will help you better than simply using a wonderland, because a story is something with a beginning, an end, and a why. If you try first to simply visualize a wonderland, you might think "why?" and stop right away. While imagining, make a good effort to visualize the environment and the characters of your "act". It will be a good training to visualizing, but it will also make it fun. When I was making my wonderland, I had absolutely no difficulties to make it consistent, and my mind alone was creating details and decorations I didn't clearly think about but that I really loved. If you love that feeling, you will like tulpaforcing more. When you're tulpaforcing, DON'T take a look to your watch. NEVER. It will only break the state you're trying to achieve. Don't tulpaforce 30 minutes four times, but two times an hour. When you're in the mood, you don't want to leave. Make a music playlist which lasts an hour, and tulpaforce while listening at it. RELAX. It's like platform games, the more you're stressed, you more you fail. When I have weird things happening in my wonderland or to my tulpa, I try not to get upset, I take a great inspiration, I empty my mind and I tell myself "no, it's not like that". All the unwanted things usually disappear. On the contrary, when I try to kick them out out of anger, they usually multiply. I started tulpaforcing when I didn't have access to my computer. I really realize how it's harmful to her and to your free time in general. Try to live without technology[EDIT: I mean without using technology with no reason, not living without it]. No matter what some people say, using technology as a tool is good, living with technology is bad. Try not to use your phone or computer when you have nothing to do with it. Read books. Write stories. AVOID notifications. Not so long ago, I was spending my days looking at notifications, my life was fucking awful. Try concentration and visualization, while moving a lot and listening to music as a tool to get you in the mood. When you're not tulpaforcing or imagining or doing something important (working or I don't know), you're narrating. Your tulpa is almost never left alone. You always are here for her. Also, put love in your tulpa. Don't love her, PUT love in her. Each sentence you say must have a "I really like you" flavour. Talk as if she's already here. She's here, she just can't hear you. I first decided to make a tulpa to have an access to my subconscious. But it doesn't work like that. The first time she talked to me, I was so persuaded she couldn't it really took me aback. To make tulpaforcing more easy, you can also listen to ambient songs, like those made by Steve Roach As I said, you can also use soundtracks. Good luck.
  9. Thank you for all your answers. I couldn't answer until yesterday at night, but I could browse the answers with my phone. My tulpa still doesn't talk nor move, but I'm sure she was the cause of the headaches, and some experiments with her showed me she can make my headaches go away when I ask her to. She also send me headaches when she wants me to tulpaforce, who disappear almost immediately when I start. I still feel some pressures from times to times, I suppose it's because she is maturing. It can indeed be seen as a basic form of communication. I felt terrible about me not keeping my promises and I apologized. I wasn't expecting to get results so quickly. And yes, my tulpa is possessive and capricious, but in the good way. She was also supposed to be somehow arrogant/tsundere, so I didn't expect she would be so attached to me. I just hope she won't get easily jealous. Also, I fell asleep last night while tulpaforcing, I hope she's okay and won't get mad at me.
  10. So guys, I have some questions. Three days ago, my tulpa talked to me. I was in my wonderland, going to fall asleep, and she said something in a reproaching voice, the lines of "You can't even come to say me hi?". It wasN'T me dreaming, her voice was clear, alien and that sentence made sense while I couldn't think clearly. I tried to make her talk again, but without success. Is my tulpa sentient but unable to speak? Also, yesterday, I felt guilty for not tulpaforcing when I had time to (a friend told me she was perhaps sulking... but I'm certainly getting too excited), and while narrating, I promised her to get to see her in the wonderland around 22h. While I was talking with someone on the Internet, I got past the hour and thought I was going to do it one hour later. Around 22h and half, I got a terrible headache who even prevented me from tulpaforcing... She didn't answer, but I had to stop after only twenty minutes. I usually never get headaches, even less one of that magnitude. Can there be a link between it and my (unkept) promise? I started tulpaforcing around 15 days ago.
  11. My sources are in French and I don't feel the need to translate them. Also, I don't see why I should try to explain common sense to some retard who, reading understands So for you, patterns = intelligence, even though you said Did I say neural networks cannot be made? No, I said repetitively something entirely different. As I said, before explaining me my brain is made of neurons and that scientists exist (you shattered the way I see the world, congrats), grab a dictionary. But anyway, I don't expect much from some sci-fi butthurt fanboy who went all "U DONT NOW ANITHIN!!!!!11!" the moment someone said he thought human-level intelligence was too complex to coded by humans. I'm stopping here.
  12. How more pathetic can you get, nerd? You can't even read a word right, let alone a sentence, and you're bragging about bringing "points"? Put your Asimov books aside and read a dictionary.
  13. You cannot prove I'm not an android, programmed to say I do feel emotions. But if you can feel yours, it means you're not. Machines, but not only. I'm saying that men are machines in the sense that they all have the same emotional system and are the fruit of their environment. The free will of men is very narrow, if it exists at all. Their goal is to live in this world and reproduce, and everything within them is made to allow them to. In this regard, they are machines, but even if they can't escape their nature, their cultures, philosophies, and need to knowledge proves they are way more than that. I personally see men as souls within incredibly complex machines. You can translate soul as "whatever gives consciousness", and their association with the nervous system gives it the capacity to clearly think, feel, etc. Somehow like water and pipes combined to make a fountain. I don't believe in an sentient AI because I think the pipes are way too complex to be made, or they will be until dozens of years, if not centuries, and even when we'll finally be able to do it, we will lack the "water". It will only be machines with the illusion of life. I would rethink my judgement if we find a way to get that "water" and if we understand how it works. Do you really think it's what I'm talking about? When did I say "intelligence is hard-coded"? Do you think your moronic pattern is "intelligence"? Are you a troll or just very stupid? Can't you even understand what difficulty because of incredible complexity means? Are you one of those people thinking everything can fly as long as you attach wings at it? I don't even want to know the answer. If a man (or I don't know how many men) can write such a complex, coherent program, then they truly deserve the title of gods.