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  1. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1WSCZ29CpnN5lJGkdZunHyAGjACOtcccJf1ZM2kEfm1Y/edit#slide=id.p Here's the presentation if anyone happens upon this thread again. https://docs.google.com/a/kent.edu/document/d/19_X3Cg6l_ZZeyJtwpsOhnISDUKzZ5-0ixHHpNFiNXCw/edit And here's the outline for a speech I'm giving in a week.
  2. http://www.grandviewschools.org/Word/tulpas.php http://www.mbird.com/2013/10/t-m-luhrmanns-theory-on-voices-and-tulpa-gods-in-your-head/ http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/15/opinion/luhrmann-conjuring-up-our-own-gods.html?_r=0 https://docs.google.com/document/d/17iiFxZ9PYXXxSqWHdU2YoPsGfJr90w8aIG_evqc1wiY/edit Here's a list of the links that I plan to use so far.
  3. My sociology class is doing projects on subcultures. We thought that doing one based on tulpae and their creators would be an interesting topic. I'm working on this individually and wanted some forum input. What are some good sites that I could use to get information that isn't composed of "tulpas take over your soul" and other /x/ tier "info." I'm taking the stance that tulpae are essentially personalities created by your mind after forcing. Any help would be appreciated and I'm messaging Pleeb to see if there's any chance of setting up some sort of text interview. Thanks.
  4. This guide looks like it's going to help a lot. We just have one question, though. Would it be possible to have Keaa attempt possesion while I do something else? Say, read a book or play video games. I would use one hand while she attempts to posses the other. I could see this as either being a help or a hinderence. On one hand (no pun intended), I would not be paying as much attention to her, but on the other hand, I wouldn't be worried about the actual process and could prevent self-puppeting.
  5. For those of you with pony tulpae, how do their legs work? I've rewatched some episodes and looked at pictures, but I just can't grasp how legs work. I think that the front legs work just like ours, but how many joints do the back legs have and how do they bend? If someone could explain it, we'd be really grateful.
  6. As a side-note, are the first three steps of Fede's Ultimate Superior Imposition Guide supposed to be serious? If so, I may try them.
  7. I hope that this thread gets more replies. I've been stuck on imposition for a while and this looks like it could be very helpful.
  8. How do people have conversations with their tulpae? I've tried with Keaa, but she already has access to my memories and already knows anything I try to tell her. If I try were to try and talk about my day, she ready knows what went on and that essentially makes the conversation pointless. Would it help of I limited access to my memories for the duration of the talk?
  9. I have a major problem with visualization. If I visualize something like a couch for me or my tulpa to sit on, I see us as slipping around like we're sitting on ice. I've read about similar instances with shaking or spinning, but was hoping someone else has had this specific issue and could say their personal solution.
  10. I meant to say every guide or piece of information that I've read.
  11. Every guide or piece of information on imposition and/or tulpae says that a tulpa cannot create the sensation of pressure, but they can create the feeling of weight. How can it be possible to simulate one but not the other? I understand that the tulpa cannot actually push skin in, but shouldn't the feeling of pressure still be presen? If your tulpa is fully imposed, then your contribution to this thread would obviously more valuable.
  12. I think the same thing sometimes, but I can understand his thought process and I don't even understand how your brain could maintain two independant thought processes and actions at the same time. Any psychologists out there know how this would work?
  13. He doesn't understand how a sentiant being that could actually surprise you with their actions could actually exist inside of your mind. "Thinking for yourself is hard enough, how could your brain do it for two people?"
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