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  1. At this point I'm going to leave this forum behind, and not for the reasons I suspected in the past, kind of. Maybe I will hang around the chat sometimes though, depends on my mood. I think you would call it a shift in perspective, it doesn't really matter that much. Point is: This forum reached a point of having pretty much nothing to offer anymore... for me. I came back to improve things with my tulpa Alice again, but this forum couldn't fill the role it used to for me. What am I doing on this website right now? Watching a few entertaining threads, but don't take part in them because they're either filled with indignantly viewpoints, stupidity or or simply absolut pointless ideas to start with...and pure drama. I really don't feel the need to get shit on for a divergent opinion. [hidden] (Like the whole LGBT thread deal...yeez do you people even realize that brassow and guesswho haven't attacked anyone with their statements? You act like brainwashed sheep. They pointed out behaviour which simply is odd for everyone who lives in a country where people don't get burned alive for being gay. If people wouldn't make it such an important matter, probably almost nobody would care what you're doing in your bedroom. It's a different deal in other countries, I get that. Also: the newest wave of nonbinary genderfluid bullshit is the result of over analyzing every emotion you feel and blame it on your sexuality. Why do you define sexuality as the one thing that makes you a valid person? Crazy. I feel bad for the real gay or trans people who look bad for the behaviour of those fanatics.) [/hidden] Funnily enough it is mostly melian who gets me out of my shell for a nice discussion, she makes like 80% of the valid discussions nowadays, even though she still can't stop to push a little agenda with it. I don't get that "waste of time" feeling on most of her threads. So kudos to her. But beside that there aren't really much things left on this page I care about, and especially nothing which results in positive improvements on my end. I made more progress playing xcom with Alice in my lack of freetime than spending thoughts on tulpamancy around here.(Not that you people are more busy with other topics anyway) So I'm done wasting my time with it. A few of the still indwelling people are worth missing though. Peace out.
  2. Well I was thinking about writing in said thread, but the nature of the question just felt off to me. Alice doesn't represent anything to me, I don't think any living person is representing something, for that matter. I'm not sure if I can explain correctly what I'm trying to say here. Some people, including tulpas, may embody certain attributes like kindness, so you might connect them to said attributes, more or less. But is this really the same as representing? It has a weird taste for me. If you say someone is representing something, it sounds like it is the major part of its personality, maybe even its purpose, something dominant enough to fade the rest of the personality; and its not like we start creating thoughtforms so we have the living motivation or a picture of someone to look up to. So I wouldn't say that Alice represent anything at all, she wasn't meant to fill a expectation like this. Alice is just Alice.
  3. Well, you guys already called it Nonesense, so.... :D
  4. (How the hell do you manage to talk for that long? I think I wouldn't last 10 minutes!) Well this was pretty interesting, relatable on a lot of matters; and sometimes a bit bitter. I think it is pretty natural to feel like you're not really worth talking to about tulpa related topcis, if you're not blessed with great progress and have to deal with major setbacks. Feeling vulnerable when confronted with this through people who are interesting in your progress... Well after all it works like a big reminder that you failed at something that matters to you, of course it is unpleasent. "How could I contribute, if I can't fix my own situation?" Something like this might strife your mind. Also most people don't think they're really interesting to talk to, i guess. (I went through the whole thing)
  5. I agree that a lot of plurality forms are probably overlapping on a lot of matters. Also I haven't stated that tulpas are the only complex thoughtforms. Tulpas just are complex thoughtforms, and not every thoughtform is complex like this. I think it is necessary to point out, even though a lot of other thoughtforms might be similiar complex, or even more complex than tulpas.
  6. Overall you're not wrong with your observations, but I don't really see the point you're trying to make here. Obviously we have tulpas of different nature around here, with different levels of abilities on certain matters like possession. Also I agree, not every tulpa is probably as autonomous or fully sentient as others. Sometimes it is more obvious, sometimes it is not. The outline model of a tulpa provides the idea of what a tulpa should be capable of, a definition to seperate it from different thougthforms, especially simpler ones. If a thoughtform matches the definition to a certain degree, it could be adressed as tulpa. If this isn't the case, well...I don't see why it should be recognized as a tulpa then. This doesn't mean tulpas with a lower match on the definition should be fully disregarded. If the definition would be changed to match other less complex thoughtforms as well, it would be a form of watering down, and a pretty pointless one to start with. It is like getting rid of every cultural distinctiveness, just so everyone feels affiliated. On the other hand if a thoughtform could fit in more than one definition from its capabilities (like tulpa and soulbound), it could be easily adressed with both terms. I see no damage there. The other part of your statements points in the rather oppposite direction. Why do you want to categorize tulpas? Your primary agenda is inclusive, if you try to fit different tulpas in different drawers based on their exact ability levels, wouldn't you cause a more elistist and exclusive community? I think what you tried to accomplish was to build some hybrid thoughtform classes, so other thoughtforms can make themselve comfortable around here. "I'm part tulpa, and part something different". As a community, I don't think we would disregard people if they enter this place with a statement like this. They made their position clear. They don't need their special drawer. As a community we're not required to include or take every single form of plurality into account. We just need to stay open minded and aware of said influences. A merge of the different plurality forms may take place to some degree, but it isn't necessary that everything becomes just one big puddle of plurality.
  7. [hidden] You're rather the opposite, Melian. You're probably the undisputable queen of questioning your own existence and validity in the tulpa community. I don't think many people cared that much about this matter like you. Point is: You guys could've decided to stay out of all the trouble and live a happy daydreaming life for the rest of your days; and nobody would've argued with you about it nor oversalt your experience with unnessary doubts. But on the other side, if people decide to join a community like this without getting out of their comfort zone, just to avoid any doubt on the nature of their experiences, it can be a real pain in the ass for said community. (i.e. you can't discuss if everybody clings to their believes.). So yeah, it is rather a general statement, don't take it personal. ...I will put this in hidden as well, since it is mostly off-topic. [/hidden] I think it is a really impressive thing to do. I've already problems to keep myself motivated with my current level of back and forth "being stuck", even though Alice is never really fully away and her presence can build up pretty fast if I put some effort into it for a moment. You could say I'm just on a higher level of "being more not-there than being there", and it still bothers me. (That she doesn't really care about a lot of stuff surely isn't helping! ) So yeah: I'm impressed with people who are capable of keeping a nearly unlimited amount of dedication and the stubborn will to take a lot of negative stress for something that barely appears to exist - and this even for years. I met one guy in a chatroom who kept going for two years without even a spark of progress. It is astonishing for me, I would lose hope way faster in a situation like this.
  8. I would define failure as a state in which a tulpa is a lot more "not there" then actually "there" and I'm happy to explain the struggle with situations like this. You, Melian, would be a headmate that is pretty much "there" all the time, in almost every situation, so if you keep this level of activity you're maybe stuck in some way, but not failed. Now imagine how your daily life would be if you weren't this persistence, rather the opposite. A scenario in which good ol' mistgod keeps looking in the direction where he expects you, but you're simply not there and not responding. Imagine he would always need to actively force you into his excessive daydreaming, just so you maybe react in some way, but only as long as he actively keeps his whole focus on you, or you stay absolutely quiet and wander out of mind again after a short while. In a scenario like this, how long can you convince yourself that your headmate is really there without giving up, if you stay stuck like this? If you keep going it is very likely to experience high levels of emotional stress and continuous disappointment, maybe without ever reaching a point of higher persistence. I surely can understand why people may give up in situations like this, especially after ridiculous amounts of time. Hell, I'm not sure if I could keep going on forever without a certain level of persistence myself, so I'm pretty grateful that I'm not stuck like this. I guess it is somewhat dependent on the expectations you have while creating a tulpa as well. If you just want to daydream around without really minding what's going on inside your head, you can't be disappointed with the outcome (but you probably end up pissing of a lot of people doing so).
  9. Well the guide itself is obviously not really made for tulpa creation to start with, but I guess it could be quite useful for people which lack understanding of visualisation. I can't tell if it would work for imposition, but we have a lack on guides for that matter anyway. It surely can be a helpful exercise. Overall it looks well structured and solid. (But it bothers me that the word input is written wrong every time.) I guess it could fit into the guide section, it is a great ressource at least. So yeah, approved.
  10. My impression of this guide is rather mixed in its current state. Every redirect to your glossary isn't working, but I guess this part is still work in progress, so I won't take this in consideration for now. The structure of your book is a bit off in my opinion, even though you clearly made up your mind with it beforehand. For example you have a chapter "Creating a Tulpa", but it contains practically nothing regarding the creation process, it is rather a form of foreword for the rest of the chapters after it. I think you could probably put every section after "Creating a tulpa" as a subsection to it, like you already did with "Starting the practice". The biggest problem I've with this guide is that it contains too much "blabbering". I don't think it is wrong to explain certain matters in great detail, and I like how you brought up aspects of ethics in your "before you start" section. I think a lot of guides are missing this. (Your view on consciousness is a bit weird, though). The way you're wording your book would be great for novel or some philosophical mind game, but for a regular guide it is a bit excessive. The biggest part of this book feels just like the prelude to the rather short real guidelike part. Also: This is kind of nullifying, isn't it? You basically say that everything that follows is just fantasy. My conclusion: Don't get me wrong, overall you did a rather good job with this book, even though I mainly wrote about the negative aspects. As a regular book and introdution on the topic, it is a nice read. But as a guide it simply contains too much "blabbering" around the topic and lacks real guiding. Eh, I wouldn't complain if the other guys approve this as a guide (after you're done with editing it), but personally I am only going to approve this for resources (If you make your glossary work) for now.
  11. Well you don't explicitly need to dissociate for possession, it is just the most common and distinct way to deal with it. I went with the alternative route, which is pretty similiar to the development of vocality and sentience. Let's say you want her to move your hand without dissociating. In this case your task is to keep your hand in a resting position without provoking any movement on your own. At the same time you're free to let any movement happen, even though it feels like you're the one doing it. With this method her movements will get more distinct over time, until you reach a point where you can literally fight the control. You will be able to tell the difference between her movements and your own with ease, while being fully aware of what's going on with your body. This method suffers two major problems: 1. On weak days you might end up questioning if a movement came from your tulpa or not. 2. Controlling the whole body like this will probably take a lot of time and effort before your tulpa will be able to it without you "assisting" her in her movements, or getting in her way. Well pretty much the same goes with switching, two different methods. While the most common one will need you to dissociate, so you can walk around the wonderland while your tulpa is in charge, there is an alternative aswell. I guess you could call it a form of "soft switch". Personally I only had a few easy experiments in this direction. With the alternative method you will end up doing two things, while your tulpa makes herself comfortable with having the control: 1. Let your own mind fade away into the background. Don't force to stop thinking, just let your thoughts fade out. 2. Keep your (rather passive) focus on your tulpa and her thoughts. Put them in the center of your own mind process. Let your tulpa do the thinking work. The result is a bit weird to explain tbh. You won't feel like you're somewhere else or something. It is more like your thoughts and mind get replaced with the personality of your tulpa, while your own identiy fades into nothingness. The "active person" is ultimately your tulpa, but you're somewhat present at the same time. Rasznir for example started with the common way of switching, but discovered the described version later on aswell. He says the second option feels more natural for him to do.
  12. James-Tiberius Edit: Metatron is the scribe of god, so some sort of angel, yes.
  13. If you take a deeper look, you will likely come to see that almost every tulpa is created for "selfish" reasons to some degree (exluding accidental ones). I don't see why your reason should be a problem as long as you overall keep it going for more than that. Why would she be mad about it, why would you need to feel sorry for creating her? You're grateful for her, and I'm pretty sure that you're treating her accordingly, so why do you think that she would feel negative about you or her existence? At this moment there is absolutely no reason for it. But yeah, the big question is: What would you do with her, if your void suddenly gets filled by something else? If you don't think that you will abandon her in that very situation, you have no reason to feel any sort of guilt.