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    I think fronting is just when a tulpa/host is switched. EX. the tulpa/host that is fronting is the one using the body.
  2. no one has joined the server in a while, it is pretty much dead now so I shutting it down. If you want it, the world is available for download at!kBpSGCza!02FXyYsUM2ZnKGi2zs4_FIsKzIQL8yo7vvMd3Yp4VaI
  3. If someone needs a forcing buddy to make them force, they probably shouldn't be making a tulpa in the first place
  4. Kitsukrou make sure you didn't type a port after the ip address, it should just be "" in your server window. If that doesn't work, connect to "" instead of the other ip. If that doesn't work, I would update your dns servers to google dns or opendns.
  5. The server was down for like an hour yesterday, it should be back up now though. EDIT: I am switching hosting providers right now so it is down, once I finish it should be much less laggy and go down less often. EDIT2: the server is back online
  6. Dog

    Minecraft server

    It seems like tekkit is the best choice. I started the server and made a new thread at .
  7. The server is down because of inactivity. A map download is at!kBpSGCza!02FXyYsUM2ZnK...vMd3Yp4VaI
  8. Dog

    Minecraft server

    It seems like you can install optifine in the tekkit pack even though it doesn't come installed by default, so that would help people with slow computers. I get around the same fps with vanilla and tekkit w/o optifine, but it may be different for other computers.
  9. Dog

    Minecraft server

    It has equivalent exchange but it received a huge update and is pretty different from the last versions. There is also a mod that lets you make large chests, idk the specific mod though.
  10. Dog

    Minecraft server

    hmm well making your own modpack and maintaining it is pretty hard actually, so I would probably use a pre-made modpack like tekkit. I downloaded tekkit and played a bit in it and it doesn't seem that there are any mods that change default game mechanics except a mod that makes cutting down trees faster. EDIT: also, the new version of tekkit has thermalexpansion and buildcraft instead of industrialcraft
  11. Dog

    Minecraft server

    are you guys talking about texxit, tekkit classic, or texxit lite?
  12. Dog

    Minecraft server

    EDIT: I have decided to host a tekkit server. The new thread is at There was a tulpa minecraft server a while ago, but it shut down. If anyone wants to play minecraft together, I can host a server. If you put modpack on the poll, reply with what modpack you want me to host.
  13. It is not possible to lucid dream from just open-eye visualization. You might be able to attain a level of visualization that is similar to being in a lucid dream, but they are not the same thing.
  14. I don't really see how this could aid forcing unless it helps you concentrate more when you remove the distraction.
  15. It's way too short right now, if you make it more detailed I will probably approve.
  16. It is not a fact that tulpas have to be unconditional friends with their Creators, and help their creators escape from the world. Most tulpas are somewhat like that, but that does not mean that they are tulpas simply because of that. Some tulpas may hate their host or just not care about their host at all, and they are still tulpas. EDIT: IMO people should not try to escape from their problems and worries by creating someone who is forced to love them unconditionally. Escapism is generally not a good way to deal with your problems.
  17. I don't really think the method of creation should define what a tulpa is. Even though people created a tulpa without trying to or without realizing it, their tulpas are probably the same type of construct that the people who created them on purpose have.
  18. This is a difficult topic to discuss because of the many opinions on what a tulpa is. Yori, what do you mean by sentience? I think a good way to view this issue is the part of your brain that 'runs' your tulpa gradually becoming independent from you. When you first start making a tulpa, you still notice your brain "forcing" your tulpa to do things, but as you force more and spend more time focusing on your tulpa and the fact that it is sentient, the part of your brain controlling your tulpa becomes independent so you can no longer perceive it.
  19. This is a pretty interesting idea on what a tulpa actually is (I didn't write it):
  20. Chupi, your last point depends greatly on what a tulpa is. If the tulpa is indeed another consciousness then your post makes sense, but we as humanity have yet to agree on what consciousness is. Therefore, you should not define a tulpa as another consciousness without first defining what you think a consciousness is. This is a big problem with the community that may cause people to misunderstand the tulpa phenomenon.
  21. Dog

    Ask Lumi's Tulpas

    In your opinion, what is a tulpa?
  22. The original purpose of this site was a research project to discover more about tulpas and the tulpa phenomenon by collecting experiences of other people with tulpas. Over time we deviated from that, but our slogan is still "For Science". I do not think we should be acting as a business that has to constantly get new users and make a profit, but as a scientific community focused on learning more about tulpas. Even if we don't directly try to help people with tulpas, more advanced guides and methods will help dedicated people make their tulpa easier. In the beginning of this site, there were only two methods which both were very flawed and many people gave up because of misconceptions. Now there are tons of different guides and methods, but the advanced discussion in out community has basically stopped.