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  1. Like, have you ever gone cliff diving with your tulpa(e), things like that.
  2. Yeah, I know. The "other" thing is a new feature I added. No one else can see what you answer but me.
  3. A pack of wild mutant dandelions came frolicking through the hot dog fields and...
  4. I'm just looking for information all in one place. Sorry if it's not how you would prefer I do it.
  5. Good question. I can see why you're curious about this. To be completely honest with you, I'm using it for my own personal research. Not for school or anything. My sister and I are pretty curious about what other people have to say. I hope this answers your question.
  6. So, I'm curious about other people and their tulpae, so I've created a poll to gather some information for further research. It's completely anonymous, so you can be as honest as you can. I've added a recommendation/comment section, so there is really no need to leave anything but questions on here. Ready to take it? Here's the link: Thank you so much! :D Update: You can still take my poll, but let's just take a minute for the guy/gal who asked me how to install Windows XP. Through my poll. *facepalm* Update (Again): Added type-in "other" boxes. Update (Oct. 6): Added a new question... :P
  7. Granted, but when you were breaking his wish, mutant dandelions broke into your house and ate all of your furniture. I wish for those mutant dandelions to become my new army.