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  1. hi, im mahou_shoujo i came across this tulpa thing randomly and it immediately piqued my interest! psychology has always been interesting to me, as well as other "fringe" and even occult topics. I'm also interested in tulpa in relation to artists and the creative process. It's fascinating to me how writers/artists create characters/worlds and how similar it is to tulpa creation. I am a total newbie at this, however. I haven't made a tulpa yet but I don't want to rush it. Im still absorbing all the information. よろしくおねがいします。
  2. I got here from reddit. /r/Tulpa was linked in the /r/Occult sidebar and curiosity got the better of me.
  3. Im inclined to think that any tulpa of the opposite sex of the creator is/has an aspect of the respective anima/animus.
  4. I dont think the human imagination will ever be obsolete. We are still discovering how powerful our minds are, and I think this tulpa phenomenon proves that reality is already stranger than we can suppose!
  5. Creating a human tulpa seems like the best idea to me. As a human, the tulpa will be more easily relatable to me. But since the nature of the tulpa doesn't seem to be necessarily human, i suppose it all does come down to the preference of the creator (and the tulpa).
  6. mahou_shoujo


    y not simply maek a QT pie waifu/pony tupae? T_T
  7. I think this phenomenon is incredible. The human imagination really is a mystery. Why do we have this gateway to a limitless infinity in our heads?