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  1. Gabby is a Capricorn.I don't know about the others.
  2. By this logic,isn't having children wrong too?
  3. I don't really care if they're real anymore.Not that I don't care about them anymore.I don't think it matters as long as we're happy.
  4. I think it okay as long as there's no pressure on the tulpa to be like the character.
  5. Alyssa is a bit of a bully. A bit? I tried to make her go away by ignoring her existence,but it didn't work so I've given up.
  6. I think Melian is the only tulpa that's been cosplayed.
  7. Bloody Hell,that sounds terrifying. Remember, you and your tulpa have as much control of their form as you think you have.Just believe your in control.
  8. I don't remember when I gained sentience. Yeah,me neither.
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