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    I would suggest "Chaos; Head" the main character i think has a Tulpa (doesnt play into the plot much at all) but the whole anime centers around imposition into the real world of stuff. Not the best but definitely amuseing . I'd recommend it given the context of these fourms
  2. I like this alot. It did leaps and bounds for me (at lest the idea of sense cycling). I also tryed placeing my tulpa beside me and added his smell sounds and what not....the link for the audio file is broken....I'm tempted to try and make my own guided visualization audio thingy eather just this or oc.....I've never done it but i did do voice acting a while back... let me know if anyone is interested
  3. First off I loved these prompts. I'm new and was having problems envisioning me and my tulpa in Wonderland. I didn't plan on posting a reply to this thread seeing how I preferred lurking. But my god this thread must live on! That being said I actually chose the first two prompts in the example. 1) You and your tulpa scavenging a house after apocalypse take whatever you find a seller and try bargaining prices watch out for Raiders on the road. 2) Host and Tulpa are camping in the woods when suddenly a bear attacks what do 3) Host and Tulpa just survived the plane crash on a deserted island find shelter and food as well as possible way to get help (Wilson!!!!!!!) Let me tell you how surviving in the jungle worked out I wrote a lot but let me give you the highlights. So me Miles (my tulpa(who is a child)) landed in a bunch of mud with nice big backpacks ready to survive for half hour in the jungle. Immediately I suggested we climb a tree because most of the stuff that will kill you is on the jungle floor. We looked up and the trees didn't really have any low hanging branches so we were screwed.... then we saw a bear...long story short I told Miles to get on my shoulders and look big. To which he got on my shoulders and yelled "yeah we're big look us you stupid bear" the bear roared turned around and left... because then a moose came. Miles being on my shoulders with able to find a small branch and climb up the Moose then chased me for a bit then started running at the tree with Miles in it. I lost my backpack I told him to try and tie a rope around the moose that then didnt work eventually it charged right at me and i was done for....Miles then turned back into a dog and attacked the moose (we had just done the cat dog exercise) then I tied a rope around a tree and lassoed the other end to the moose's antlers. Then we ran like a m*********** at this point Miles had a broken leg and I had a broken arm eventually we ran in the moose got pulled back by the rope around his antlers. After that we got attacked by bees and hid in a pond until the end. (Later on when writting this down Miles said something like "yeah we probably killed that moose cuz we never untied it")
  4. Hello I'm DaStampede I heard about tulpas a while ago in passing whilst lurking on /b/ ....i never looked into it seriously till recently, I think its fascinating and nice to know there is a community that develops hardcore imaginary friends....I have been interested in all of this for a while and am trying to develop my tulpa named Miles. Feel free to message me.