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  1. Blank vote for now, leaning toward disapproval until author fixes a few issues, but I'm liking some parts about the guide enough that it could fit into its own guide or even in Tips section, so I hope the author considers my comments. If those issues are fixed, you can count on my implicit approval, in the event I won't be able to reply in the next few days. Some of the things you've mentioned do sound close to possession, but that's all a matter of definitions used. I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment here. Most people in this community severly limit their tulpas with thei
  2. Quilten +1 - Phaneron does seem quite young, but the way he handles himself in the posts seems fine. I would have preferred to know more about his tulpa's progress/experiences and see some more actual critique from him though. sushi +1 - I think he can do the job, but I don't know if he has the time, also at the same time, I really would like to see him spend more time with his tulpa - which should be far more personally valuable to him than always answering other people's questions/threads on the forum! Dog +1 - I've already seem him critique one guide and seemed mostly fine, even if sligh
  3. I do recall a certain /jp/ anon maintaining a large collection of such clips/archives, mostly around 2011 or earlier. They were somewhat fun to listen to, but I hadn't thought about them as much in the recent years. As luck would have it, a week or more ago, I encountered a similar collection, this time made by some /a/ anon, and listened to a few clips. Results: binaural clips made me pay a lot of attention to the spatial position of the voice and a lot of qualities of the voice, sometimes results in ASMR, which itself makes me remember the voices and how they feel in 3D space much bet
  4. I don't see why anyone would mind having their replies to a thread quoted/linked in the same thread, so feel free to use whatever you wish.
  5. Approved, Tips and Tricks (or possibly even Guides, as some of the ideas behind it are important enough that they would deserve a Guide). I suspect you may be talking about this guide: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-focus-concentration-removing-doubts-and-general-meditation-technique A few of my comments to that guide may also apply to you own (see thread). It's essentially creating or changing an implicit belief. There is a huge lot that could be said about the sheer amount of things one can usually do with this. Your "relocation" method here is more of a subset of how to d
  6. Thanks for the prompt response/update/fix. I don't really do that much web dev, but can do it if/when needed. That's great to hear! I haven't installed MyBB locally to test, but nesting did seem to work if the bbcode tag expansion is done recursively. I don't really see much point in nesting aside from maybe allowing hiding some quotes or something, but that sort of thing could get messy. A plugin that allows the user to configure it would indeed be the cleanest way to do it, although if bandwidth concerns are high, one can always just put all the styles in the theme CSS and
  7. People do post long, rambling posts without needing them. They may sometimes put a summary or "tl;dr" at the end, for those not wanting to read the longposts. Anyhow, "hidden" section features tend to be accessibility nightmares in the majority of their implementations as far as them working without JavaScript enabled. (Their meaner cousins "registered-only users", or "pay xx points" to view are far worse, but luckily they don't exist here yet). They're still bad for accessibility even with JavaScript enabled - sometimes you want to expand all the hidden tags on sites that abuse th
  8. Approved for Resources. I haven't tried this particular illusion out, but using some real-looking reference may help with imposition. Some people do use reference pictures - sometimes looking at them as if they were real. I've heard of others who went even a step further and used figurines, as their tulpa had a non-original form with a fig available for it. In either case, a "real seeming" reference may make imposition easier for some people.
  9. Approved for Tips and Tricks. I'm not really sure I think this is something most people need, or if it's even something they'd want to do: Some tulpas don't sleep, some have regular sleeping schedules, some don't have much of a regular sleeping schedule, but still get rest and so on. It's not uncommon that if a tulpa is resting, you may not get an answer from them, or maybe you would bring them back to "waking" consciousness then. I've yet to hear from my tulpa that they don't like being disturbed - they usually enjoy some attention, and if they're resting, it will become obvious t
  10. Approved for Tips and Tricks. Some spelling/grammar issues remain, such as those pointed out by Sands (like "my self"). The 'guide' itself is quite redundant and boils down to just paying attention to your tulpas and spending time with them, which is a fine tip, but also something anyone with a tulpa should already know. The real challenge of dealing with multiple tulpas isn't really touched as it's something that's difficult to explain in any guide - being able to sense that many thought streams, varying emotions and the dynamics between them can be a bit overwhelming, and the only w
  11. Approved, Guides, but I'm also fine with it going in Tips. That said, despite my approval, you should still look over my suggestions/comments: I do recall a certain person who swore by hour counts for imposition, he did at least 2 hours each day for a couple of months until he mastered it. As imposition is a visualization skill, repetition and habit is quite useful. As long as hour counts aren't used as a way of gauging progress, but rather as a way of building habits, I see no problem with them, and I've seen others who have completed imposition recommend it. I'm not s
  12. Approved for either Tips of Resources (prefer Tips). While this seems like a random list of activities to do with your tulpa of the likes I've seen before in another place, enough of the activities listed are fine ways to spend time with your tulpa, thus it's approved. This list also seems a bit like it was community-contributed - in which case, why not just let people comment with their ideas and you can add them to the original thread - although it seems to me that in the latter format it might better work in General Discussion rather than the Guides section as it'd be a collaborative
  13. New guide also approved for Guides. It's still quite useful and works well for improving/bootstrapping one's imagination and visualization.
  14. This is a guide people are aware of and it was posted before as far as I can remember, such as here: http://community.tulpa.info/thread-image-streaming-a-way-to-help-increase-your-visualization-minds-eye Anyhow, if we're fine with approving external guides formatted for the forums, then this gets an Approval for Guides from me, however if we don't approve external content, then it can't be approved. This is an useful and well-known technique for developing one's imagination and people should do it more.
  15. Approved for Tips, although I really think this could have been written in a clearer manner. I sometimes do something far simpler to enhance my imagination, visualization or even lucid dreams: look at some reference stimuli to 'prime' my mind with it, then when I visualize I end up visualizing in that way - this doesn't even take doing it for extended periods of time (it also works with video games, or movies or anything that has a specific style or 'feel' to it). This is a more powerful technique than you'd think - for example, if you look at something detailed for a minute or so (try
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