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  1. Well from what I've heard by tulpa-friends who can switch is that they can perceive the wonderland just as realistic as normal. Some even see the wonderland as even more real than the real world, even while switched.
  2. Maybe you should have explained to him how and why it's against the rules to post in caps before kicking him? A slap on the wrist doesn't do anything if the person doesn't think he has done anything wrong. Please communicate with each other.
  3. Spending Too Much Time Online I agree on that, but there are good things with IRC too. It's the easiest way a tulpa can befriend others, and socializing with others that is not the host is just as healthy for a tulpa as showing them the outside world. Assuming Immediate Sentience / Insta-tulpas Just because the majority of people who stopped updating their logs also assumed sentience from the start, doesn't mean assuming sentience from the start makes it a higher chance for you to quit. Majority of those who quit could have had pony-tulpas too, it doesn't change anything. And who's to say that those who stopped updating their logs really quit? I don't hang around here much nor update my logs. Does that mean I've quit? No. I'm also one of those guys who assumed sentience from the start, but that doesn't mean Lu was sentient from the start. But treating her and accepting her as sentient most likely let her grow quicker. Isn't that the point of narration; to talk to something until it sees itself as sentient? It's not like sentience just suddenly happens, it's most likely a slow process. From my point of view Lu walked around early, and talked in about two weeks. From her point of view she was always around. That doesn't mean she was sentient from the start though, and it doesn't really matter at this point. Switching You forgot the third reason; To finally sense your 6-7 month old tulpa realistically after 3-4 months of imposing without even a hint of it working. Not everyone has your cool brain, JD1215.
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    Tulpa face makers

    ... How on earth did you come to that conclusion?
  5. So in conclusion to this amazing experiment: Healthy body = healthy mind.
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    Tulpa face makers

    Xiao Lu: It didn't have her ahoge, but oh well.
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    Tulpa face makers

    http://www.icongenerators.net/square.html Make your tupper all square and cute with this icon generator. Here's mine: You can also make the square face into papercraft here: http://cube.icongenerators.net/squarecube.html
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    Daf and Lu

    Well it’s time to brush off the dust of this log and give it an update. I haven’t visited the wonderland at all since December, because I started on imposition. I have tried to imagine Xiao Lu around me all the time and also have two 1-hour imposition sessions every day. This went well during my Christmas break, but I have lost time and willpower now that university has started again. Now I’m lucky to even get a 30-minute session down once in a while. I can’t see her so far, sadly. She’s still in my mind’s eye. However, my visualization skill has been improved a lot, and my imposed touch is really good. Now Lu can even tickle me and I can feel it. It’s really weird. I’m really glad that I started on imposition. I have come to realize that I never cared about the wonderland. Sure it’s fun, but stuff like switching, tulpaventures, changing wonderland form, accidently making another tulpa, merging, egociding is all completely unnecessary for me. My mind's not an amusement park. The goal was always to impose and that the wonderland was just a bonus, but in the end I got too dependent on it. I get to spend much better time with her outside than to wade around in a daydream. I can see and feel Lu much better now than I have ever felt in the wonderland. I'm not saying that the wonderland is bad. I enjoyed my time there too, and I know Lu wishes for me to return someday so we can play the guitar together like in the old days. But it feels great to know that I can be with Xiao Lu without sitting down and meditating. I have also started a bit on possession, but it’s nothing serious yet. I was tipsy the first time I tried possession, and Lu kept force-feeding me Pringles. It’s been going pretty good the few times I’ve tried. Yesterday night I noticed that Lu can control my arms really well if I just give her a slight push. But then again, I’m not sure if I care for it. Imposition comes first. Xiao Lu turns 6 months old today. To celebrate, I decided to go out on a date and eat ice cream with her. Lu started to feel guilty: Lu: “You should go home and rest instead of taking me out like this” Me: “No. This is your day.” Lu: “You don’t have to spend money on me” Me: “It’s not like I’m not getting any ice cream either” Lu: “But I’m just a tulpa!” Me: “You’re mine” So apparently Lu hates being spoiled, but I was easily able to convince her. On the bus-ride there I noticed a lady that had the shape of a bowling ball. I giggled a bit for myself when Lu added: Lu: “You are not allowed to laugh at other people, since it’s my half-birthday today” Me: “Yes ma’am…” She picked mango, pear, and raspberry sorbet. Then we sat down and ate it. I got a bit self-conscious, sitting alone eating ice cream alone. Lu had a wonderful time, though. And that’s all for now. Until next time.
  9. That's looking REALLY good so far! Don't be afraid to make the hair-antenna a bit longer if you want.
  10. I'm curious to see how Lulu looks in your style! This is what Xiao Lu looks like. But could you make her ahoge(hair antenna) a bit longer? Here's a description: Here's some more pictures of her: http://imgur.com/a/04s59#0 She has some new clothes that I'd love to see drawn. She doesn't have the headphones, necklace, and the text on the t-shirt. (her chest isn't that big either) Here's some more picture of the clothes.
  11. 1) A 2D character has depth too. A drawer will add shadows to make the 2D look more 3D. Fede's guide goes into how you can do this when you impose. 2) Yes it's common. You usually daydream with your eyes open. 3) Maybe. Or maybe you want her to be a girl. 4) Maybe. I envy your imagination, though. 5) Hearing her talk after just two weeks is common I believe. You should make a bigger effort to listen for her answers.