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  1. Not necessarily. Puppeting is an okay path to take in developing a tulpa as long as you know when to stop after they gain sentience.
  2. R: we would absolutely remain alive!! you can't kill me that easy!
  3. Conscious vs unconscious - those things aren't important to me. I treat p-zombies and "actual" humans exactly the same, and put them in the same mental bucket.
  4. if we're talking about mind and thoughts then stuff like "humans have flesh but robots have metal" seems very irrelevant at least fmpov psychologically an AI can be made to imitate almost any typical human psyche
  5. I subscribe to the "fake it till you make it" school of thought re: tulpamancy, which believes that believing that your tulpa is real immensely aids the process of disassociation, so it's an important step in creation.
  6. There's no fundamental difference between humans an AI. Even if you argued that AIs are just a chinese room while humans are somehow magically not, it still wouldn't be a fundamental difference because the inputs and outputs are the same
  7. No, we definitely know enough about how thoughts work to know that it's possible to experience another person's thoughts. What do you mean? Hallucinations are caused by neurons false-alarming, and firing when there's nothing there. Let me put it this way... I see my tulpa in front of me through visual imposition. This is my experience. The experience is fake. It has nothing to do with what is actually going on. What is actually going on: my neurons are going pew pew pew and my brain receives the pew pew pew and goes bang bang bang and the bang bang bang is processed by anot
  8. My tulpa's probably a chinese room, but so am I, and I've never given a shit about "actual" understanding. Something that's indistinguishable from the real thing is the same as the real thing imo
  9. This is not "wishful playing with science fiction". We know, on a definite level, that thoughts are caused by neurons firing. It's not unreasonable to say that if we learnt how to manipulate neurons, we would be able to tap into the thoughts of others. We are not p-zombies - we are actually sentient. Try to grasp the fact that your experiences can be explained in purely physical terms while still allowing you to remain sentient. Reality is independent of the mind, but the reality that you see is mind-dependent. That's why it's possible to make mistakes, like thinking that a random s
  10. Inner experiences are accessible. A civilization with sufficiently advanced technology would be able to do it with trivial ease. I'm not sure how they'd do it, because I don't know what sort of sci-fi tech they would use, but it's definitely possible for them to do so. There's no such thing as "experiential matter"; everything is physical. The "experience" you have is more or less an illusion generated by your brain so it can more efficiently process information. Ordinary seeing: - photons hit object - photons bounce into eye - eye sends signal to brain - brain gets visual sign
  11. The inner experiences are physical - the "redness" of red is not a thing in and of itself, just a collection of neurons in Mary's brain that point a certain way. Mary is shocked or feels a profound feeling, that feeling is due to the neurons firing when they have never fired before. Minds are pretty accessible, if you have sufficient knowledge(which we do not, since neurobiology is very difficult), a scalpel, and a sterile operating room.
  12. I don't believe that Mary obtains any significant new information. At most she learns what it feels like to have her retinas stimulated from the inside, rather than just understanding the process. Physicalism is in line with this. Can you explain clearly how it is not?
  13. The person who told you this is wrong.
  14. If they're sentient enough that their consent or lack thereof matters, they're sentient enough that you can't accidentally fuck them up anyway. Well, when you're about to do it, stop doing it. Then it won't happen. Those things are not necessarily bad, especially for a beginner whose tulpa can't find their voice. I don't enjoy the presence of many people and I don't kill them - so you wouldn't either.
  15. Using weed might not negatively affect your tulpa forcing, but I don't recommend it.
  16. Ask her why she feels she must have a physical body to live a good life.
  17. They can feel sensations of temperature. They can also control those sensations. Coats are more for aesthetic than anything. Next time, just ask her instead of making a topic.
  18. Tell him that your friend is wrong. Also, discuss what it means to be "real" with him - for most definitions, he'll fit the criteria.
  19. I have a good memory. Sometimes their friends want to talk to them, and I'm reminded I have to proxy them.
  20. It's normal. If you want to see her more clearly, practice visualization. Do this by imagining how she looks like. Keep imagining, every day.
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