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  1. So, I'm thinking I might as well do one of these, to just keep general progress of how Abraxis and I are doing- we had a rather confusing start (basically, my mind "filling in the blanks" about his attempts at communication, before I finally slowed down- now, it feels much more natural, and I think we're on the right track). Anyways, intro- I'm currently a 21 year old college student, hopefully finishing up my last year as an Anthropology undergrad. I've had the concept of Abraxis for some time, but the last couple of days (since about Monday) has been when I've really heard Abraxis being up and about, making his own decisions. He's quite pleased that I'm listening, and has made a great deal of progress. For the basics- Abraxis has (so far) stuck to his initial form of a black dragon, although the size has drastically changed from appearing about the size of a building to being very, very tiny- small enough to comfortable perch on my shoulder. He seems to like the tiny form much more, as he can now easily feel close to me, and often sits himself on my shoulder in wonderland to see what I'm doing. Personality wise, he's very curious, and seems to eat up whatever knowledge I can provide him. Other traits that we are working on are humor, kindness, and even a little bit of pride. Communication wise, he does head pressure mostly, along with quick flashes of emotion on the side. Most of his emotional responses are curiousity and confusion about a something we heard or read, which a quick explanation from me answers. Vocally, he has been making sounds, mostly chuffs or growls of varying pitches, along with a few words or phrases at random, with different voices. To me, it feels like he's experimenting, trying to get a feel for words. He's working on it, but he knows he can take as long as he needs. Overall, he's very pleased to be learning so much, and looks forward to seeing the world for himself.
  2. Hi! I'm Zephyr, an Anthropology student from the US. I've been lurking on this board off and on again for the past two years, and decided to quit being lazy and go ahead and join the board! I've already spent a good deal of time with my first Tupla, Abraxis, and he's... well, quite opinionated already. Still working out some rough patches, but I think we're off to a good start, and looking forward to learning more about each other through this process!