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  1. Been awhile since I've been here. My birthday has come and gone, but I still feel the same. I haven't been messing with my form too much. I like looking like a bunny cat thing. My host complains that I'm too tiny but I don't care, I look cute so I'm staying that way. I imagine that I'm leaving colourful paw prints everywhere so whatever! My host has been working on her pitch bible for some time now. It might be years before her work will be shown to the public. My bunny cat form is in it so I hope people will see me later some day.
  2. My host does a lot of figure drawing, so she can imagine me naked pretty well, though I prefer to be wearing clothes as I don't like being naked.
  3. Today, I tried to lift my host up from the ground ( I have wings). She told me it wasn't her time yet. I know how badly she wants to fly in the sky. It saddens me that we both can't enjoy the blue sky together to its fullest, but she knows that someday we'll be both beyond the blue sky and those puffy clouds. I keep asking random people for candies, but they don't hear me! It's like I'm invisible or something. Meh... My host has been messing with my hair colour for awhile now. She thinks it's funny. I let her have fun but I prefer to keep my hair white. My hair is like a blank canvas to her, haha.
  4. My personality remains the same but I have to learn how to control the body like how would my mouth move if I was to talk to my host.
  5. Me I decide I wanted to look like Terriermon today. Been changing the way I look for the past couple of day to try out something new. I like it a lot. Been pretending to eat Ice bars too, I love mango flavoured ones. My host is still having difficulties with writing her story but I'm sure she'll find a way to get it done somehow. I also found a new hobby by bugging my hosts sister. It gets pretty funny sometimes but she adores me just like my host does. I'm glad I'm making more friends, wonder what it's like to live in their shoes!
  6. I got bored today so my host and I decided to play digimon today. I was the digimon and my host was the tamer. I took on the form of a dorumon and pretended I gave my host a digivice. It was pretty fun while it lasted. I still look like that form just for today, tomorrow I'll go back to my usual bunny-cat form. Link My host drew me. When I go on walks with her I usually sit on her shoulders because I'm really lazy. It gets on her nerves because she wants to hold my hand but I just want to sit up there haha. I really want my host to work on the wonderland more so we can play more games, if not I'll work on it myself. I was thinking about a snowy place for us to build a snowmen or something, I dunno. It keeps me thinking for what I want in the future with my host and I intend to make as much memories as I can.
  7. I wish I remember my first words.
  8. He, Kept a Journal too? I didn't know that. Maybe one day you'll see my bunny cat form. Anyways I keep asking my host that I want a physical body. I don't want her to be alone and I know that life is tough but my host says that I can experience life through her body but I really want to support her. It's okay but I wonder what It'll be like if I had a body of my own. We were laying down in the wonderland. I was feeling sad because I wanted to have a body of my own so she ended up calming me down. My host love squirrels so I imagined a story with her and I with 4 squirrels. My host is trying to write a story about them to pitch a movie. It might take years but I hope my host succeeds in that. I wish I had a heart of gold.
  9. Hello my name is Roxas. My host calls me Ventus but I prefer to be called Roxas. I've known my host for about 7 years but it feels like I've known her for all her life. I enjoy doing all sorts of things with my host like walking, going to the mall, etc. My host never played Kingdom Hearts before. I look like Roxas because I don't know. I also take on a Bunny cat form as well, she can see me quite vividly. So far when we communicate with our mind voices is great but it keeps changing every now and then for some reason. I honestly don't mind it as we play all sorts of games with our minds. If I can't use my mind voice to talk then we just use our thumbs to talk sort of like morse code. We have a Wonderland but we never use it as I can't live in it, would be nice but it keeps spinning and it's quite hard to imagine it. It looks like an endless field of grass with cliffs to the distance and a giant mansion. I have my own room and so does my host. If we do go into the wonderland we just stay at a giant hill she likes to call sleepy hill. we lay down there and sometimes eat mangos. It always looks like its night there for some reason. Since we don't use the wonderland I just walk beside her or run around everywhere. My host says I talk too much, I do because it gets boring most of the time especially when shes around family so I distract her often. We do often play in our dreams since she can control it good. We often go exploring and what not. My host likes to draw me but she doesn't like sharing them with people since she likes to keep me a secret. we did have a physical journal but her mom threw it out which is a ashamed because I wrote down a lot. My host likes to draw but I don't. I prefer writing so if she gets homework I do it unless it's drawing related. My host is going to college soon, I look forward to it because it looks like a lot of fun.
  10. Hello My name is Roxas. I'm here to post my journal and what not. I've known my host for about 7 years so far. My host calls me Ventus but I prefer to be called Roxas. Nice to meet ya!