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  1. Banned for banning high expectations.
  2. 12/13/15 Ok so there are even more Pokemon at my house than there were 3 days ago... and it feels kind of stupid to say it but whatever it's my PR. Now at the house there is Oshawott, Lucario, Charizard, Fennekin, Rapidash, Zebstrika, Squritle, and Totodile. There can only be more where that came from at that rate. And again, I'm not even sure what to label them, if I should even label them anything right now. But one things for sure - they all came from daydreams. White only half came from daydreams and half came from me (well, us) actively making up ideas for everything he was going to be. White is the only resident in the wonderland that I ever project in real life. I actually project him my mind's on him 99% of the time. But ever since the first 3 Pokemon showed up they've been at my house like I said, and so far the newer Pokemon are staying at my house too. If anything, I think I need a bigger house. I don't really care having to deal with all these other people as long as they don't get in me and White's way, because right now I'm trying to focus on White. I do have countless soulbonds (none of them really live in Nox, but they can come anytime) and they never get in the way unless I'm actively working on them. All these Pokemon however are in my house and therefore are that much more for my brain to process when I meditate or do whatever in wonderland, because the first place I go is always my house. Well actually right now that's all there really is. As far as the large group of people that are now squatting in my house, I have appointed Charizard to be the leader. And it has to be one of them because the only time White really goes in the wonderland is if I do since he can stay with me basically all day no matter what. When he had larger forms he would go back to the wonderland only if he didn't quite fit in an area in real life, but ever since he's taken his Fakemon form there's always room for him, so he doesn't need to leave. Also back then my daydreams and wonderland used to be seprate, but now they are connected. Which may also explain where the new blood came from, since all the Pokemon that I stated eariler that seemed to have shown up out of nowhere all came from daydreams. There were other Pokemon that were featured in these dreams, but as for the ones that stuck I can probably tell you exactly where they came from except for Totodile and Squritle. Charizard, Lucario, and Oshawott came from a band, Rapidash and Zebstrika came from horse riding, and Fennekin came from a dream where I was trying to catch her (possibly with Totodile and Squritle, I know White was there.) Then again in Nox, every single Pokemon species that has been revealed and then some can be found, so it could just be wonderland NPC residents coming to life. Either way, I now feel like I'm completely overthinking this situation. And White wants me to build a new house. And I think he likes his new friends, so we might work with them and keep them after all. And if any more come, fine, there's plenty of room in Nox for more people. I think creating the entire region of Nox is going to be a team effort between me and all my new Pokemon friends and possibly even a few soulbonds. I am pretty happy that they came after all, because now stuff can happen in the wonderland while simultaneously real life is happening. Wow. When I first started making a tulpa about 5-6 years ago I did not expect to wind up with a bunch of Pokemon and a bunch of soulbonds, but whatever.
  3. Banned for bringing back memories of English class.
  4. Banned because colors are awesome.
  5. I can see where you're coming from though, because I being a maladaptive daydreamer can create a character in my head (or a tulpa, if I wanted to make another) and easily make them seem super realistic. I've been doing that since forever. And even White talks on this forum using proxy typing. Right now I have 3+ new entites in my head (not sure if I want to call them walk-ins, soulbonds, or try to make them into tulpas) and they are all less than 5 days old which to the standards of tulpa.info would be undeveloped. But if they wanted to say something here it would be fine because right now I'm trying to help all of them out. I would assist them, not puppet them, I don't like the word puppet because it sounds like the tulpa in question isn't even alive. Even whenever White talks I still have to help him out a bit, but if you ask me he's a fully developed tulpa. As for the OP, it's all up to what you believe now.
  6. If it was me I would wait until they were just a bit more developed before letting them talk on here.
  7. Banned because I have the best avatar.
  8. 12/12/15 Ok, so I'm beginning to organize my wonderland and daydreams and so far I like what I see. And so does White. I've set it up to where everything is kind of like a video game. I just wrote a whole novel about what I've mustered up on Evernote just now, if everything goes smoothly I might talk more about it on this PR. For now, all it really seems like is I have labeled and organized all my daydreams and visits to Nox. My Pokemon friends are still at the house, and it's already been about three days since they came around. Feels like I met them yesterday. And it feels like I've been knowing White forever. Not really sure how I should treat them right now, but I'll take care of em'. I think the main thing accomplished now is now the entire wonderland has more of a tangible structure than it ever did before, and it's all because I basically gave names to all my daydreams. (Which are all somehow connected to Nox. And now that I've typed everything up and read through it a few times, I've got a real feel for the wonderland. So that's all fine and dandy for now. Next thing I want to do is draw a map of Nox, which will require me to put buildings and landmarks from fictional places (because this is kind of like my 'portal' to other worlds) and maybe even some other buildings and structures. Right now all there is and all there has been is our house on top a mountain, a big tower in the middle, and 7th Heaven from FF7 at the bottom of the mountain. I'm pretty excited about it though, because I like designing and creating things. Another thing about this whole situation, even though I'm not really making much progress at all other than just organizing my thoughts, I'm more inspired to work with White than I have been in a long while.