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  1. And despite the modest box office success Eragon had I can't really see that happening. There just hasn't been a lot of buzz around the Inheritance Cycle. EDIT: in an attempt to stay on topic, I don't have a form in mind for my next tulpa. I have a personality in mind though, so it will be interesting to see how things work out if I do things in the opposite order that I did last time.
  2. Feathery dragons, my friend. Remember the Eragon movie? Remember it?
  3. Them got darn tulper scoundrels smell so bad they'd knock a dog off a gut wagon. y'all.
  4. I had to take a break from my tulpa. for "reasons" I'm going to be starting from scratch in my tulpa-ing with a new idea.
  5. tbh making a tulpa based on a living person sounds creepy. Really, seriously, creepy.
  6. OP: Draw your tulpa you guys! Everyone Else: This isn't a drawing but it's what my tulpa looks like. Everyone Else: This is a drawing but not of my tulpa. OP: *commits sudoku*
  7. Is it your own drawing of your tulpa or just a picture you saw that you thought was similar to your vision? :C *puts away commission money*
  8. Early sketches. Don't mind the notes.
  9. I did originally pick out a name, but I guess they weren't really crazy about it, and liked the nickname I was using a lot more. Whenever I called them by the name I picked out, I wouldn't get any sort of response. When I called them by their nickname, I got responses more often. So now they're Honey.
  10. Given the state /a/'s been in for the past few years I don't now if that's something you should be admitting.
  11. It might have something to do with where we're advertised. Most boards on 4chan have a strong male majority. (the exceptions being /cm/, /cgl/, /u/, and /y/) If this idea was pushed in more female-dominated sites like dreamwidth, livejournal, and tumblr, then I bet we'd be wading in estrogen. Daemians, soulbonders, and multiples, show that girls and women are just as interested in "imaginary" companions as the rest of us.
  12. Lulu, Brass, I think /b/ misses you.
  13. Smoke a bowl. Have a drink. If there are places where you feel calmer than usual, go there. It's in the vacant lot next door for me. Mmmm the sound of dry grass blowing in the wind, the smell of it, the trees creaking... perfect. Personally I don't get how people can sleep and work in the same room(tulpaforcing is work, okay), there's just too many distractions.
  14. I wanted to make this thread a few days ago... creator: male tulpa: agender EDIT: nonsex might not be the best term. there are a lot of genders, some of them fitting into the expected "third gender" somewhere between male and female(or completely rejecting male and female), and others being fluid and going back and forth between the two (or three?) sides of the gender spectrum. There are way too many of those to list so maybe "other" would be better and the poster could elaborate on that as much as they want in the thread.
  15. What font is that on the bottom right, JD? I think I'm in love with it 0u0 My general suggestion: one account per person. I don't care if it's decided that tulpas can have their own accounts or not, but novelty accounts are annoying, and can be confusing to new members.
  16. Never told anyone but I've been told about them. During middle school, sometime between 03-04 my "friend" (more like kismesis) claimed she made a tulpa. She also claimed she was going to find a way to open the gate to another dimension so who knows if she was just doing it all for attention. You'll love this though. Her tulpa was a waist high unicorn. Pony tulpas predating FiM.
  17. >someone asks for evidence that was mentioned >"Please stop trying to defend your oblivious opinion." Don't become what you hate in others, guys.
  18. No. For general visualization I too do the drawing thing, and feel it really helps.
  19. Dude. It's George Costanza, not CONstanza.
  20. To steal a term from the multiples, I prefer headspace to wonderland. Where I do my tulpa work it's a replica of my room. Beyond that it's a lot of bits and and pieces of places I like or places I've dreamed about all melded together.
  21. They could have sex with another tulpa if you made more than one. Just because you are only in contact with one person doesn't mean you automatically resign yourself to having to fuck them. And some people are asexual, not desiring sexual activity or feeling sexual attraction. I'm sure someone could make their tulpa like that if they felt uncomfortable with the idea of their tulpa having a sexuality. If you want some hot tulpa lovin, go for it. But someone, tulpa OR host, going into something they aren't comfortable with isn't good.
  22. That's not really anywhere close to how spiritual soulbonders work.
  23. Oh yes, that's much better uwu