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  1. I was narrating but a bit hesitating "Tu peux le faire " translate "You can do it " it felt so weird ^^'
  2. Go to the bank, put the cat down before the eyes of guards and give the cat the puzzle. The cat will be so cute playing with the pieces that the guard will not be able to take you down. Now take the money How do you open box closed by a intergalactic virtual reality pad lock with only a mp3?
  3. There is no mug Neo How can you explain colors to a blind guy
  4. Hi everyone, i'm AnFer, i'm a years old boy from France. I've registered on this forum because i've find very interesting and clear the tutorials, guides and resources i've found on this page. I've started the creation of my tulpa Aiko, the 11/11/2015. I had planned it a long time ago and forgot about it for a time but it came back to my mind. So here I am now ^^ Looking forward to read all of you ^^
  5. AnFer

    CTRL+V #School xD
  6. I would really like Crescendo ^^ When my tulpa will be vocal i'll let you know ^^
  7. Is this still up to date or did you discared it? (i don't know if my english is correct here please apologize ^^' )