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  1. They did scan some people in the middle of 2019. Then the pandemic halted things for a while. They're hoping to get some more people in when California starts opening up again...
  2. I wanted it to be the day she started talking, especially because it was exactly a month before my birthday. But she felt the day I started forcing was more meaningful, even though she doesn't think she really existed until some time after that. So that's her birthday. Her second one is coming up in a couple days. She promises she didn't just say that to have an earlier birthday >_>
  3. Just an FYI, I'm also helping with the research, and the latest news is they hope to start scanning people around April.
  4. A bit rich when you constantly insist that any experience that doesn't match your own must be fake or imaginary or "confabulated".
  5. Oh, that was copy-pasted, I didn't even notice it was there somehow. I understand completely, that's the point of the survey really. I think that many different experiences are being lumped under the word "switching", even outside the normal variability in these practices.
  6. If you've been around this community for any amount of time you've probably noticed that people use "switching" to mean different things, with different methods, results, and experiences. This has caused much confusion and strife. I want to fix that, so I've created a survey, which you can find below. The goal of this survey is to collect experiences and descriptions so they can hopefully be categorized and separated. It is short but fairly open-ended, so please give as much detail as you can. Use the last question to provide any feedback. Thank you for your time! https://goo.gl/forms/75vy2Eq
  7. I told one friend, who already knew about tulpas from posting on /x/. He seemed interested, and was quite nice... although covered up with his typical layer of memeing. Other friends, though... I don't know...
  8. {Hi Tyler! You sound like you're doing a really good job! I wish I could stay active more like you, do you have any tips? You can work on all of those things, I'm sure, just be patient. And good luck with your studies! We should make a log too...}
  9. Reading some of these surveys was really helpful to me, so we're going to try to fill this out tomorrow. Just, thanks to everyone who filled it out! Knowing what others went through and what worked for you really was helpful.
  10. Hi! I'm Atatakakatta, you may have seen me elsewhere as bduddy. I first read about tulpas on Reddit, oh, about two and a half years ago at this point. After a significant amount of research and just lurking around I decided I probably wanted to make one... and then procrastinated/delayed/waited for about two years. Don't ask why. A few months ago I finally decided to go through with it. A couple months later of generic conversation and failing to think of a good name/form/personality and... Diana introduced herself to me. She made her name and form (just a human girl...) all by herself. I hone
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