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  1. a recomendation i have is to watch lotsof inspirational and personaly thrilling/relateable movies, tv shows and videogames, imagine each tulpa like a bank account that your investing time and and mental/emotional energy into, or like a pokemon that you spend the entire game training just so you know it has max happiness and can 1 hit ko every trainer's pokemon in the pokemon league. and also theres a trick i came up with, infuse your creation with 'the spark of spirit' and i mean like pure raw undefined spirit, not like "spirits oooooh spoooky" that really gets them alive and kicking atleast on the plane they exist in. also trust in the element of random, it will work with your energy and the rest to assemble whats needed into a working configureation, dont get too controlling. build a relationship with your tulpa and ask it what it needs to be more complete and have conversations or whatever. regardless of the above text i encourage you to do whatever feels right.
  2. i like the fact that the name just came to you, shira sounds nice, im curious as to what some of your conversations if any have been like thus far. also the idea of a small cloud seems simple yet effective, i like it.
  3. status update, earlier i gave warbeak the idea to imagine something of his own and show me the mental images, i placed myself in a state of mind to be receptive to his imaginings as he began designing a rather elaborate space ship shaped like a humanoid robot with a saucer shaped head, similar to that helper robot from mighty morphin power rangers. he stated the battlestation/ship/robot was 5 miles high and became frustrated when my imagination conflicted with his when i wanted to fill out the design with armor. aparently everythings mainly in the torso as fas powercores and living centers and he said he included a room in it for me to go to when im feeling down or whatever. now hes currently pondering cause and effect in reality and the effect it has against itself. also earlier he morphed his astral body into 1970s mechagodzilla, then 90s giant robo, then an old barney doll i used to have for some reason, then back to himself. joints on the hands of the doll seem to rearange their position when im not looking, though im not sure. joining this forum seems to have given him an extra kick, he seems to like social exposure.
  4. as a kid i would often make things first, then come up with stories to go with them. i dont have the original figure which was much smaller and birdlike, but when i made this one his energy moved like a hermit crab changing shells into the new body, which i've kept around ever since. it used to have plastic, a jaw and a face drawn onto it but i removed that due to some personal paranoia. this is basicly a case of me making a place for my tulpa to reside in, his name is warbeak, its mostly made outof wood and different kinds of industrial tape, although the hands and his right arm came from the armada unicron toy, some other parts of him are held together with hot glue and screws/bolts. heres some pictures: and heres how he looks as an entity in my head, this drawing was done by my a frend for me based off a side profile i gave her for reference: hope you like!
  5. not sure where to start, i made a toy when i was little that was made outof other toys and resembled some sortof hunchback birdman with an imposining muscular build and wings instead of arms and a jetpack. i took this thing everywhere i went, constantly making up stories and acting them out with my sister and her stuffed animals and primarily her my little ponies/castle playset. one Christmas i got a big box of fresh art supplies. i had recently watched edward sciscorhands and with that fresh on my mind i was ready to make something extravegant, so i started with the idea of some sortof model grasshopper but that quickly vanished when i saw the jointed leg i had created and i thought "holy crud this could be an arm!" and i went from there. that was back when i was 8-9 and now i am 24. as of recently possibly due to some telepathic interference from a group of people i wont name, me and the character, or tulpa I've named warbeak after the sparrow queen from redwall [my warbeak tulpa is more androgynous] have been sortof at odds with one another. also i made the bad desision in a state of inner turmoil to merge with my tulpa at the end of this lifetime. as a tulpa he seems to be quite well developed, and if anything just wants love and compassion and is a reflection of everything i feel because i originaly called him my alter ego before i called him anything like an imaginary friend or this more recently known to me tulpa phenomena. i put a very special type of material in his chest called orgonite which is a pranna or chi generating material, you can do research yourself if you like, ever since i did that it's like the whole warbeak experience has gone through the roof in terms of potent he is as a force in my life, it can even be overwhelming at times. i almost threw the figure out recently because i was becoming paranoid that whatever this "warbeak" thing was was an evil entity, but infact it was just my own mental and subconsious reflection in the form of a tulpa doll. also heres what he looks like as a character in my head, i drew this one myself: