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    This account is run by a host and his six (soon to be seven) tulpae.
    My name is Jaden, but I'll respond to Soul or Spider. I'm the host!
    Saiyu is an energetic Espeon with a fluffy chest and fluffier wings. He's the firstborn.
    Claus is asleep until noon, but interested in everything and kind to anyone. He's the secondborn, but also the youngest.
    Apollo Justice is similarly energetic with a voice that could put any megaphone to shame. He's the thirdborn.
    Chrollo is much calmer, and an older brother figure to the rest. He's the fourth.
    Clay is exciteable and thinks of himself as the most friendly. He came fifth.
    Miles is the father figure of the family, calm and collected and good at keeping the others in line while not being too strict. He's the sixth.
  1. Do you know of any flat or cubical worlds?
  2. -14 Until someone comes along and helps one side or the other out.
  3. So wait, each person gets two players, one for the host and one for a tulpa? What two tulpas wanna play and the host doesn't?
  4. -14 You can say you save, but there is no saving. Also, you have destroyed break-a-wish. That wish could never be granted, muahahahahaha!
  6. There is no saving in this game! -14
  7. Granted. People can edit things WITHOUT using a button! I wish I'd stop messing up and having to edit my things
  8. Banned for being so picky about what threads are tagged
  9. I decided the hands are aaaall mine today. Next person to respond says "like" or "um" a lot when talking aloud!
  10. -14. There was no war without me. It was just down and down, easy enough, huh. But that's just no fun.
  11. -14! Also, there's no real significance to -150 I think? We reached 200 a while back and decided that this time -150 was the goal, I think. Sorry for not answering earlier And technically, they're octothorpes!!!
  12. -14 I usually only edit my posts because I misspell something or messed up the color thingy--I forget the hashtags frequently. I didn't change the content at all!
  13. -13 I know you have. I was asking for your assistance. Thank you for giving it.