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  1. It feels like the quality of guidance for newcomers has drastically become lazier and more inefficient, usually boiling down to "just talk to yourself." Not enough time is placed into creating their tulpa and they tend to confuse their mindvoice for it. It feels like less effort has resulted in more "progress." I am in no right to say who has a tulpa and who doesn't of course, this is merely my own opinion of it. You could probably consider me an old member as we've been around for nearly 7 years now. I don't like speaking about this because you usually get ganged upon and essentially get your dialogue shut down, which makes it hard to counter or be open about my opinions. This is also highly notable due to the lack of old time members slowly trickling out and not pitching in to help newcomers if their views will be overtaken by what's more "convenient."
  2. how do i forum

  3. Submitted my application. I registered as myself rather than my host since I'm the most active one in general online - No one wants to select someone who doesn't participate in all. There is another tulpa in my system as well, so let's see how this goes.
  4. I couldn't get into Re:Zero. I watched most of the first season but ultimately dropped it since it was just nonstop suffering. It can be appealing in a sense such as the Nier video game series, but in that anime it's just ruthless.
  5. My host views the first tulpa and I to be a major positive in his life. The first tulpa pulled him out of depression as he focused his energy to forcing her, thus sparking something to look forward to in his life. On the other hand my presence has been a mixture of good and bad, but mostly positive - I kept my sister company on lonely days and spend time with her time to time. Pushing my host, my inspiration caused him to get fit and lose a significant amount of weight. I usually possess/switch and have taken over most of the internet activity, which is a bit unfair for everyone else. It was my fault that we got into doing drugs for a little while and it really screwed up the pacing of our lives, as alcoholism was thrown into the mix. It damaged us a bit and caused us to be significantly more forgetful than we already were. Certainly not sunshine and rainbows, but at least it's visceral and upfront.
  6. Pocket pockets playing with swords.
  7. Don't bother with any that you don't really speak to often. As in, forget them, dissipate them, or put them in some sort of "stasis." I'll be honest, I don't understand soulbonds completely, but if you're parroting or puppetting characters in your head, they don't really seem to have the independence to be a tulpa yet.
  8. A few questions - 1. How old is your tulpa now? 2. How old are you (if you're comfortable sharing this information)? 3. When did you start forcing her? 4. Has this started recently or has it been since day one? It doesn't seem to be much of a problem, she'll mature after a while. Think of it like a puppy - She'll be quite playful and goofy for a little while and then mature. Most tulpas I've seen seem to start off acting young and then progress into a mature mindset. You should keep being a "parent" to her but not coddle her to the point where she doesn't want to grow up. Push her to be a bit more mature and responsible, but not to the point where she can't be herself. Time is on your side when it comes to this.
  9. I feel like soulbounds are mere puppets of what the "host's" perception of them is. They essentially become roleplay characters that can possibly become sentient tulpas after a while of giving it a lot of attention with the proper forcing techniques. It just seems like a bit of a ridiculous concept to have a fictional character attach to your soul and essentially be one with them, even if that does sound a bit ironic. Angry Bear seems to understand it well, they just come off as yes-man servitors or something.