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  1. If I made a series of some sort and someone loved one or more of my characters so SO much that they made a tulpa version of them for themselves. I would be extremely fucking flattered. Like do you realize how flattering that is? Someone loving your character so much that they want them to be their personal friend is like the highest compliment that I could possibly imagine. That's the highest respect ever.
  2. My Tulpae are based off of characters and they're not exactly like their counterparts.
  3. I was just curious looking for more info on how to make a tulpa like "properly" ....I think.... and I didn't know it was a popular thing that other people knew about.
  4. I just think of how Alexandra David-Néel brought her tulpa to an actual physical existence and I'm fine.
  5. Worked in the morning then spent time with my tulpas when I got home. It was really sweet <3
  6. Oh I didn't know that. That would have been fun to watch. Yep, I kinda like it here, it's okay.
  7. omg that's what I was thinking of. But Riley doesn't talk to them, they just represent her feelings.
  8. Hi folks. I've actually been into doing this since about 1997 and I had no idea that this was a big thing on the internet as well. It's cool to see others that are really into this and have made many tulpas into their family. I read about this from a Sylvia Browne book 11 years ago and learned about Alexandra David Neel and I got excited reading that her tulpa that she made actually had a physical form after some years and others who she hadn't told about her experiment with this could see him but also kind of conflicted because he became evil. I have two and they are coming along nicely and hope they don't get out of control. So, it's nice to see so many people doing this!