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  1. Thank u for you reply and the suggestion! I did snuggle with him. Most of the time I will convince him that I will not forget about him. Yes, I think my mood swings somehow affects us too. I get burned up when I was being sad for few hours or days straight and need some space off. I think a tulpa can undergo the same emotions as the host do. I see! Same goes to my tulpa! He was created unintentionally when I was imagining a story with him being the main character. I talked to him when I get lonely. I had no clue about the concept of tulpamancy during the whole process. That is so good to know that you have friends who practice tulpamancy too! I am so envy of you >< It's glad to hear that Varlan came back to you safely. In my opinion, I think he just had the urge to meet some friends, other than his own host (you). I'm not saying that you're not a good friend or host to him. What I meant is his urge to explore. For example, even though we have loving parents and caring friends, sometimes we need some time off to go explore the outside world on our own. Sometimes tulpas need some space of their own too :D Sorry for my late reply though!
  2. I have been wondering does anyone's tulpa generated sad, sorrowful thoughts out of a sudden? I meant they are like kinda struck by emotions, without being affected by any upsetting occasion (funerals, host being bullied or fell down accidentally etc). As humans, sometimes we do have our emo period, be it a short one or a long one. And I'm here, hoping to understand from the tulpae's perspective :D What made you being emotional suddenly? Does your host know about it? How do your deep talks with your host go usually? For Adrian, my tulpa, he went really quiet occasionally and it was quite hard to dig anything from him. But most of the time I got the tingling feels that he was worried he might be forgotten one day. (Finally back here after 4 years! I'm so glad to see this community is as active as usual. Cheers!) ~Sincerely by Elli
  3. Female with male tulpae, influenced by anime stuffs too. I think most of us will have opposite gender tulpae.
  4. That's amazing, I love what she said about helping someone you love isn't work. XD She reminds me of the time when I got all stressed up during my Additional Math exam, it was quite an important exam. I don't like calculation stuffs, and I almost gave up on studying. And then Ad volunteered to do switching with me(although we never tried switching before). It worked anyway, he managed to help me understand some formulas and cheered me up. When I thanked him he said he was just doing what he should, I couldn't be more grateful to him. ^_^ Sometimes he even provided me a shoulder to cry on when I was sad. Lol same XD I am always been forced by him to do revision too. There were times he possesed my hand to switch off my phone so I could focus on my homework.
  5. Tulpae surely are our wonderful companions, friends and families. I am just curious if your tulpae have ever did something that touches you a lot, or something that helps you to overcome your life obstacles etc. Bad grammars, I know. XD
  6. Thank you everyone for sharing! XD your replies mean a lot to me.
  7. If you try visualize it? Like you visualize you sitting on a coach with your tulpa, or laying on a grassland in your wonderland together, and then you talk to him/her. This may work if you are good in visualization. Imagine you are staring into the tulpa's eyes while you talk, I am sure your thoughts will be directed to him/her. About how is narration supposed to feel, I think you will feel like you are reading a book like how Vosaiu mentioned.
  8. It's good to know that. :D Then in this way your tulpa should be fine. For the mean time I cannot answer that whether the voice is a tulpa or not, you should wait for a few days more, maybe weeks, to come out of an answer. Just a suggestion, you can try directing some random questions to the voice in your head, if you receive an answer which is not your own then she is a tulpa. It's hard for a new tulpa to be sentient and vocal, but it's not impossible. You can try it though XD or maybe you can wait for others' better replies.
  9. Good to see her coming back :D Leaving is quite common for tulpae, sometimes they need a break or they wants to have their personal space for a moment. But it's serious if she left for too long, plus she tried to suicide before this. You should tell your friend to spend more time with her, a suicidal tulpa needs a lot of care. :)
  10. I think it can occur, and no, you're not crazy(cuz I also think the same way as you did when I first talked to my tulpa XD). The whistle thingy could be a way that your emerging tulpa tried to communicate with you. When you thought about the ideal person you could be unconsciously developing a tulpa, and now maybe she wants you to know that she exists so she sent you her thoughts and voices. Be aware that you are not making a tulpa(if it has been proven that you are having a tulpa)that are totally based on your friend or else your tulpa is going to face identity crisis. You can google about identity crisis if you don't know. And yes, you can create a tulpa without realising it. Sorry, I am not really knowledgeable about tulpa XD just sharing my opinions here. I just discovered about tulpamancy a few months ago.
  11. Tulpae will always continue to develop their personalities along their lifes. Let's say your tulpa is a caring person at first, then someday a person(your friend etc)betrays you, your tulpa may becomes distrustful and not so caring anymore. 1-3 minutes may not be enough to fully develop your tulpa's personalities, but it varies between people though :D If you feel that it is detailed already you can stop describing the traits to him and let him develop on his own. How long he has existed as your tulpa? If a tulpa exists long enough you will be able to see his/her traits clearly. You can spend more time with him too, asking him to give opinions over something or playing games, then their personalities will surface--like Chupi said, you will know their traits by seeing how they react to certain situation. PS, sorry for any grammar mistakes XD.
  12. To me that's totally normal, nothing weird. Maybe your tulpa takes a strong liking to these music and art stuffs XD. If she/he doesn't bother you with that kind of communication it should be fine unless it is very disturbing.
  13. I always thought Cancer is very emotional, never knew they can be grumpy XD haha, thanks for sharing anyway. :D Yeah, I used to search about the compatible signs too XD Turns out that mine(Aries) has totally opposite traits with his, I'm noisy(only in wonderland not physical world) while he's a quiet one. But we are fine with each other ^_^
  14. So I was playing a game called IB Gallery. It is basically about a girl, Ib (you) crosses into the virtual world of art when you are visiting the gallery. A girl named Mary, who is actually a portrait created by the artist, tries to kill you so that she can get out to your world. There is a rule there that said a trade must be made if she wants to leave. I am thinking if your tulpae can become physically real, but another person needs to exchange for their places, will you agree it? There are two criterias here. First, the person will become your tulpa and live inside your mind while your tulpa will be able to come to our physical world, but you need to care for your new tulpa constantly and interact with him/her like how you normally talk with your tulpa. If you fail to do so, your origin tulpa will die. Second, the person who trades for the place of your tulpa can be anyone in this world--your mother, an old man or a mental patient. Once you agreed, the memories about that certain person's existence will be wiped away--meaning no one, including you, will remember he/she ever existed in our world. He/she will also have no memory about his/her previous life when living as your new tulpa. So will you agree this trade? owo sorry for my bad English. Just a random question.
  15. That's a very long time though, 36 years o.o you both do have a strong bond! I don't really remember when he first talked to me, since he is created unintentionally through my story. Anyway, congrats NitroAgent XD Galaxia sure has an interesting way to interact with you. I never hear or feel Adrian physically the way you did, and I never sense electrical impulses haha. I guess she is really special :D keep it up with your vocalization, Galaxia.