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  1. Our channel is doing pretty well, maybe we should consider merging some channels.
  2. Ritual bump to get us visable again, come join us :)
  3. I've added a permanent invite link to the first post so if you want to join just click that, note that some chats are hidden and will require a mod adding you (to make sure private stuff is hidden from public).
  4. Post to make sure we don't fall onto the second page. Anyway, The group is now really serving it's purpose and I'm glad I started it after someone created the idea. I encourage joining, just shoot me a PM.
  5. So far we're having a different experience. I think it depends on who is part of the group. And Mistgod, we've now got a decent number of people, I'm not complaining about numbers though. Every person that is aided through this makes it worth it. This about dying groups or what not.
  6. I don't see this as a competition, but why are you advertising that in this thread?
  7. This is also opt-in by request, not any random person can join.
  8. I'm going to be on vacation with limited access the coming week or so, if you request to join it may take a few days to be invited. Also, this totally isn't a bump >_>
  9. So I have made a discord server for people new to tulpa and/or currently on their journey of developing one. This was mentioned briefly in a post in another thread but I thought it would be best to make it more visable here in its own thread. For whatever reason people may not feel comfortable posting on the forums, the discord server acts as a way for tulpamancers to encourage and share their experiences in what may for them feel like a safer and more close environment. This is not a criticism of the forums, and let's please not derail this thread into that topic. I for one prefer a chat like medium over forums, and if others do that's fine. Who do I need to be to join? You could be someone looking into the whole concept of tulpas, seeking information. Or you could have just started, and want others to share experiences and give advice with. You could even be decently underway, it doesn't really matter all too much. Although the chat is aimed at newer tulpamancers it's okay if you want to join as a more experienced member. How do I join? Just shoot me a PM and I'll give you an invite link. Feel free to invite others with that link. Why discord? IRC's are fine and all but discord has a sleak, nice looking interface that also gets the job done just as well or possibly even better. You can download an application for it on a desktop or mobile device, however it can be run in a browser if you wish. We've got a few people there already.
  10. If anyone wants to join this group then shoot me a PM, Discord can work in browser like an IRC but also has a client for desktop/mobile. I'll send you an invite link to a server.
  11. I wouldn't mind making a discord server for this. A closed opt-in group would do well, the forums are public and not everybody is comfortable about posting a lot on the forums I imagine due to whatever reason. IRC is possible but Discord is generally more user friendly and easy to manage. I also like chat format more than forum but hey. I really like this idea. Skype would also work I guess.