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  1. Artificial Cookie's Penultimate Fantasy Smashers
  2. Granted, but it's all warm and gross from sitting in the sun. I wish I had an Umbreon.
  3. 1093 bottle of beer on the wall.
  4. the meatball monster to obliterate the clean kingdom, killing Anthony Sullivan in the process.
  5. their Stain Cannons, they still were defeated by Anthony Sullivan. They fell back, unleashing their final attack- RED WINE.
  6. Nachtara

    Stupid Jokes Thread

    That's terrible. Did you hear about the constipated engineer? He worked it out with a slide rule.
  7. Granted, but it is filled with chlorine, too. Gotta keep the bacteria out! I wish I got 100% on all of my finals
  8. Wait, so are we at zero? Then I say one
  9. Banned for not helping him cope with jean-luc syndrome.
  10. Billy Mays perished in the fight against the grass stains. His final words: "But wait... There's more..." Anthony Sullivan then took Billy's place. (And that's Billy's *true* reason for death. Giant blades of grass.)
  11. Force jean-luc to stop his nefarious deeds, THEN we can get along.
  12. I close the window for y'all. I'm sure umbreons can close windows.
  13. No, because I don't want to be sitting in this chair for 70+ more years. Do you like dinosaurs?
  14. Granted, but they're all spammers. I wish for exactly $37.52 in pennies.
  15. Billy Mays fought the meatballs valiantly with his Oxi-Clean,
  16. None, because I'm not a bisexual yellow science dinosaur. Are you a bisexual yellow science dinosaur?
  17. Billions of reaction gifs cannot convey the hatred I have for you jean-luc
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