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  1. I never thought of trying to force in a daydream. I'll have to give it a try.
  2. Whenever I try to force, I zone out, and day dream to whole time. Only to snap out of it and realize I have wasted my forcing session. I need some help with some concentration techniques, so I can actually force. I'm making this thread (probably should have done it earlier), because my zoning out while forcing has gotten way out of hand. Like today when I tried to force, I zoned out and day dreamed the yellow stone volcano had erupted. so if anyone has any suggestions, that would be great.
  3. I've thought about this, and I'm not sure. I guess there's the first hole in the theory
  4. Yes, but part of what went through my mind is; if people had the nerves cut between the two hemispheres of the brain they wouldn't be able to create a tulpa. Which then lead me to think that maybe the right brain is where all tulpa related stuff happens. (Edit) I just thought it was a interesting idea/theory :)
  5. the brain is interesting indeed
  6. Before reading the theory, watching the video would help understand it better (link here; ) The other day I was watching this video on YouTube. It explains how your brain would work if the nerve wire is cut, and the two hemispheres were no longer connected. The left brain controls the right side of the body, and the right brain controls the left side of the body. However only the left brain can speak as it controls the speaking stuff. But right brain controls memory. So in normal brains, the two halves of the brain communicate through the nerve wire. But they communicate subconscious
  7. I'm forced a little; so nothing new there I actually forgot about Tulpas and all this for about a week :P I just remembered about them yesterday, I think, and thought I'd do a quick update. I won't be able to do a ton of forcing until summer, so yeh.
  8. Another quick report... I've been forcing pulse a bit more. Though if I keep at this pace it will take forever to complete this :P To counteract this going to force more and more often. Though regents are coming soon so I may not have a lot of time until summer.
  9. This is going to be a quick update. I haven't updated this in a while since I've been doing things :P (I'm lazy) I've been passive forcing, and narrating a lot more than I was. I think I've made some progress, so I'm happy. Pulse isn't sentient yet, but it's only been a month... Maybe
  10. So I just re-read what my last update was, and it's confusing even to me XD. Latest update: I've forced with Pulse a bit more, and really feel like she exists. She isn't sentient yet, but I literally just started working on her so that would be the case :P. Another thing to note is, when I close my eyes I randomly see flashes of images, that I'm like "that's going to be Pulses form" except I don't realize it until my eyes are open and I "loose" the image... Stupid human brain 13 millisecond brain processing speed! ;)
  11. I started to force her at 2 in the morning (I wasn't really tired), and even though I didn't have a form for her yet, or a place holder form. However I felt as if she already had a form.. As if she already existed and I just had to color her in, as if she were faded and I have to make her "bold". It's kind of weird and neat at the same time, also I haven't read anything about feeling a tulpa "existing". (I have forced less than an hour over all :(... Yes I know I'm lazy, and addicted to video games :p) However I also couldn't "see" her form Also I'm going to force a lot more now
  12. So I've done some narration. And I'm going to continue to do so, but I'm having some trouble since I haven't picked out a form for Pulse yet. So I need to choose a form for Pulse, and then visualize her form until I have that down, so I have somthing to focus on while I narrate.
  13. Edit: I haven't forced yet (yes I know, I should have) I've been very busy with school. However it's spring break!! So I'm going to do a lot of forcing over it and keep it up when school starts after break. I'll start with narration, since I haven't picked out a form for Pulse. (She can change it when she becomes sentient) Any suggestions please let me know :)
  14. So I didn't force yesterday, I kinda forgot :P Anyways I've seen lately that people creating Tulpas have been visualizing there Tulpas while reading and similar activities. (Or I could have missed this idea months ago). I'm going to try doing this. I was wondering can I daydream, and visualize my tulpa watching the daydream unfold? (I'm going to refer to her as Pulse from now on since it's the name I picked out)
  15. Who's the true gamer now?! :D (I found the image on Google :P but probably played that much MineCraft. Let's just pretend that's mine ;))
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