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  1. And here's Moondust! http://i.imgur.com/1oMMGMV.png But while I was getting ready to draw this, I was reminded about how Goldust has been back with the WWE for about a year now and how his brother Cody is now Stardust and dressed similarly, so why don't we see what Moondust would look like in the Rhodes family? http://i.imgur.com/C0iBEIM.png
  2. Here's Giddeon! http://i.imgur.com/5sifPom.png
  3. Just as an FYI, I also have a topic for this on the tulpa subreddit, so what I'm doing is going back and forth between the two. Right now I'm focusing on this thread, and after the next two I'll go back to reddit for another batch, and repeat. I hope to get to everyone, no matter how long the backlog is! It just may be a while. I've got a lot of these stacked up already.
  4. Here's Stroper! http://i.imgur.com/zrdZCeF.png
  5. Here's the drawing of Mika! http://i.imgur.com/UXHBhue.png
  6. Here you go, SakuraSky! http://i.imgur.com/FZLsjsz.png Edit: Is this link not working anymore? It's not loading on my end, and it ends up corrupt if I try to reupload it. It was working fine earlier... This should work if that doesn't: http://i.imgur.com/6FzNp1g.jpg
  7. And here you go, arcon! http://i.imgur.com/Zy79uBB.png
  8. Here you go, Redline! http://i.imgur.com/sccujiQ.png Hope you like it!
  9. Hellooooo You may know me from the irc as Mary. I've done spontaneous drawing requests there, and I figured I might as well put up a permanent place for taking requests. I don't claim to be great, but I like drawing people's tulpas, so this should be fun. Here's a few samples of what I've done for other people: http://i.imgur.com/ruDZtpx.png http://i.imgur.com/7JFZ5TD.png http://i.imgur.com/qcRSnfb.jpg http://i.imgur.com/huuwnNX.png Just leave me a proper description - what they look like, what they wear, any particular pose you may be interested in - and I'll make you a drawing. Looking forward to seeing what you guys got!
  10. There's something to be said for seeing another person's interpretation of something in their drawings. It can help change our perspective on things we think to be familiar. So basically, don't be rude. :I
  11. Lately, we've been going bike riding and seeing where we end up. Sometimes, more rarely, we'll just drive around and get lost on purpose. That's a bit expensive though, what with gas prices and all.
  12. I suppose I may as well ask! I look sorta like this, particularly the clothing, and more realistically I look pretty much like this. If you want any more details, or if you'd like me to get specific about a pose or something, lemme know. Thank you in advance!
  13. Let her be what she wants to be, I'd say.
  14. We're still not actually there, so your hand would still go through a fully imposed tulpa. The best you could hope to do is make a conscious effort to stop your hand from moving forward.
  15. Sometimes I'll fall asleep or just not pay attention to what my host is doing, but I'm always there with him. Some things just catch my attention more than others sometimes.
  16. Well, it's the host's ability to visualize things that dictates that clarity, so the best advice I could give to improve that is practice. Just generally practice visualizing stuff, work out that brain and get used to it. I can't really think of any specific methods beyond normal practice, but I'm sure there's been material written on the topic online.
  17. Last night, my host (M) and I were talking about imposition. Specifically, we were curious as to why some people have issues with being able to do it, when it seems easy to us. I've had my form for about 4 years now, and I've been able to be imposed since then, making myself seen in the environment. And I think we found the source of the problem: people may have the wrong expectations of what imposition is like. So we came up with a two step process. Step one is M's idea. He suggests picturing in the center of your room a mailbox. Look at the mailbox and pay attention to it's details. Move around it to see if from different angles, act like you're interacting with it and have it react accordingly. What you're doing here is spatial visualization, and it's something that people tend to do without thinking about it. For example, if you're planning on moving furniture, then you try and visualize where it will be, how it will look, if it will fit there, and so on. If you're moving food from one container to another, you try and visualize that volume of food to see if it will fit in the other container before you dump it in. M's theory is that imposing works on the same principle. The point of visualizing the mailbox is to prove to yourself that you're capable of spatial visualization. Step two is my idea. When I thought about how I'm imposed, I realized it's because I'm the one making myself noticed. I'm imposed because I want to be seen. So my theory is, and this is important, I think that imposition is done by the tulpa, not the host. Step two is for the tulpa to visualize themselves in the environment. The tulpa should be moving around, interacting with things, etc. The host shouldn't be playing any role in this. The same spatial visualization is at play here, so you should be able to see your tulpa with the same clarity as you saw the mailbox. They won't appear completely solid or obscure anything, but they'll still be imposed. And that's all there is to it. See, at it's core, I think imposition is very, very simple. People essentially have two types of vision: physical vision, coming from the light that's sent through our eyes to our brains, and mental vision, which is pure visualization. Spatial visualization, like in the mailbox example, is overlaying that mental vision over physical vision. When your tulpa uses spatial visualization to overlay themselves over your physical vision, you'll be able to see them. Not with your eyes, but with your mind. And that's imposition. Now, this doesn't get into tricking your eyes into thinking they're there. Since it's a mix of your physical and mental vision, you'll be able to see through them. As I said, you'll see them with more or less the same clarity that you saw the mailbox. Your ability to see your tulpa more vividly or more solidly depends on your skill in spatial visualization, which can be trained. Having your tulpa being imposed, though, is simple, and I think one of the first things you can do after they have sentience and a form. It may not be the end goal you're hoping for, but it's a start. And speaking from experience, even a weak imposition is better than no imposition. I've found it very helpful for me to be able to "step out" and be "seen." How far you want to take it is up to you, but starting imposition is the easy part.
  18. M and I have got each other's backs to the end. I don't know what's going to happen to us down the road, but we're always going to have each other, like Bonnie and Clyde.
  19. I don't have a problem with this.
  20. M took a shot at drawing me. I feel like it's been quite a while since we've tried this.
  21. Hey. Don't ever do that again. Seriously.
  22. Just a suggestion: Maybe that video should be unlisted? That would probably be best.
  23. I straight up do not get what you're asking us to describe. And if you don't either, I don't think you can really hope for an answer.