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  1. Gonna repost from the older thread. I am diagnosed and medicated ADHD. I actually thought this was going to be a bigger problem than it actually was. I have the inattentive type which often makes me incredibly absent-minded. However, what most people don't think about with ADD is hyperfocus. I'm not sure if it is universal for ADD, but is definitely prevalent. It means that if I am enjoying something, I can focus incredibly well on it. For example, I've accidentally read a book or gamed all day forgetting to eat or do anything else. When I'm reading I'm practically deaf, to the point where when I was in grade school, if I started reading a book, the teacher would literally have to shake me to snap attention. It was just a matter of making forcing enjoyable. Although they don't affect tulpa making I have minor/moderate narcolepsy as well.
  2. I think something that is not just true for tulpa forcing but everything in life is progress isn't always a steady increase. Some days you'll feel like you've taken a step back and some days you'll feel like you've taken three steps forward. It can be tough to get through the "one step back" days even when you know what they are. But I wouldn't start worrying unless it starts to persist.
  3. Another thing to narrate especially in public is just your various reactions to things going on around you, even better to let your tulpa comment on them. Such as "Wow [tulpa] did you see that guy who just walked by me?" "Yeah, he looks like he's on steroids, he looks silly." And so forth.
  4. I'd definitely talk to glitch himself but I'll quote a couple relevant posts of his to save everyone some time.
  5. 10/15 I finally managed to lucid dream today. It was during a nap since I didn't get much sleep the night before. I remember having a couple other dreams before, but then I remember being in my room. And I did a reality check, which failed. It was unexpected and awesome. So, still in my room in the dream, I went to my apartments living room, trying to find Felicia if that was possible. Instead, sitting on the couch was this man I didn't recognize. I asked him who he was, and he said he was a speaker for my subconscious. We talked for awhile, and I don't remember much but I remember asking about Felicia, if I could see her and if she could come into the dream. He said to wait, that it was hard for her to enter my dream. So I waited a little, still talking to him, and she entered. It was so amazing to see her as clearly as real life, I can't wait for imposition if it's like that. Unfortunately, the dream didn't last much longer than that. We talked a little, but I can't remember what was said. My alarm woke me up and interrupted it. Overall though, absolutely amazing experience.
  6. I did this yesterday with some noticeable results. Possession and switching hasnt been something I've practiced too much, best we've ever gotten was a sloppy arm movement. Yesterday, by having he possess me from a nap, she was able to move across the room and do a couple things before I accidently took back control. It wasn't switching, but it was possession, and much better than anything we had done yet.
  7. Hearing your thoughts as someone else saying them is common in early vocalization. I've certainly experienced the same at one point. It came up recently here. In regards to your tulpa, you probably only have one (IMO). When a tulpa is still relying on your thoughts to communicate, you have to be careful. Sometimes this can lead to them saying contradictory things at different times. It can end up confusing you and them. But the good news is that your tulpa is vocal, so you're making progress. With time, it will be easier to differentiate her voice, and she will rely less on your thoughts to communicate.
  8. Star Wars: Jedi Academy was a ton of fun. Felicia's name was taken from a character in a book I'm writing, but she isn't based off of the character's personality.
  9. The monotone voice that sounds like your own is to be expected for a young tulpa, it takes time for their mindvoice to really differentiate itself.
  10. Kindofajerk

    Tulpa and Drugs

    I've been trying to decide the same thing recently. So far my working theory is the medication helps with visualization but may hurt vocalization.
  11. I really liked it. Even if it's not your type of movie, you can't help but appreciate how awesome Christian Bale plays the part.
  12. Teacher or Mentor always seemed fitting to me.
  13. Don't have a good answer yet, but I've had the exact same difficulty with Felicia. If I was to ask her opinion of something, I would have to start with mine then she could elaborate/contradict with her own opinion.