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  1. Thanks for clearing things up for me about the subconscious. We'll be sure to try out what you guys suggested in our next lucid dream.
  2. The placebo effect is a powerful thing especially with tulpas, I think your problem is not that you can't make a tulpa, your problem is that you think you can't make a tulpa.
  3. Ignouris

    Tulpa Focus Group

    I'm interested in joining the tulpa focus group, how do I sign up?
  4. So I saw this on youtube today and it's really interesting. The premise of the video is that the right and left brain are two different entities that work together, with you being the vocal left part of the brain and the right side of the brain being silent and going along with everything. What do you guys think, is this maybe related to tulpas? [video=youtube]
  5. Ok thanks for the advice, I guess I'll just do some experimenting with switching and see if I can cram a few more credits in a semester.
  6. Hi, so I will be going off to college in a little bit and was wondering if anyone switches with their tulpa to break up the work load and so they can take an insane amount of classes? Also one of the reasons I made a tulpa in the first place is to have a perfect memory, which I heard tulpas can grant you, and while my tulpa can help me remember things I have forgotten it is far from perfect. Is there any technique to this or is it something that comes with time or just does not happen at all?
  7. Are you worried that making a tulpa is really inviting in a demon? Because if that is the case there is a simple solution. I had a worry in the back of my mind that tulpamancy was somehow demonic, so all I did was ask my tulpa to say a prayer. Tulpamancy is purely psychological phenomenon, but if you are having doubts there are many ways you can put a tulpa to the test.
  8. So I've been reading imposition guides and I was wondering if basically all you do is "paste your tulpa over reality, and how long does this take? Also can my tulpa make me hallucinate things other than her form?
  9. Thanks, it's nice when all the talking to yourself pays off. lol
  10. I started narrating heavily a month ago, I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced communication like this with a young tulpa.
  11. So I think my tulpa has started talking to me, but only in very basic sentences, almost like pre-made sentences like "Good morning" or "pay attention to me" and stuff like that is that an early form on communication or me fooling myself?
  12. I have questions/concerns about switching, first off when you're switched does the wonder land seem as real as reality, if not what are the differences, also is what you can do in wonderland limited by reality or can you fly around and shoot lasers out of your ears. Also when your switched do you need your tulpas help to switch back or can you do it on your own and finally if your tulpa learns something in real life will you know it automatically.
  13. I stumbled across this site few month ago and started learning about tulpas and I have to ask why isn't the phenomenon more widely known about. I mean some of the things tulpas can do are truly amazing. Is it just hard to believe and thats why its not mainstream?
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