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  1. I went to the library the other day and picked up a meditation book. I tried mediating and it really helped me with focusing on my tulpa and begin in an appropriate state to work on her. Also I started reading the visualization chapter and found a few exercises which looked quite good. When people like FAQ_man said that you don't need to meditate to tulpaforce, I don't think that means that people shouldn't. It may be the case that people don't need to meditate but I think it would be more beneficial if they did. Even outside of tulpaforcing, it can help with different types of problems such as stress and anxiety. I would recommend people to try meditation for a few days especially those who are planning on making a tulpa. Does any one want me to type out the exercises? EDIT: Ok then I'm gonna post about breathing and a few different postures which can be done during meditation. Some more effective than others, although beginners might find the more simple ones better for them. Full Lotus The Full Lotus position is when the right foot is placed on the left thigh and the left foot is placed on the right thigh. It's quite straining for people who haven't done it before but ensures circulation of 'energy' around the body. Half Lotus This is like Full Lotus but only one foot needs to go on the other thigh. Used if people can't perform the Full Lotus Quarter Lotus a.k.a. crossed legged The Egyptian Position It's just sitting down on a chair with a straight back. Ideal for begginers as it can be sustained for a long period of time. Breathing There are lots of methods of breathing. Some include placing your hands on your navel and nostrils. I think that I'll just cover the basic breathing technique. Get into your comfortable position Close your eyes and become aware of your breathing Take a deep breath but make sure you find it comfortable, don't fill up your lungs fully Hold it in for a count of (whatever you want) Then let it out as slowly as you can like a sigh Keep doing this in a regular pattern. A good rhythm is a 4-2-4-2 one, which is when you breath in for 4 counts, hold it in for 2, breath out for 4 and wait for 2 before repeating. People with stronger lungs can do 8-4-8-4 if they want. Just do what's more comfortable. These exercises aren't specificly made for tulpaforcing but can be altered so that they can be made to build upon personality building and creating stronger bonds with your tulpa in general. Exercise: The corridor (Personality) Close your eyes and visualize yourself standing at one end of a long corridor. Now see the word 'calm' appearing in front of you in any form or colour that you like, but keep it simple. Hold that image firmly in and focus as you send the word slowly down the corridor. Do not follow it ad don't let it out of your slight. When you have seen it safely to the end of the corridor, slowly and smoothly bring it back to you. You can eventually extend the exercise when you feel that you have good control over the word. You can send it through a door at the end of the corridor into a pool a jacuzzi. Submerge the word into the pool and wait for it to dissolve. After putting a number of suggestions into the pool you follow them there and imagine immersing yourself into the clam refreshing pool. When you are ready, slowly bring yoursef back to the real world and slowly open your eyes while becoming aware of your surroundings. You see, this exercise can be altered in a way for your tulpa. In the last paragraph, you can put traits ad attributes into the pool and have your tulpa immerse themselves in it instead. Exercise: The nightly review (Narration) Before you go to sleep, close your eyes and recall the events of the day in reverse order, from the evening back to when you woke up. If you fall asleep before you finish, don't worry, you probably need the rest. Don't just simply catalouge the events, but re-run them and visualize them in as much detail as possible. Sharpen your psychic senses and try to get a real sense of the atmosphere, smells and physical sensations. Try and cultivate a sense of detachment so you do not take everything personally, but rather accept these things as having been experienced by the body that you are in right now. Then let the events go like unrolling a roll of film or and handful of pictures. This can help you not become as attached to past events for people who are guild ridden or anxious about the things they have done. It helps people to live in the present than always holding onto the past. You can run through the past events with your tulpa and then at the end , you can both partake in letting go of them. This can strengthen the bond between you two as well as working on narration. I'll post a few more later.
  2. I am in desperate need of help. I started taking concerta about a month ago. Ever since, my tulpa Penelope has become harder and harder to understand and hear. My mind had become incredibly clear and the medication has helped me a lot. I am taking it as a "booster" for my anti depressant. Obviously I cannot go off my medication least I want to be the depressed mess I was before. So what should I do?
  3. There are complaints lately about people not being able to hold their focus while forcing for very long. Their train of thought just sort of drifts away from forcing after some amount of time, or they get restless. What I've found helps with this is taking short breaks while forcing, and modify it to your limits. For example, if you can't do much more than 30 minutes at a time, go for 30, take a 5 minute break (go walk around a bit, get a drink or some such), and then go back to forcing. If you can't do much more than a hour, then go for an hour and once again take a break, maybe about 10 minutes. I'm going on a sliding scale here of 30 minutes = 5 minutes of break time, maybe shorter or a bit longer depending on what feels comfortable to you. It should also help with anyone that has ADD or just generally can't focus at all for long periods of time. While at this point I usually don't have a problem with keeping focused, I've found that it helps when I'm especially restless. Questions?
  4. This guide is for releasing stress or other things that might be distracting you from concentrating, such as in preparation for forcing. The symbolism I use can be substituted for whatever you want, this is merely my method. To start, form a fist. Focus on the stress is your body and find where it is residing and imagine it as pooling boiling water. Let the water flow through through your body until it reaches your fist. Let is accumulate and compress and coil around in your fist until you feel it is all there. Then, slowly open your fist and let the water drain out of your hand as if you had held it inside your hand. If you do try this, please fill out the survey attached to this post and reply with any feedback.
  5. Its about two months since Me and Martina started and the results so far are rather strange, so I have a few questions that a...rose([?] I don't think I wrote that one right). 1. Can head pressures be generated elsewhere? I once had a feeling like someone poking my left chin with a finger, I don't know if it was Martina or not, but overall I rarely feel any kind of head pressures. 2. I feel like I kind of control her. Maybe I focus too hard on her doing something natural? I usually like to impose/visualize her doing something simple next to me, like sitting, walking, leaning against a wall, with a completely still face that usually never changes. However, this got me thinking, what if it doesn't change because I keep her face this way, while waiting for a clear response. Once while I was at the bus stop I imposed her next to me, usually turning away, but one time I saw her with her hand linked around my arm. It took me by total surprise. Thank you in advance.
  6. I think there was a post similar to this, but I was wondering if there were any guided meditations or hypnosis sessions specifically for tulpas. I found two, by dialogues_and_mena on Soundcloud, after much searching, but can't seem to find anymore. I personally love these kinds of recordings and I'm a little disappointed I couldn't find anymore.
  7. Hello. I found out about tulpa maybe 3 weeks ago and have just recently looked at (about a week ago) and even more recently started outlining my tulpa. ---- A little backstory that doesn't involve tulpa: Every now and then, when I would be going to bed, I would hear multiple different voices in my head. There would be male and female voices, though the age was hard to tell. They were soft but I could still tell that they were just saying my first name and perhaps "hello" (which was rare). This was only when I was purposely closing my eyes, about to go to sleep (no accidental passing out from exhaustion). For a few years, I had gotten into the habit of "blocking" part of my mind. Reason I was doing this was because there was a guy I liked that I saw pretty often during the day at school, but it was painful to be around him because of his indifference (even though my feelings were somewhat obvious) and partly my jealousy of him hanging around other girls all parts of the day. When I say "block", I don't mean physically blocking as some people like to assume. I mean blocking an emotion...the one that would cause me pain. I did this for many years (about 1-1 1/2) and ended up to where I didn't have to concentrate at all and it happened naturally (for over a year- 1 1/2) ---- My question is this: While I'm assuming the voices that I would hear before I went to bed (last remembered was a few months ago, closer to almost a year ago I think though am unsure) were not related to tulpa, the one I am hearing recently may be. Soon after I started actively researching tulpa, I started hearing this faint voice in my head, normally so faint and quick I wouldn't be able to tell what it said. It would only be one and it would be during parts of my day, not just right before I went to bed. The bad thing about this is that whenever I focus on this voice, it disappears and this saddens me. I'd really love to communicate with my tulpa, whether it be the one that is currently appearing in my mind or one that I will create once I outline the one I mentioned earlier. The most recent occurrence was 1-2 days ago, which was when I found out it was a male. His voice was very deep and, while I can't remember what I was doing (though I do know I found it rather amusing), he laughed...Like laughed as if he genuinely found it funny. I really would like to hear his voice clearly and without disappearing when I focus on it. ---- I'm assuming he is a tulpa as the time I would hear him and how clear his voice was differed from the multiple voices I was hearing many months ago. If someone would please give me advice on how to let myself hear him better, I would really appreciate it!!!! Edit: It may be helpful to point out that I've been drawing since ' I could've easily unknowingly created a tulpa. Just as a side thought for those reading this.
  8. I have been at this for a couple of weeks now. Mistakes were made, I've learned things from trial and error along with extensive research. However, there is one very dark problem I've run into, and I can't seem to find the answer. I'll just quote this from my journal. "During my session, I decided to use parroting as a form of personality development, but something extremely sudden happened. I have ADD and suffer from frequent intrusive thoughts and it happened during the session. I don't care to say what it was, but it makes me a lot more wary of tulpaforcing. Tulpae are living entities separate from oneself, I'd hate to bring one into this world with the demented thoughts that escape from the back of my head and into a session. It scared me to the point where I didn't want to tulpaforce for the rest of the day." I don't know what I should do at this point. I've always been that person afraid of the dark, the one who can't help but imagine those insightful demons in the mirror, and heard footsteps that aren't there. I did a small amount of research on this, but it didn't seem too important to me, as I've fought back these thoughts for years. Now they're back, and it makes me wonder what might happen to my tulpa if I continue this. I see tulpae almost as children, and thus I worry deeply for its fate. Should I continue this, or forget I ever even heard of tulpae?
  9. Hello there. I've looked for a situation like this but I couldn't find one reasonably similar. I don't know where to start, since I'm fairly new with all of this. But I might as well say that I am interested in created a tulpa, hence why I am here. I've looked at guides and had a go at it. I took a sort of break over the summer, with rarely any concentration on forcing or narration of any sort. I had been busy during the summer, with this task totally lost on me. However with the end of summer and maybe since halfway through last week, I have returned here. The question is, with a tulpa, or not? I'll apologize for how long this is going to be though, but I'd appreciate the help. This is a very long post Now let me give you the details of said tulpa I suppose. (Mind you I'm not even certain I understood the guides correctly looking back on it right now.) My tulpa is a female. (I feel the need to say it's not for any creepy reason, I just prefer females over males, it's always been that way with names, characters from books, games, ect. Female tulpa was a reasonable choice.) First I'll state the reason I wanted a tulpa, and why I still want one. I don't want her for anything weird, but just sort of as a friend. And it isn't a lonelyness thing either, I have plenty of friends, but this kind just seems very unique. This has interested me ever since I learned of it. Her name is Amethyst. I haven't really made a decision for a form to give her, even while consideration on some were made, but I decided that I wanted her to choose her own if she wished, if she is able. Before summer started I talked to her quite often, a one sided conversation, but a conversation regardless. I talked about anything really, the game I was playing, the movie I was watching, the book I was reading, my drawings, homework and such. On average I'd say I'd talk to her for around 45 minutes a day, not consistent every day, with one or another day accidentally skipping this process. Aside from headaches, I felt no real response. At least none that I could conclude were from her, it all felt like parroting or just fake reactions I'd give myself. However, as I mention, I started narration and forcing last week, but I really got into it and took it more serious (perhaps even more than before summer) just at the beginning of this week. I don't know why, but something reminded me of her. Not any visualization of her, as I'd made none, but just her being. Is that strange? So I started talking to her again yesterday. But like last time, it was a one sided conversation. I talked to her for at least an hour. Today, I talked to her all during school. Even on my ride home I talked to her. But I feel, I'm almost convinced I got a response. Like she actually talked to me. It was in my third class, art, when I got the response. I was just talking about my interest in music and how cold the room was, when she commented ( I think this is what she said, it was a long day so I can't quite remember) that maybe if I moved to another seat, it wouldn't be so cold. This surprised me really. I felt extremely convinced that was her. So I continued throughout art class to try and talk to her, really eager for another response, which resulting in me parroting a slight bit, but I feel she did talk again. However here is where my question of parroting comes in. A lot of times during this class while trying to talk to her (In my head of course because I don't want people to hear me), her responses would be given before I'd even finish what I saying or asking. "I think that idea is c- " "Yeah me too." Like that. I'm concerned, if she interrupts me with a response before I even ask or state something, is it parroting? I mean I was quite eager for more responses, and while I know a bit of it was parroting, I'm fairly certain I could determine which response was really hers. It might be worth adding that since that class I've felt what could be her, kind of just in the back of my mind, and I feel what could be her agreement with me acknowledging her existence by writing this sentence. What really struck me with the problem of my parroting though, was when she gave another response later, when I said, "How do I know if you're really talking to me, that you're really there? Aside from this small headache I'm feeling of course." To which she replied something like, "Isn't that enough to believe I'm here?" It was just a simple sentence. It was said rather calmly, and I don't really know how else to describe it. She said a few more things today like that as well. Even last night, it felt almost as is she urged me to make this account, I told myself I wouldn't unless she was a success, and as I was looking over this site last night for a guide, I had this urge at the back of my mind to make an account, and so I did, and then I felt a sort of pleased feeling. I'm not sure how to describe it. Another thing I noticed is while in one class, a classmate was being really annoying, and as I looked at her, my tulpa commented, "She's quite obnoxious." I was amused by this, but I considered, of course being basically a part of myself, is my tulpa going to have the same thoughts and opinions as me? I thought about this after she said that, and while debating whether it was really her, I heard her say something like, "I'm really here." It seems since that art class, almost every time I've doubted her, she's shown me that I should believe her. But I feel like she's just telling me what I want to know, aka myself parroting. But then I want to have her existence proved, and then most beings would want to prove their existence right? Most things I've wanted to know about her are about whether she exists or not, which she's keeps telling me she does. So maybe that's the problem here. But I feel I sort of have two voices in my head now. Or rather, I've had them, even before Amethyst. The one that kind of constantly interrupts me, and the one I mainly think with in my voice. To think of it, both of them were in my voice, only the one that interrupts me felt like a sort of uncontrollably voice, even before I tried making Amethyst. Could this be a tulpa I could have made without even knowing it? As a kid, I was very imaginative, and I still am, and maybe that voice that I can't control is a sort of tulpa creation as a result? I feel I can't control it because as a kid and growing up, I felt everyone was against me, even my own mind, (Weird, I know, laugh away) and even for a while, even today, I felt like Amethyst was against me for trying to create her. However maybe everyone has that second uncontrollable voice, I don't know what's in the heads of others. But now I feel that voice is a bit more under control. Not controlled by me, but by Amethyst. It, She still talks whether I want her to or not, but I feel it's her now. When she was talking to me in art class, it wasn't really the sound of my voice, it was a feminine voice, hers I'd assume. Before it was mainly the sound of my voice, but now I think it's hers. I feel she's quite intelligent really. Because right now she said something like, "With all this information, can't you realize I exist?" I feel she meant to say, "Believe" she exists, rather than realizing it. And really after all of this, and writing it all out, I do. I think she wanted me to write this all out, to kind of see all the information and results today. So while this problem isn't exactly a problem anymore, I'd still like opinions, input and such, just help with what I'm doing. It might have something to do with me feeling results so soon after the main guide I looked up told me I shouldn't feel results until at least like, 6 months. But considering it now, I think I've been doing this for maybe a bit more than that (Not consistently mind you, and excusing the months of summer) So maybe it is time. However, whether or not I have one with parroting, I definitely have one with concentration. I actually carried a conversation with someone else while talking to Amethyst today. She didn't say anything back, or if she did, I didn't notice because, well, it's hard listening to two people at once you know. But I find myself getting distracted by a lot of things while trying to talk to her, whether it's school work, games, people or whatever. I can even be talking to her and then suddenly, I'm just thinking about something else, not because I'm bored or anything, it almost just happens without me realizing. But then again, I'm getting to the point where I can just talk to her without realized either, like having to remember. At least I think I'm almost there. I like asking her opinion of things, regardless of if she gives it or not. However, one main concern I have. It's a big one that I don't know what to make of. When I feel she's talking, I'll try and stop talking in my mind so I can listen to her. But when I do, she stops talking as well. Maybe it's because she finished what she was saying or something, but I don't know, I don't want her to talk while I am because I've felt until recently that it's not her, but I feel maybe I try so hard to stop talking mid sentence that I kind of make her quiet too, or I just shut out what she says. (I feel she just agreed with that sentence) But anyway, once again, I'd appreciate any help here. I'm terribly sorry for how long this post was too. Very sorry. But thank you all for your time. Amethyst is thankful too.
  10. This thread's about ways to stay focused, so feel free to post your own methods of it. I always keep a wrist band on my arm, and i've learned to use it to stay concentrated and to remember to talk to my tulpa. When I plan on (mentally) narrating, (because in public or feel like I can't focus) I just move it higher on my arm so that there is a constant squeeze/pressure on my arm. I use it as a mental cue, a reminder that whenever I feel it to remember to continue to narrate/force and feel her presence. Feeling it on my arm has become pretty much synonymous with feeling my tulpa's presence. Just thought it could also help out people that have a hard time staying focused.
  11. hi guys ~ i started creating my first tulpa about a week ago. i've been attempting to tulpaforce daily, and it can become hard to concentrate. i have all my thoughts collected, but narration is so difficult, and whenever i'm no longer narrating more thoughts pop into my head when i'm doing something. i can never tulpaforce for longer than a half hour or so and i feel like nothing is changing. i'll also do a little bit of each thing when i tulpaforce, instead of working on one thing the entire time, like personality. is it possible to tulpaforce effectively if i'm multitasking? i get my best focused thoughts when i'm painting or doing something like walking :x thankyou for your help c:
  12. I’ve known about Tulpas for a while now and I have decided to create one. I want to create Kaworu from Neon Genesis Evangelion. I have some stuff written down about him: Kaworu Nagisa (Tabris) 17th Angel Silver hair and red eyes, skin white as snow, he has a slender figure. He is very mysterious and doesn’t have much of a character. Kind of naïve. He seems to smile a lot. Emits a friendly presence. Likes music, plays the piano. That is basically all I have so far. I’ve tried tulpaforcing many times. I can only do it at night when I go to bed, I really don’t have time to do it in the morning. The thing is, it’s been a while and I still haven’t seen anything at all! I concentrate a lot but nothing really happens. I also have ADD/ADHD so, I wonder if that messes with focusing since I can’t focus very well. Any help at all? (:
  13. Yesterday I had a good forcing session where I actually got into a near-sleep state and heard bell chimes in my head. Today, I did not have a very effect session after four attempts. I mainly lay down while forcing and wear closed ear headphones for listening to soft music which helps my concentrate. The problem is that it is very hard to get into a setup where I do not feel starved of oxygen from a bad neck position or have the headphones pressed hard on my head due to a pillow. My head also seems to be very sensitive to pressure which can make even getting to sleep on some nights hard. So anyway, how can I better prepare for forcing sessions and get into a more relaxed state? (Dulling skill pressure on my head, better methods to lower heart rate)
  14. Over spring break, I had all the motivation in the world to foster a growing tulpa, yet once school started, most to all of my time is invested in schoolwork or rest, and every possible moment that I get some time out to try some tulpaforcing/narration, I can't do it very well, if at all. During days of school, I'm both tired, depressed, and filled with schoolwork. I'm not saying I'm special or upset or anything; the workload and stress is just the same for every other person. Fittingly, when I have breaks from this schoolwork, I gain a significantly larger amount of leisure time, which gives me ample time and ability to tend to my tulpa. He's at the stage where he can talk, and I can see him, though not 100% clearly. I can only talk to him if I go out of my way to hold a conversation, perhaps one of the reasons I can't seem to be forced (no pun intended) to speak with him. I've only been able to get 10-15 minutes of narration in a day, but I still love my tulpa, and I made sure I think the decision through to have one, so it's not a matter of jumping the gun (or, at least, I don't think). I want to be able to narrate/force him as often as I could any other day off school. How can I motivate myself to get back in the swing of things?
  15. Tried this herb I was linked to that's supposed to help you get a bit deeper. A lot of people here don't have too much of a problem with that, but there's certainly enough of us that aren't good at getting any depth when trying to force or anything else. So, I tried it out, and it does help. It's no miracle, but the one session I had with it last night was better quality than the best of sessions I'd had before. Not even very pricy. Fair warning though, it's supposed to taste pretty bad if you drink it. I smoked it, since I smoke anyway, and I felt a bit nauseous toward the end of it, but after I had finished smoking it there wasn't even a hint of nausea. It's not hallucinogenic or anything, I was able to do other stuff just fine after trying it, but it certainly helped when I went to go force. It's perfectly legal, unless you're in Poland, or unless you're growing it yourself in Louisiana. So if you've got a problem focusing on your wonderland/tulpa, or getting any depth (I certainly do, on both counts), feel free to try it. I'll certainly be using it pre-forcing from now on.