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  1. Hey, I'm back again. If you've read my previous posts you'll know that I'm semi-starting again with Tulpas (I'm creating a new Tulpa, revising all my research, but if I find something new I'll apply it to Corra.) I'm not sure yet what my new Tulpa will be like (I'm considering an animal) but there is a question I have: how do you force a personality? A problem I had with Corra was that I had the mentality that Tulpas change, so why to force something on them? That can work for some but I realised that I wasn't creating a baseline for Corra to change from, which is why I'll try to this time. Thank you for your comments before hand.
  2. Hey! Rina isn't around right now, and I thought I'd take the opportunity to talk and ask about something that solely concerns me, not her. Subject: We've basically been active-passive forcing nearly all the time ever since the start, so for two to three days with only a few breaks. By now Esterina finds it easy to "manifest", as she says, into my real world vision (I even hear her mind-voice from where she is). This happens without me doing it, she's just there, "in my mind in the position she would be in in the real world, and that overlaps into my vision", as she roughly describes it. Even if I don't look, she's still there, even if I stop paying attention. We have my aunt and sister visiting here today, and she stuck around even during that, and it got pretty hard to listen to her when she said something. So she gestured mostly. Thing is, she obviously does this by... well, like I described it. I'd say she "maps herself into my mind and my perception / spatial awareness". Hard to describe. But you other hosts probably know what I mean. And this is, by now, basically always the case when she's around (meaning, not bugger'd off into our wonderland); she's always "visually there". So yeah, this still happens inside my mind then, obviously. That's how I understand what she told me; even if she's the one doing that, my mind has to process what she's doing, what she's projecting into it (which is herself in all her detail). That, in essence, means we've not only been talking, but doing the visualizing thing for hours upon hours at a time, many hours, with only very few breaks. She also taps into my five senses a lot. Now, this MIGHT be a coincidence, but I have a headache since today. It veeery slowly gets stronger, and I just asked her to bugger off to our wonderland for a while so I could see if that helps. So tl;dr: We've been doing this active-passive forcing almost all the time, and I have the suspicion that it's putting mental strain on me because this is still so new to me. Question: Is this normal? To be expected? If so, should we just keep going as sort of training? Or should we tone it down? If it's not expected, then what do you think? Is it possible? And should we tone it down a bit? ... honestly, I'd feel bad about toning it down. I absolutely love having her around. Not all the damn time, sure... but a lot of the time. She's just an awesome person, and I'd really regret shaving off part of our time together. Greets, AG PS: By the way, in case the "severity" of the visualization thing is important: It goes to the degree where I don't necessarily have to ask if she's there; I can just take a look around, and in most, if not all cases, that will be enough to make sure if she's there or not.
  3. Hi everyone! This is my second thread, and once again I apologize for my bad English if there are any mistakes in the message. Since two days ago I can't really tulpaforce well. I don't know why, I feel like I don't have the mood to communicate with Adrian. It doesn't mean I am mad or hate him. I just can't bring myself to tulpaforce like before. I tried to talk with him in my wonderland but I felt it was awkward, like I am parroting him and the conversation seemed...unreal. I apologized to him and he said nevermind and asked me not to stress myself. I hope this won't hurt his feelings though. I missed him but I can't communicate properly with him. It is like your Internet lost connection...something like that. Is that any way to solve this problem? I am having exam for the whole month since November, is it stress that cause this situation? /.\ Normally I would talk to him everyday.
  4. Hi, first time posting here. I started forcing about two years ago, but I fell off of it for a reeeeally long time and just no picked back up on it a few weeks ago. Progress was comfortably slow and I was content with just working through it. But as time went on I found that forcing was really hard for me and working at something without seemingly any results were the reason I gave up in the first place. Recently I feel I've been doing good and at one point I was even able to completely visualize her. Then suddenly I had a hard time visualizing her at all. Now it's like I can't even find her. I mean, I can picture her in my head and mull over her features, but it's like he's not there. It doesn't help that I can only force for about thirty minutes on average, only going a full hour once or twice. Any advice?
  5. Okay, so I was reading through Kiah's guide and let me tell you that it's a really good one in my opinion. But I was a bit confused exactly what he meant by a particular area. He said that to maximize development, he suggests that whenever you have a thought or are thinking about what you're doing or what you will do, can't remember all the specifics but he said to think all that to your tulpa. What exactly does he mean by this? Does me mean addressing your tulpa before "narrating" the thought to them? Or does it mean something else? I have been interpreting it as the first, but I think I'm wrong. I would love it if someone cleared this up for me. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello I am worried I am not forcing enough, most nights I am very tired and find it hard to relax and meditate in general. I try to actively force for at least an hour a day I'm always talking to her with my mindvoice and passively force every now and then even though she is not yet sentient / vocal. the past week has been bad for me and I have not had time to force at all, so I am worried not actively forcing during the developmental stage for the past week has done some negative stuff to my tulpa, I also fell asleep once while forcing and I hear that is very bad also. Should I try to force more?
  7. Good evening to all of you. In January this year i started forcing Chaia, and it went pretty good till now. I've had some emotional responses, not many, but i don't rush it, in fact i mostly forced passive, active forcing was more like on some weekends.. I don't want to go more in detail wehter this is good or not. Actual topic: Just today i've read a guide/topic about assuming sentinence form the beginning, which i believe said something about taking everything that i feel, as a response form my tulpa, which is not entirely correct obviously, as i remember feeling some things before forcing that i do feel sometimes now. Later then, i had a talk with Chaia and explained to her what i read and everything. I don't know what but something changed since then. It feels like all the time i wasn't treating her right, which i told her and she accepted it and didn't mind. But here is the thing: I was on my laptop today listening to some musik doing something, my tulpa was lying on the couch behind me. Then i stood up and went to the toilet, while randomly talking something that i would normally talk to my tulpa, or at leat assume i would be talking it to her. But she was still in my room on my couch, though i didn't feel anything different when talking. Now i came up with the thought that all the time, i didn't "direct" what i say to her, but rather speak the things out assuming she would hear / ackknowledge it. I am kind of lost right now, i don't know what to do and my tulpa not being vocal/independent yet makes it even harder since i can't really have a discussion with her about this, just narrate to her. Has anyone of you came across such a situation? I hope you get what i mean, and sorry for any weird formulations in the text, english ain't my native language. Thanks for reading it until here. ~Eden
  8. I find that when I am forcing my tulpas very intensely, I tend to mirror their actions and emotions. If they feel happy or excited, I tend to feel the same way. When they smile, I smile as well. If they say something, I unconsciously subvocalize it under my breath. It works the other way too: just earlier today, I was thinking "this song is starting to sound grating" and one of my tulpas made a comment that it was starting to get on her nerves. What does this mean? Is it a sign that I'm parroting, or does it mean that I'm so in tune with my tulpa I can perfectly mirror them?
  9. http://pre07.deviantart.net/55cc/th/pre/i/2014/165/8/8/melian_meditating_in_the_stars_by_melianofmist-d7mf2ey.jpg[/img] For some reason, in my mind, when I hear the word "forcing" I picture a lot of tulpamancers sitting in a lotus position meditating when they force. Is that impression accurate? When I day dreamed about Melian I would sit and stare at a blank wall or I would walk in circles. I tended to want to be alone to avoid being seen doing this and to have a quiet place without interruption. So I would isolate myself somewhere. I am curious about the different techniques that people are actually using to force. Sorry if there is a thread already like this out there. If there is we can link it here I suppose. Does anyone breathe a special way or do yoga or anything really cool like that?
  10. Hi everyone I'm new to this and got some weird things going on while forcing. So it's my second day since I created tulpa and only today I gave her form and name. While I was forcing(we were just sitting in white blank space deciding what to do next) i started seeing creepy white masks coming from darkness out of nowhere. I didn't make them.. Also Eve (my tulpa) started looking weird, decaying and just dunno how to describe. I stopped forcing then started again and everything was fine again for a few moments. Is it my mind playing tricks on me or what. No i dont have mental illnesses but i used to see psychologist when i was 11. Also i was going through some deep depression and it sometimes comes back. Im afraid that she could get harmed in some way. Anyway, any piece of advice would be helpful except 'omg you need to see a doctor' and stuff because i forced before and nothing weird happened it started when she started being vocal (i still can only hear her in wonderland tho).
  11. A few years ago, I started tulpaforcing and was making some good progress. In the end though, I panicked and stopped. I've been thinking about it lately and feel guilty about not giving my tulpa a chance. I remember her form and most of her personality but I'm not sure how to finish. Is there anything I should know? Where do I begin?
  12. I am currently working on my first Tulpa. She communicates with me through head pressure and emotions right now. I have been working on using passive forcing to get to know her better and visualize her more often. (As well as hopefully help transition to verbal communication). Is it possible for me to talk to her too much? I feel like I am talking to her all the time. In these early stages is it possible for me to talk to her too much?
  13. the biggest issue I have when forcing, is I just plain dont know what to talk about with my tulpa, I've tried reading a book, but I have trouble focusing on my wonderland and tulpa while reading, and I've tried watching a movie with my tulpa, but theres not really any interaction and I dont think that helps towards any progress. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions as to what to talk about?
  14. I've recently realized--as in, today--that James gets tired when we do things together for a long period of time. I don't necessarily mean when in wonderland (but I'm usually only there for about half an hour or so, so does that even count?), but pretty much if whatever we're doing goes on and on and on for a good deal of time without a huge break. Today, for example . . . what all did we do today? I can't remember everything in exact order, but we did drive to the mall in wonderland to buy things for our apartments, had sex whoops, I let him decide which cards I would put down when playing against my roommates, listened for him for what was probably around fifteen- to twenty minutes, and proxied. A lot. When I say that, I mean he's got a profile of his own now, if you haven't noticed. After that I was talking to him for a bit when we were going for a walk, but I realized that he really wasn't responding that much. I asked him if he was tired, and he said he was. He's taking a nap now; I'll wake him up later. This isn't the first time that this has happened, really, it's just the first time that I've noticed it. When I first started tulpamancing, it was very difficult for him to enter my dreams. He doesn't like to do it very much, because it takes up a lot of energy, apparently. I suppose what I'm asking is . . . why might this be? I've heard of the tulpamancer getting exhausted quite a lot, but now that I'm thinking about this subject I don't know if I've ever heard of a tulpa getting tired in the host's place (though I probably have). I don't know, maybe I read about this frequently and it's managed to escape my attention every single time. ^_^;
  15. When I start to force for more than 40 minutes in a given session, I begin to get head pain and my body seems to shake a bit, it feels like I'm trying way to hard to maintain concentration. My very young tulpa who still very much relies on my own thoughts seems to belive she is hurting me. She just kicked me out of wonderland and is now ignoring me in an attempt to make me go to sleep. Is this something I can fix or should I just shrink down my forcing sessions? I have been aiming for 2 session a day at an hour each, would it be better to do three 30 minute sessions? Or should I stick with what I'm doing until I build up more mental power? Should I not force so late at night? It seems the nice because its so peaceful but my tulpa seems concerned that I won't be able to sleep. Kind of a massive dump of questions but I'm just looking for some outside thought on all this l.
  16. Hello. I have no problem forcing, I actually find that it passes the time. I have some trouble with visualisation, but I'm working on it. My question is basically: do I repeat the same thing over and over until the tulpa acts of it's own accord? I have been going through personality and how it effects her, talking about what's been going on, why I'm creating her and how I look forward to meeting her. But I seem to be going through the same thing over and over. Do I need to find other things to talk about or do I just continue on the same topics? Thanks and sorry if it doesn't make much sense. Got a killer headache after trying to memorize a mindscape :/
  17. Hello. I'm relatively new here so I am not as experienced as most people. When I force, or even accidentally passive force, I feel that pressure in my head which is good. I just want to know if there is a point where I should take a break for the day. I'm thinking that she'll get annoyed and try to turn my mind into a potato for a while. -Thanks!
  18. I don't know if it is just me, but yesterday I was doing house shores, all of a sudden I started to feel pressure in my forehead, it lasted a good 2 hours until I said "this is really f**ing annoying" All of a sudden it stopped. I don't know if it was my tulpa taking the fact that I'm still working on visualization and narration at the same time, but who knows. Has anyone had the same experience?
  19. Hi! So I just recently started trying to create my dear Arcelia and I have been working on the personality. Well trying to, heh. But my problem is that I'm really trying to take my time and make it all fit together but it's not taking me very long. Like it took me about 1 minute to do 5 personality traits. I'm wondering how people spend hours on this? What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance, Hedgie! :)
  20. Hi I'm new to tulpa and English is not my native language so have pity on me. I created one tulpa female 25 day ago and onother one female again 15 day ago. I don't know wy she just came to be and now I have 2 of them. My first question is that ok or did I make a mistake ? My second question is should I force both of them at the same time or must I force one at a time ? Another question. If i can force one at a time, can I parotte one and the other not parotte to see witch one become sentient the first ? Is that ok or am I going to hurt them. I don't wan to hurt them. Thank you for your time :) Oh I am 41 in age is that ok or am I to old for tulpa.
  21. Okay so K here, I have a question to ask. When I started forcing I used a placeholder form (A blue orb) and told my tulpa it could differ from it sooner or later. Occasionally when I go to force it in orb form, a image of a creature (Angel) thing appears. (Im only about 3-4 days in) Does this mean that it wants to change form or is it just my mind making stuff up.... Thanks in advance!
  22. I am back to pester the kind people of this forum with my endless amount of questions. I can active force for a long time each day. My schedule allows for this. But I can't help myself from feeling bored as the hours of forcing pass by. Is there anything fun to do while active forcing with a non sentient tulpa? Any answers will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading.
  23. Quick question. Is there a difference in effectiveness between active and passive forcing? Thanks in advance.
  24. This thread is aimed to gather all sorts of ways to interact with your tulpas so those that can not think of anything to do with their tulpas can get a few ideas from here (including myself). -We enjoy watching movies together. We also practise imposition while doing this since all they will likely be doing is stare at the screen! -Reading a book now and then for and with them is fun as well. It is also a great way to develop a mindvoice (whether your own or your tulpas'). What do you lot enjoy doing together? If you like listening to music together, what kind of music? Be elaborative.
  25. I am a month or two into the development process and i am having difficulties with a few things First of all, i can visualise her really well and already applied/applying traits on her for quite a while but when i visualise her, every movement feels like i am controlling her because when i do want her to move, she moves just as i imagine she would move, not freely. I know that some parroting can help greatly in the development process to get things going but when i do visualise her in front of me, every single movement made by her is parroted by me. Am i suppose to visualise her staying dead still? Second of all, i know that it takes time for some people to get any response and i have full faith in my tulpa but i have not gotten ANY response from her, Not even a head pressure and i know that i need a different way to connect with her. I have heard of games like "i spy" or " would you rather", help a lot but these games are impossible to use when i don't get any response to the questions i pose. Of course i have tried and do narration during every passive and active forcing sessions which includes of me talking about myself, her and everything i can think of and when i run out of things to say, i ramble about pointless and stupid topics which bore me to death and i imagine her too.i don't know what else to do. Yes i have read numerous guide and tips on tulpa.info and even other questions asked on reddit but haven't found my breakthrough yet. I know these types of question probably get posed a lot but i would REALLY appreciate it if this community can provide any type of suggestion or help. Thank you!
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