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  1. Hello everyone, I'm just recently joined these forums and I'm a bit worried about tulpas with introverted personalities. I have a general idea of my tulpa. Her name is Gidellom (I don't know how to pronouce it either), her form is more or less a Yuki-Onna (she looks a bit like this ). She's a shy, brutally honest gal what doesn't say much. That's the part that worries me, am I setting up myself for disaster for coming up with a personality like that? Is an extroverted tulpa easier to hear than an introverted one?
  2. I just recently found a great site (in my opinion) to help me create/understand my tulpa's personality. As I have started recently, I answered the questionnaires based on my feeling of what my tulpa would of answered. I assume that it could also help already developed tulpas grasp their own personalities as well. :)
  3. I need help. I can't think about one trait for an hour. I want to spend an hour,but it only lasts for 5 minutes...help!
  4. Fintan: So a little bit of background: I have been able to do two forms of possession with my host, Alcotriss. I'll let her explain from her perspective what those are: Alcotriss: So with the first method of posession that we tried, I basically just "suspended judgement" of my muscles. Fintan: We had trouble with this because she had difficulty telling the difference between her thoughts and my own. Alcotriss: And I also couldn't tell if I was moving my muscles or not. It was kind of annoying. Fintan: Right. So naturally we kept practicing with possession, when Alcotriss came up wi
  5. The Theory of Tulpa Persona is the theory that more often than not, when a host makes a tulpa, whether it is voluntary, involuntary, planned out detail-by-detail, or sporadic, the tulpa will have an opposite personality of the host, whether it be sort of different, or extremely different. Example: A depressed host that has little to no friends makes a tulpa. Said tulpa will be energetic, silly, or overall friendly. If you have any comments about the validity of this theory, feel free to reply. You should reply if this applies to you or not too, just to see if this theory holds togeth
  6. I had been wandering around my mind (looking into yourself.) and I found a place of well nothing, I was curious and went inside it. I then left and was filled with fear for a while the next day I calmed downed and accepted everything, I was emotionless after that. Normally I am care free, positive, and in a perpetual state of joy and energy, also motivation, after this however I was the opposite no motivation, no emotions (besides love, fear, a shadow of my once overflowing joy, and well I was felt very lonely and connected at the same time (I'm still trying to figure a lot of this stuff out
  7. Hi - I think it best to give a brief introduction to myself and what I'm doing. I've lurked on these forums and browsed the web about the concept of tulpae for about 6 months now (I hope I don't receive a cold shoulder like most new members receive in online forums), as the subject *deeply* interests me. Only very recently have I decided to see if I can prove the skeptic inside of me wrong and go ahead and start. I'd say I'm skeptical yet open and fascinated by the whole idea. My tulpa is based off the Halo character Cortana, both physically and mentally. I fully understand to give 'her' room
  8. In many guides, the author states that a good way to make a solid personality is to write down a list of personality traits(one said 15-30 traits) and focus on each one and how it applies to the tulpa. The catch is that you have to focus on each trait for 10 minutes minimum. Focusing isn't a problem for me. It's just that in a few minutes, I've thought of about everything that can be said about it. So what I'm asking for is some advise on what to think about(in some sort of detail if you can) when I'm using the list of traits to help me tulpa force. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)
  9. Okay, I get different reactions from my Tulpa when I ask her questions sometimes. In some situations she'll be quiet and simply nod, but other times she'll get this great grin on her face and jump up an down like a typical little girl in an anime. It's confused and I'm wondering if I'm either accidentally making two tulpa unintentionally, or if my tulpa actually has multiple personalities... The explanation that comes to mind when I think about it is simply that her personality is developing and we honestly just need to sit down and force for a few hours to help settle things down and ge
  10. Kellen is an extremely tidy person and willing to do anything to keep things clean. I've never really been like that, if my surroundings were dirty, they were dirty and that was fine because I'm a bit lazy. But lately I've noticed that I've had the urge to clean and to keep things clean, no matter what I had to do. So my question is: Did your tulpas influence your personality in large noticeable ways even before vocality?
  11. Warning: Pony I have been forcing for under a week and am still in the personality stage. However, my tulpa is a pony, and as such the personality has a great influence on the appearance of the pony. Therefore, I am designing my tulpa's form before I start the visualization stage. And so, my question is: should I give my tulpa a cutie mark? I want my tulpa to be the master of her own being, and forcing her special talent upon her may not make her happy. However, is it even possible for a pony tulpa to get a cutie mark? Would not giving her a cutie mark leave her a confused blank-flank fore
  12. I had started making my first tulpa quite a while ago, and I gave up on it. I'm now making a new one, she´s already moving around, changing the wonderland occasionaly, and now, my first tulpa has appeared in my wonderland again. How could my old one just appear again? How am I supposed to force 2 non vocal tulpas? I have felt emotional responses, but now I´m never sure from which of the two it came from, and not alot has happened ever since my first appeared. I´ve told them that I´ll regulary force, so nothing horrible can happen to them, and it seems they aren´t mad at me. I have no clue what
  13. Is it a good idea to build in flaws into your tulpa's personality? Say why, please. I say no. A tulpa is a human (-style) consciousness. Humans have flaws. Why put in flaws directly when they will arise from the neutral-leaning traits anyway?
  14. First of all, I am typing on my phone and second of all this is the first thread that I have written (how exciting!). Well the title says it all really, but I was wondering if I really needed to heavily focus on Reina's personality (tulpa). I mean she's vocal via mindvoice and seems to have her personality already (I focused on her personality before but very lightly, I only gave her a few traits and left the rest up to her). Anyways, should I focus more on her personality or is she fine the way she is? Sorry if this sounds stupid :/ Actually this does sound stupid now that I reread i
  15. Need to compile a list of altered traits, please post traits that deviated and what they deviated into. It might also be useful if people include at what stage they deviated (before sentience or after sentience). Thank you.
  16. I am having trouble..... I have started making a tulpa today, but I just cannot seem to think of enough things to make even 30 minutes of forcing, Its just I run out of things relevant to its personality
  17. Yeah... When I was first working on my tulpa (a few days in), I (thought I) realized that the process I was using (Fede's; sorry Fede) wasn't working. So, instead of simply switching the process, I (possibly retardedly) made some changes to her personality and changed her name (from Ria to Lyrra). I thought that was the end of it; however, recently, the multiple answers I've been getting occasionally while working on Lyrra have escalated into full-blown conflicting answers, and I think that Lyrra said that she 'felt' another 'presence' once, though I may have misheard her. So, did
  18. So Aigis decided to make a tulpa for himself. He decided to make one based on Labrys in persona 4 arena. In the original persona 4 storyline, Aigis called Labrys "big sister". My Aigis decided to do the same and treated the Labrys he made as his older sister. It doesn't feel right for him, considering he was made before her, and so decided to treat Labrys as his younger sister instead. This is similar to how I treated Chloe as my younger sister. Now, here's the interesting part. At first, Aigis treated Labrys as his older sibling. Aigis's voice in my head and Labrys voice is still
  19. I was messing around with a way of generating a character stats chat for my tulpa this evening, almost as a joke, so I can stick it on my signature. What I found was an amazing little tool that (while I already have a sentient tulpa) I felt would be sure to aid others in developing a more straightforward, top-down view of their tulpa's personality. http://www.cthreepo.com/writing/character.shtml Her is an example of how mine came out: --------------------------------------- Character Name: Vixen Description: She just kinda... showed up. And her and I have been together ever s
  20. I am going to try tulpaforcing, and am wondering if there is anything that could go wrong with this process. For example, can it eventually grow evil and hurt the owner in some way? Any info about this welcome! Thanks~
  21. I've read about making an imaginary friend into a Tulpa and I'm wondering if anyone has tried this. I once wrote a small string of short stories centered around one character in different situations. I used character interviews and writer's building tools until I could know his every move and exactly how he would act and speak. Then he just kind of....got away from me. He took a life of his own and even though his stories went basically as him being HIM, I found myself no longer controlling the plot and just almost observing him in my head as he went about his business. Has anyone ever tried
  22. Would creating a story where you and your tulpa share together be a good idea? Like making a story up with two people, you ask, or feel what your tulpa would do in this story, it similar to a rp, but in this case you'd invoke your tulpas imagination aswell. I think that a deep plot with an elaborated world with rules and all, would help you learn about your tulpa and at the same time you'd be sharing with him/her.
  23. I was wondering if tulpa could be religious, and if they can, what religion are they? Also, if you wouldn't mind telling me your religion, that would help as well.
  24. I have written down what I'm doing for personality creation here VVV http://lateralintrospection.tumblr.com/post/36995224530/my-current-approach-to-personality-creation Again, sorry for the whole tumblr thing, it just really is easier this way. Not sure if this is interesting to some people, just thought I would put it out there.
  25. Salutations, Tulpa.info forums! first time poster and generally new lurker here with a rather simple question. As the title of the thread suggests, I'm looking for other personality development methods. I've looked around the forums and read a fair amount of guides, but there's only generally 2 methods people seem to use when in personality creation. Those being.. 1: the ol' an' simple explaining to said tulpa the chosen personality traits, how they effect their morality, outlook, etc, etc. 2: the 'ball' method. Where you think about the traits and whatnot and smoosh em' up into a
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