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  1. I find it hard to think of a personality that has traits, simply because it isn't my own personality. I read ThatOneGuy's thread about how he formed his Tulpa's personality. He used a personality building method in which he involved umbrella traits, which stimulate other traits, and stem from them. I decided to put this in a graph, with my graphics tablet. http://i.imgur.com/RVFot.jpg This is one of 3 graphs, in which each involves a layer of personality. For example: Your personality in a club may be different to the way in which you talk to close friends, or family; therefore you hav
  2. I'm pretty new to tulpaforcing, and have just started the narration process. I've been telling myself what is happening or what I am about to do, but I feel like the sentences in my thoughts aren't really going anywhere. I've also had this problem while in a forcing sesssion (I'm working on personality). I go through the whole thing for 20 minutes each trait, but I feel like my ideas aren't really "sticking". I don't know where to direct my thoughts, and i've been careful not to try and visualize so as to not mess up the process and end up with a servitor. Tl;dr: During early stages of forc
  3. Hello everyone, i have some questions. Please answer, as i would like some guidance from more experienced individuals. (1). Ok, so, i had been tulpaforcing for a few days, still early in personality traits. I was concerned about correct procedures, and i realized something. Every single sentence i realized it was the same form. Example: "Okay, so you see somebody looking for something. They say, 'Hey, can you help me?' and you say 'Sure' because you're helpful." Am i doing it correctly? (2). now, I had an odd schedule for forcing. It was practically one hour every other night. I realiz
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