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Found 130 results

  1. Ok guys. I come to you for some advice. I have been interested in forming a tulpa for some time now. Probably over a year ago I first heard of them but not by name. So in the past couple weeks I've been doing research on the creation process and am almost ready to begin. I've tried pushing any idea of form and personality from my head so i may start from scratch. No preformed notions. For the personality building phase, has anyone ever tried writing it down before hand? Describing in detail what it is you're trying to create so that when the time gets omes you won't forget anything. I know not to create it in the form of anyone already existing as it can stifle development of the tulpa as it tries to grow on its own, but that's the same issue that makes me wary to write anything down; that by writing it down im forming a set of static expectations that the tulpa thinks it must live up to. I could try burning the paper when im done with it, try to symbolically rid the tulpa of any obligation. Thinking is much easier when im writing or conversing and i want to be as thorough as possible but i also dont want to create any problems down the road.
  2. Is there any way I could not "create" the personality of a tulpa, I mean, force it some personality traits, but rather let it choose or build up a personality?
  3. I find it hard to think of a personality that has traits, simply because it isn't my own personality. I read ThatOneGuy's thread about how he formed his Tulpa's personality. He used a personality building method in which he involved umbrella traits, which stimulate other traits, and stem from them. I decided to put this in a graph, with my graphics tablet. This is one of 3 graphs, in which each involves a layer of personality. For example: Your personality in a club may be different to the way in which you talk to close friends, or family; therefore you have different traits for each 'sub personality'. This graph was based on my tulpas personality around a group of people. I dub this, the trait tree. It is an easy to expand tree which connects the relativity of each trait to your tulpa. Now I will stop rambling and post this on my blog.
  4. I'm pretty new to tulpaforcing, and have just started the narration process. I've been telling myself what is happening or what I am about to do, but I feel like the sentences in my thoughts aren't really going anywhere. I've also had this problem while in a forcing sesssion (I'm working on personality). I go through the whole thing for 20 minutes each trait, but I feel like my ideas aren't really "sticking". I don't know where to direct my thoughts, and i've been careful not to try and visualize so as to not mess up the process and end up with a servitor. Tl;dr: During early stages of forcing, where should I direct my thoughts to? Does anyone have specific methods to channel personality with visualization?
  5. Hello everyone, i have some questions. Please answer, as i would like some guidance from more experienced individuals. (1). Ok, so, i had been tulpaforcing for a few days, still early in personality traits. I was concerned about correct procedures, and i realized something. Every single sentence i realized it was the same form. Example: "Okay, so you see somebody looking for something. They say, 'Hey, can you help me?' and you say 'Sure' because you're helpful." Am i doing it correctly? (2). now, I had an odd schedule for forcing. It was practically one hour every other night. I realized this probably wouldn't work so I quit. Currently waiting for summer to start up before i continue. Am/Was I doing it right? (logbook of tulpaforcing and other tulpa related events readily available for anyone who requires it.) Any help will be appreciated, btw im open as a test subject for research, and yes, i realize thats a separate forum.