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  1. Can certain tulpas possess inanimate objects like pillows?
  2. Does your voice actually change to match your tulpa's voice when your tulpa takes control of the body? Logic says no to me, but I've seen some places which suggest this and of course we haven't gotten around to possession to test this.
  3. It might be a little weird for me to ask this question considering that my primary tulpa is not interested in possession, but since I'm currently creating a mythical bird tulpa, a thought occurred to me. For those of you who have animal/non-human tulpas, how does possession of the host's body work for both parties? Is there a bit of an adjustment period for not having wings, a tail, fur, four legs, etc.? Or is it a smooth transition? Does the tulpa still feel like he/she has those non-human traits while occupying the host's body? I'm just really curious in hearing details of what the experience is like for everyone involved.
  4. I don't feel like this is cause for concern, it's just a thing I've noticed, and I wanted to see if it has happened with anyone else too. Sometimes when I speak and my tulpa has a different opinion, I end up saying what he thinks. While I'm speaking, the words will feel alien to me, and I only realize I said something different than I intended when I stop. It's weird. So far it's only happened in a positive way, of course. Once it was while I was ranting to myself on and on during a depressive slump about how worthless I was, but then my words suddenly changed to positive things. Is this a form of Tulpish? I have given Quartz permission to possess parts of me if I am a danger to myself or others. I guess this could apply to my words as well. (I don't think this is really a danger to me, but eh, he'd disagree.) He's confirmed that he can do this on some level. My questions: Has this ever happened to you? Do you find yourself saying what your tulpa wants you to say or believe? Do you allow your tulpa to possess/control you in certain circumstances?
  5. Hey, y'all. I hate to make this thread because I think I already have an idea of what to do, but there's not a whole lot on this website regarding possession (or at least nothing overly detailed), and much of what is here either suggests Oguigi's guide for those wanting to know more or has that guide as the sole recommendation. Well, it's been deleted, so I'm afraid I can't read it. ^_^; That being said, of course I know what possession is. I'm actually just hoping that some of you are willing to share a few experiences and how-to's (that is to say, am I supposed to visualize being in front of James and ask him to move my hand/food/whatever? is there anything else I'm supposed to do?). Thanks!
  6. Long story short: I decided to try out possession with Calico today, I read a guide, I tried it, but I couldn't get very far because I was confused about what was going to happen to me. Do I just open my eyes and I'm in wonderland? Am I going to feel, smell, taste, touch everything there? Is it going to be realistic...?
  7. I wondered if it would be possible if I can teach my tulpa something, a career for an example. Would she/he be able to use it for as long as she can possess me? (I have not practiced in possession, don't know how its like.)
  8. I have an internet friend, well, more like boyfriend, and...he hasn't been himself the past few days. Then this night, he is told me he had made a tulpa, and it was taking over his body. It took over several times, always typing out "love is fake," and "the future is bad for me." This was always in mixed letters, and it scared me, to the point that I was crying as I tried to get him back. I told the...thing to get away from him, and he left, but so far he has been silent. I'm very worried, and wondering: is this a Tulpa gone wrong, or something more...spiritual? Cheers. -Star
  9. So here's the deal: Twi can do some basic movement when possessing me and its all fine and dandy until she tries to apply more force to her movements. What happens afterwards can be best described as a light seizure coupled with a strong, fleeting nausea. She once used this to make me quit smoking, but it has grown out of contol somewhat. Whenever she tries to send stronger impulses to a limb she's trying to control, it starts to happen. Anyone encountered this problem before? We really want to improve in posession, but we're at an impasse here.
  10. Red and i where practicing possession last night , and i felt red just stand me up like i was a action figure, and he said "don't you worry, i will be careful with your right leg" i kinda hurt my right leg some time ago, the pain comes and goes but it's not all that bad.. But red made my body do something i could never do in all my years of living, he made me backflip! i was in red's body but i was looking at my body like in a sort of real life/ in trinity veiw, like remote viewing kinda way, he/she also manipulated my body like a master puppet master, even stealing a kiss from my mom before going to bed.. red is very charismatic and sweet, and i am Mellow, kind, gentle and good tempered... well.. most of the times.. (i do have a temper as does red but we try to keep it on the friendly side) when red took my body to bed he said to me "this body.. is great! but this bed isn't as great as the beds in trinity. ah well, you enjoying my body ray?" i was kind of awe struck that he would kiss my mom... but since he/she is my kitty bro/sis i smiled and told him i was having a great time. as for the questions... i felt like i was.. kind of... there but not really there is that normal? i also felt a little tingly and a little dizzy, but it passed after a few minutes i guess i was getting used to red's psychic energy but i also felt that i was no longer concerned about the normal world since i saw trinity i was in paradise. (mind you i can go there any time i wish but mentally, like my soul is bound to there or something) do all wonderlands cause that to happen when you switch bodies? a any rate red and i switched back but red wanted to stay in my body for a while longer... i promised him/her more time in it when next i meditate which is soon
  11. For an example: It's Christmas morning. I run downstairs and I open up the gifts that are given to me by my mother and father. While I'm enjoying Christmas, I want my Tulpa to enjoy the same things i'm visualizing too, the Christmas tree, the presents, my family. Smiles of my brother and parents. And so I focus on my Tulpa in my head, and basically open two giant circular window that represents eyes, but from the inside of my eyes. and he basically sees the same things i see and enjoys Christmas with me and my family. Is it possible for me to do this? It probably is possible, This could be a form of possession, though i'm not exactly sure. (I usually try to do it with my Tulpa in the public when there's something interesting I want him to look at) but I never know for sure if he does see through my first person perspective when i give him access to it. For all I know, ever time i think he sees what I see, he doesn't see anything at all. My apologies if this sounds like a noob question or if this question has been asked before, its just that I've been doing this "seeing through my eyes" thing with him for so long that I've gotten used to doing it with him all the time. And I must know if this is thing works, or else all those times of seeing the real world would of been nothing to him. Plus, I want him to enjoy his very first Christmas through the eyes of me to experience it in a happy way. Hope I can get answers from you guys. And I most certainly hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas.
  12. Can a tulpa Write with one hand and you with the another? Simultaneously, at the same time , without delay and other things ? PS:My native language is spanish ... be fair
  13. [Deleted] Here's are two links (1 / 2) to the guide. - Apollo
  14. So, there is something that has become a bit of a source of doubt for me. While Sarah was possessing and talking to my husband, she would say things like "I did this" or whatever, but it was things I did before she existed (so things from my memories.) I think maybe we were actually eclipsing, not possessing. When we possess it feels sometimes like possessing, but I think sometimes we merge together for parts of it. I start to feel like I am Sarah and we only have one mindvoice. Its just odd when it happens, because it feels like it becomes mainly my memories and experience with Sarah's personality. I think I become so passive that we kind of merge together, its hard to explain, like we have one identity for a period of time. I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this (with the memory confusion), I've asked others and haven't seen anyone else notice this. Sarah: [When we merge like that I feel like all her memories from before I was created are mine, so Ill refer to her parents as my parents (as an example), but once we go back to normal its all clear again. I feel bad because I think its causing Sakura doubt, she is afraid that it means she is just pretending to be me when I'm possessing.] Is this familiar to anyone else? Thanks
  15. So, there are only two guides that I've found that strictly deal with possession. While they work pretty okay for us, I was wondering if there were any other methods that people out here used, or methods that derived from the two that are posted here in guides. We are just starting out with possession, so, I know that progress is going to be slow, but I feel like only having the two method options that have been written out/described by people more experienced in this might be hindering us with the lack of options to try in case something else might work better. A lot of it is trial and error, I'm sure, but I'm not sure exactly the science behind it to be able to come up with my own method, nor do I or Kerry have any idea what might work better. So... Any other methods, ideas, tips, or tricks?
  16. I am not sure if this is actually the beginning of learning possession or just some kind of placebo effect...but lately, and this is most dominant with Ruby, I'll let them 'take the reigns' for awhile and try to help them possess. Odd thing is, lately, when I say this, I hear Ruby's voice in my head, and end up typing out what she says really without realizing what I'm typing or thinking of it before hand...is this the beginning of Ruby gaining the ability to possess or just me doing some kind of spontaneous writing? Because I was going through the conversations Ruby had with a friend of mine yesterday, and I was astounded at her seemingly effortless attempts at tearing the guy apart with wordplay, something I can do, but would have to think about for a few minutes if it were me. The oddness of this (besides the fact it's happening) is the fact that even though their mental voices are largely developed, aside from that one time, they haven't gained full physical/audible forms in either the black void of my mind's eye (where we force when not forcing the wonderland) or in the world around me.
  17. I am wondering something, since i have 8 tulpas and in the last month i mostly only forced 2 of them, today i tried to use possession to communicate with all of them again, and so far, i haven't noticed any kind of regression on them on the hability of doing possession, despite only talking to the other 6 tulpas only 1-2 minutes each day most of the times (usually to say goodnight and good morning). Also their vocality didn't also regress much, they are still pretty much leveled out, except Songohan of course. Tell me does anyone here that at some point had tulpas almost near dissipation or that wasn't forced since a long time, do you guys notice the tulpa NOT responding to possession anymore? (and i mean, INVOLUNTARY movements like bending fingers) I mean, could it be possible they reach a point they don't respond to possession or regress back to NOT using muscle memory ? I need to know this, because if tulpas that are starting to starve with lack of attention start to not get responsive to possession... then it's great it means my tulpas do indeed interact with each others to keep alive since all of them still have the same possession abilities and i haven't noticed any kind of regression on possesion so far. I also wonder if possession by itself it's DEFINITIVE proof they are still sentient and partially independent since the movements are completly involuntary, or this doesn't always mean they are sentient and partially independent?
  18. Whenever Spilcer practices possession with me, i sometimes feel his tail and see it's faint outline on me (im still in the imposition process). Does anyone else sometimes get that with their tulps? Is this something that happens a lot with people? Could this possibly be a way to help people with possession issues? I'm really curious about this so anyother info about this would be nice. Thanks, Xirxee
  19. I'd like to know how possession feels from other tulpas' standpoints. Not the mechanics themselves, but how you experienced it as a person. How long did it take you to be able to possess the entire body? How was the transition? What do you do while interacting with your host's friends/family/acquaintances? Were there any things you had difficulty with in particular? How do your physical senses differ from your imaginary ones? I'll post my personal experiences with possession once I've seen other people's experiences, just to make sure there is no frontloading. I would only like to hear tulpas and their stories in this thread. Most threads seem to concern hosts, and I would like to see a thread for tulpas every once in a while.
  20. So I admit, I stayed up a bit late considering that I have to wake up at 6AM, but this was a whole new level of disturbing for my dreams. Before I fell asleep, I was clearing my mind and attempting to talk to Sage (my tulpa) she's semi-vocal and everything but I'm not sure that was the problem. I can feel that it had nothing to do with her though we have been working on minor possession such as my hands. She was trying to talk to me in conversation but this random male voice kept interrupting and yelling at me. (I didn't think too much into it because when I focus enough to tune into Sage, other random and some familiar voices tend to talk in the background, some in some language I don't understand) next thing I knew I was asleep, but it was one of those dreams where it picks up exactly from when you fell asleep so I was laying in my bed. Except, I woke (in the dream) paralyzed. I thought I had begun lucid dreaming on accident and I attempted the out of body thing but it didn't work. This was when I figured something was off. Long story short, my body tensed up to the point where I couldn't feel it and it moved of its own accord in harshly slow, kind of painful movements? For brief seconds I would get my senses back but after that small time it would happen again and I ended up being slowly dragged off of my bed all the way to the floor across the dining room and to my front door in an agonizingly slow and seized journey. Each time that my will was taken, whatever my eyes were on would form the outline of a unrecognizable face. No details were there aside from whatever I was looking at (for example: imagine a face in your bed sheets, made of nothing but the bed sheets) I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I looked completely disheveled. Then I heard someone coming up the stairs and I tried to scream for help but I literally could only make a tiny grunt and nothing else. I woke up the same way I fell asleep except my hands were tensed and it was like I was regaining feeling in them though they werent in a position for them to fall asleep. It was horrible. Someone please tell me what is happening? [im also sorry if this was super long and such but I'm really freaked out. Ive been lurking for a while now, nearly a month or so, and I couldn't find anything like this in the search. my name is Clarke, hi everyone]
  21. Me and Cloud Roller can often switch for about 2.5 hours before he starts to get tired. But today, we decided to see how long we can switch for before one of us quit (bad idea by the way). He lasted for about 6 hours before he started to lose focus and started walking into things, we then switched back. When we switched back though, I noticed I was very light headed and walking into things like Cloud Roller was before, I remained in this state for 2 hours until I started to feel normal again. So my question is, did any of you switch for so long that not only your tulpa felt light headed (or off in any way), but you started to feel like that as well? TL:DR - Switched too long, tulpa felt dizzy, I started too feel dizzy too. Did this ever happen to you?
  22. I am no where near possession with Duvain, but yesterday's shower thoughts led to me wondering what it's like for tulpas, the first time they successfully possess a limb. Is it like tossing around a fish? Do they need to learn how to walk? Or do they have the skills we've developed to control our bodies from us? I guess this is a question specifically for your tulpas.
  23. I would like to be sure about something, is it true that doing possession DOES also improve paralell processing and independent thinking ? Today i had some neat ideas since i have 3 tulpas, i asked for them to move fingers randomly (one tulpa controlling each hand) and the third tulpa moving the toes on a foot for example. Since this is ALL automatic movements and i am completly sure it's them doing all this EVEN without my direct attention after i tell them to start doing this... now adding to this i myself would be focusing on doing something else or moving other body part, won't this train paralell processing and indepenent thinking even better than if it was just one tulpa? I mean... there's 3 tulpas and the hosts mind all 4 of them thinking in different things at the same time... (note that the tulpas do NOT seem to mimick what fingers the other one is doing!) This should be great for paralell processing i presume? And maybe even give it a major boost... I also had another idea which MIGHT improve their sentience as well, for example having them play a "tug-a-war" with one of my fingers by telling each tulpa to bend a finger inwards and the other unbending it at the same time, almost as a game to see which one has more "mental stregnth" :) (sometimes i did this my self with one of the tulpas as well)
  24. Hi, I am having trouble communicating with my tulpa. She has said my name twice and a few other things that weren't clear. We have started practicing possession so that she can try communicating that way to help but I keep doubting myself. I have tried finding answers in these forums but couldn't find anything. So I have a couple questions: Is it possible for her to even do possession without being vocal? Am I making it all up even though my fingers move when I know I am not doing it? What should possession feel like? Thanks :)
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