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  1. Well, we just joined the board, so we suppose we owe a bit of introductions before we get into our main topic. Hey there, we're a multiple system that just so happened to have a tulpa, Preddi, in our system made a few months before we even knew we were a system and before we knew what a tulpa was, so we thought we could talk to people here for advice on further growth. We Chose the username "YellowCorridor" because our mind space most of the time appears as a yellow hallway that leads into each of our "Rooms". Right now the two of us talking are Ivory"Ivy" and Preddi, as the title would suggest it feels like we're sort of merging or such, wasn't really a conscious decision on either of our parts, and at the time we still both feel at least a certain degree of individuality among the two of us, but we've found we're not really able to switch right now, and Ivy is feeling more and more like Preddi and vice versa, both of us starting to feel less and less distinguishable from each other.
  2. I'm in marching band and Kellen really wants to try it and help but he can't play an instrument. My question is, is there a possibility for him to only possess the bottom half of my body so he can do the marching while I play?
  3. So, another question about possession. Would if be better for my Tulpa to possess me when I have just woken up, so that my muscles are fresh and "un-used"? Or would it be better if he possessed me before bed, or like, after strenuous exercise, so my muscles were tired, and I would have less control over them? From my limited knowledge, both of these choices seem like respectable thought processess. Maybe there isn't a difference?
  4. :@*trying hard not to be that guy that only posts questions* Buuuut... My tupper and I recently began possession. Everything's been awesome, and practice finally paid off earlier, as I got my Tulpa to lift my hand off of a table. He was able to hold it there for a short time, except "my" fingers were dangling because I guess he couldn't hold them up. I tried giving him a pencil to grip, but that didn't help much... Any ideas on how to proceed? Note: We haven't experienced any finger "clicks" either. Possibly related?
  5. I've read that possesion is easier than imposition, but I'm not sure what stage you should start trying possesion or imposition. Or which one seems to be better, pros and cons?
  6. Ok so we started working on possession a few days ago and we're super excited! I just have a couple questions that I couldn't find the answer to in other possession threads. 1. How long should it take for the movements to go beyond just twitches and "clicks"? This is just to get a goal in mind and to know if we're doing ok. 2. How can I tell if its me moving my body part (toes for example) or if its really Yuki doing it? What does it feel like when your tulpa moves your body vs. When you move it? 3. Possession seems to be physically/ mentally exhausting for Yuki, even though its just twitching my toes. Is this normal? Thanks guys!
  7. Or have you already, let them drive a car? I'm curious how many people would do this. It would need a lot of trust. Do you think they would need teaching too? If this has happened, how did it go?
  8. Hi i am Red. I am Pinkie Pie Pyro's Host. Pinkie: "And i am Pinkie." We found something quite odd with how we interact with each other in the way of how Pinkie interacts with my body. What myself and Pinkie have isn't exactly just plain possession or merging or switching. Pinkie: "We both control the body at the same time without having to hinder another's senses/control with the body." exactly. what i see, she sees, at the same time. we still get feedback from senses even if we are not the one using that part of my body at the time. Pinkie: "Also this differs from regular possession because even though i have hooves and no hands i haven't needed to learn how to use Red's fingers because i use the same section of his brain that he uses to control his body" Pinkie: "Some things to note that Mutual possession can do: The host can be asleep but the body and tulpa are awake so the tulpa is mostly in control. The body is like a separate entity to the host and tulpa. The body will side with the host than with the tulpa because the host has been in the body longer than the tulpa. More control is given to the tulpa when the host is asleep. The host and tulpa can be asleep but the body can be awake... (this has happened, don't worry it just sits there because no one is in the "driver seat") " now what you'll need for this is: A vocal Tulpa. (preferably only one) Yourself a small amount of parallel processing (helps a lot. A good idea is to play the game Audiosurf to improve your parallel processing.) so what happens is sort of like using a Y splitter with audio cables. information feeds into the Y splitter and goes to both me and Pinkie. one way you can achieve mutual possession by starting with getting relaxed. then what you need to do is kind of "feed" the tulpa your senses. you can visualize this for example putting a tv in the wonderland showing what you can see IRL. the other way is to proxy back your senses to your tulpa. this method requires the tulpa to accept the sense and also for you to be able to direct what the sense is sensing towards the tulpa. One other way you could achieve mutual possession via proxying is to get very good with proxying the tulpa out to the world and have a little bit of parallel processing then you can just proxy back senses to your tulpa. what you are effectively trying to do is to give your tulpa access to your senses and body while still having access to that sense/body part at the same time. which is why having parallel processing is important when trying this. Pinkie: "One thing to note with mutual possession is that normally the host and body are like this: what you are trying to do is this: " From what me and Pinkie have been through mutual possession doesn't take much once you get the hang of it. So we both react to stimuli at the same time but we don't block out each other from stimuli. Pinkie: "We hope that we wrote this well enough for others to understand and hopefully also start to do mutual possession too! :3" EDIT: Pinkie: "This kind of thing is more so to do with how tulpa and host interact and how the tulpa talks out to the host's body." EDIT2: 15:22 <@cardscov> lanpc, mutual implies both people have the ability to move at the same time 15:22 <@cardscov> possession implies only one at the controls 15:22 < Pinkie_Pyro[Red_M]> ^ hence the parallel processing thing EDIT3: I sometimes get kinda close to that situation with Lyra. For the most part when we co-control, she just pushes along the same way as my own intention is going. This feels like I'm still doing the action at least partway, but it takes less intention and feels more like it's moving on its own; still the movements follow my will and I know what they're going to do before they do them. If I'm proxying her, I feel like I'm typing what she's saying, and sometimes I get the same feeling that she's helping with the movements. However if I mishear her or otherwise type something other than what she's trying to say, it becomes more difficult. I can do it since I still have stronger will than her, but it isn't as easy as when she's contributing to my movements or when I'm typing alone. The effect is that I type slower, feel more awkward, and make more mistakes. We're not quite to the point where I can just let go and have her movements run things completely. I feel like she needs to push her intentions a little harder, and more importantly, I need to get better at turning off my intentions without replacing them with an intention of no movement. EDIT4(re-edited): Pinkie: "Please do note that this is called mutual possession and because it is mutual and possession, meaning yes this is half a possession guide that is trying to give a different symbolism while adding in an assisting factor. another addition to this is that the motor skills of the host are used as if it was a piece of electronics that did stuff to other things when you gave it input. an example you could use to sum up mutual possession is that it is like the body is a driver's ed car, there is a brake that the host can push when ever they need to to stop you from harming yourself and the host" EDIT5: Pinkie: "I changed an image due to wording, i am unsure if i will have to change the wording in the guide to match or not, but for now i'll just change that." changed image: please leave any tips or feedback below! Pinkie: ":3" Pinkie: "Also feel free to ask anything below!"
  9. A friend of mine told me that it's okay to start possession if your tulpa consent to it. Reina is sentient and can talk to me via mindvoice, and she is okay with doing it. So I have been working on it for about a week and a half in the morning before I go to school. So I was wondering if this is okay (I've gotten responses from her :D) starting early, and if anyone has any tips they could give me (or information). Thank you :) Also you can tell me any of your experiences with it and how long it took you to get a finger to move or lift etc. it would be great to read about it.
  10. It seems like everyone is either neutral about possession, or actively working towards it. However, I find the entire idea of possession terrible, as I loathe the idea of anyone being in control of my body over me. Has anyone else had a similar fear, and if so how have you coped with it? My tulpa is still young, just showing the first signs of sentience, and I wish nothing but the best for her. I'm worried that my fears will negatively impact her growth, or that she'll feel that she isn't trusted enough because possession is completely off the table. In fact, an attempt at it would be pretty much the only grounds I can foresee for me wanting to get rid of her. I've heard that after having practiced it a tulpa can sometimes possess without the implicit permission of the creator. That's with a young (compared to how our tulpae will be in say, 20-40 years from now) tulpa, which has been taught to possess. Would it be possible, then, for an aged and experienced tulpa to potentially possess without having been given permission at any time? tl;dr - I'm fearful of possession, and wish to make sure it can never occur, while still wanting my tulpa to feel trusted. Has anyone felt the same way, and what should be done in this situation?
  11. Exactly what it says on the tin, folks. A while back, I saw a documentary about amputees using new technology to move sections of limbs that they couldn't ordinarily control (like someone missing everything past the elbow controlling individual fingers) using their minds and electrodes attached to affected areas. I've been thinking about the subject recently, and had to wonder, are these attachments limited to looking like human body parts? Which further made me think, what if a tulpa was possessing their host while using one of the machines? Would it still work? And what if the emulated limb wasn't a human limb, but rather something based on the tulpa's form? Could someone with an amputated stump of a shoulder somehow make use of a prosthetic tentacle/pony leg/other unhuman extremity?
  12. [Deleted] Here's are two links (1 / 2) to the guide. - Apollo
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