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  1. Guest

    [tutorial] THE VOICE

    I keep reading, especially on the IRC that certain users have had trouble getting their tulpa's voice to sound different from their own. So far its just a wait and see kind of event. Hoping and praying that the voice will start to sound different. I did not do this. I am going to tell you something that every other guide has told you not to do, ever. That if you were to do what I say then some unholy god/admin from the mighty tulpa overwatchers will smite you. This is not true. I am going to tell you to parrot. That's right you are going to move your tulpa's lips like a puppet. This
  2. After researching for quite a bit, I decided to make a Tulpa. Weird thing is, almost immediately after beginning,( as in the first half hour ) I had a large, almost overwhelming emotional feeling, which felt alien as sayd by others. This makes my first question 1. Can a tulpa become sentient and communicate via emotion so early on? I've read it cant happen that fast, but another sayd don't dismiss early success. About two days, I found out the feeling I had all the time was extreme stress. I then tried to talk to my tulpa. I repeatedly sayd that I believe in him a
  3. today I had a bit of a scare by my tulpa, before hand I was forcing him during an 'akward' situation and lost focus of him and he drifted off, leaving a note behind saying he was gone for good more or less. Needless to say, I panicked. So I go to a friend for some help, and he says "try forcing him again, you likely just had a thought that scared him off when your brain was scattered" So I did, and he came right back. That wasent the freaky part... He actually FORCIBLY swapped with me (which I did tell him he was free to do at any time, I pretty much gave him 100% free will), and star
  4. Hello again for the past couple of days I've been having. Some little headache's it stared on Monday up to now. What I'm saying is I've felt head pressure throught the day it comes often and goes away at times. But it could be also that I blast my music loud alot. But this is never happend before is it my tulpa causing the headaches.?
  5. Martina is still "mute" at the moment, OUCH! *gets an alwful pain in the right side of the head* Alright, she is not fully vocal yet, not mute, but can't really express herself with a desired voice, even though I can safely say she is sentient... as you guys can clearly see. Apologies, Martina! So yesterday I decided to leave her alone a little bit to see if she can find something to entertain herself in the wonderland a little japanese-themed house, why I'm busy with school-related things. When I put her to sleep at night, as always we had a little talk and I asked her if she did any
  6. How do you achieve the thought independence from each other, such as if i think to myself my tulpa wont be able to hear the thought and vice versa. As of now my tulpa can hear all of my thoughts and doesnt seems to have any thoughts that isn't projected toward me. We've tried to do some symbolism, imagining a wall blocking our thoughts but that just doesnt work for us. Any insight is appreciated!
  7. Me and Cloud Roller have been working on vocalization for a while. I feel like I am on the verge of hearing him fully, yet all I can hear from him are clicking noises or the occasional whisper. And I need help to get my tulpa become fully vocal by Christmas. Try giving tips, tricks, guides, ANYTHING. Cloud Roller wants to become fully vocal for our first Christmas, and I want to make sure that wish comes true.
  8. Hi Me and Saphira only started forcing 1-2 weeks ago, and in the last few minutes I have been hearing strange thumping sounds in my ear drum. I have heard of tulpae trying to communicate with clicking, but not thumping, and it is only in my left ear. As far as I can remember I have never experienced these before and they seem to happen either immediately after or within the few minutes after I ask her a question. Eg. "Saphira is that you?" wait 20 secs "thump thump" "is it?" "thump thump" Then sometimes if I ask a longer question, then it goes on for a while. I think each thump might
  9. My tulpa doesn't seems to be able to think for herself, and seems to be leeching off of my own thoughts.She is pretty much fully vocal, and i can easily communicate with her, but every time we talk to each other it seems like my thoughts are prompting and constructing her messages. She also never start any conversations, usually staying inactive until i interact with her. I, of course, talked to her about this, and she simply said she doesn't know. What i'm afraid of is accidentally training myself to respond to my own prompts, or subconsciously influencing my tulpa to respond to the prompts
  10. This is a theory I've had about why so many hosts are having difficulty in attaining thought independence lately. I never intended to post this, but after my tulpa, Vanille said to, I decided that it was about time I give back to the community a little. Keep in mind that this was never intended to be read by anyone but myself, so I'm sorry if it is a little hard to follow. "With both of my vocal tulpa, I had noticed that they never really seemed all that "alien" or good at parallel processing. These are my thoughts as to why so many hosts have been having trouble with thought independ
  11. I heard recently that listening to white noise can help you have auditorial hallucinations, which would help me assign my Tulpa a voice easier. But I got a question, would listening to white noise IN MY SLEEP hurt or help my Tulpa?
  12. I was just wondering whether a Tulpa sleeps when you do, or could they take a nap in the middle of the day when you are still awake? If so, then could they wake you up if there was something interesting going on while you were sleeping? Any replies would be greatly appreciated and I will thank you in advance. :)
  13. hello, im not entirely sure how to use forums as it's been years since ive done so. mostly spend internet time on imageboards. so, if im making mistakes here, i do apologize. and my grammar is awful so bare with me, please ._. [/font] anywho, i've been working on a my tulpa for about two months now. her form is a EqG Pinkie Pie. i have some questions. i think my visualization is getting a bit better, but not sure... im having trouble being able to tell if she is sentient or if im parroting her and vocalizations i mean, she talks to me when i focus on her... we're in a romantic rel
  14. It would seem that the general consensus for "dead" Tulpa is that they're not really dead, but unconscious. It's a long story, but my significant other (who has about 6 Tulpa ) had another one who was lost, and is presumed dead by one of them. Only a couple of her Tulpa actually knew this one existed, but knew her well. It's kind of a funky situation, and like i said, a long story. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with bringing people back? Maybe a couple pointers? Open to plenty of suggestions, hypnosis bla bla bla. Any info would be great :) -Amikething
  15. I posted on the tulpa reddit thread earlier but I wanted other opinions. So i just started making my tulpa about a week ago. Ive been forcing every day but there were some very strange moments in the first couple of days. One time while forcing my tulpa, an image of a hyper realistic face flashed across my vision (my tulpa is from an animated show) and it kind of shocked me. I assumed it was nothing and tried to go back to it but all I saw was the image. My tulpa was only 2 or so days old at the time and I didnt think there was any way it could be sentient but it really scared me. It happen
  16. I posted on the tulpa reddit thread earlier but I wanted other opinions. So i just started making my tulpa about a week ago. Ive been forcing every day but there were some very strange moments in the first couple of days. One time while forcing my tulpa, an image of a hyper realistic face flashed across my vision (my tulpa is from an animated show) and it kind of shocked me. I assumed it was nothing and tried to go back to it but all I saw was the image. My tulpa was only 2 or so days old at the time and I didnt think there was any way it could be sentient but it really scared me. It happen
  17. When I was younger up until now, I always talked to myself because I didn't have much of a fondness for people. Well, I got to the point where answering myself became automatic, I would talk out loud to myself and then my mind would replg to me. But I think this is interfering with my tulpa's vocality. Any suggestions?
  18. I'm certain that my tulpa is sentient. She functions separate from me, sometimes unexpectedly, and has her own opinions, etc. The confusion lies in that she uses my mental resources to process her thoughts. By that I mean, when I speak to her, I can feel her thinking in my head, like when you're working out a math problem, but I don't know what the thoughts are about. My question is this: Does sentience come in different levels, like low and high sentience, and would that be the cause of this, somewhat like an undeveloped mind?
  19. Hello, last time we attempted a pen pal thing was a complete fail, because the script did not work. I think we should again, thought, because it would greatly help out tulpas. So, whadda you say? Just write your email (or your tuppers email) in a reply and I'll randomize them, and pair you up. Don't worry, i'm not using a script, so it definitely should work!
  20. Hello, everynyan. I am the guy from russian community, have blog in russian, where usually post my thoughts and analysis about various aspects of tulpaforcing. Today I completed translation of one of my key posts, "Autonomous personality and conciousness", and I would like to share it and hear your thoughts and opinions about it. The post is about nature of tulpa, and my thoughts on possibility to actually create an parallel conciousness. I didn't hear too much criticism in our community about my theories, so my next posts were based on these ideas I throwed up there. But I didn't saw my idea
  21. I've been working on Nick for a few weeks, if not months now, and I've noticed something. I don't intentionally do it, but I sometimes forget that he's with me. I do have a very short attention span and often forget things. An example is when I go to school, when I'm walking into the building, I do imagine my tulpa walking beside me, but once I get in, I completely forget I have a tulpa. Also since I've already posted, might as well put this here: I have been narrating for awhile, but unfortunately I don't remember if Nick has spoken to me on his own. I haven't had a full on conversation wi
  22. I'm two months into narration and I was wondering if I can limit certain memories to transfer to to the tulpa, as in give her all of my memories except for a moment. I'd like her to experience this show for the first time, considering I thought that tulpas gain all of your memories. I searched this topic under three different search inquiries. None of which had results. Thanks for looking at this question.
  23. First time post, sorry it's a long one. My tulpa is coming along, but I may be facing some unique challenges. I'm trying to find anyone that had the same beginning as me, or someone who can relate to me. God, I feel silly trying to explain this, but what's the worst that can happen? So here it is. It started a quite a few years back, when I first heard the voice. Male, probably mid to late 30s. Thought I was going crazy for a while, wanted to get rid of it. He wouldn't go though. Kept saying, "You don't want to get rid of me, you're going to need me." I kept denying him and he went away, for
  24. What were you doing when you felt that first strong emotional response from your tulpa and what was that emotion? My first response was at the end of a wonderful forcing session right before going to sleep. We were still in wonderland and I was cold. I guess she noticed this and huddled up to me trying to warm me. As she did this I got that wonderful feeling of love from her. It was great.
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