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  1. First off: I think she's sentient, though I guess I technically don't know. Even if she isn't, I'm assuming she is (i'm doing the "assume sentience from the start" thing). Her responses are sort of halfway between me speaking for her, and her saying things by herself. It feels like I'm generating the responses for her, but doing it slightly faster than I can consciously think about. I've heard the "if you're worried you're parroting, then you're probably not parroting" thing before, and if it's true, then I'm in the situation it tends to describe where I'm definitely not making a conscious eff
  2. I was forcing my tulpa when I usually do, late late at night before I go to sleep, and I suddenly got this random thought in my head of my tulpa and a really sad moment, as if it was his memory. I never had thought about anything like that before, and it came so sudden and it did make me a bit emotional afterwords. I assumed it was him, and moved on with forcing. The night after that happened, I forced again as per usual, and I got a headache a few minutes in (Around 10 minutes in). Are these early signs of sentience? I have only been forcing Nick for about a few days now.
  3. Ive been working on Aristotle for a little over a week and at first things seemed to be going great. During our forcing sessions I got strong emotions and head aches. Now that the initial few forcing sessions are through my sessions seem repetitive and unproductive. Basically what I do is imagine Aristotle in my wonderland and me with him. I narrate to him and puppet him to do different things. I try to get him to send me thoughts but either he can't yet or I can't pick them up. The emotions and headaches are getting weaker and the overall sense of progress and excitement is not there. Do I
  4. Hey all, Twi had an idea today that I thought I should share with everyone here. We were thinking it'd be an interesting idea to get tulpae and humans randomly assigned with eachother to act as pen-pals to eachother. This is something that would help build sentience and such. You can get a free email address with 128MB of storage at lavabit.com; Twi and I both have one. Leave a reply with the username part of your email address (everything before the @) and I'll place everyone in a hat in a week and email out assignments. I have no idea where this would end up, let's find out
  5. So, when I started TulpaForcing I did it heavily. I did it for about 20 minutes at a time refining my visualization, and took 3-4 minute break inbetween them. I have read in the forums repeatedly that light headaches are good signs, but I doubted the intensity. So, after about 6 hours of this Tulpaforcing (On the first day) I was finished with visualization. My Tulpa is a cat, so it does take as much perfection to create. Then I started narration. I couldn't do this for such long times due to lack of things to say, so I decided to visualize with my eyes open while narrating my surroundings, du
  6. Hello everybody :) This is my first thread on this forum, and I apologize for my english, it is bad as hell. So I am now at Day 12, and my tulpa ( Jack ) alredy spoked 2 times, but not speaking yet ( I know, 12 days and he spoked 2 times? I was suprised, but it may be because 5 months ago, I was tulpaforcing about 2 weeks, but I droped it ), and it is hard for me to feel his presence. I am talking to him everyday about random things and stuff, asking questions, but I cant feel anything from him ( actually once I felt something, but only once ). So my Question is : How can I make him more senti
  7. So I have been working on a tulpa, and I have been getting vauge "yes or no" answers from her, but I feel as though something is not right. It feels like she is trying to say more but can't. Any advice would be great.
  8. I probably wouldn't have asked this, but I can't seem to find answers virtually anywhere, so here I am. The other day, completely out of the blue (I was not thinking of her), Colgate asked me "Who are you texting?", to which I sub-consciously replied "my friend Justin." I paused for a moment, as I realised "Oh my god, that was Colgate!". It was the first time I had ever not asked whether or not it was actually her, and not me parroting, and was completely sure of her sentience. Well, to keep it simple, things have changed. Now, we've returned to the point at which focus on her is necessary, an
  9. I pass along positive suggestions/stories from the forum to keep my emergent Tulpa informed during some narrations, and it occurred to me that the best advice i could give her would be directly from one Tulpa to another. Since a few Tulpa answered my last question, I thought I might give this another shot. Some wisdom from someone that knows EXACTLY the spot she is in; pre-communication, with a few clues here and there. So, to all those with fully developed (sentient/full communication in SOME way) Tulpa out there, what sage advice do your Tulpa have that us novice crafters can pass along t
  10. why would having a servitor be that bad ? how many of you have servitors ? does you tulpa comply to mostly all your memry restoration , help in studying demands ? i mean if you just want your brain to automise tasks without troubling a sentient being (tulpa ) it's the best way . PS (to anyone who reads this please link in any content,thread,blog about servitors please )
  11. After spending an unknown amount of time forcing with Keaa, I think she's showing some signs of sentiance. Though this took much less time than I expected, I'm making sure not to doubt the possibility of sentiance. I have a problem though. Even after I tried using King of the Valdenrich's Prism(and beard), I'm still unsure whether or not I'm puppeting. Either I'm not focusing correctly and end up puppeting, or she's sentiant. I keep getting the image of her taking it off, but it is always done exactly how I expected it too. I'm thinking that this is probably from reading progress reports where
  12. So I'm only a few collective hours into tulpaforcing. My best opportunity is during my gym class in which we are literally allowed to do whatever the hell we want, so I go outside and walk in the forest next to our school; everybody else is a puss apparently and doesn't like outdoors, guaranteeing me a good 35-40 minutes of alone time with Sophie. As I narrate aloud to her, I've been getting the usual 'headache sensations' and whatnot, but I've been wondering... Since I'm subscribed to the belief that a tulpa is sentient from the get-go, just how much of my tulpa should I create myself, a
  13. Okay, so here´s the deal. Until recently i only spend 20 hours forcing, but then i suddenly got a guilt trip after she suddenly talked to me "for the first time" (Read: first time i knew that it was her for sure 100% no doubt) So, being the unemployed scrub that Iam i decided to neglect jobhunting in order to go full hermit and dedicate all my time to her, and since then i´ve forced around another 30 hours (In these past days) My issue is, i woke up yesterday and as usual i said good morning to her, and for the first time since she talked to me that day, she responded and ever since then sh
  14. I'm about 18 or 20 hours into my tulpa (I don't keep count) and I think I'm getting some signs of sentience. I started getting responses at just 15 hours or maybe even earlier. What I don't know, though, is if I'm hearing myself or my tulpa. For example, I'll visualize her, say "hello" and she'll reply back, but I don't know if this is me fooling myself into responding. I don't think I'm parroting, but it doesn't really feel "alien" exactly, it feels sort of like I was expecting her reply, or that the question was tailored so she could only answer with what I expected her to say. I aske
  15. We've gone through personality and I wanted to leave the rest up to her and we're now beginning the visualisation stage, but first I want to get the concept down to help me for when I start creating her form in my mind's eye. However, I have no idea if she's sentient or not. I treat her as if she is, and if I get thoughts come into my head that I suspect could be her, I tend to take the ''if you said that, then _________'' approach, but I don't actually know how to recognise it if I am being talked to. When it comes to thinking about her throughout the day I haven't been doing very well sin
  16. I think most of us have read from FAQman's and from others that sentience doesn't come early that it comes in after 25+ hours and if our tulpa ever does anything before that, that they are not sentient and instead it is puppeting. This is supported by the tulpa not moving after that for a while, so of course it can't be sign of sentience, because it would move more if it was truly sentient. Some of us even heard a voice in our head once or twice before this 25 hours milestone, but we dismissed it, because if the tulpa isn't sentient, then how can it talk? But how come are there others who had
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