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Found 223 results

  1. I linked to a visualization course in a few other threads. The guy who wrote it has taken it off his web site, and now charges $20 for it. I was wondering if it could be found anywhere else online (the wayback machine doesn't have it archived) and I remembered that I had taken notes on it. So I looked at my notes on my phone: Palming - covering the eyes with the palms and visualizing the color black Black Object - visualizing a small, black object Look Around - following the lines of objects with your eyes, holding the head still, but moving the eyes around Near/Far - looking at something close to the eye, and then something far away, to change the visual focus Nose Writing - visualizing a pencil or a piece of chalk on the end of the nose, and imagining writing with it by moving the head Blinders Away - holding the eyes still and trying to be aware of things with peripheral vision Seeing/Not Seeing - looking at the Target logo, trying to be aware of one ring (or the center dot) at a time, or two, while not seeing the third. Now I Am Aware - anchoring each sense to a finger, and pinching the finger while listing all the things connected to that sense that you're aware of. ...and that chair moving exercise, which I didn't actually take note of, but which involved reading something taped to the wall, and moving the chair further and further away from it each day. I googled some of these, and discovered that several of them come from the Bates method, which is a total pseudoscience visual improvement method, and believed to have done more damage to people's eyes than it helped to heal. We weren't doing any of the harmful exercises, but it still makes me question how much these exercises actually help. So I'm wondering, did anyone find these exercises helpful? Which ones did you find helpful, and which did you think were a waste of time? Do you remember any of these better than I do? (I know my notes are pretty sparse.)
  2. You how Ryan sees Wilfred as a man in a dog suit but everyone else sees him as just a normal dog? How do I see my female tulpa, who happens to be a pillow that can talk on rare occasions, as a beautiful woman?
  3. Hi, I have a few questions. When visualising is it wrong to make them spin around in circles, so you can see every part of them? Are there right and wrong ways to visualise? And I can only seem to do this at night.. During the day it's cloudy! Also my tulpas eyes changed colour it seems more natural now would that be deviation? Or something I have done?
  4. I just started visualization my tulpa, and its looks like me except, he has different color and hair style, and his eyes are purple. Is that to similar to me, or will it be fine?
  5. I have recently started practicing visualization, and I have a hard time understanding when some people say that their visualizations can get 'more real than reality'. According to this guide, I am between 'I can see a fuzzy form' and 'I can see fuzzy blocks of color'. I know that I will get better with practice, but I am wondering about the end result. It would be very desirable to enter an immersive lucid dream-like state, adventuring in wonderland with my tulpa, but this seems too good to be true. I would appreciate if someone here would clarify just how good it gets, in terms of the average person who does a fair amount of practice.
  6. Is there any simple ways to be able to look at my Tulpa, but not control his movements? Whenever I visualise my tulpa he always stays static or I move him myself by mistake. Simple techniques would be appreciated.
  7. What color are your tulpa's eyes? Mine are a glacier ice-blue, cartoony, and iridescent. When I look deep into his eyes, he gets relaxed and murrs. It's like looking into his soul. Which is really my own soul. I can imagine a whole Universe in his eyes. Galaxies and stars of his own creation. Trillions of other anthro beings within. And I have him, my love. We are like two stars, providing light to our own creations.
  8. Well, I've developed my tulpa's personality and sentience however. I keep running into the problem of Visualizing her. I know its a her, but I haven't given her a form really. Its hard because my whims change and shift and I keep on changing up what form I would like her to have (I know she will change it eventually, probably) and that perhaps we could give her a new form later on, but a part of me keeps thinking (First form = Last form = Only form). So say I would envision her as an anime character (an OC for example) but then my mind would change and envision her as a cat or a regular human and it just doesn't seem to stay on one form. My question is does anyone know how to decide on what form you want for your tulpa at least as a beginning form?
  9. Do deviations occur in the Tulpa during the visualization phase or the imposition phase? I am just starting to visualize (been about 2 hours now) my Tulpa, but as soon as I get a glimpse of him, the image becomes something else. I don't want to parrot, but I'm wondering if I'm supposed to keep the image in my head of how I think he should look? And keep bringing him back to that image I am holding of him. I visualize him doing different things. I'm not ready for imposition. I've watched him walking, and can get a good idea of everything except for the head, which changes species even, like rapidly. I want him to look a certain way when it comes time for imposition, but am fine if he wants to change. I just don't know if it's too early for him to have sentience and changing, or if that's just my mind changing images because I can't hold a steady thought.
  10. I'm having a lot of trouble with visualizing. Now I've read most of the visualization guides on this forum such as this one and it appears I'm unable to sustain a visualized image in my minds eye. I've read how people say "visualize an apple, what comes to mind" and I can see the apple, but it's not clearly seen, and when I say that I don't mean that there is something obscuring it. It's like I can see it as a glimpse or a flash of an apple, but I cannot keep it there for long. I can keep thinking about it but it will not stay there continuously. If I read a book I can imagine what is going on in my head, but it's never as clear as other people are saying it is when they do so. The only thing that makes me feel better about the fact that I'm so terrible at visualizing is that I have been able to lucid dream on and off for 4 or so years now. When I'm in the hypnagogic state I can see images clearer than if I was looking at it in real life, and with no trouble in keeping the image there. I have read the guide on these forums about using lucid dreams to help with the creation process of a Tulpa and I plan on using that method. The problem is I cannot do this 100% of the time. I will usually enter a dream and it will be non-lucid. If I am awoken by something that needs my immediate attention I cannot induce a "WILD". So I would like to have a way to improve my visualization skills while awake. Since it appears most people have some sort of innate ability to imagine without the same problems I'm facing, most of the information that I've read about visualization doesn't really help me, and it can make me feel a little hopeless. I don't know if taking some sort of nootropic would help me visualize while awake better or if there's anything I can really do to improve the clarity of my minds eye. I'd really appreciate any feedback I can get, especially if someone has gone through the same troubles visualizing as I have. ( I do apologize if the formating of this post is odd, I haven't used an actual forum in a little over 2 years and English was never my strong point.) Edit:It would appear others are having a problem replying to this thread, so I've been receiving some help through private messages, if you think you have any advice that could help me please don't hesitate to send me a private message, even if I've already heard the advice I still appreciate it greatly.
  11. Hello everyone, i have a little problem with the visualization of my tulpa. I started the whole creation process a few days ago and since it is more easy for me to have something visual to talk to i pretty much started there. I am basically doing some Parroting Narrating mix where i ran into some doubts but thats not an issue yet. I mainly have one problem right now, i am trying to imagine a proper 3d appearance for my tulpa, which initially went better than expected, i started out with a 2d reference picture but somehow my mind was actually able to create a 3d version of it faster than i ever anticipated. I can make the form move and turn or make her show facial expressions, there are some angles and positions (this time it was the neck) where things are rather blury but i am sure that can be solved. The annoying thing is that sometimes if i am getting close to those areas to trying to see them more clearly, they start to stretch and bloat, change color and turn into other forms that more than often may could be considered as creepy, or i just plainly get dragged away from it, while this don't scares me or something i consider it as annoying (to put it nicely). Because every time it happens it usually just corrupts the whole form or i loose focus on it and i would have to start again but usually i am just imagining a clean form again and then end the session because my head goes into "lets think about all kind of things at once" mode. I am not sure where this interference is coming from but its also not really new to me, its like some kind of force that occasionally messes with me when i am trying to imagine things, when i let it it usually leads me completely off course from whatever i was focusing on before. My current solution is either to get dragged along and go on some kind of (spiritual ? .. well that sounds strange) journey which sometimes is pretty interesting, i learned to cut some bounds because otherwise i usually get physically nauseous during imagining some places. (higher dimensions ? no idea) while all in all that journey is usually cool it is not what i want at this point. The other solution is to simply toss everything that pops up into a mental black hole, that also works but distracts the * out of me and makes focusing on other things unnecessary hard. Or i just stop what i am doing and do something that doesn't require this kind of focus. What is actually happening sure depends on everyones mind but maybe someone had similar problems and found a way to overcome it ? I would be thankful for any constructive advice.
  12. Can yall help me with this, this has been bugging me for a while about visualization. Is it like imagining something until you feel like you can see it or really vivid? The same thing goes for the tulpa, I'm just confused about it
  13. So I ordered one of these recently, and I've found it helps greatly with visualization. Basically it produces the same Ganzfeld Effect that putting ping-pong balls over your eyes does. Heres what you need to do once you have acquired one of these masks or something of the sort: 1. First, make sure the eye cover allows no external stimuli into your eyes. That means you should be able to look around and see no light. Preferable conditions would be inside of an already dark room (I.e: Your bedroom at night time.) 2. Earplugs or earbuds are recommended as it will eliminate any distractions from noise. 3. Try to visualize your tulpa, or your wonderland. You will notice this gets easier gradually. 4. If you start seeing little "colors" or floaty things, try and morph those into an image of your tulpa or make out your tulpa's form inside of these things. (You also may get the illusion that there is light coming through the mask. I have found this to be very common.) 5. After maybe about 20 minutes or so, hallucination will be much easier, and the images you see will be more detailed. A good time for this exercise is any where from 20 minutes to 3 hours. Make sure you have patience though, because vivid visuals will not come until you are some time into the session. Possible side effects I have noticed: Headaches (More so after 15 minutes) Nausea after Extended Periods Head pressure (to be expected) The usual orange juice/cold showers remedy should clear these up. The headache after 20 minutes of the exercise lasted for 5-10 minutes, so longer headaches can be expected from longer sessions. ------- EDIT: Please read this article if you would like to learn more about closed-eye hallucination itself.
  14. when I tulpaforce in my wonderland I can see my tulpa easily and can narrate but don't get much of a connection kind of feeling, however when I narrate to him throughout the day passively I can feel really strong connections and it sounds dumb but I'm worried I'm creating two tulpas at once and was wondering if anyone could give me their thoughts on that. When I tulpa force in my wonderland I can sometimes feel a connection, but not from the tulpa sat in front of me b kind of in the back of my head Thanks :')
  15. *Just to make it clear, I haven't made a tulpa yet* I've been reading various guides for a while now and pretty much know the basics on creating a tulpa, but there's just one problem: My visualization. I find that I can visualize a character in front on me (one that isn't original), but there seems to be some sort of stuttering in appearance. Let's say for example that I'm seeing this one character, and then suddenly a different character that's not even related to this character replaces it. It's very annoying. Could this be because of a lack of focus? By the way, I'm more interested in creating an original tulpa. I'm just testing my visualization at the moment. Any theories as to why this is happening would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  16. Hey Im on day 3 of developing my Tulpa. It looks almost exactly the same as Korra from the tv show "Legend of Korra". I can visaulize hr perfectly for a few seconds. I'm trying to find out if I am visualizing her well enough to move onto the next stages. Do I need to be able to visualize her for a long time without losing focus??? Tips for beginners would be nice, Thanks everybody.
  17. hey everybody it's easer to visaulize my Tulpa in the real world. Is this a good thing or bad thing??? I'm wondering if I'm skipping stage or something??? Thanks!!! (Day 3)
  18. Title says it all! The folks over at /r/tulpas thought it was great, so I thought I'd share here. Hoooly shit what the fuck was I thinking? Ok this might work for you, but as I found out, not everyone's brain works the way mine does.
  19. Hello, Srry if im Doing something Wrong and im not supposed to Open a Tread but Yeah... Also im Srry for my bad English. So I started Recently Forcing My Tulpas Personality but i alredy Thougt of and Form to Visualize when im Forcing. My Question now is: How do i Know if My Future Tulpa Like The Form or if shes Trying To change it? I have problems wiht Focus so i dont know if The Form Changes are me thinking of other things or its she trying to Change it. Also Before Going to bed Last night i Were thinking of her and Wished her a Good night, and out of nowhere i got the name Yumi in my Head Could it be that she Wants me to change her Name To Yumi? Because i cant Remember ever Heard of that name before so it was kinda Random when i got the Thougt. Thanks For Reading this far and Srry again for my Bad English ♦ZeeySaan♦
  20. I've only just started forcing with Toby, active forcig that is and he's already well developed through years and years of passive forcing so that's the background... Sort of. When the sessions start it's hazy. I can hear him telling me I concentrait, focus harder... Just generally encouraging me until I get sucked down into this black pit. I see myself in the third person. Sometimes he's there and sometimes I have to wait for him to show up. It's a black, echoey nothingness but not a bad place if that makes sense. Once he shows up hell hug me or give me a kiss and say his hellos and then usually what happens is hell lead me away by opening a door and on the other side is.... Well whatever Toby wants it to be. One time it was a room filled with flower petals and cherry trees( after telling him to surprise me) one time after asking him what he does while he's quiet he took me into this grand movie theatre where Mean girls was playing, and rather vividly. I actually watched some of it with him. And sometimes hell open a door and it will just be my Livingroom or bedroom. Other than that it's just echoes and darkness. Did he create his wonderland? Is that whats going on here? I had the impression it would be more grand then just.... Well it's basically the room of requirement hidden within a black hole lol
  21. First off, hey everyone! I'm new here, nice to meet all of you. Hoping to make some good friends on this site :) I'm having trouble coming up with an image for my tulpa. Honestly this was the last thing I thought I'd have a hard time with, but I feel like it's greatly hindering the whole process and it's driving me nuts. I've already prepared my list of personality traits, voice, smell, etc, as well as my tulpa's wonderland (which is a cozy apartment in case anyone is curious). I would like to base him/her off a fictional character, but... I didn't, for many reasons (imagine how you'd feel having an anime/pony tulpa at the age of 80!) but at the same time I'm not creative enough to make an entirely new being purely off of my own imagination. So if any of you artists/inventive people out there could help me, I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions. Thanks in advance. P.S If you really do have anime/pony tulpae, I apologize, I hope I didn't offend anyone D:
  22. First off this isn't so much a question as it is something I felt like sharing because it might make for interesting conversation. Suffice to say strange things happened last time I forced. Last forcing session my tulpa started a period of extreme deviation, going from cute anime girl to a necromorph to some guy with glasses, problem being that no matter how hard I tried I couldn't force her back into her original form (which occasionally can be quite vivid by my standards), problems with deviation had been happening long before in a small scale but I always chalked it up too me having a shit imagination/concentration (still do) or just intrusive thought. Any thoughts? (mainly how do I get her to stop or cut back?)
  23. Don't get me wrong, I've seen Toby many times in my mind. I do passive and active forcing but its always been in my mind. So I wanted to share something with you all that happened to me today. I was at an amusement park with my friends and we were in the wave pool and I was laughing an messing around with everyone else and I looked over and I saw Toby stanig next to me clear as day, in his swimsuit smilin at me. He laughed just as a wave hit me and knocked me on my butt and I heard him laughing again. Shortly after that me and my friends where riding our last rollar coaster and I had to sit alone with my two friends behind me. As the attendants were checking the restraints my friends boyfriend leans forward and says "what the hell amber, your not even gonna buckle up your imaginary friend?!" and I hear this unmistakable LOUD laughter like it was right next to me and just after the coaster started Toby told me "I swear to god he can't see me!" and he laughed again. By the way, my friends know nothing about Toby. This was the first time I've ver seen him that clearly with my own two eyes and the comment on the coaster from both of them was just priceless!! So this isn't a thread to brag. I want to know, what was your first tulpa contact? Was it visual? Auditory? How did you feel? How long ago was it?