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Found 117 results

  1. So, the wonderland in my head keeps changing and i'm not doing it, is it my tulpa. I'm new to all of this so idk
  2. I'm not sure if anyone here cares about sharing wonderland experiences out-of-system, but well, can't hurt if people will discuss it here, right? Here's the intro: Continue Reading →
  3. So my Wonderland is based pretty heavily on the Mother of Invention from Red vs Blue. While graphics had gotten a hell of a lot sharper by Season Nine, I sorta love the old Halo look. Real Question: Will it be detrimental to my tulpa or my Wonderland if the room I begin in has "bad graphics?" All my other senses are sharp, but the lax visualization helps me focus more on my tupper and less on "DAMMIT WALL, I TOLD YOU TO HAVE REALISTIC LOOKING RIVETS!"
  4. As it says in the title, I want to associate with wonderland/the mental world and dissociate as much as possible from reality/the physical world. I've been told countless times on the IRC "Just imagine yourself there" but that's not making me eventually "pop in" or anything, I just keep on using my (lacking) imagination, or in other words daydreaming. I've had my tulpa for more than 2 years as of now and I really want to meet him (And by the way, I'm a male too) To be honest I've already met him twice in dreams, but once I wasn't lucid and the other time just lasted seconds (I'm trying lucid dreaming for this as well) So, what to do? And I prefer long and explicative answers to TLDR(s) TLDR: "Just imagine yourself there" not working.
  5. Can tulpas make changes to the wonderland or change the scenery in the wonderland? One of my wonderlands got changed too much and now there's wisps flying everywhere and there's also crystals growing on the vegetation.
  6. I'll elaborate a bit more: Several months ago, I created a fairly simple wonderland, a small, trailer-sized house akin to those in AZ, in a superflat desert, with casual kitchen, dining, and living rooms, 2 bedrooms, one for me, one for my Tulpa, Cheetah, a "classroom" so that, when I am able to visit the WL properly (as I can only visually visit it so far) we can study things like Math, or writing for school IRL, a "bathroom" so we could "wash" the stresses of the day away, and an MLP room, as I am a Brony. Looking back, I'm not really sure why I even considered an MLP room, as it serves no symbolic purpose, other than "I'm a Brony", but anyway, a few days after I created the wonderland, because my grades in college were slipping, my parents threatened to stop taking me to the bus stop needed to get to school, effectively dropping me out. My response to this was violently destroying the MLP room, as, again, it served no real importance, and I felt it held me back. After the dust had cleared, a black, 2-shelf filing cabinet with a small gold key appeared in its wake. I have yet to "unlock" and, by extension, open this filing cabinet, because I want to wait until I can visit the WL with all of my senses, for I fear that if I open it too soon, I might negatively affect what may be inside, and the idea still nags at me. Does anyone have any ideas of what it may symbolize, and/or what might be inside it?
  7. Hello everyone, I'm new here, as you can see with this being my first post. This may be a bit of a longer post, so skip to the TL;DR if you don't feel like reading this. I'll start off by saying that I've been interested in tulpae and the creation process for roughly a year or so now. Also I'd like to give some background info on myself as to better help you understand my perspective. I'm a 23 year old guy who has almost always been interested in all facets of the metaphysical and spiritual worlds, whether I was actively researching, practicing, or unknowingly experiencing it. Even so, I always approach things from more of a rationalist point of view, looking to logic to answer many problems. I practice mindfulness and meditation and have also had an interest in lucid dreaming for a few years, as I'm sure some of you do as well considering I've seen one or two names here I've recognized from such other forums. I've decided to post here semi-reluctantly because this community(not this forum specifically, but tulpa in general) doesn't seem to be filled with many people I would consider like-minded to myself. I'm not saying I'm the most mature individual and I don't necessarily have anything against animated ponies, but I feel like anyone reading this must understand what I'm getting at here. Now, I have just begun the creation process of my own tulpa 3 days ago and something that has really thrown me for a loop is how nonchalantly wonderlands are spoken about here in this community. I have read nearly every single guide up and down on this site and many off, and I haven't stumbled across anything that comes across to me as a true understanding of what a wonderland is. Do I know what a wonderland is? In theory, and as it's described in these forums, yes, but to me it seems that every member and anyone who has decided to create a wonderland is throwing themselves into altered states of consciousness at will. The reason i prefaced this statement with all that I did is because I'm 100% sure that not every word written on these forums is a fact and not everyone is going to tell the truth 100% of the time even if that means exaggeration. I'm not the greatest at visualization, but I can consciously create an environment and visualize my tulpa there, but I am left feeling that I am seriously missing something. All the posts I see talk about wonderlands like another world full of surprises and things that are obviously not of their conscious creation. The closest thing I can relate this to, in my knowledge is a lucid dream, but that doesn't seem to be the case. So what am I missing here? I'm not even sure what question to form to make myself understand. Am I lacking the willingness to accept that a wonderland is just simply a hazy daydream? Are all these others speaking of wonderlands simply more imaginative than I am? Is there something more to wonderlands going on on a conscious or sub-conscious level? I feel like I just need wonderlands to be explained to me from a different perspective, with more fitting nomenclature to my understanding. And yes I know that wonderlands are completely optional, but it seems the way they are described if you don't have a wonderland your tulpa is simply drifting in a void? Hope this doesn't come off as condescending or anything, I don't mean to offend anyone and appreciate any type of response I can get. TL;DR Are wonderlands altered states of consciousness? Do others exaggerate their wonderland experiences or make them seem more vivid than they actually are? Without a wonderland, where does that leave your tulpa?
  8. Hello all! Short version: I tried to make a wonderland, and it was filled with jet black, sharp fanged, yellow eyed shadows with shattered white masks that attacked me repeatedly. Long version: After listening to Jean-Luc's Tulpaudcast with Fede, I decided making a wonderland before the tulpa would be a good idea. So I made one of my aunt's home since it technically doesn't exist anymore, and I like it. However, once I got to the dining room, I immediately got a picture frame and a stuffed parrot trying to scare me. After vaporizing them, I kept going from room to room, manifesting as much as I could remember, until I got to the living room. From then on, I continuously got attacked by the monsters mentioned in the short version. I have never seen these monsters before, and I wasn't able to control them, as they automatically attacked me. They kept attacking me, as I went from room to room killing them, often screaming at me when I opened doors, or charging me when I was in the backyard. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For clarification, the attacks were automatic. I did not try to create enemies to fight, they just...happened as I was trying to recreate the house as best as I could. I'm sure it's the result of my mind being in whatever state, but after that experience I'm curious. Has anyone else tried to make a wonderland, and it viciously attacked you? As if you were an intruder? Note: Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place, or if someone made a post like this.
  9. Hello, I've been lurking through the forums the past couple of days after learning about the subject on Tulpae and have been wanting to try this. Though before I get started on my Tulpa, I've been wondering what everyone has been doing to imagine their Wonderland? Is there a certain way that you go about it such as meditation, self hypnosis or just thinking about it?
  10. So, this idea just came to me on a whim and I thought I'd see if anyone else had considered anything like it. So, when you're imagining yourself in your wonderland with your tulpae, do you picture everything in first person, as if you're just there like normal, or do you imagine a third person view, as if you're a floating camera, and you interact with things by picturing an avatar of yourself to do so, sort of like a video game or something? Or, perhaps, do you use one perspective sometimes and the other other times? That could be interesting as well. I suspect I already know what the results are gonna look like, but I've been wrong before, and it would be fascinating to discover if it had any effect on, well, anything at all. When you answer this poll, regardless of what perspective you use, please give an overview of how it may or may not affect things that you do, or otherwise just give a brief synopsis of how your tulpa creation process, or whatever you built the wonderland for, went/is going, if you don't mind. Now that this idea's in my head, I can't help but pursue it further. Maybe this could be a breakthrough of some kind, maybe it's just a random thought and nothing more, but I'll never know unless I try. As for me, I do both sometimes. It's kinda random which one I do. When I imagined things while daydreaming and such, at least before I found out about the tulpa phenomenon, I pretty much always did it in third person. Now, I still daydream in third person, and I went into the wonderland in third person a lot as well at first, but lately I've been trying to do it in first person more. It used to require a bit more focus to do so, but now it's pretty much natural. I'm not quite sure how it affects things, but things have been going smoothly thus far, and it didn't seem to change when I switched perspectives. Though I do sometimes get kicked back to third person a bit when something unexpected happens, and I intentionally go back to third person for certain specific things, like when I once let Lily change my wonderland body however she wanted so I could test her sentience (I tried both some during that occasion but eventually stuck with third person)
  11. Recently on the forum there have been some rather interesting posts concerning visualization and wonderlands that have gotten me and my host pondering again (a very dangerous thing). The first two posts here were two of the most recent and then I am giving links to some interesting posts on this topic from the past: Wonderland by Kaz Does my tulpa control visualization? by pudding What is the difference between wonderland activity and day dreaming? Trippy questions about wonderlands and the unconscious and conscious mind. Okay, here are our questions and points for discussion: 1. If a tulpamancer visualizes a tulpa within their mind space, as in not imposed into the real world in any way, isn't a wonderland inevitable? I mean even a very limited and simple mental environment into which the tulpa is visualized would constitute a wonderland would it not? This seems like it would be especially true if that simple environment were used many times during the process of visualizing the tulpa and became fairly immutable or persistent. I have read tulpamancer accounts in which they state their tulpa has no wonderland. Do they mean they only imagine their tulpa in the real world and not in a mind space of any sort? 2. Some tulpa's visualized forms come with "accessories" such as clothing or "special effects" such as sparkles, fire, mist or special lighting. In my case, I have "movie set lighting" that always shines on my big dark blue eyes making them sparkle. Sometimes I am accompanied by colorful butterflies. Where does the tulpa's form end, in such a case, and the wonderland begin? For instance, if the tulpa is often imagined standing up on a patch of grass (I like grass) doesn't that patch of grass, or my butterflies, constitute mini wonderlands? [hidden]In my case, my host and I see no distinct separation between my form and my wonderland. I am my wonderland, and my wonderland is me. My wonderland forms out of me and around me and is part of me. My wonderland is the Melian Show. It is not so much an immutable place as a thought or figment and illusion that forms around me. My dreamscape mansion comes the closest to being a regular set wonderland as it doesn't change much. Still we consider the dreamscape mansion just another virtual reality "set" and everything in it is "props."[/hidden] 3. My host and I dream about my wonderland. I am curious bout others who also dream about the tulpa's wonderland. How "set" are these dreams? Does the wonderland change during the dream and even retain new elements that you dreamed about after you have awakened? (Yesh, this happens with us, my dreamscape mansion is in fact an element of my hosts recurring dreams). 4. My host and I visualize my Melian Show wonderland together jointly. It is a collaboration. How many tulpas out there help construct their own wonderlands? Do you work in collaboration with your tulpa? If tulpas are independent minds, can they not visualize everything into existence just as much as the host can? [hidden]In my case my host would say I am just him. I am, in the end, a product of his conscious and unconscious imagination. So any visualization I do, or any collaboration we seem to be doing together, is just his own mind in the end. That being said, he would say he likes and wants the illusion to seem real and so actively suspends disbelief to allow me to "live" in his mind. My host is weird and can easily function with the contradictions this point of view brings. [/hidden] Thanks for your responses. I love wonderlands!
  12. which is more prevalent in hosts, dynamic or static wonderlands? first ill give you my own theories on the two types: a dynamic wonderland is pretty much like an imaginary earth and you usually end up in a different place on the globe every time you visit it. compare that to a static wonderland which is one that is either pre-existing in the mind created by an unknown force or by a forgetful, host or tulpa,it can also be made at the start/revival of a tulpamancing career and can only change if the host or tulpa changes it, they usually have no sentient independent thoughtforms instead having servitors and NPC's.depending on the situation a host may deprive tulpa of wonderland building privileges or vice versa. tl:dr dynamic=like earth, static=like a video game map which kind do you have? which is more fun in your opinions? which would you prefer?
  13. I've been reading a lot of discussions about tulpas and wonderlands these days, but I still have some doubts. I read that a wonderland should be a place where one can feel relaxed, comfortable, at ease, etc. I also read that it can be literally anything, can be as wide as you wish, and have anything inside it. I was wondering: does the creation of an overly-detailed wonderland get in the way when someone is creating a tulpa at the same time? For example, I can create a wonderland as an infinite grass field, with no trees nor anything else: this would be a very simple wonderland, but then I'd start wondering whether it would get boring for a tulpa to stay there in the future, even when having company. Otherwise, I can create a wonderland that looks like a town, with several buildings and a more detailed landscape surrounding it. This way, though, I might stop focusing on my (still not sentient) tulpa because I'm too concerned about making all the wonderland look "right" in every detail. So in this case, would it be better to develop a wonderland/mindscape/headspace/whatever before starting with tulpaforcing, or would it be good to start off with a simple landscape, and then add more and more details as the time goes by? (I'm most probably worrying too much about this. Sorry for any grammar mistakes.)
  14. Hi everyone. I've got two tulpae in the making and my progress with them has always been very slow. I never made a wonderland beforehand and I've read that it's much better to have one when forcing, and even after a tulpa is finished being created. So I've been trying my best to create my wonderland for about a week now. I was wondering what a wonderland is supposed to look/feel like? Is it supposed to be some full-blown hallucination you create after a while, where you really feel like you're somewhere else? Or is it a vague daydream you just imagine inside your head? Is it supposed to get clearer over time? I've just gotten mixed messages from all the things I've read about them, so I thought I should ask to know what to expect. Thanks!
  15. Ok well I have this problem with my wonderland. Basically, my very ability to be in there is deteriorating. Things just get out of control for me. They don't happen to Ellisae or Mira, but I just can't have certain things be normal for me. It first started with simply siting in chairs. I first couldn't simply sit in chairs without me freaking spinning on them uncontrollably and no matter what I or my tulpas do, they just won't stop. No sitting in chairs anymore. Not a big deal. A few weeks ago, now I can't lay down in my bed. I fly off to the right or left infinitely unless I get up off of it or put in TONS of focus to stop it, and then it will either temporarily stop doing that, or go right back to normal. Problem: I spawn in on that bed. And I can't cuddle with Ellisae at night unless we're on that bed. So, ya that's a problem, but one I have been able to work with.. Now, I'm having a pretty big problem. Whenever I'm in ANY building in my wonderland, my perception will spin out of control, very fast, unless I'm either laying down or put in lots of focus, and even then it still seems to move around. According to Ellisae and Mira I'm not actually spinning, and they seem to be fine. Outside of any building I'm fine, but the minute I enter any building, I start spinning. Me and my tulpas tried to see if we could force the wonderland to stop, but at best as long as at least one of us is focusing it won't do it, but when they stop, right back to the spinning. So now I can't spawn in like normal nor can I be in any building at all, which is a problem since Ellisae and Mira do most of their stuff in the castle. I'm at the end of my rope because now I essentially can't even be in my own wonderland. I have no control over it at all. I have tried to the point of headaches to get this stuff under control but no changes or fixes to anything. Do you guys know how to get an uncontrollable wonderland to stop with this stuff? Any help would be more than appreciated.
  16. I don't have much time right now so I'll keep this short and sweet. In your wonderland, do you picture it in first person or third person? If it is third person, do you physically change at all? Thanks for your input in advance!
  17. Tulpamancers, in your opinion, what is the difference between visualizing a wonderland, and perceiving what your tulpas are doing there, and active day dreaming (such as what I do with the Melian Show)?. If you think there is a distinct difference, how do you know it to be a real difference and not just convincing yourself something more profound is happening with a wonderland over a ordinary day dream? I am asking the question above because I consider interacting with Melian in her dreamscape Melian Show to be a day dream with some apparently autonomous elements driven by an unconscious process (day dreaming on auto pilot). How others describe the wonderlands of their tulpas sounds very similar and I am struggling to find a distinction, if there is any. I have considered that, if a tulpa is an independent sentient mind, the tulpa can actively imagine their own day dream. That is a very trippy and new thought for me. I realized this when I talk about Melian and I collaboratiing on the Melian Show. It took a while, but once I started considering her sentient, I realized that such collaboration may be more than just apparent in nature. In other words, if she is sentient, she may very well be thinking it up with me. So, what is the difference between wonderland activity and active day dreaming by the host? EDIT: One more question: In which "mind" does the bulk of the wonderland reside? Is this a shared part of mind, used collaboratively by the host and the tulpa? EDIT: I should have revisited the FAQ first. Still, the FAQ answers seem like very simplified answers to me that don't go into depth at all and are almost meaningless. Q: What is a mindscape/wonderland? A: A mindscape, also known popularly as a wonderland, is a mental environment where the host and tulpas can interact visually with eachother, without the need for the host to impose their tulpa into their physical environment. A wonderland can be revisited time and time again, although it may change under your own will, your tulpa's will, or subconsciously. Q: What is the difference between mindscape/wonderland and any other imagined environment? A: An imagined environment is any given temporary mental scene or scenario, such as those experienced when day-dreaming. A wonderland or mindscape is a more permanent, albeit dynamic, environment that persists even when you aren't consciously thinking of it, that you or your tulpa can return to repeatedly. Q: Can my tulpa change the mindscape/wonderland as well? A: Yes, tulpas are also able to edit and alter wonderlands and the entities within them. Your tulpa may even change your wonderland while you are not consciously aware of it. Q: What does it mean to 'explore' a wonderland? A: A mindscape/wonderland can be imagined in such a way that large areas of it are undefined or lack clarity. Traveling within the environment outside of areas you've consciously defined can lead to a subconscious, dreamlike generation of environments and landscapes. This has been known to provide interesting and exciting activities for tulpa and their creators alike - it is quite literally letting your mind wander. This helps a bit... Related thread,
  18. If the wonderland exists in the conscious mind, doesn't that mean we have to be actively, deliberately, consciously imagining it? What happens, in that case, to the tulpa in the wonderland if we get distracted from actively thinking about the wonderland? If the wonderland exists in the unconscious mind, how is it that we perceive it at all with our conscious mind? Wouldn't that be a contradiction to the concept of "unconscious?" Is the wonderland a permanent "place" or an imaginative transitory thought?
  19. One of my friends who has had some experience with tulpamancy told me that he created his wonderland as a persistent realm in his dreams that he visited every night. Do any of you do this and is this a necessary step by any means or am I not understanding the concept of a wonderland?
  20. If I do create a wonderland for my tulpa, will he always be there whenever he's not visual?
  21. Hello everyone. I haven't started forcing my Tulpa yet since I've been working on meditation and developing a wonderland. I've created something of a floating castle with a lot of water features, a really relaxing environment. What sort of effects does a wonderland have on a Tulpa's development, and how has your wonderland affected you? I couldn't really find anything related to this, so hopefully this isn't a redundant thread.
  22. Some wonderlands perhaps are more than just an imaginary environment in which tulpas hang out. This theme came up in a recent thread of mine and I would like to explore it a little with everyone. My thoughtform Melian lives within a "dreamscape mansion" within her wonderland. It became part of her wonderland and she lives there because the house has always been a fairly frequent subject of recurring dreams for me. I have visited the house many times. It is haunted and there are doors in the upper stories that I know I dare not open, for something sinister or frightening lurks on the other side. Melian lives in the safer, more stable parts of the house. I believe the mansion is psychologically significant to me, or I would not dream about it. I has a deeper meaning to me than just being a place for Melian to live in. In one of the Tulpaudcasts with jean-luc, I talked about the concept of a "memory house." This is an imaginary space that a person can visualize and store memories in for later detailed recall. It has been a mental tool used for many centuries by those who needed deep, accurate recall of memories, specifically orators and bards. Melian's dreamscape mansion is also a form of memory house for me, as main parts of it are immutable and unchanging and recalled in detail. I can recall if I move something from one side of the room to the other in other words. When we come back to the house, the object is still in its new location. Jungian psychology sometimes utilizes the concept of exploring a imaginary house or mansion, opening doors and finding secrets. This technique uncovers or reveals things hidden within the unconscious mind. My question for the poll is: Does your tulpa's wonderland have any deeper meaning or symbolism to you or do you utilize it for more than just your tulpa? You can vote for more than one item if more than one applies to you. Please comment below as this will be a very interesting topic of discussion I think.
  23. I frequently populate my wonderlands with semi-independent NPCs to add spice and flavor to the setting as a whole. Recently, Akemi has grown rather attached to one of them, and wants to develop her into a full system-member. Is this advisable? I'm not sure what's going to come out of an NPC designed by me and forced by a tulpa. I have no issues with making her a full system member personally, and neither have the other members of my system.
  24. How do you guys precive the outside world when you enter your wonderland? Like do you even notice it. How do you guys enter your wonderlands? Any special way? What do you guys feel when you enter it? Last one. What is your guys reason for entering your wonderland? Like why bother entering it?
  25. Hello. I've seen around that when their tulpa began doing things of it's own accord, they changed the mindscape. The problem is I've memorised it, it just doesn't feel 'real', like it can be edited because I am just conjuring it up with my thoughts. Is that how it is meant to be or am I just missing something? -Thanks ;)