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  1. Hello! I haven't created a tulpa yet, but I have been thinking about it. I am 14, but I'm not sure if I would be considered mature enough to create a consciousness and have it for my entire life. The only information that I can find seems to be very vague about the matter. I discussed this with my daemon, and he told me that I should think about it for a long while, and browse the internet to find out more. What do you think?
  2. I wanted to ask about imposition of other things besides tulpas, like I heard people were imposing tails on there body but I was thinking is it possible to impose objects as well like if I could have an imaginary imposed book on my desk, or I could impose a house outside that I could live in.
  3. So, James and I are a bit curious on this matter. :3 To start off with, I know what servitors are. I don't need an explanation for that. Instead, I'm curious about two other things: 1) Can they just "appear"--as in, does your subconscious sometimes create them? (I'm assuming the answer is that it certainly can). 2) How does one go about creating a servitor without making a tulpa? I'm assuming this is going to be a "just control them" type of thing . . . as in, don't "let" them be sentient? Thanks ^^
  4. I warn you now this my first thread(besides my progress one) and I doubt everything will be in a good order to read ok on with the show This is more of a request/suggestion thing so I was thinking there are a few good text besed games and then there are self hypnosis scripts like like linkzelda's and I don't see why you couldn't combine them to add a little extra fun while forcing Well at the start you give your name and your tupper's the it would ask for some ways to describe different parts of your tulpa such as wings/tails, skin/fur/scales, body shape(huminoid/animal/freeform), general gender id(please bare with simple terms), finaly choose if you want to use vague disctriptions for actions or not(to avoid puppeting) Then you start up and go through basic things like areas to start at and if time passes eventualy there could be events like you spot some knights then you could attack talk or walk away and stuff like that mainly to help give some extra help doing something in your wonderland Now if this was more of a choose your own adventure self hypnosis thing the controls could be kept simple as to not break you focus such as the numbpad maybe one day it could be read aloud to make it even better but the main thing is if you read about and visualize a world and people in it then it can help make it feel more real Now id like to hear any suggestions and id be willing to help male this but I'm not the best with coding
  5. I have recently been diagnosed with a few different things, including essential tremors, as well as short term memory deficits. All of my problems are neurological, and I was wondering if any Tulpa I have would have the same conditions. Considering they exist in different parts of my brain, would they be affected in the same way?
  6. Lastly, I have been discovering the great effect music has on the quality of my sessions. The only problem is, I can't seem to find any good songs. I produce music myself and in most cases, when listening while forcing, instead of thinking of my tulpa, I am thinking "Yeah, I would set the treshold of this sidechain compression higher". Does anyone know any good, long songs/mixes suitable for forcing sessions (preferably ambient)?
  7. Im new to tulpas, and now I would like to know the differences of sentience and imposition.
  8. every time I go to my wonderland with my tulpa, she changes her hair, voice, sometimes appearance, will there ever be an end to these rapid changes? I know it's normal for your tulpa to change, but my tulpa seems to be changing alot.
  9. if my tulpa was sentient and had imposition would it be able to tell me answers to a test?
  10. Hi my name is Alex, and my tulpa's name is Ijrde(complicated name) my Tulpa made that name her name herself. I don't know how but in a few minutes of creating my tulpa she told me her name, is that normal.? Anyway its been two days and Ive been tulpa forcing and I cant tell if I'm puppeting or shes doing stuff her self like :walking, talking, moving, singing, ect. I can only see her when im concentrating on her is that normal as well.? If its normal to only being able to see her through thinking, when will I be able to see her automatically. If I have bad grammar... sowy :(
  11. So I've been wondering what is proxying, how do I do it? What does it do? How do you know your doing it? and how does it feel like when your doing it. Would appreciate an answer any time.
  12. Pretty much what it says on the tin, honestly. Tulpas need attention to live, more or less, and it's generally accepted that if they are ignored they'll dissipate over time (although there are some varying factors/reports here, including hibernation, revival, and strong tulpas surviving on their own). Host pays attention, tulpa lives and grows; host ignores tulpa, tulpa fades and dissipates. There are also reports of recursive tulpa creation, which means tulpas can force each other into existence, which means that they also have the ability to maintain other tulpas' existence. So what this leads me to wonder is, could Tulpa A keep Tulpa B alive if the host started to ignore Tulpa B? Would B be able to return the favor if the host started ignoring A as well? This also raises a whole host of other questions in my mind, some more directly related to the subject than others. Can strong tulpas create recursive tulpas without the host's supervision? Can non-recursive tulpas of the same host force for each other? Is it possible for a recursive tulpa to find a new hostulpa in a way that would be impossible if they weren't all in the same system? Apologies if this is in the wrong place or anything, and also if some of these concepts are different enough kettles of fish that they should be in separate threads, please let me know.
  13. Hello Tulpamancers out there! I just found out about Tulpas a few days ago. Since then I read various things about it, mostly on this forum. BUT in the internet out there are some that discribe all that very negativly in (mostly just stupid) posts. But some sound pretty realistic. I read some topics in this Forum and tought that it's all a pretty much good thing. But in some posts somone says a few (like 0,1% (jus a noumber out of the blue)) you could get a mental disease from it. I read a very good argumented and proofen post that Tulpamancy isn't a mental disorder and I think thats true but I'm not sure about if you could get one. In most some posts it's too unspecific for me and I just want a cleary answer (I don't mind long texts). So here is my question: Is Tulpamamcy dangerous in any form and so you have an "emergency break" if it tügets too serious? I know rhat Tulpas can't harm you physicly and mostly they don't want to harm you in any way but I think maybe there is some side effect in that Tulpamancy-thing at all. Some Tulpamancers are pretty weard but I also read many threads that in wich people say that Tulpas help them with their mental dissorders. I mostly don't know what I should think about all this but I'm not the type that is discrimemtly and just say its a mental disease. Sorry for the long post and the probally bad english, I'm from germany so english isn't my motherlanguage. I just created an account for thia Forum to get some oppinions to think about. Edit: I'm very courious abput this topic and I take it really serious. If I start this, I want to be really sure about anything. In may posts people say tehy regret overhasting it.
  14. I seem to be making leeway with haku and he is moving again and even mimicing my movements and actions while mental rping with him in his small anthro-form.. While laying down for a small 2 hour nap, i asked haku to join my dream to make it lucid, he shook his head and hid under the couch in the hotel.. i tried to coax him out promising that i will protect him but he's alittle too shy when it comes to lucid dreaming.. think he'll grow out of this shyness eventually? and is this common for younger tulpas?
  15. I seem to have a hard time seeing my tulpas while meditating sometimes, i mean sometimes i see them if not just for like 20 seconds or so maybe for a minute, but I kinda wanted to meditate and visualize/force with them.. is there an easier way to do this?
  16. For those of you who have experienced "random" tulpas--do you perhaps know how that's possible, and if there's anyway to prevent that? I might want a second tulpa one day, but not so soon. (read: from all these stories I'm getting paranoid that I already have a second)
  17. This would be in the resources section, I think. So, a while back I started programming a tulpa development kit for fun, and it got to the point where I thought it was pretty useful, so I considered sharing it. It wasn't finished at the time, and still isn't because I lost the source files thanks to an unforeseen issue, so it's got a few bugs, and there's a little bit of stuff that hasn't been finished yet(Namely the calendar, forcing ideas, and there's a broken guide in that section). I'll post it here because it'd be a waste to get rid of the entire thing: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z3sw83qoe8azk8w/TDK%20v0.9.0.zip?dl=0 NOTE: This is a SUPPLEMENT, not a replacement! You're still going to need to do forcing and all that jazz. This is just a tool to HELP. Lastly, I did say this was buggy and incomplete, so if the GAT doesn't like it, not much I can do. Just figured I'd put it up here for the hell of it, and as much as I'd like to finish it, I can't, so the bugs won't be fixed unless I start over.
  18. I posted this slew of stuff on my tulpamancy tumblr and on the tulpamancy subreddit a while ago, and only now did it occur to me to post it here as well. Thought people might find them interesting or be able to put them to use as ammunition against "lel plurality don't real" people. All of these studies refer to supposed DID systems, though I can't say if they really fit DID or were misdiagnosed functional systems. First thread I posted... --- This came up in another thread, and I thought I might as well post it out here for others to read. A good deal of this will be copied from my blog. The article in question: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17611729 Translation for those who don’t know scientific jargon—a multiple system had a form of blindness where the eyes are perfectly healthy and functional, but the brain is damaged in such a way that it cannot interpret the eyes’ input. This form of blindness can be overcome through psychotherapy, which this system received. Upon undergoing therapy, however, a very interesting thing occurred—several members of the system regained sight, while several others remained blind. This was confirmed when researchers measured the brain’s electrical signals while different systemmates were in front, and found that while the sighted members were in front, the brain produced signals corresponding to sight; however, when the blind members were in front, the brain did not produce those signals. (In case it isn't clear, by "personality states" they mean system members--I'm aware that the terminology is troublesome, but it is what it is.) Thank you, Connor, for showing me this article in the first place. I remembered it today when someone accused a multiple of lying because they said their systemmates had different physiological states when they were in the body—one member possessed stronger eyesight than another, for instance. This accusation rather incensed me (to be fair, the multiple being accused had been extremely dismissive of tulpamancy, so they were hardly innocent themselves), so I found this article and linked it several times in the thread as proof that what they were describing is, in fact, well within the range of possibility. I hope this article provides some food for thought. In the context of this article, I would like to ask that all people on the plurality spectrum--and non-plurals too--keep in mind two things: That even if someone is extremely offensive, that does not automatically invalidate their own experiences, especially if those experiences are shared by many innocent others. That the human brain is far more complex and marvelous than any of us can even begin to comprehend. Remember the allegory of the blind men and the elephant. If we have different experiences, that does not mean one of us is the lesser of the other, or that one of us is “right” and all others are “wrong”. (I direct that last statement in particular to the multiple who made that thread.) It means that we have each reached out and touched different parts of an incredibly vast phenomena. It is an occasion to share what we know, not come to blows over our differences. Thank you for reading. --- And the second... --- This came up in a discussion with someone in another thread, and I thought I should post my links in their own thread as well, as a sort of follow-up to this thread. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2766827/ http://www.nytimes.com/1988/06/28/science/probing-the-enigma-of-multiple-personality.html https://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/pdf/Laura%20Harrison%20Multiple%20Personality%20Disorder;%20an%20Alternative%20Theory.pdf (This one is a bit meta but it does quote some interesting studies) The Swinburne media report goes on to state that there were significant differences observed in the EEG coherence analysis between the core personalities and their alters, but not between the actor’s true personalities and their pretended personalities. Ciociari of Swinburne states that this lends credibility to the existence of this disorder and militates against the belief that it is fabricated in all cases. Just a little holiday reminder that the brain is really fucking weird, and more complicated than any of us can even begin to imagine. Hope everyone's having/had a good New Year's! --- And the third, which I found today... --- Hi everyone! Have another article that says plurality can't be faked. Have fun! (don't mind me. I'm kind of off my rails at the moment.) --- Hopefully these haven't been posted before by someone else. I'll probably update this as I dig up more stuff.
  19. Hello, SKOP, here. People call me SKOP now. ._. Anyway. recently we learned of an efficient way to proxy involving the tulpa blocking off the host's thoughts while the tulpa thinks. Its slightly unpleasant, but stops me from typing something or doubting what they say. What I do is get ready to type something and clear my thoughts, and then look at my tulpa, Ashlee in this case. What she does is visualise a hose with my thoughts going through it, and block it off until I type what she says. Like a hose, blocking the nozzle doesn't compleatly block water from it, some thoughts can still get through, but it should make it easier to proxy for people with a tougher time listening to their tulpa. I hope you all 'enjoyed' reading my guide! To all of the people "Rating" this "Guide", I would like to mention it was made in 2012, and this was acceptable at that time. Times have changed, and this guide is not suitable for today. So stop rating it as if it was made for a submission. This was made before the forum was changed and watching people post on it obliviousy is going from humorous to annoying.
  20. So, most of us get knocked out for a good chunk of a 24-hour day, hallucinate vividly, then (usually) get a dose of amnesia about it. This is healthy. What this pioneer in psychology, Carl Jung, considered even healthier was if we could remember the dreams and sort of negotiate with them as symbols of our subconscious and unlock the wellspring of individual creativity. As lucid dreaming hadn't been proven to exist yet, Jung expanded dream interpretation into a method of visualization and imagination that took a cue from the dreaming state of mind, and from there he would analyze the significance of object, events, and characters of the world in his mind. These imaginings would often become their own experience, neither dreams during sleeping nor necessarily something in waking reality, so this method of Active Imagination is described very much like a Wonderland. Through this method, Jung made the acquaintance of a character that he identified as Philemon. The name is taken from the Greek myth of Philemon and Baucis, poor peasants who entertained Zeus when the god was disguised as a beggar. In the myth, Zeus rewarded the couple for their hospitality by offering to grant them each a wish. One wished only that their humble house be transformed into a temple so that they would continue to serve the gods, and the other wished that they would die at the same time because the couple loved each other that much. (D'aww.) I personally believe that this Philemon figure to Jung became as a sort of tulpa, because Jung described walking in his waking-life garden and conversing with Philemon as if Philemon were a person. Rather than taking the mythology as something metaphysical, as Jung perhaps channeling the ghost of some long-dead Ancient Greek peasant-cleric man, we could consider the myth as inspiration for the figure, much like the influence and inspirational quality of fiction can be in modern times. Any fans of Jung out there, please do feel free to weigh in in regards to archetypes, alchemy, and anything else from this school of thought and/or its branches that could assist in the making of tulpas. Or personal experiences as interpreted through a Jungian-influenced self-analysis. (...Or criticisms about how Jungian psychology/philosophy is only of any value to woo-woo New Agers because he was secretly crazier than any of his patients, that'll fit right in here too.)
  21. So, one explanation that I've heard for a lot of spiritual practices was a common human tendency to project our humanity onto things that were mysterious, such as the workings of nature. If an eclipse happened, that would be the sun goddess hiding in her cave from her rainstorm-brother's tantrums or something. It wouldn't necessarily be that anthropomorphized a personification, either. A storm could have a human emotion such as "anger" attributed to it (which would be personification), without also having a gender or family drama (which would be anthropic.) I'm also thinking of something in-between, like this German legend of a mermaid named Lorelei who was very personified and became a romantic interest, but is also a personified piece of rock on an island or something. (I'll get back to this personification/landscape thing in a bit.) In a more modern use, Dan Olsen over at the Foldable Human show on Blip suggested that one way to examine the unspoken worldview of a piece of creative work would be to think of that work as a personality, so that viewers don't transfer the blame for this or that "message to society" on the creators who probably didn't mean to put it in there because it's an unspoken worldview that the creators weren't even thinking about. I've also recently read of a therapy technique for anxiety whereby the feeling of anxiety (or depression, or obsessive-compulsion, what have you) can be personified as a way of de-centering the sufferer from the symptoms; like, the symptoms of these thought patterns or emotional disorders would be easier to treat if the patient's whole identity isn't tied to it...which it can get to be, because suffering from these disorders can start off very deeply-rooted and then become overwhelming. Elizabeth Gilbert gave a TEDtalk about " " or externalizing, personifying the creative process as being healthier for creative people. Neil Gaiman even wrote an essay about the personification of cities. That last one got me wondering, actually, for those who have Wonderlands and/or Tulpas: If your Wonderland were a Tulpa, what would they be like? If your Tulpa were a Wonderland, what would that be like? (If it's difficult to imagine or answer the former, then maybe personification isn't too inevitable a habit after all.) Or, if you have a Wonderland, do you think your Wonderland is automatically a landification of yourself or your person?
  22. Preface ((If anyone has comments or advice on improving formatting or presentation, etc. please let me know. Thanks, Narius.)) There have been a significant number of responses to the Survey (and stylometric test) for fluently speaking tulpa. As I was browsing through it, question number 109 caught my eye. 109. What advice would you give to a new tulpa creator? I thought wow, there must be some good advice here with so many tulpa creators! So I read though them all for the various answers to the question. A few chose not to answer, or had replied to an earlier version without the question. However, over 60 did! As I looked a the information I saw much advice reiterated or spoken in different ways. I read through the answers and kept track of each piece of advice and how many times it was given. I have taken the liberty of listing the answers citing the most common suggestions first. I tried to edit as little as possible but I did make a few edits for clarification. I hope this serves as a reference for those who don't have time to read over all 60 surveys. Remember these are suggestions, and may not be work for everyone. However, this does give a good sense of what has worked for many! Tulpamancing Advice Report Compiled and Edited by NariusV - From survey results as of 3/28/2014 Introduction, some comments about dis-belief and tulpas. If you are going about this just to test if it is true, it probably won't work and you'll walk away thinking you proved something. Some skepticism is fine, but if you go into it thinking there's no way this is real, then nothing will come out of it. You can have a hyper-detailed form an personality, but that won't be anything more than an idea if you don't believe in their sentience. Advice for Tulpamancers, Top Ten 1. (29) Believe in yourself and in your tulpa. Trust your tulpa, and assume they are there! This is the key to success above all else. 2. (17) Be regular about your forcing sessions. Spend time and talk with your tulpa. If you are wondering about whether to force or not, force more! Always keep forcing, and do not be afraid to work on your tulpa too much. Don't make your tulpa wait for you. Do your best to reach out to them as often as you can. Pay lots of attention to your tulpa. Devote consistent attention to your tulpa. Do not neglect your tulpa. Listen closely if you think they are trying to talk. Be prepared to share everything with them. 3. (15) Don't be mean, or scornful towards your tulpa. Don't treat your tulpa like a doll or imagine they are 'just an aspect of yourself'. Treat your tulpa as one of your own family, as a close friend. Don't stifle their development based on your preconceived notions. Recognize your tulpa as existing as soon as possible. Treat your tulpa like a sentient being. Be honest with yourself, and your tulpa. Tell your tulpa exactly what they are from the start; don't keep it a secret from them. Be kind to your tulpa. 4. (12) Stay dedicated to your tulpas creation. Take it seriously and do not quit. Never, ever give up, no matter what! Be persistent, stay consistent, and do not lose faith. 5. (10) Go with the flow. Do what you think is right, what feels natural and comfortable. Enjoy the process, and every minute spent with your tulpa. Have fun! 6. (10) Be patient with the process. Don't worry about rushing through, and go at your own pace, and do not worry about hour counts. 7. (9) Do not worry, seriously! Do not fear anything. Don't stress over the process, or be discouraged. 8. (8) Love your tulpa with all your being! 9. (3) Avoid distractions for unimportant things. Stay off the internet and IRC if you have to. Get that forcing time in! 10. (2) Be confident in your tulpa, and in yourself. Other advice for tulpa creation Give your tulpa lots of hugs. Force with an open mind. Let your tulpas thoughts flow into you. Take everything you get with enthusiasm. Make a wonderland. Give you tulpa a familiar form (makes it easier to visualize) Work out personality. Get involved with the community early on. Think about what you are trying to achieve and think about how to achieve it. Drink orange juice (it has helped many tulpamancers concentrate better.) Include compassion as a trait. Be open to new experiences. Concentrate. What to do if you get stuck (Educating Yourself) If something isn't working... try something new! Ask questions if you need to. Read the guides, but tweak them so they work for you. Try out your own things. Read everything you can. Remember all your successes (maybe keep a tulpa journal.) Go by what the people in #Tulpa Info chat say. Adjust your self and your tulpa and try different things. Comments about tulpa creation It's hard to mess up. There is really no wrong way to make a tulpa. If you feel something.. there is a high chance it is your tulpa. You literally cannot mess up. About forcing and tulpa creation Tulpa creation is easy to blow off, but trust me- you won't waste any time if you are determined from the get-go. It (Tulpa Creation) takes time but pays off exponentially in the end. It may be frustrating, but it's worth it. A few comments about tulpas Your tulpa is special. Your tulpa will come when they feel ready and have the chance. They are more sentient than you think. A few comments about parroting Do not think you are parroting. You are not parroting unless you do it on purpose! If you do, doubt and parroting are not deal breakers. Even more, if you’re parroting there’s a really good chance it’s your tulpa – especially if the words are coming out before you’re done with the sentence.
  23. is it possible to accidentally create a tulpa by accident? because i think thats how Maribelle was created. see when i created her i was rexamining my spirituality and i got big into the new age crowd and was looking for my spirit guide, and over the past year i had found and talked with her (though she was in the form of a wolf back then and i couldnt exactly tell what her gender was, and she gave me the simple reason of that was the form i would be most accepting of at the time.)
  24. I always see people saying careful not to create a servitor or just warnings about them, what are they? And what do they do?
  25. Has your tulpa, Motivates or been motivating you to go to the gym or to exercise more? Also Have you tried exercising/working out while passive forcing? This is just a fun question. I don't know if it applies to all, but whenever i exercise or go to the gym or work out. summer and cherry really loves the energy they're receiving when I exercise, they said it's making them relax and making them more active.
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