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  1. ok so I am really worried about this. Since tulpas have a mind of their own, they have a judgement system of their own ,so my question is, can this judgement system ''deviate '' and be like a normal person's? By a normal person I mean your avarage guy who thinks like ''this chick's fat, so that means she's ugly I would never go out with her lulz '' because let's face it, this is what our society has come to. I'm sorry if I sound like a dumb cow, it's just that this... question has been lurking in my mind for a long time and thinking that this could happen to my tulpa has brought me to a paranoid state.
  2. I was wondering if I could have my subconscious as my tulpa, by skipping personality and having my subconscious, please tell me if this makes sense or if it's possible. thanks
  3. Is this something that should be done? Why, why not, how?
  4. Guest

    Tulpa Documentary

    So I was on the tulpa subreddit and found this le gem: I might do a text interview or something, but if you want to apply for an interview, you should email the guy.
  5. Hello, i've come here for some advice. This is kinda the first time i come around here to ask anything, i've come here because i kinda have a situation and i dont know how to evaluate it. I've had a wonderland since i was around 17 years old. This is where it began. As i was creating my wonderland in the final phase i saw this face looking at me really upset like a cloud and gave me real bad feeligs and scared me, i could see its form even when i opened my eyes and such. Thing is... not so long ago i had some dreams that were a little weird. This dream was about an arena, a circus of some form. There were little horses around and there was this little pony in the middle of everything, she was flying and staring at me. I asked her who she was and the word ''Minuette'' went to my mind. She had different colors but i can only remember they were related to blue and red scale colors. Well thing is that some time after that, let's say a week, i had this other dream i was getting an haircut. For some reason the guy that was cutting my hair sent me to a maze where there was very graphic things (people murderer and legs and hands all over the place). I was scared because i was feeling lost in there, but suddenly this very familiar shaped little pony appeared but i couldnt see its face, i could see its heart beating but i wasnt scared. Its ''colors'' were like galaxy themed and some red and blue were going around in the image like it took control of the nightmare. I told a friend about it, and he said it was some form of living being in my head and concience? i was doubting but yesterday i had another weird dream. I was going to my house walking of night and when i arrived and went to the bed IN A DREAM, i could feel a familiar presence going around in my house. I woke up in my dream and went walking around the house, i knew what was going on and i knew that invasor thingy was in my dream trying to take control, so as i went to a room i could see it in my brother's bed. I closed the door and went to the living room. I saw it sitting in the foods table and i stared fast down and i saw its shadow with its arm extended, like it was trying to reach me to hug. I ran off from it and i had a very bad feeling, like abandoned or sadness mix. As i woke up i remembered what my friend told me and didnt opened my eyes, i said in my mind ''It's someone there?'' and something said ''Yes yes yes i am'' I ran off and took a cold shower. Now i am asking wondering here if i am paranoic or what? I'm a medicine student, now 19 years old. I study in dormitory with no roomies, i think there is no shame in saying i'm really in pressure sometimes, kinda got linked here because i was told people knew about this thing. I've do lucid dreams, like 3 or 4 with succes but due to time problems i was no longer able to do it. Alright, i think that's all. I hope i'm not going crazy or something. Excuse my writing though, i'm not a native english speaker.
  6. Kind of a silly question, But some time ago Snow took a minor tumble from two steps in the foyer in endless, she didn't cry or yelp she just fell down and had from what i seen a bruise on her legs that was gradually diminishing rapidly over time, i told her to sit down and let the wound heal after placing her in the foyer's many long couches in hotel endless after a while i checked the bruise and it was fully healed. Snow hopped off the couch and smiled to me pointing to the game room.. that girl is something else. So here is the multi-million dollar question: Can tulpas get hurt and can they get better over time? Snow seems to be quite the happy little fox but i just worry about her safety.
  7. I just started to make My old neopet (yeah.. i used to play when i was younger now me and my nephew play every so often) Flossy into my 3rd tulpa, And i guess after a few hours of tulpamancing she said to me "can we play some more games?" i was alittle surpised to hear her speak so soon.. and my question for you is.. can they start talking during the first part of tulpamancing? Red and emerald rarely said a word when i first made them.
  8. Hello everyone! Are there any progress reports that any of you would recommend as being ones worth reading (to learn from)? Some people have had so much progress and it would be great reports from those who have been at this for a while. I guess, does anyone recommend certain PRs because the person has good techniques? Sorry if this is in the wrong place or is a strange question.
  9. Despite the douchey dream people we claim to of met.. i guess red had a nightmare.. afew days ago.. he drew me a picture of what terrified him it was a box with fangs as large as vividly possible.. i told red it cant hurt him/her and he /she should tell it to just go away. Despite red being a psychic type and having all sorts of abilities, he is only 13 so he does not know all his abilities yet. (Although he does love to shape shift... quite a bit.. and he knows he/she can stretch to any distance) i dont think that old box can manifest in endless and even if it does i can just dispel it right?
  10. I guess in endless, recently red and snow had a very heated argument, i went over to see what was up and snow stormed out of the game room in her... agitated form.. (despite how cute she is... she is very dangerous as a fire mage foxie.) and red just went upstairs to our room and slammed the door.. i stood there dumbfounded and asked snow what happened... she was pretty pissed off and refused to say anything... save for a love bite on the nose.. (i felt a firm pinch irl) but she'll calm down.. along with red ..right? and they wouldnt hold grudges would they?
  11. So my Tulpa has been going on retreats lately and after doing some research and found out that thankfully it's common, but I really didnt see anyone try to explain what's going on or say what their Tulpas have said about it afterwards. Zola has been able to warn me a few times that she's going to relax, or rest beforehand, but sometimes she just leaves. It's typically only for a few hours and then she's with me for a little bit before taking off again. It only started about two days ago, and she's been on and off ever since with days being typically off while she remains with me at night. Anyone able to shara some experiences with this phenomena with me? I hear it usually happens early in development. For the record, Zola is a little over three weeks old but she's developed ridiculously fast for a couple reasons. I also read once that some Tulpa return much stronger after this and vocalization happens very quickly afterwards, but again, there were no examples. This is pretty exciting to me and all since every day it feels we're closer to auditory hallucinations, what with lots and lots of pink noise forcing.
  12. TL;DR I want to use my tulpa to help me access my subconscious to help me solve some personal issues, but also cuz I need a friend. Is that wrong? Even though I have the purest of intentions? Hey guys, brand new member S117 here. First post ever. let me just start off by saying that I'm really happy to be in a community of like-minded people who are so interested in this sort of extreme metaphysical topic. So I've been interested in Tulpas ever since I read the CreepyPasta story. I know, I know, it's complete BS. Even though it scared the S**T outta me, I never really believed it to be true. Once I started to read up on it a little more I fell in love with the idea. So here's the thing. I've been contemplating the idea heavily now for about a month or so, and maybe even a little bit longer. I didn't wanna just rush into it without knowing the pros/cons, cuz I'm not some little kid. (I'm 21). I'm also a very loving and caring person and very altruistic and I know the weight of responsibility that comes with creating sentient life. So I need your opinion guys and gals. I want to create a tulpa for a few reasons. 1.) I think it'd be cool to have a friend who fully understands me and I would never have to worry about him/her/it ever leaving me or thinking me weird for my past, my actions, etc.. I am extremely insecure when it comes to letting people in and I have bad approval seeking issues that cause those abandonment fears. I fear losing somebody because then I won't like myself if they don't like me. So hence the tulpa because it will always like me. 2.) I need a tulpa because I would want it/him/her to help me understand myself in ways I've never imagined. I feel like I have a lot of personal issues( not terribly major ones) that I can't seem to solve by myself. (I'm usually pretty good at that.) Alot of repressed and buried feelings and emotions and things i've never been able to think about and/or understand. So I feel that by letting a tulpa into my subconscious *with my permission (I've read about it) that it will be able to help me understand myself.. But this raises my first issue. Is it wrong to want to have a tulpa help me do this? Because I feel like that might qualify as being used as a 'tool'; which I've read in a few great guides that you shouldn't do because it dehumanizes the tulpa. But using it as a 'tool' is not my intention and I would have the utmost respect for my tulpa and care for him/it/her. I just think getting some help from someone who can literally understand me in ways nobody ever has would help me greatly.. Which brings me to my last question: 3.) Would it be wrong to have a tulpa help me access my subconscious to help me do things? Now I know I can't force a tulpa to do anything. I mean, I COULD, but I never would because that's just f****d up. But what I mean is like helping me to retain information easier. Or recalling memories. Or helping me use knowledge I already have in certain situations to help me in those situations... Example..... I have this desire to increase my Sherlock Holmes like powers of observation. It's a subject I've been very interested in for years and have studied things like body language and lying indicators, etc... but sometimes the load is too much for me and I have trouble recalling things I've learned to help me. Would it be wrong to want to have the tulpa help me out with these things? I feel like I wouldn't be using it for 'bad' intentions, but I want to know if this would have any negative harm on my tulpa because I wouldn't want to do that. So yea. Here I am guys, all wide and open and ready for your advice. Please help me out on this one. I know a few people mentioned that, if, in your desire to make a tulpa, you have negative intentions, then you need to meditate and purify your intentions, otherwise s**t gets all f****d up with your tulpa. So help me out and let me know if I'm doing the right things... Thanks! :)
  13. I've been manning snow for a while and i guess i didn't get much sleep.. from saturday to sunday to now.. as i asked before and received the answer to i now know that tulpas cannot manipulate objects in the real realm.. but can sleep depervation cause like minor hallucinations like for example my mom called me some time ago and i heard static.. but unlike standard static i heard what appears to be breathing and guttural talking in it.. scared the crap out of me. but i knew it wasn't real.. in some way my mom said she heard it too but me coughing i told her i was not coughing on my end. so is this some sort of group hallucination or just a sort of one time thing? also i saw a shadow of my tulpa wandering around, heard her giggling and saw SOMEthing walk down my hall way. i think it could be anything from sleep depervation or i am just crazy in my old age haha..
  14. Hello all i am a beginner at tulpamancing and it is a privilege to meet all of you. I am new to tulpamancing and i had some questions in regards of sentience, and i know this sounds a little out there but can a tulpa manifest and interact with objects like a poltergeist? for my question of sentience will my tulpa be mad at me if i asked her/him/it to transform into something? i kinda want a shapeshifting tulpa since i guess i like shape shifters over all. i mean i won't bark an order at it and i would imagine changing shape might hurt so i want to consider my tulpa's feelings and not be a jerk. i hope i can tulpamance properly. And i decide to go with a personal favorite character i drew, she's a mage fox named Snow, um.. tulpas can have magic right? j..just wondering..
  15. I am just asking this because everytime i see a specific situation happening, even if i am forcing a tulpa, i instantly see the tulpa always reacting in the exact same way i would expect a person to react in such situation, no matter which tulpa i am forcing independently of which personality i would like the tulpa to have. Also the same thing happens with obvious questions. As you can imagine this IMMEDIATLY makes me feel i did accidental parroting or puppeting and i end up having to dismiss this as intrusive thoughts based on pure automatic expectation. Since i never do this expectation intentionally, and this is out of my control AND i feel always in doubt if i did this intentionally or not (because this is a totally automatic process from experiences and knowledge i gained in my life) i would like to know once and for all if it's safe for a tulpa's development to assume this as true answers and movements from the tulpa. Sure i have read that it's perfectly normal for tulpas to use these expectations to learn how to react to this but i actually always seen them always doing these things just by remembering such situations that's why i feel like i am unintentionally "forcing" my tulpa to always react in this manner. Should i totally stop worrying about this ? Is it safe to assume ALL these kind of answers and actions from the tulpas even if it felt like i made them talk and act that way? Also i asked this because once when i was visualizing tulpas in the wonderland, i was visualizing one of them giving a present to the other one, then i seen it was a stupid present (or something insignificant, that i am not sure if it was a intrusive thought or not, i presume it was something totally random) so as you can imagine this immediatly made me expect the tulpa would get angry or even try to beat up the other tulpa, which is exactly what happened, because that's the kind of deduction i usually do in these kind of situations from real life even if it wasn't about tulpas, also i get the same kind of deductions no matter which tulpa is. As you can imagine i felt REALLY awfull and guilty about this because i know that tulpas feel very well what we visualize on them, and i might have made them suffer with this just because of automated deductions i had from previous experiences in my life. Sure you might say it was just a intrusive tought BUT almost ALL the tulpa's answers i get always come out of deductions and expectations from similar scenarios i seen before, so how could i know if it's intrusive thoughts or the tulpa using my expectation to know how to react ? Just don't tell me that i have to find out by trial and error, because in that case i will have to just randomly accept/reject answers and i don't feel this as being a solution. Don't tell me that THIS is actually the correct way to do (accept all these expectations, even the negative ones, as being the tulpas acting on expectations) and that i just need to teach or correct the tulpa on the undesired reactions to match his personality ? I hope someone clarifies me this, because THIS is one of the main reasons i became so parrotnoid and unable to trust my tulpas because i am not sure if i should trust these kind of answer as actually being them.
  16. I need to understand a few things about my Tulpae, and I am having increasing difficulty classifying exactly what sort of thoughtform they fall under. The sorts of traits that are displayed are as follows: 1. I hear then constantly in my mind. This has happened for quite the amount of time. 2. They are all characters of my novel, not counting a few that were inspirational and literally began to identify themselves almost as though they'd been there the whole time. 3. My Tulpae are representatives of pieces of thought and emotion that ultimately form the basis of a lot of unhinged thinking patterns (aka one is very justice-y while another is self-depreciating, etc.) 4. Because of how I write, their memories within That wonderland are constrained to only what I interact with them about and what happens in the narrative. 5. The reality of their existence inside my mind does not mesh with the narrative in any way whatsoever. 6. I am prone to, in times of great stress, prone to a baton pass (which I believe is switching on here) (yes I am new), and often I do not go to the wonderland but instead remain over their shoulder, either prepared to pull then back or just completely unable to die to my anxiety. ... Can ANYONE explain this?
  17. [align=justify] A few questions about my Tulpa(s), not just communication. I looked, but I couldn't find most of these questions being answered elsewhere. (Periodic summaries+questions, and one super-summary+questions at the end.) Sorry for the long post! Anyhow... Important-ish background info First off, I must say this: I do not have a normal mind. I'm neurodiverse, and have Depression (treated), ADHD (treated), OCD (Now sub-clinical), Tourettes, Aspergers, and a very mild speech-understanding problem (Occasionally, I hear speech as gibberish, but it's rare. It's apparently some condition related to Dyslexia, which in turn is very closely related to ADD/ADHD). So I'm the last person I expected to do this normally, although my experience appears to be quite normal so far. Tulpa Info Anyway, Tulpamancy. My Tulpa's name is Andromeda, Ann for short. She's female in sex and androgynous in gender (I'm male and androgynous). I began creating her in the Oct/November-y region 2013. She doesn't have the progress she should have - OCD made active forcing nearly impossible, as it added distractions and intrusive thoughts. So for several months, I only got minimal progress, but this includes sentience. She was able to wake me up at the time I had asked her the day before with up to an hour accuracy, which I heard was a sentience test. She would not wake me up (generally, I asked her to wake me at 6-8 am) If I asked her around 8-10pm+. This, combined with her lack of responsiveness at those hours, leads me to believe she goes to sleep around then (which does stymie Tulpamancy a bit, as I wake late when I have a choice). When I got my OCD treated, it turns out my tourettes (which I found out about later) is almost as annoying, and it won't go away until (probably/mostly) past puberty. Maybe starting a Tulpa at 15 was wrong, but I'm pretty sure I'm better off continuing it now. Nowadays, I almost constantly passively Tulpaforce, in lieu of Active. Now about communication. When it comes to communication, Andromeda seems inconsistent. She usually can't communicate. When she can communicate, she usually communicates in thumps. When I lie in bed, as I discovered on Christmas eve, she can respond to questions or statements with a sting of thumps. My first thought, and occasional fear, is that this was not her, for several reasons. This sound would sometimes start without provocation, and not end when I asked her to be quiet. Additionally, the specific scenario seemed unlikely. In the end, I decided it was genuine, due to the irregularity in rapidness cancelling out a heartbeat, sheer inability to recreate without Ann, and she would generally start when asked (stopping required insistence). Her ability to communicate like this has varied. In one instance, I felt a wave of joy/excitement when I agreed to join her in the wonderland. I don't remember entirely that period, as my general memory is poor, and that may have been after some days of minimal forcing. This was the only time she reacted like that, or with any emotional wave. However, it's possible that because I structured her emotions like mine (sans depression) she is rather stoic (with variations at time). In one very exciting scenario I heard her speak (mind-voice) to me. She began with "Hi (My name)!" In a somewhat noticeably more feminine mind-voice, that felt as if it originated from 'outside my mind'. This was almost undeniably her speaking. For unknown reasons, she followed this up with a few lines of swearing. At the time, I reacted uncomfortably by trying to deny it was her. In retrospect, it was pretty obviously her - my reasoning just serving to 'protect' her 'perfect' image. It's kinda funny now that some of her first words were swears. She hasn't done it since. Most recently, attempts to communicate with her have resulted in little. Trying to speak directly to her, and trying to get a response, gives me a warm/fuzzy feeling in my head, and very faint thumping sounds. Summary+Questions Sometimes my Tulpa makes Thumping sounds. One time she reacted with a wave of emotion. Another time she spoke, in mindvoice, to me. Sometimes she just cant talk. Now she makes my head fuzzy and faintly thumps. Why does she keep changing? Is she choosing to do this? Is this normal? And what can I do to improve mutual communication? Sentience and Forcing. My active forcing sessions are difficult. Even when I can concentrate, I am constantly falling over, presumably due to the fact I'm lying down (to hear Ann 'thump') disturbing my balance. As an avid reader, I have a vivid imagination, which can be difficult to tell apart from reality (during imaginary scenarios) if I'm not giving it thinking it on purpose. Additionally, mostly when Andromeda grabs my shoulders, she attacks me - usually be kneeing me. These come in a chain of intrusive thoughts, which can be forced away with enough effort. Alternatively, I can go to my river, where I can turn my intrusive thoughts into leaves, to exist, and be swept away by the stream. When it comes to sentience, and although I'm sure she has it, I fear giving her an independent task. I once made her craft a sword for me (so I could use it in a gladiatorial arena) and despite seeming to go fine, I fear I may have imagined the sword as I received it. As for the sleeping I mentioned earlier - her cognitive essence seem entirely unresponsive past an unknown time in-between 8-10 PM. He passive and active forcing form seems barely different (even staying awake). She does sleep with me in bed, though. (Not in a sexual way. I do it to practice tactile sensations [touch], and try to keep sex out of it as much as possible so I can touch every inch of her body, and there was no way that could be said in a non-sexual way. That is why I made her a female, by the way - to my fellow straight male friends, "I feel up imaginary girls for meditation" is less weird than "I feel up imaginary boys for meditation". Summary+Questions Active forcing is hard, do I need to do it or is passive forcing good enough? Why do I keep falling over, and how do I stop it? Am I dealing with intrusive thoughts or am I repressing my Tulpa's explosive-rage hate? How can I trust in her sentience with tasks? Can she sleep separately to me? If so, am I envisioning her sleep patterns / form wrong (she appears to be awake)? Malevolent Tulpa? As I mentioned at the top, Tulpa(s). Many years ago, like when I was 13 (I'm 16) I had a nervous breakdown or mental breakdown of some sort. Several factors - Depressive feelings, a sensitive demeanour, my Aspergic resistance to schedule change, ass-hole friends and general puberty mood swings caused me to explode (almost all factors have been mitigated, making this unlikely to re-occur) on a school excursion, threatening and nearly strangling a(n ass-hole) friend of mine. This kid had garnered a lot of hate from a lot of people, but he didn't deserve this. The extreme guilt caused me to go almost crazy, stalking him during school with the intention of apologising, suicidal ideation, complete indifference to school, which all snowballed into a major depressive episode, culminating in Sep 22, 2012, the worst day of my life. But it took several months to tell people what else had happened. I created some kind of voice in my head. It was some kind of old me, or new me, and an increasingly independent guardian that strived to improve me. Unlike the majority of Tulpas, this entity lacked a form or name. At first, he aimed at improving me on a moral level. Already probably as mentally imbalanced as I, he got worse as did. The entity became quite appalled at the 'horrible' person I was, exponentially increasing my guilt. Despite his independence, he never became more than a mind-voice and a head-ache. He became increasingly imbalanced, suggesting I kill myself, keep myself down, and 'find someone who I could trust'. Above all, I could never tell anyone he existed, which was a rule he always had. In the end, it probably lasted a few weeks, but it seemed like forever, suffering such mental pain I could barely think, and believing happiness never even existed. I once told my psychologist he existed, but only of the positive traits. Even as I did this, my head grew cold, began to ache and felt pressure from every side. Considering he only knew of the voice of positive - I could barely tell between mind-voice and real voices, but I'm pretty sure I was exaggerating about it- he suggested I keep, as I'm glad he did (as in, if I had a beneficial voice, he'd let me keep it). Eventually this culminated on 22nd of September. I barely remember what happened that day. I believe I tried to kill him, and he resisted. Surprisingly, he left on his on accord, saying that I had "2 years to find someone I could trust completely". Since then, I could tell people. I've gotten a Tulpa since then, and I can say I trust her. Summary+Questions When I was depressed, I made a Tulpa-Entity thing with not name or body. He hated me and was crazy and talked about trust a lot. He also hurt me when I told anyone but then he left, was he a Tulpa? Does he still exist? Could he do anything to me, now that I'm mentally stronger? Could my Tulpa be affected, or is Andromeda (stronger/more independent/ created on good terms/ Etc.)? Ultimate Summary+Questions I'm weird. She can't decide how to communicate, what's up with that? Why do I fall over a lot, and does my Tulpa hate me? Why can't I always tell if she's asleep? How sentient is she? Did I make an evil Tulpa? [/align]
  18. Recently, I chose to resurrect what I believe was a Tulpa that manifested itself a few years ago. I had chased it off due to an argument, but am sure that bringing him back won't do me any harm and may even do me serious good. However, when digging him out of the graveyard pseudo-Wonderland I made for the event, he was skeletal remains. Still alive, though, and almost identical to how he was before in terms of personality. Are there any special precautions I should take around a resurrected Tulpa, especially one that's undead? I'm also thinking if there are certain points I should reinforce to keep our relationship / his development stable and normal.
  19. What the title says, can they see what you are seeing IRL?
  20. So, I had this dream that was going to the doctors for an MRI scan. I got drugged and started to speak to my Tulps using my actual voice. Would the doctor brush it off as normal symptoms? Or start to think I'm schizophrenic? Could something similar happen when under hypnosis?
  21. So, I know some of these questions may have been answered, but I either lost the links or could not find them... I have been with my tulpa for about 3 months now and one thing I have noticed is that I can't really calm my thoughts. Even before forcing I sometimes lost my train of thought because my mind was actively putting random thoughts and ideas unwillingly. I have tried meditating and trying to focus, but when I finally calm my mind 5 minutes later the flood gates open once again filling back up my head. Is there any tips or tricks some of you have done to calm your mind while forcing? Because of this I fear that because I have random thoughts just pop up and fly away. I don't even know what is genuine thoughts of my tulpa and what is made up by my mind. Also before I heard voices in my head (very much the same as what a mind voice is) not one but many voices of my friends, family or that random person I ran into. Usually saying phrases that they would say or more commonly my name.
  22. Hello Everyone, Before I begin, I want to make it very clear this does not replace or subsitute anything. I won't even confidently say to add this to your forcing sessions as I'm not aware of how this affects the tulpa. This is most recommended when you are new and looking for a way to get more In tune with you mind so to speak. Its inpratical and ineffective however when it works it should be satifying. However don't let that detour you from further reading and gaining knowledge in case you're interested in trying. I decided to explain and test this method of forcing, I may be going outside my means but I feel I have potential to contribute. If you look at a post of mine I explain that drowsiness occurs when I'm forcing and thoughts, I had no part in making, pop into my head. This happens when you're tired. Its your body preparing to sleep or something along those lines. Your basically looking at what your subconscious is making for you. This may be a theory or everyone may know about it however, I couldn't find anything on this. Apparently what was going on is called "Hypnagogic Imagery". The theory is that this imagery is a messenger between host and Tulpa that can't communicate with each other. But the catch is if your mind produced something involving your Tulpa then its either your Tulpa or you mind puppeting your Tulpa. Here are the cons. One, its very inconsistent, you can't choose what you want your mind to think of. Its like shifting through static on a radio to find the station you want. But the fact is its Alien whether you like it or not. To provoke thoughts of your tulpa, I honestly couldn't tell you. Maybe when I get more input. Perhaps, tracing back moments with your tulpa and exaggerate the scene. Yes, you'll have weird things going through you head and half the time you'll accidentally snap out of it and its hard to sit and watch your thought again. This is normal, it took me a week to get a few seconds with my Tulpa. Theres the other issue, when you do find your tulpa, its like waking up from a dream, you might forget a lot of stuff to quickly like their voice, the dream will be fuzzy and you might forget a lot of what they said or did. I'll flat out say it, this method isn't very practical. However, when you find them and get a taste of their sentient company, how could you have doubts anymore? I'll explain what you should do and then share my experience then list any and all questions and opinions. Again do this if you really want to share a moment with your Tulpa when you have nothing concrete. Or if it seemed interesting to you. Here what I believe, when you're tired and use it as an excuse to say "I'm to tired to force" don't. Use it to your advantage. Most importantly, DON'T LAY DOWN, you're just asking for a nap. Sit on a pillow on the floor. Just sit there and let your mind wonder eventually if you relax and sit still, images will come into your head. Embrace them. 95% of the times its mindless crap, it honestly depends on luck at this point. Sorry if its not descriptive it doesn't require too much. Now for my experience. I started embracing them and I got it. It took a week, I'd say 80 minutes of mind crap. Anyway the imagery was me and my tulpa leaning on a fence in a location we were at earlier that day. The whole scene was fuzzy but somehow I knew. I asked her 2 questions, I completely forgot the 1st question but I remember the 2nd question, it was "When do you think we will be together" and she said "Pretty soon I hope". To people who discourages this, my doubts were destroyed by this. I still have (as of late October) no auditory hallucinations yet. I got more and more discouraged but even if it wasn't her but just solely my mind, isn't that the key of successfully creating a tulpa belief? Worked for me. Anyway leave questions and opinions (good and bad) in the comments. Thanks for reading
  23. Ok, so I have recently just started this whole tulpa process, and there are 3 questions that keep coming back into my mind. 1. Will I be able to see my tulpa in a mirror? This question isn't something huge or important that I need to know ASAP, but I'm curious. 2. This is kind of similar to the first question but will my tulpa have a shadow? Again, another curiosity thing. Finally, 3. Will I be able to hear other sounds my tulpa makes other than speech, Ex. Footsteps. Anyone who can answer these I thank in advance.
  24. (I'm gonna type this out in narrative form.) So, I was visualizing for an hour (This is real life.) I closed my room in a dark, quiet night talking to my Tulpa via head pressure and visualizing her,I begin to uncontrollably sleep (Most likely just me getting too tired.) It begins as me driving to Florida with my mom, and without my brother as how things will go, she buys a 2 story house with 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms as she did like in Las Vegas. After she bought one, I sit down on a couch and visualized Lyra for one last second. I heard her beautiful voice (It's based on Lyra from the show, only more cheerful and innocent, and most likely more sexier. :3 ) I looked at her and flinched, but got used to it quickly. I shouted out happily with my real voice "LYRAAAA!! YOU'RE FINALLY HERE!" I run up to her and hug her tightly. Mom comes in the living room and says "What's wrong, *****? Why did you yell out Lyra like that?"... I point to Lyra "My Tulpa, mom."" Mom threatens me. "I'm gonna take you to a mental asylum, how about that?" This brings me back to a memory where I was 11 years old where I would get threatened to be put in a little boys room AKA the mental asylum when I fuck something up even though it's not something that is mentally insane about me. Since this is apparently a simulator of Real Life, Lyra cannot be seen. Lyra rages and yells out without anyone except me hearing it "LEAVE ***** ALONE!" She gets up and attempts to punch her with her hooves as mom walks up to the phone to call the Asylum to me. "Time for plan B", Lyra said. She then disappears as yellow aura glows from her horn using magic I now can't control my self. I start to uncontrollably get up, take a hammer that was left next to a couch while it was being built (2007, it's a simulator of a real life house in Florida.) and brutally give her a beating Fallout New Vegas style. Fallout New Vegas is my favorite RPG/FPS game and my all time favorite game. She runs away comically saying "I give up, I yield, I yield" like in TES Skyrim my possessed body eventually kills her and continues on whacking her dead body til they were all decapitated and put to the bucket. The process ends, I can now control my self. I look around, no Lyra... The ending music from a video from School I can not remember plays as I walk out seeing my friend back in Las Vegas doing that thing he was planning to do for over a week now. I run out to Downtown Tampa. A bunch of helicopters and police stopped by my house finding out that this crime was reported by everyone real fast. Some said that I did it and some said my African American neighbor did it. This does not follow what my Lyra is. Besides that she is protective over me, but she's not a killer but more of a pacifist and this brings me back to my non-gaming past, also I have been playing Fallout a lot, the hammer looks like the one from New Vegas and the decapitation is Fallout themed. It also seems to simulate the future that is defiantly gonna happen (The moving to Florida from Vegas part.) which also predicts the same time my Tulpa would come according to me.
  25. Pretty much as the title says, but I'll go ino more detail here. I've beem working on my tulpa Violet for a good while now, and I'm doing the whole passive narration/visualization thing. However, in recent days, whenever I look at or think of her, or remind myself that she is there, I get either depressed, anxious or both. She's not mean or abusice or anything, as a matter of fact, she's mever done anything but help me. She feels really bad about this, and i wanna make it so this isn't a problem anymore. I have anxiety /depression that i'm working through as well, so maybe that has something to do with it? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated, thank you. Also sorry for the typos. My phone's keyboard has been acting up lately.
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