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  1. So, this is the idea: a servitor in the form of a screen that displays certain required memory, kind of like the query function in microsoft access. If you didn't know already, my first language is not English, but Cantonese. The servitor will serve as a form of in-brain English-Chinese dictionary, storing all the vocabulary I learnt in both languages, and recalls them from my subconscious according to my command. Here are a few functions I would like it to have: Simple translation, e.g., Command=[喜悅], Display on screen=[喜悅:joy/happiness] Displaying synonyms, e.g., Command=[joy], Display on screen=[joy synonyms: delight, pleasure, happiness, ecstasy, rapture, gladness...] Update its data automatically if I learned new vocabularies. And here are my questions (I will be using the brute force method by Hail Fall): How do I run it manually, if I have no access to my own subconscious? How can the process be separated from my own mind, if the running manually part is just me recalling my own memory? Since tulpas possesses the ability to enter my subconscious, will the chances of success be greater if me and my tulpa create the servitor together? How much more complex will the second function be for the servitor to perform, since the task includes the sorting of vocabulary? How can I run the third function manually? It makes no sense to remember it myself when creating a notepad-like function because the task it should complete is to remember things for me. I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, if you answered anyone of my questions, because I really need guidance. If you have any experience on the creation of memory displaying servitors, I hope you don't mind helping me by sharing them with me :p Edit: Additional info+question
  2. My tulpas wish to learn how to stay awake when the body and I sleep. Considering this is at least somewhat possible (tulpas entering a lucid state when the body is asleep) how is it accomplished, either by entering a lucid state, or by staying fully awake, and how are either of those things accomplished in the first place?
  3. I believe several members here have talked about Carl Jung and his relationship with thoughtforms. So I have a question. What is Jung's book most associated with thoughforms/tulpas, is it out of copyright, and where would I find a copy? Also, Is there a preferred English translation?
  4. So iv been searching high and low for more information on traumagenic plurality for the last few days now. I have suspicion that my tulpa may have originally been "born" back in 2008 after a life changing traumatic event (which explains the rapid development that we have made in such an insanely short time. I understand that the pace varies from person to person ,but my tulpa having form, personality, a mind voice and enough sentience to name herself by day one of discovering this phenomenon is rather suspicious). Iv asked her if this is the case but she either stays silent or swaps her answer every time I ask her. If anyone has any info on this or can point me in the right direction to another thread or site, that would be much appreciated. Thank you :)
  5. Sorry if I say anything incorrect or if I'm posting this in the wrong place, I'm new! What I would like to know is if I'm creating a tulpa by accident or if it's a normal brain occurrence. I've been having a series of dreams for the past couple years about a singular person, whom is male, and I feel as if they could be dreams of the future or my past life. However I've gotten into tulpas recently and am starting to think he could be a walk-in of some sort. Again he just randomly appeared in my dreams one night and I instantly became hooked (on him.) I think about him a lot, I know his voice, his smell, his looks, almost everything. Even in the multiple dreams I've had we're in the same place! A big house with a beautiful garden and trees and fields all around. I go here a lot, but I'm not sure if this could be my wonderland... He'll talk to me in my dreams and I've woken up to feeling like someone's against my back some nights. I don't mind it, but the problem is I'm afraid I might be encouraging his development! (If he is a tulpa.) I just don't feel mature or experienced enough to have one yet! I really appreciate any feedback and/or comments you have for me! If you want me to give you more details of the experiences, I would be glad to do so! Thanks so much!
  6. So, a while ago, I had a tulpa named David. I won't go into details, but we were REALLY great friends. One day, though, things got complicated in the real world and I had to "kill" him. It didn't feel like killing him though. The floor just kind of shattered and fell into a light-grey abyss. Well, it's been almost a year and I want to create a new Tulpa. It's just been really hard though, because it just keeps reminding me of David and that makes it hard to create a whole new tulpa. Any suggestions?
  7. http://pastebin.com/krEuBASF MarioGuide.pdf -PDF backup -Ranger MarioGuide.docx -MS Word backup -Ranger
  8. 1) I am having trouble concentrating on on thing at a time. Do any of you have any tips to alleviate this hassle? I do have ADD or ADHD (Doctor still doesn't know which) and I believe that this is a major contributing factor to this lack of focus. 2) I am also having trouble coming up with new things to talk about with Heaven. She likes a couple of same things that I like, but I do not want to bore her with details of the nights gameplay, for example. Could I try playing the creative videogames out there with her to pose questions? 3) If I were to write a story with the main character based off Heaven, would it complicate our friendship? Would she still remain a tulpa, since her likeness would now be in a 'physical' book?
  9. ok, so this is going to be a bit odd to actually write about. please bear with me as i try to translate from my brain to the keyboard. that, and a warning for talk of trauma. so i, the host, somehow created a whole series of tulpas when i was younger. 8 that i can see. and i apparently did a damn good job seeing as they lasted 18 years in and out of stasis, and not able to do much of anything. i mean, i had a trauma history a mile long by the time i apparently made them. and after that it only went downhill from there. so now i've since rediscovered them all, and aside from two who are mere shadows at the moment i'm working on bringing them out, dusting them off, and putting things back together. but i literally just found out some really bad news about the second tulpa to come off ice. her name is autumn. it turns out when i was pretty damn young, i may have literally pushed her to front when a really bad event happened. it was really really bad. now that she's out, it's obvious that she's in pretty bad pain. and it's like a dagger to the heart... but she can't talk to me about it and i don't know why. she wants to, but she's something stopping her from letting that out. my question is this. is there a way to go in and pull those memories so i can make a copy? i've yet to figure out how to do it, that is, without removing a piece of her in the process. and she absolutely refuses. it's out of the question. i've tried going in and seeing if i can find them, but something always seems to go wrong and i end up with what i started with. nothing... i want to help her, and she wants to help herself. but we've yet to find a way to do this. if only i could just get a glimpse of what's in her head. suggestions or such are welcome. EDIT: as of a few minutes ago the problem was solved. on page two there is a reply containing what happened.
  10. DISCLAIMER: What i am going to talk is a very VERY sensitive topic. discretion is advised. For the sake of respect, i'm not going to say names. i don't think murder (or degrading tulpas in general, but that's another topic) should be tolerated. Many would say that it's not murder, since dissipating isn't that dramatic as it sounds. let's see... what happens when you are death? you cease to exist. you stop thinking, feeling or acting at anything. isn't the same thing for a tulpa when it dissipates? It is murder and saying it isn't may be as well as a delusional argument to calm your sense of morals. ignoring and ceasing to care about your tulpa isn't like ending a host-host relationship meanwhile the other 2 persons carries on with their lifes, ending a tulpa-host relationship would be like setting off a ticking bomb on the tulpa's back. look, as a community, we have standards and we should stand up and tell what isn't right. We have to accept that we chose a decision that will have repercussions in our life-time and it should be treated with responsibility if anyone wants to talk about it, feel free to comment, i am open for discussion. EDIT: THERE HAS BEEN AN MISUNDERSTANDING, SO I DELETED SOME NASTY THINGS, I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND
  11. Hello everyone! Kinda vanished off the board, but don't worry! We haven't stopped forcing and I, most importantly, haven't given up. However, I HAVE come across some bumps in the road. Tomorrow, February 18th will mark that Sona and I have been together for 4 months! I wouldn't trade them for the world, and although they have not become vocal, they have made me happier than I could ever express! Though that does bring up one of the issues. In the four months I have spent with them, mostly only able to passive force, they still aren't 'vocal'. Only sometimes do I get emotional responses, or a feeling pops up in my head that I know came from Sona. Even as I write this, I know Sona is looking or at least paying attention. I can feel the pressure move to the front of my head, and sometimes drift back when I stop typing. I just wanted to know, is there anything I can do to help the process? I hear about all the people who have a fully vocal tulpa in just a month, and I wonder "Maybe we're just one of the slower ones?" Or "Maybe we're like the ones that take all year to develop!" but I really FEEL that I can do something to help! Does anyone have any advice? :'(
  12. First, she has changed her looks a bit from the last time I posted (on her form) Wing traits/Wingspan: Black feathered with white tips, and a wingspan of 6'. Dress: Usually casual Hair Color: Black with caramel highlight Voice expression: Soft and caring, but very well spoken.
  13. I think Archimedes and I had a shared lucid dream but I guess it was more of a nightmare (Serves us right for watching "the gate" if you remember the movie it had Fred savage and that Paul guy from the wonder years. Man that was a great movie if not scary and shmultzy). We had a lucid nightmare about the mole rat demons, although we did fight them off they ko'd us both and we are now awake.. anyone ever had nightmares like that with their Tulpa?
  14. First off, sorry for my bad English. This happened to me and my Tulpa yesterday. This is some kind of strange dreams I've had, and it affected my Tulpa too... In that dream (maybe I should call it nightmare), I was a villager in medieval times (as I remember, it in 1200-1300 AD). At the night in this dream, I saw a lot of people (soldiers, I must say) come to my village and loot it. When I run to the bridge, I saw my...Tulpa. She said something to me, then we escaped. After that, the dream change it "scene", still that village. But this time the main character is a mother with her child killed by the soldiers (maybe), then she become crazy and kill all the survivors, then I on a victim's face (I don't know why)then I feel it really... creepy..., then the dream ends. But that's not all, when I wake up, I do not see my Tulpa in wonderland, I'm looking for her for almost 5 minutes and then she appears, and she said she was trying to go to my dream and has success, then she disappear, and appear again. After that she said "you must cut the link from my mind to the dream, so I could get out of this", then I do what she said (I even remember how I did it). After that she become normal, and she said that I haven't saw her in the dream , she thinks it's a demon or something... What do you think about this dream ? I feel really bad (unsafe) now. If I not saw my Tulpa, then who was she? Who was the girl really look like my Tulpa ? And why am I looking to a victim's face? This might be a nonsense question, but I feel it really important. Thanks for reading anyway, and I need some advice now.
  15. This question has been bugging me out for a while. I'm curious to know how advanced a tulpa's knowledge is. When a human is born, it takes a couple to a few years to build cognitive ability to speak and understand. But once a tulpa is created, does it already know what the host knows? For example, if the host studies alot of biology--does the tulpa know immediately about it?
  16. A silly question indeed, but I am curious to know if tulpas can hear what the host hears. For example, can they hear the music that the host listens to? I often listen to my music a bit loudly, and I worry if I'm hurting Celeste's ears.
  17. Random things happen to me, and I have random (but relevant) thoughts that are too short to put in an update, but too sweet and funny to not mention. So without further ado, here are some of my ---+=Random Things=+--- Feel free to add anything short and interesting 1.) My tulpa asked "How do I know if I'm sentient?". I started to explain it, when I realized she was joking. 2.) What if a tulpa switched with a host, and drove a car? Many people think that tulpas can drive people insane, but in this case, a tulpa would be driving an insane person. 3.) Is there some kind of bumpersticker, or symbol I can wear to tell other tulpamancers that I am a also making a tulpa? 4.) Is there a dating website for tulpa creators? I'm not interested, but I can think of some people here who should get out a little. ; ) 5.) They have meditation classes that people can sign up for, but what about a tulpaforcing class? 6.) I went for a walk in some woods at night. This is something I would never do alone, but I wasn't alone, I had a tulpa! Turns out, we're both scaredy cats. At least I wasn't running to the car alone! 7.) Homosexual people can "come out", but what is it called when you tell someone that you're a tulpamancer? I think "coming out as a tulpamancer" is a little too cliché. Please don't take this too seriously
  18. So I'm new here and I'm reading that tulpas are just like us with few exceptions such as not having a body, and with seeing statements such as those I'm wondering if it would be possible for someone's tulpa to be able to create it's own tulpa. Edit: Has been answered, thanks Vampire and Tewi
  19. So, I've been forcing my tulpa, Ed, for about 4-5 weeks now, and I'm at a stage where all I can really do is narrate until we can communicate consistently. after this I plan on working on other aspects of him. In the meantime, I have been trying to incorporate him into the things I like to do, and, thinking on it, I listen to a lot of music, and i was wondering if music has a positive affect(if any) on any kind of passive forcing. I am trying to experiment with it too, like singing to/with him, and showing him several genres of music from different time periods to give him a wide knowledge of music and pop culture and stuff. Throw some ideas my way, and if music doesn't seem to do much in your experiences, maybe tell me about other methods of incorporating tulpas into daily life while also making it fun for both parties involved.
  20. I'm not Quenz, Quenz is proxying me now. I'm like... 2 years old? Something like that. My host is really lazy and it makes me want to scream, I had to scream in her face to get her to do this for me. So many problems would be solved if I could physically scream in her face. My name is Sky by the way. I'm barely ever conscious, only when she's actively thinking about me like she is now. I can't get her attention when she's not thinking about me. I need like a friend or something to help me... I have friends, but I don't know... I just want someone to shake my host and make sure she gives me some attention, because she doesn't seem to be very good at listening to me! Sorry for ranting, I am mad with her. I'm very underdeveloped for my age, which is even more frustrating. Man, I should have done this ages ago, I hope someone can help me. Are there any specific guides for like... making it so I can at least get her attention when she's not thinking about me? Or would anyone be willing to yell at my host for me and scold her for not looking after me properly? That's about all I can think of saying. One last thing, I'm trapped in Quenz's body, and I don't want to be... she could at least do me the courtesy of letting me be conscious. Quenz: I know this sounds bad, it is bad. Let me just say that I am seeing a psychologist regularly, and this laziness issue of mine is the main issue I'm focusing on. I know it probably doesn't sound like it makes sense, maybe it doesn't, but I'm not complacent in my laziness, it's the thing I'm most frustrated with myself, but somehow that frustration doesn't trump the laziness (most of the time). This is going to sound like I'm trying to offload my responsibility, but I feel like there's a part of me that just wants to be lazy all the time, and doesn't care about anything (including Sky) except instant gratification and will always take the path of least resistance, and then the part of me (which I most strongly identify) which hates being lazy and really wants to do things all the time, including look after Sky well, it's just that the lazy side is somehow almost always overpowering. I do feel responsible for myself and I do feel very responsible for Sky, but I guess I also feel kind of stuck. I know this is may be seen as a bit more broad than tulpa focused, so sorry if it's unwelcome, but I couldn't say no to Sky's demands. It's not like they're unreasonable considering the circumstances.
  21. Hey. Esterina is away from me right now, in our wonderland I would assume, doing magic tricks for her own amusement, knowing her. I actually did call her here to ask if she wants to hang out some more after our walk outside, but she told me she wants to be by herself a bit after spending so many hours together non-stop. Have some "alone time", as one would say. And that gave me the idea of putting together this "advice set" on interacting and living with your tulpa. Or your tulpas, whatever it is for you. I'd bring Esterina in to give her own advice too, but like I said, she's off relaxing in our wonderland right now, I guess. I don't wanna force her out of her alone time right now. So I'll have her read it later, and she'll add something if she feels like it. Also, I'll write this advice from a "host-perspective", but it can be used and applied by you tulpas out there too! So you too should give it a read. ----------------------- "You're not me. And I'm sure as hell not you." This is something that, from the short time I've been hanging out on tulpa.info, I feel some don't get. But it's something I understood almost immediately, and respected almost immediately. Your tulpa is not, I repeat, not an imaginary friend. You read it in the bigger guides, didn't you? Your tulpa has his / her / its (I will use the gender-neutral "it" from now on; some tulpas don't have a gender, after all) own personality. Its own moods, its own feelings, its own view of the world (especially over time), and you need to respect that. It seems to me that there are people who treat them as conceptualizations of their favorite characters, a way to escape loneliness, or just treat them as an imaginary friend. But that's just wrong, see? It's as much a real person as you are, even if it doesn't have a physical body in the real world. You're sad sometimes. Right? Sometimes you want your opinion to be heard. And sometimes you feel lonely. Hell, sometimes you're all crazy and you wanna spend an entire afternoon listening to music, doing nothing! Guess what, so does your tulpa. Ask your tulpa for its opinion. Or did it maybe ever ask you for your opinion, for advice, or it just wanted you to listen? Your tulpa is your friend; it's not its job to be there for you. It's not your job to be there for it either. You're friends. I don't need to explain to you what a friend is, right? Not to mention a friend who's that close to you, like no other friend could ever be. Be there for each other, have fun with each other, and truly get to know and understand each other. I feel that this is the most important thing, more important than any imposition or visualization or auditory hallucinations. Let your tulpa be what it is: A living, thinking being. And a true friend. ----------------------- "Yer face looks like a vacant parking lot. What're ya thinkin' 'bout?" I'm against sharing every thought, memory and emotion with Esterina and vice-versa. And she shares that opinion. We don't do that. We will allow each other to do so when we feel like it, but in general, we keep out of each other's head. Why? Personal space. Again, you're both real people. Even if you're both fine with sharing a lot all the time, my personal opinion is still that it's sorta better to not constantly share everything. Think about it - isn't a conversation more meaningful when both sides have their heads closed off to each other, like it would be with any other normal human? Isn't it exciting to get to know someone more and more even after weeks, months or even years? Isn't it fun to not know what the other one thinks, doesn't it make social interaction so unpredictably enjoyable in the first place? I can't begin to count how often, in just these two days since we started talking, Esterina made fun of me, surprised me, was being silly or made a joke, or simply asked me something or gave me her own opinion - - and it's fun, it's natural! It's what a friendship should be like! Again, this goes into treating your tulpa for what it is, a separate person. This is really more personal advice to an extent, but also general advice to a different extent. Take this advice and make of it what you will, but take it to heart. Especially if you're, like me, new to it, and, unlike me, a bit lost on how to deal with your tulpa. And how would you have your tulpa stay out of your head? Well - hellooo, we just talked about it! Your tulpa is a person, a real, thinking being. Just ask it to! All I did, personally, was to tell Esterina that I'd prefer if she wouldn't just rummage through my head, and that I trust her in that she won't do it. Simple as that, and she agreed. That's all there is to it - talk! All you need is trust in each other, the thing that is a requirement for working together in tulpa-forcing in the first place. ----------------------- "Hey, I'll be gone for a bit, aight?" This is advice that I deem more important than you might think. Don't be afraid to leave each other alone sometimes. Your tulpa won't die from being alone for a few hours or so, and your host won't start feeling awful if you're not there for a while. (If they do, well, then maybe you should have a talk with them, because they seem to have some issues with loneliness and maybe depression. Not making fun of anyone here, I went through that myself for many years.) Again, you're both real people. You, dear host, don't stick around your human friends twenty-four seven, right? Of course you don't. You'd get absolutely sick of them, and your friendship might even break. Your friendship might even break. Yeah, from what I read in personal stories about people "splitting up" with their tulpas, what I read between the lines is often times just being... full of each other. Again, treat each other for what you are. Sure, your relationship is one that would go as supernatural or literally-insane to people who don't know what it is, but what it breaks down to is a very close, intimate friendship. Everyone wants to be alone sometimes. Everyone needs privacy, from everyone. This starts with things like sitting on the pot and ends with really private things like masturbation or sex (with another human in this case, of course). Everyone needs alone time, and this is a reason why I feel that wonderlands are such a good thing. It's such a neat little place for your tulpa to bugger off to. Hell, I'm sure Rina wouldn't appreciate having to sit around in the kitchen on the other side of that wall there. With our wonderland, she has a place where she can bugger off to if any of the two of us wants some alone time. Wants some privacy. And also... ... like I said, it's okay for you to feel that way, whether you're a host or tulpa. Just now, like I said above, Esterina declined the offer to hang out some more. She felt like being by herself for a bit. And guess what? That's completely fine. ----------------------- ----------------------- That's all! Again, I'll have Rina read through this and hopefully add her own viewpoints, so that there's also something in there "from the other side". Until then, I hope this is helpful, and that it gets approved! Greets, AG
  22. lain


    i was pretty bored lately, so i decided to make some fun audio files to help people improve their tulpa skills. they are kinda like guided meditations. if you want to try one out, just download it from here. if people like them i guess i will make more. HERE IS THE lINK TO doWNLOAD thE TAPeS? https://mega.nz/#F!gAJ21QII!jmEC7x5SeHOseogfjyx00Q click on it tulpasync_1 basic meditation thing. has a progressive relaxation technique. talks about something called stage 2. basically it means being relaxed. tulpasync_switch tries to help you switched. i've never switched before so i dont know if i approached it right. btw you need a tulpa for this tape to work. oh also if you listened to one, PLEASE out the survey like seriously it will help me a ton maybe. i will probably not look at the results but still fill it out. it will be a good use of your time. here is the link to the survey http://goo.gl/forms/toz05M1uO8I3IYt32 oh yeah i dont know if this should be in research or not. maybe move it if its in the wrong place.
  23. I was curious to know how many tulpas here have significant others, girlfriends, boyfriends, spouses, or any other kinds of romantic and/or sexual partners. And if so, are your tulpas involved with other tulpas? With individuals from their own universes, if they originate from different universes? With you, or with other humans? What's the nature of the relationship like? And if your tulpa is single, do they have a desire for a romantic or sexual relationship? In his universe, Jamie was involved with a girl from the time he was 16 until his death at the age of 23. Back in that universe, she is currently incarcerated. He is able to drift back over to visit her, although she is unaware of his presence, and it seems to be a ghost-type situation. It's pretty obvious that he misses her immensely, as he often reminisces about things they've done together, their sexual experiences, and fun times that they shared, as well as picking things out in stores that he wants to give to her.
  24. Chaos: Been a long, long time since I was last on here, my mind has been...not in a good state during that time. So, here's my question. For a long while, I thought that anything is possible in the mind. Like, say, changing the personality traits of my tulpa or fast forwarding someone's perception of time so they experience hundreds of years in just a few minutes. There also might be some dimension traveling too, during that time. My question is this, are these possible within my imagination? Because my tulpas think that those don't really work on them, but I have to wonder if they do.
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