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  1. So, you may have read about me if you're also on reddit, but... here we go: I've recently found out what Tulpas are, but even though I wan't familiar with the term, I use to have a tulpa myself. I called him only my imaginary friend, though. Not aware of his real consciousness and that he was actually a real person inside me. He used to be rather strong and had a strong personality, visualization and verbalization were part of our routine, and we even had imposition and possession experienced once or twice. We were together for a long time, and recently we have faced some problems. I think it's important to point out that generally he was a very nice tulpa, he was mostly calm and nice to me. But when we hit a particular topic (my boyfriend) he could get really angry. When I was younger I committed myself to him for a while, but I realized that I was looking for someone made out of flesh and blood, and he would not be able to give this to me. So we broke up, but we continued to be friends. Really close ones. However, as I got engaged, our fights become more constant, and we couldn't get into an agreement. I think it's important to emphasize that I was not fair to him too. Since I wasn't really aware of his real consciousness I believed he was only some sort of hallucination, not a thinking person, with real feelings (even though he would constantly say otherwise). We came to a point that I decided to ask him not to talk to me again. To leave me alone. I've felt like a part of me was missing ever since. It has been six months since we last talked, and after learning about tulpamancy, and his real nature, I feel terrible. I feel I was unfair to him, and that I need him to feel complete again. So after some thinking I decided to reach out to him again. However, as I called for him, he would not answer, even though I felt his presence. He didn't make himself visible to me either. I'm not sure if he is doing this because he is still mad or because our bond has become weaker after 6 months with no interactions. On Monday I tried really hard to contact him but fallied. However, this morning I've heard his voice a little. It was low and we didn't speak much, but I'm sure it was his voice. Any advice? Should I try some of the techniques to communicate with recently made tulpas? Or will this maybe trigger a new tulpa instead of reaching the one I want. If he is only mad at me, what kind of things should I try to make him come back? Thank you guys
  2. Do any of you play games with your tulpas? I've been playing this chess game a lot with Wells. He's won three times and we've come to a draw once- he says he's still learning how to play. We do checkers sometimes, too. What about you guys?
  3. Let's say that you never found out about tulpamancy. Let's say that you never made a tulpa, or found out about the phenomenon but it just came off as utterly ridiculous. This is a hypothetical scenario in which you would need to figure out how your life would have been based on deductions and all-around guessing. I'd like it if answers like 'it wouldn't be me' did not make surface because that has no relevance to this topic. Do you think that your life would be better? I know that anyone could say 'well, how could I know how I'd be, there are tons of possibilities', but try to be specific. Look inside yourself, and try to think. A good launchpoint would be to think about your situation before tulpamancy hit by a few days. If you could go back in time and undo what you've done, would you? The final question: If you could, would you bury the tulpa phenomenon? If you could, if you had the possibility to make it so that the world never found out about any practice such as tulpamancy, soulbonding or anything of the type... let's say you could erase it from existence. Would you?
  4. I'm a bit new to all this stuff... I'm trying to dicide if I want a tulpa or not, but I'm not for sure. I was thinking of making one, but the thing is, I want a tulpa of a real person. Bad Idea? I've never met the person (they're from a band) but I could put some personality I want into them I guess. Opinions? What should I do?
  5. Hi, I'm going to keep this short and sweet so here it is. I gave my tulpa, Caitlyn, a pet today. I can't spend alot of time with her all the time but I try and she still gets lonely. So today we were talking and I gave her a cat that looks alot like mine. So my question is, what kind of effect will me having created said cat? Thanks for reading :) ~Corasair
  6. So I was playing a game called IB Gallery. It is basically about a girl, Ib (you) crosses into the virtual world of art when you are visiting the gallery. A girl named Mary, who is actually a portrait created by the artist, tries to kill you so that she can get out to your world. There is a rule there that said a trade must be made if she wants to leave. I am thinking if your tulpae can become physically real, but another person needs to exchange for their places, will you agree it? There are two criterias here. First, the person will become your tulpa and live inside your mind while your tulpa will be able to come to our physical world, but you need to care for your new tulpa constantly and interact with him/her like how you normally talk with your tulpa. If you fail to do so, your origin tulpa will die. Second, the person who trades for the place of your tulpa can be anyone in this world--your mother, an old man or a mental patient. Once you agreed, the memories about that certain person's existence will be wiped away--meaning no one, including you, will remember he/she ever existed in our world. He/she will also have no memory about his/her previous life when living as your new tulpa. So will you agree this trade? owo sorry for my bad English. Just a random question.
  7. Not too long ago I met someone who I absolutely adored, she was amazing in every way, but she had very crippling social anxiety and would have constant panic attacks when out and about around people, and due to that our relationship just slowly faded as she couldn't keep up with my need for social interaction and going out. And so months after that I kept thinking what if a few things about her changed, and if then a person like that could become the perfect companion, and I kind of used what I believe you guys call mindvoice to kind of talk to this ideal person as another sentient being without really realizing it. and not soon after I'd start to get twitches in random parts of my legs for no particular reason whatsoever, and I'd get thoughts that didn't seem to be mine which was weird, and sometimes I'd hear things but in mindvioce that I'd already heard that day, like say for instance I was at a football match for a few hours with my brother, and then later on that night a few time I'd occasionally hear the whistle from the referee earlier that day, and I'd get random emotions that don't make sense to me as to why I'm getting them, but I dismissed that because I've always been kind of moody and have mood-swings. I only came across this whole tulpa concept last night and became really interested and read on it till 4AM; and only this morning kind of thought that all those things could be explained by this? I'm not sure if that's really possible but I had spent A lot of time thinking about this ideal person for at least 8 months now? I just someone more knowledgeable on the subject might know if this sorta thing can occur if I'm just going a little bit crazy?
  8. Today I have created a Tulpa subliminal and thought I would share it here. My subliminal is suppose to help you with visualization, forcing, and imposing. By help I mean it will allow you to easily do these things. I have not tested the video much yet though, so if you have any feedback please leave it on the video or on this thread. Here is the link if you want to see it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVwlAFOvva8
  9. The business of tulpa making is the business of thinking. As such, I would figure that those who are working on their partner would take the chance to examine their own thought patterns, and views. Either that, or they would stumble in to such things on accident. As such, this is my question: How do you think doing this exercise affects your ability to think and observe thought? Do you feel that it inclined you more to persuing the refinement of thought? Do you feel that conversing with you tulpa is a good thought exercise? What do you feel they do for your mindset in life?
  10. Here's a thought: Let me explain it further: I'm really, really getting sick of people arguing over terms. Some people argue that there can't be something as "apparent sentience", and that people who argue about "apparent sentience" being something "real as much as actual sentience is" are fakers/ they do not actually have tulpas but something else/ they are roleplayers blah, blah, blah. Some people argue the exact opposite of that. Some people say that there is a very clear definition of tulpas and that you have a "fake" tulpa or an incomplete tulpa if you do not force consistently or screw up big time in the primary development process. Some people, again, say the exact opposite of that. Some people say that there is a very big and very clear gap between actual sentience and puppeting/parroting. And I say "Yo.. Where the fuck is the evidence for all of that, then?" I mean, how? There are, like, what- three sources where we took all of this tulpa stuff from? One of the biggest sources is the book a woman wrote who claimed that she was able to "materialize" their tulpa into existence?! Then there is the arguement that everything is subjective BUT because tulpas have oh-so-clear-a-definition behind them which equals to the fact that they are "observable" things therefore they can be "objective"-- What? How can some of the people on here be so sure of the terminology that is used here (and other headmate-tulpa related things in general) with ZERO, I repeat, ZERO SOLIDIFIED document and or research? I am not talking about rationalizing stuff in your own head. Of course you can think that "tulpas are actually sentient people" or "tulpas are deluding yourself into thinking they are real/whatever" in your own mind, but I really, really fail to understand how people come up here and try to argue that they can be "objective" without any solid research besides their own, which would still be very highly subjective. So yeah, you get the point, I guess. How? EDIT: As Sock's reply has motivated me to do, I will now be explaining elements here which I feel that I've not given the necessary merit to. I DO NOT believe that there is one and ultimate definition of a tulpa. I also DO NOT believe that tulpas are imaginary friends that have "apparent" sentience. Quite honestly, I do not stand at the ends of the stick here. I am asking the people who do about how they came to be there. THIS IS NOT A QUESTION THAT IS DIRECTED TO ONLY ONE LINE OF THOUGHT. I am including all views which are generally considered as "extremists". EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO EXPLAIN THEIR VIEWS AND METHODOLOGIES. This part is quite clear. IF YOU'RE GOING TO DEEM SOMETHING AS "OBJECTIVE", THEN I AM GOING TO ASK YOU ABOUT THE RESEARCH BEHIND IT. If you do not wish to discuss that part, then that is your choice, and I will respect it. I AM IN NO WAY AGAINST BELIEVING SOMETHING AND THEN RESEARCHING TO PROVE IT TO OTHERS. This part is also quite clear. I am not against any view here, I may say that I do not agree with them but I am in no way devaluating for others. I am also not against any research that might be done for this kind of purpose. The caps aren't for intimidation, they're there to make things more obvious, because I don't think I made a very good job of that before.
  11. Hello, I'm a long term lurker on this forum even before I created an account. A couple of years ago, someone who I believe is no longer active on this forum posted a comment on a thread about wonderlands and stated along the lines of: Do not give out detailed information related to your Wonderland. Now I truly believe their is truth behind this statement maybe I'm wrong but I never doubted the claim even though I never really understood the concept behind it or how it could be manipulated. If anybody could elaborate any further either by backing or rejecting this statement, I'll be really interested to know. Thanks,
  12. There are a few common reasons for creating a tulpa, and the reasonings behind getting involved in this process are what is like to get some input on. If you just want to read the OP and answer some questions without getting involved in the (possibly) ongoing discussion, here you go: -What do you consider an ethical reason to create a tulpa and why? -Are there any motivations behind creating a tulpa that you consider unethical? Obviously the answers to this will be different from person to person, but that's the point in asking, right? Learning about the community and all that. As for my own thoughts, if you consider tulpas separate people completely, then bringing them into the world with the added limit of not physically existing is kind of a shit deal. I don't think it's objectively wrong, however. I think that it's your head and you have the ability to do as you like. Regarding specific reasons for making tulpas? Loneliness seems rude. To impose a desire for company/support onto someone else without them truly having a say in it feels sketchy. Research of the mind's capabilities is one I also feel weird about due to the nature of creating a person just for interest in the process. Sexual/Romantic use, to me, probably won't even result in a tulpa. If we assume that a tulpa is sentient and capable of disappearing/dissociation, could they not disappear when the host starts to force themselves (or however this works) onto the tulpa? If the tulpa is created from the onset for sexual/romantic use, I don't think they'd reach a point of true sentience, and therefore they wouldn't really be a tulpa in my eyes. If the tulpa isn't sentient, it's not a tulpa and is in that case just a mental masturbation session. If the tulpa is sentient and not willing, they can cease to exist, I'd assume. If the tulpa is sentient and willing, then you could reason it's fine, but you'll run into the argument that being created with that purpose has biased them to the point of invalidating consent. This quickly devolves into a discussion in the ethics of sexuality with tulpas which is for a different day. To finish up my own thoughts, I can't actually think of a reason I'd consider valid when creating a tulpa. Of course, I have tulpas, so I clearly didn't use to feel this way. Thoughts?
  13. I would like to know about the harm caused by tulpas in direct/indirect ways. Basically, your personal experiences regarding harm that your tulpa caused after planning, directly, or perhaps a long-term effect negative effect of tulpamancy. Or maybe your tulpa harmed you in some ways to keep you from doing something. I think that this is a topic that needs more discussion. Tulpas are people, people commit mistakes, and I'd like to hear about those. If you haven't gone through anything of the type, no need to post about how you did not go through that kind of stuff.
  14. I've seen the term 'essence' here and there on the forums and other communities. While it's hard to define what 'essence' means without deriving to a metaphysical approach (which I do not support in any way or shape), hosts tend to be able to 'feel' their tulpas. More than that, they tend to be able to interpret what their tulpas could be saying without actually having any type of words enunciated live. The reason for which I am asking this is that often, when I try to go deep in my thoughts to find my tulpa's essence, I can only see her base form along with other things such as emotions and certain feelings that remind me of her. There are interpretations that are located in my imagination, but all of them proved to be unrealistic and fake according to my tulpa. It's interesting to see and hear about the term 'essence', interesting in a way that we could actually go somewhere with that type of thinking. That a tulpa supposedly possesses an essence, something in the mind of their host that stands out from other thoughts. It's hard for all of us, literally all of us, to properly define sentience and consciousness, neurology is still relatively a young science and one that requires more research to prosper. So, what do you think of the whole tulpa 'essence' deal? Do you think that it is possible for tulpas to have something of the type, an essence that exists independently from the host's cognition or attention span? Moreover, how is that essence formed in the first place? An essence (and by essence we're speaking in a metaphorical way more than anything else) that elevates speaking, autonomously sentient thoughtforms from static thoughtforms? Basically, have you ever felt like there was a thing of such consistency that was going on in your mind? Personally, it always felt like there was actually someone else in my mind, the impression I got was one that implied that there was someone I loved and cherished in my mind, and even when I tried to fight it, to see if I truly was into self-deception or deluding myself (or simply roleplaying in my head), I could not get out of it. I'm wondering how other people have it going.
  15. Hi, guys! So, basically, it's like this... ... Esterina regularly, on a daily basis, goes to her wonderland for a few hours. Side note: What she does, technically, is "disconnecting" herself as best as she can from me and our physical body, and she daydreams. So I guess it doesn't entirely fit the classic idea of "going to one's wonderland", but we still call it that. Anyway... In that state, I can experience all sorts of things, physical, emotional or whatever, even powerful things like pain, without her noticing it. And trying to talk to her normally doesn't work, she simply won't hear me. In short: This is our way of having privacy from each other. The problem lies in my only method of contacting her in this state (or rather, the only one that I'm aware of). It's a hard to describe, weird technique that I was always able to do ever since I was a child, but it was always a totally pointless thing... until we noticed that I can use it to contact her while she's away. Basically, it's a weird thing where I force our body to experience an intense, odd sensation somewhere between tingling, euphoria and [idon'thaveawordforit] while... well, mindvoice-yelling my butt off at her. That then actually works, and it's so far the only method that we found for me to contact her while she's away. The problem: It's exhausting and raises our heart rate sharply (and our heart rate is already too high as is due to being ill). Meaning, from a health-related point of view, it's something I absolutely shouldn't do at all... which is why we always agree on a certain time at which she comes back beforehand. But sometimes it's simply very, very annoying and unfortunate to not have some good way of contacting her. Calling her back ahead of time when I was the one who wanted to be alone in the first place, quickly asking her for a bit more alone time to get another writing exercise done and so on... nope, can't do it without using a technique that a) is outright unhealthy and b) makes her angry at me for reasons of [see a)]. So my question is: Does anyone here maybe have an idea for something else that could work? Some other sort of technique, preferably one that's not a health risk, that would allow me to contact her when she's in her wonderland / away / disconnected from me / howeveryouwannaputit? Any constructive input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! Greets, AG
  16. So, this has been on my mind for a bit of time. We had a thread here discussing whether tulpas saw themselves as human, and the majority of them said that they did. Since they do, I wonder if they also consider themselves "nationalistic", or if they have a nation that they feel they belong to. Being "nationalistic" seems to be a pretty big thing with today's society, it especially is where I am from. This is not the case with me, nor does it seem to be important for Céleste, but I wonder if the rest is also like us. Tulpas, are you nationalistic? Do you care about where your host is from? Do you think that you belong to a certain nation?
  17. As we all know, the human brain is composed of the conscious mind and subconscious mind. Would you say that tulpas inhabit a section of imagination that can be conditioned by your own thought, which could lead to some instances of parroting or filling in blanks of tulpish/emotional responses? What are your thoughts when the question 'Where are tulpas located' comes up? Would you say that tulpas are literally the host's imagination that acts by its own? Is it the subconscious mind? Would you say that there's a place inbetween imagination and general unconscious thoughts? Very interested to hear different tulpa theories on where tulpas are located in the human mind, and where they supposedly go when the host doesn't think about them.
  18. I've been wondering, how do you guys rationalize tulpamancy? What do you tell yourself to justify (scientifically) the existence of the others in your head? I'm trying to stay away from the metaphysical stuff, please keep in mind. If somebody wants, feel free to make a version of this in that area. My personal view on it is that a person's brain is like a processor. There are some versions with only 1 core, but there's plenty with more. A lot of people are a single core Pentium, some have a couple of tuppers, and there's some who go completely overboard and are a 60 core processor *Narrows eyes at Sock* The different cores of a processor can work together for a task, or do different calculations. This seems to fit pretty well into our generally accepted ideas of a tulpa, some help you with work, but others just go off and do their own thing. How do you guys see it? Do you agree with me, or do you have your own ideas behind it?
  19. Since I couldn't find a thread that that discussed tulpas and ASMR in depth, I decided to open a thread myself. Has any host possibly switched/let their tulpa posses them and experienced ASMR in that condition? If so, how did the body react? Was the experience more intense or was it duller? Or did you not get any tingles at all?
  20. I stumbled across this site few month ago and started learning about tulpas and I have to ask why isn't the phenomenon more widely known about. I mean some of the things tulpas can do are truly amazing. Is it just hard to believe and thats why its not mainstream?
  21. Hey there! I saw this old poll, and it looked really interesting... so I wanna revive the topic in a more general way. So, you tuppers out there: Do you identify with some sort of age aside from your chronological one? Y'know, like - you were created as a tulpa X months / years ago, but do you identify with some other age aside from that? If so, is that something you picked? Or is it like for soulbonds to you, where the age they associate with is predefined in some way (in that case, the age of the fictional character that soulbond represents)? Would be interested to hear about this! Especially since the poll was old, and the community certainly changed somewhat since then. As always, you tuppers should feel encouraged to answer yourselves via proxying, possession or switching, if you're able to. Yeah! Yeah, you! I see you! Yeah, you back there! Letting your host talk for you! You stop that! Lazy bum! :D Greets, AG
  22. Hey, you tuppers out there! Interesting question that sort of came up in a conversation, had to post about it here. So then, it's simple: Do you see yourself as human or not? You certainly live in a human body, right? But then again, maybe you have some reason to identify with a different species than humanity (like a form, or a "fictional past" like Esterina and soulbonds have)? Or maybe you just don't associate yourself with your host's body at all? In that case, as what do you see yourself then? Take the poll, but please also write about it! Please feel motivated to actually write yourselves instead of letting your hosts do the talking. ;) As for the poll, pick the option that contains what matters to you, and nothing more or less than that! Greets, AG
  23. So i've visualized my tulpa (my second day) and i've decided that i want the tulpa to decide it's own personality so that it can be as free as possible and i gave her no rules, but know that i visualized it how do i get her to be sentient? And how would i know if it was my tulpa trying to talk with me?
  24. As in how does your tulpa look in the real world? Are they fully opaque ? Or are they a bit transparent? I'm really interested in this part because I just started making my tulpa and I want to know what to expect.
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