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  1. When I go to force, I just feel like I'm floundering. I have all the traits laid out, but when I go to force I can sum up a trait in like 5-10 minutes. Then I spend like 10-15 or so floundering about trying to find some other relevant caveat about the trait to force. I've read the trait template guide by faqman and that helped immensely. However, I find that a lot of the prompts in there just aren't really applicable to a lot of traits (i.e. in what way are her hobbies related to her kindness?). What kind of prompt-y type things do you use to elaborate on traits?
  2. Alright, so here's the story. Me and my friend have been looking at a lot of slenderman junk, playing slender, reading up on slenderman, watching marble hornets, that kinda thing. For about a week now, I've been seeing slendy wherever I look. When I first forced, (after reading guides and blogs on the forums extensively) things went pretty well, I even got that funny feeling near my spine I hear so much about. The thing is though, ever since I forced, I see slenderman much more vividly for longer periods of time and he now moves. I just now tried forcing again, but every time I got close to beginning, I'd see slenderman right in the center of my vision, and would start to worry that I'm creating a slender tulpa on accident. I know how juvenile this may sound, but it's really messing up my concentration. How can I stop thinking of him altogether, and more specifically, how can I make him stop appearing while i force?
  3. So a lot of people talk about having 2-3+ hour sessions for tulpaforcing, but for me that just burns me out and gives me killer headaches. What I've started doing is apart from doing short, real focus sessions (30-minute sessions spread out through the day), I've been doing what I call Micro-forcing. This is whenever I remember, just cycling through all of the traits that I have worked on already, and thinking about what effect those traits have. These sessions are anywhere from 5-10 minutes, and I do them while I do other things. I couldn't really imagine this working for visualization, but hey, I'm not there yet. I definitely feel like these sessions have helped me, I can list all of Liz's traits that I've worked on so far without really thinking about it. I'd recommend this way, doing an hour of hard focus a day and then another hour of micro-forcing throughout the day. Helps to build the tulpa into your everyday life before the narration starts.
  4. Hello all, The question I present is one, after reading guides and the posts of others, that has come to my attention. After learning of tulpae no more than 3 days ago, I decided I would try and create my own. However, when mapping out personality traits of my tulpa-to-be, I referenced quite a few others and their methods of shaping personality. What it boils down to is that I noticed on the blog that the tulpa's likes and dislikes were included (reference: here). But in my own perception I saw this as some form of parroting. I understand creating a personality that would promote forming these likes/dislikes from the tulpa's own decision (such as creating a punk tulpa, who would naturally like punk music), but flat out telling the tulpa what to like and not like seems a bit too far, I guess. In FAQ man's Personality Guide, he states, "The fact of the matter is, you can never spend too much time on personality." This leads me to believe I must be wrong, but still some part of me thinks dictating likes and dislikes is not something I should do. Perhaps my own understanding of parroting is incorrect, and I would like some input and clarification. tl;dr Can I tell my tulpa what to like and dislike
  5. So this little thing is bugging me. How much can personality differ from planned one? Especially curious if you planned your tulpa more as flawed/realistic rather than mary sue-esque type with tons of traits.
  6. Hey y'all. So I want your thoughts on my personality creation-ing-ness process. What I've been doing is imagining the brain of my tulpa and I've been talking to it about its personality and the traits it has. I have about 43 traits I plan on doing, each going for about 25 minutes (I've done 7 so far). Once I've done that I'm moving onto creating the form, and half way through form creation I will present the brain to the tulpa's body (all throughout form creation I will still be reiterating its personality traits). I should be about 20-30 hours in when giving it, its brain. Anyway whats your opinion on this? How successful do you believe it will be? Are there any risks that this method may cause delayed sentience? etc.
  7. Okay well yesterday, my mom found out i was having a tulpa and said i need to stop before i go through a mental episode, she's a RN shift leader and told me stories of self induced insanity, i don't know if she is overreacting or what, my tulpa understood the conversation and relayed to me that he would be fine with leaving and that i should obey my parents, so i honestly don't know if i should listen and give up my tulpa.
  8. Since school ended I decided to go back to this whole chalupa thing, and to start my permanent tulpa. I have attempted to make tulpae before, but every time I would have to give up because of time constraints. So today I decided to attempt the first part of tulpa making, personality, and i absolutely failed. I am at a complete loss, on what to do even though i have successfully forced many times before on different tulpae. Has this happened to anyone before, and if so what did you do to resolve this problem?
  9. Since I'm usually anonymous, first some basic stuff: I began working on my tulpa on the 28th of March, tulpaforced for 70 hours altogether, out of which 18 hours were spent on personality, 30 on avatar related stuff (visuals, touch, etc) and about 22h on generic conversation. I started narrating on the 25th of April, I guess I narrate about 1 hour every day. There's emotional response, and she can control her avatar decently, although I still tend to parrot unconsciously. However, she can't speak. While it's not really all that late for speech, I'd still like to know if perhaps I'm not doing something right, alternatively, if there's something that could speed up the process; it just bothers me a bit that emotional response and avatar control both happened quite early on (28h and 35h), and speech is taking longer than it took FAQ_man, who had no guides or anything at the time. 5 days ago I changed the way I tulpaforce, before the change I used to tulpaforce whenever I could, as long as I could - that was usually ~50 minutes, 1-2 sessions every day. Now, mostly based on Bluesleeve's and TOG's approach, I tulpaforce for 30 min each session, daily 2-6 sessions. Also most of these recent sessions were spent on that jar-filling personality method TOG had used.
  10. Okay i started personality 3 weeks ago and starting last weekend i have a had a headache every single day, i have also been feeling some wierd mood swings, i can feel euphoric or just plain angry, since i started getting the headaches, i'm thinking it's just the personality forming, but i dunno. What's your guys' take on this.
  11. Has anyone else tried using character development questions when working on developing your tulpa's personality? Character development questions are essentially tools for writers to use when imagining and designing their original characters to give them depth. A quick Google search will provide plenty of questions to use. I think this is a really useful tool, but I haven't come across much info on other people trying it. When I do the questions, I talk directly to my tulpa, so it is very similar to narration. Would this be considered a valid method of logging hours? I think it would definitely help for anyone working on their tulpa.
  12. How would having "conflicting" personality traits (such as 'shy' and 'talkative' or 'skeptical' and 'accepting') work with your Tulpa? Would one cancel out the other completely? Or would it be not be as X because of Y? Or would it be more X at one situation, and more Y at another? I apologize in advance if I sound like an idiot.
  13. I want to make a Pinkie Pie tulpa, but this one has some other traits that I chose for her. What do I do after I have all the traits ready? NINJA EDIT: I've read the guides, it's just that I want to know if I'm ready to start doing narrating or whatever you do next. It can only tell so much.
  14. I've been going though all the guides and a number of different threads, and I keep seeing people say that it's a bad idea to create a tulpa based on a character with a well established personality. However, I'm not seeing any first hand experiences as to why it's a bad idea. People repeatedly state that they "might feel bad because they can't live up to the character on the show", or something to that effect, but how many people have actually had bad experiences with this? If this is true, then whose to say it's not just your subconscious fucking over the personality of the tulpa because you read somewhere that it was a bad idea? Obviously there is no way to prove this, but to me it seems like all the "don't do X or Y will happen" advice may be the root cause of some of these problems, and that without the power of suggestion these issues would never occur. Now, assuming I believe everything I've read on these forums is correct, then how should I go about dealing with the personality issue? If I force the appearance and personality of my tulpa, but explicitly plant the idea that I don't expect her to be exactly like the character she is based on, then is that enough mental preparation to prevent any negative self-respect traits in my tulpa? If not, then would changing a few traits of her personality be sufficient?
  15. I know youre supposed to create some kind of list of traits of likes and dislikes about your tulpa and then tell her how it relates to her and the emotional feeling that comes with that trait and that youre supposed to do each trait for 15 minutes or so. But every time i start to tulpaforce, i kinda forget some of them, i cant really last 15 minutes talking about 1 single trait... i mean how long can you take, i end up just telling her how she is emotionally and personality wise, and how other people would see her, and i try to add different traits from the list as i go on. The thing is, im not sure if im doing it right, or if im supposed to take longer on each trait. any advice or help would be apreciated thanks - Stilyx
  16. I just began creating a tulpa, and I've been having problems with tulpaforcing. Specifically, I always find myself ending up talking at myself and not projecting the personality at the tulpa. Has anyone found an especially effective method for tulpaforcing, or at least keeping your focus on your tulpa?
  17. Ok guys. I come to you for some advice. I have been interested in forming a tulpa for some time now. Probably over a year ago I first heard of them but not by name. So in the past couple weeks I've been doing research on the creation process and am almost ready to begin. I've tried pushing any idea of form and personality from my head so i may start from scratch. No preformed notions. For the personality building phase, has anyone ever tried writing it down before hand? Describing in detail what it is you're trying to create so that when the time gets omes you won't forget anything. I know not to create it in the form of anyone already existing as it can stifle development of the tulpa as it tries to grow on its own, but that's the same issue that makes me wary to write anything down; that by writing it down im forming a set of static expectations that the tulpa thinks it must live up to. I could try burning the paper when im done with it, try to symbolically rid the tulpa of any obligation. Thinking is much easier when im writing or conversing and i want to be as thorough as possible but i also dont want to create any problems down the road.
  18. Is there any way I could not "create" the personality of a tulpa, I mean, force it some personality traits, but rather let it choose or build up a personality?
  19. I find it hard to think of a personality that has traits, simply because it isn't my own personality. I read ThatOneGuy's thread about how he formed his Tulpa's personality. He used a personality building method in which he involved umbrella traits, which stimulate other traits, and stem from them. I decided to put this in a graph, with my graphics tablet. http://i.imgur.com/RVFot.jpg This is one of 3 graphs, in which each involves a layer of personality. For example: Your personality in a club may be different to the way in which you talk to close friends, or family; therefore you have different traits for each 'sub personality'. This graph was based on my tulpas personality around a group of people. I dub this, the trait tree. It is an easy to expand tree which connects the relativity of each trait to your tulpa. Now I will stop rambling and post this on my blog.
  20. I'm pretty new to tulpaforcing, and have just started the narration process. I've been telling myself what is happening or what I am about to do, but I feel like the sentences in my thoughts aren't really going anywhere. I've also had this problem while in a forcing sesssion (I'm working on personality). I go through the whole thing for 20 minutes each trait, but I feel like my ideas aren't really "sticking". I don't know where to direct my thoughts, and i've been careful not to try and visualize so as to not mess up the process and end up with a servitor. Tl;dr: During early stages of forcing, where should I direct my thoughts to? Does anyone have specific methods to channel personality with visualization?
  21. Hello everyone, i have some questions. Please answer, as i would like some guidance from more experienced individuals. (1). Ok, so, i had been tulpaforcing for a few days, still early in personality traits. I was concerned about correct procedures, and i realized something. Every single sentence i realized it was the same form. Example: "Okay, so you see somebody looking for something. They say, 'Hey, can you help me?' and you say 'Sure' because you're helpful." Am i doing it correctly? (2). now, I had an odd schedule for forcing. It was practically one hour every other night. I realized this probably wouldn't work so I quit. Currently waiting for summer to start up before i continue. Am/Was I doing it right? (logbook of tulpaforcing and other tulpa related events readily available for anyone who requires it.) Any help will be appreciated, btw im open as a test subject for research, and yes, i realize thats a separate forum.
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