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  1. Hi. I'm new to the forums (But I've been with the "Tulpa" community since the FAQ_man guides and the /mlp/ Tulpa threads) I'm doing a Tulpa called Nadia and I'm in the visualization phase. Anyway that is not the topic of this thread. I've been doing research about a phenomenon that you call "switching" As far as I know it allows your Tulpa and you to "change places" so you can experience the world as your Tulpa does and your Tulpa takes total control of your body. I've heard things like while you are in the wonderland and your Tulpa is in your body you can experience the things in your wonderland with extreme realism (for example,if your wonderland is a farm you can see the buildings there and hear the animals etc) and other things. I don't plan to do it with my Tulpa for at least another year,but I'm interested in switching as a topic regarding tulpae. The whole switching topic seems almost too awesome to be true...I mean is literally giving control of your entire body to your Tulpa and going to your wonderland...it's mind-blowing. For the people here who have experience with switching. How is it? Its as awesome (and difficult) as everyone says? How real is the wonderland while in the "Tulpa" mode? Can it be dangerous?
  2. So, switching is still far away for us since I'm planning on trying it only when we did everything else (and only if she agrees to do it), but I was wondering how a switched tulpa would feel the mindscape. Would they be able to immerse themselves to the point of feeling it as usual or would they feel it like us, just in the immagination? I was asking because the most interesting thing about switching for me is that I would be able to feel the mindscape as real, or at least a lot more vividly than usual, but it would be a bit annoying if Lea would be stuck to experiencing it just like I do now. (Or does anyone know how to achieve that immersion in another, possibly easier way?)
  3. I am sick of life. I have considered suicide several times due to my shitty life, but now that I have a tulpa I have a better thing to do. Tomorrow will be my last time controlling this body, I'm giving my Tulpa total control while I wander around my Wonderland, able to do whatever I want and maybe make a few more tulpa to keep me company. I've already tried possession and it's worked, so that shouldn't be a problem. This is a hypothetical scenario, I have no wish to switch places with my tulpa when she is sapient (permanently, I do want to try possession). However, since possession is possible, I've wondered if it's possible to let your tulpa take control of your life, while you live out your in your wonderland? (I hope) no one has done this yet, but it seems like a good alternative for people who want to commit suicide. A tulpa gets to live in the real world, the person unhappy with life gets to live in Equestria, and a human life is spared.
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