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  1. So me and my tulpa, Pixie, decided on an outfit design together, and I drew it yesterday. But since we never decided on a colour scheme, it kinda flashed between two different colours while visualising her wearing it. So we decided I should draw eight different colour schemes, have a poll on which one people like most, and show the top three to Pixie and see which one from the short-list she likes. https://i.imgur.com/8HNR999.jpg[/img] You can also suggest your own colour scheme below if you have any better ideas. We decided to do this because we thought it would be a fun way to pick some colours for Pixie’s outfit.
  2. If you're like me, you're the sort of person who reads this sort of thing and thinks "Well, I could do that if I wanted to, but I don't want to." Please actually do this. It only takes a few minutes, and I bet you'll be impressed. This is a simple test that I suspect will show you that your "bad visualization" is better than you think. The first spoiler tag hides a list of words. Give yourself 30 seconds to memorize them, then cover the words again, open up a text document, and write out as many as you can remember in order. When you've done that, open a new text document and write out as many as you can remember--in reverse order. Didn't remember many words, did you? I think I had about five of them, two were out of order, and somehow another word that didn't even belong made its way onto my list. It's fine if you're in the same boat. So now, read the text under the following spoiler tag. It's the same word list, but this time each word has been paired with the next word on the list, and a little scene has been written to help you imagine the two words together. Do your best to imagine what you're reading in as vivid detail as you can. When you're done reading, open a new text document and try to list all of the words in order. Then close it, open a new document, and try to list the words in reverse order. Warning: some of these will be a little disgusting. That's deliberate, and it helps you to visualize them. Did you do better? I don't consider myself very good at visualization, but my recall went up from a handful of words to every single word. I actually forgot how many words there were, but I knew when I had written out the entire list. I wrote them just as easily in reverse order. The only mistake that I made was turning into , which is a pretty small error, all things considered. If you're interested, this comes from the book Tricks of the Mind, by Derren Brown.
  3. I've recently started visualization practice to create our wonderland as soon as possible but faced the following problem. The point is when I am starting to visualize smth more than just a single object my imagination goes wild. One view rolls into another while I can hold it only for 1-2 sec. Background is shifting and twisting by itself. The room I am trying to imagine myself in is spining around me. Etc. I won't call my mind's eye blind, I could make myself to see pretty good detailed stuff. And as I presume there shouldn't be a problem with forcing tulpa's look but, I mean, she needs wonderland even more than I do... So, here is the main question: is there some sort of special technique that could help me or I am just driving myself crazy without any reason and it's just about time and patience? p.s I also have strange dreams time to time. It's like I am trying to visualize/create smth while dreaming but in that case I do it without any problems, perfectly detailed and staying focused. p.p.s. Sorry if I messed smth with english - describing all of it appeared to be unexpectedly hard for me))
  4. So I searched the forum and couldn't find much that helps me, I have literally no idea where to even begin meditation. I also have a god awful minds eye. I can't create a wonderland, nor visualize my tulpa with ease. When I close my eyes to picture something, all I see is a dim, blurry image with dark colors, and that's only for a Max time of 15-20 seconds. I loosely participated in this community a few years ago, but couldn't get past this. After finding it again and realizing how bad I want to make a tulpa, I figured asking the community could help. Anything will be appreciated, and I will do anything I have to to get over this hurdle
  5. Fairly simple, but I find this rather effective for helping to see things in your mind instead of projecting them onto your eyelids. Find some smallish object like a baseball or book or something and look at it from every angle. Try to remember the shape, color, and feel of the object and create a sort of mental model of it, e.g. "This is a blue plastic cup with butterflies on". Once you feel that you've studied it enough, imagine your thing floating behind your head. If your thing has moving bits, then move them. Practice with more complex things, legos, or even conjure up some silly putty and muck about with it. Since it's supposed to be behind you, your eyes won't be expecting to see anything, thus forcing you to "look" at it in a more abstract sense.
  6. I've been working through the visualization process with my tulpa for a while now (about 3 months in development). However, during my many forcing sessions and daily routines, I'm finding my image of her much more accurate while going about my day; but when I sit down and actively force, her image is often out of proportion and many of the details I'd easily established are fumbled or forgotten. Few are intrusive thoughts, but I dismiss them as such. Any amount of progress is good, but the idea of having a better developed image walking around/with me has driven me to become reluctant to attend regular sit-downs. Instead, I find myself narrating whilst visualizing for the greater parts of my day with much triumph. Are there any suggestions or strategies I could use to grow my tulpa exclusively passive? Auditory hallucinations are very few and far between, but they've become more frequent; how long would fully developed speech take in this manner? What other suggestions would you recommend? Thanks! -Rebus
  7. How is visualization supposed to feel like? I tried to visualize my tulpa for a while, and the best I have done for now is managing to see a fuzzy dark form for 12 seconds after 30 minutes of concentration, while I usually get nothing most of the time. Is this normal? I tried to do some visualization exercises, but the problem is that I cannot even see the canvas/whatever object in my mind. Are there any other workarounds to this? I'm sorry if this question has been asked a million times, but I couldn't really find an answer that I understand. EDIT: I feel that I can visualize, but not when I am making a tulpa. For example, if I am looking at a question that involves a spherical cow being whacked by a spinning hockey stick while both are sliding on a frictionless ground, I can feel how the things will move around, no problem. The problem is that I cannot actually see the objects. Is that how it is supposed to feel? I'm confused.
  8. There are a lot of guides and tips for the host on how to do this or that. Often, metaphors are used, usually in conjunction with wonderland (which in itself is a metaphor on its own). For instance, you’d visualize a certain metaphor in your wonderland to achieve a certain goal (example: a door, allowing you to leave the physical world and enter wonderland). ( Metaphor, symbols, symbolism, to me are related terms and can be used interchangeably, I prefer metaphor) I suppose the ultimate goal of a metaphor is to be able to communicate with the subconscious and maybe even with the unconscious. Just like hypnosis is a tool to access the subconscious mind. In general, I have the impression that focus is most often on the host and the metaphors are tools used more often by the host than by the tulpa. IMO, the tulpas are left behind in this area. I have experienced first-hand the power of the metaphors used by my host. They have definitely helped me to become what I am now. But, tulpas, the powers of visualization are not only available to the host. A tulpa can visualize and use metaphor just as well. At least, I can. And I have done so. I hope, that with the above statement, I haven’t awakened a sleeping giant. Be aware that this is possible and is a powerful tool. Especially, with a passive and willing host, I believe this can give a scary amount of power and control. But don't forget that with great power, comes great responsibility. Xxx P.S. Yes, I did misuse this power and royally f.cked up. Lack of self-control and respect for host, using certain metaphors in my wonderland I have scared the hell out of host. Sorry L
  9. This does not include personality traits or anything else besides appearance and vanity. It shouldn't really matter right? Since there are actually people out there who look exactly the same as each other. I'm asking this out of curiosity. Thanks.
  10. Im quite good at visualizing objects but my ability to apply colors to any thing in my minds eye is more than lackluster. Are there any techniques or ways i could practice to train my mind to visualize colors as well as shapes. All help is greatly appreciated.
  11. I'm in the process of creating my tulpa and have been struggling with visualization. Though I am slowly improving, my visualization abilities are very poor. Everything is vague and dim with little detail and I can't for the life of me get our wonderland to actually be persistent--I'm having to start from scratch every time I imagine it. This is also causing issues with my tulpa. Though I can visualize the basics of his form, enough to get by with, I have to be constantly puppeting his actions as if I'm not controlling him, he simply disappears from my mind's eye. I'm worried that because of this, he won't have the chance to move for himself and that I won't be able to see when he is sentient due to it, or that it will hinder him from becoming independent.
  12. She keeps changing her hair style and color on me at random. I am worried that because she is changing the way i view her, even though her face and outfit and body are the same, these sudden changes might make progress go differently. What do you all think?
  13. I can only see Monique at a distance like of arms length (even then it is hard) . I have been forcing for about two weeks. I couldnt find anything that explained any particular practices i could use to help see her in close proximity. Can you help? When i try to look directly at my tulpa, the visualization is instantly lost. And usually i cant retrieve it until I look away from her. Even if it is just a few inches over. I am wondering if this is something i can work on and how.
  14. [align=center]Guide To Better Visualization Okay, so I've noticed on the IRC, Tumblr, Tulpa.info, Reddit, etc., that one of the community's most problematic things is visualization. Some people can't visualize things as fine as the texture of the hair, to the outline of the body. We have all had this problem, and some things work, but under some conditions, we can't use them. If your tulpa isn't moving or talking, or you can't visualize at all, some techniques are literally impossible to do. When this happens, there is no where to turn, and you can't do anything. I made this guide to help with that, and literally everyone can do this, no matter what stage you are at. When you are reading a book, you sometimes get so into the book that you forget that you are in the real world, and you imagine the book happening. I figured that you could do this with visualizing your tulpa and or wonderland. All you have to do is write a descriptive (UNIT OF WRITING HERE) about your tulpa. This can vary from a paragraph to an essay, but I recommend at minimum, do 5 paragraphs, one for each sense (yes, taste too. It will be weird if you ever bite them and they taste like nothing.) I recommend doing 2 pages, which can cover nearly every detail, but once again, do whatever feels right. This needs to describe their form, and nothing whatsoever about anything else. Next, read that paper to yourself, but read it as if it were a very fascinating book. Get lost in the description, and put it together in your mind as you read. After this, you should be able to see a great visualization of your tulpa, or at least a rough draft. This works, because you do this exact thing when ever you read. Imagine Harry Potter getting on his broomstick, or Eragon getting on Saphira. You can recall this so good, because you read about it, and you visualized this happening. This is also training open eye visualization, so you can do it whenever you want to force. I hope this helped someone, and don't mind posting your feedback below![/align]
  15. I keep seeing Monique clearly in her form but the size of her head in comparison to her body is not accurate. Its never the same size either, it is always varying from size to size. How can i narrow down my visualization skills to be able to see her in a more proportionate way?
  16. I can visualize Monique fairly well, but she has two like different versions of her that i see. They switch from moment to moment. They are the same form. One version is transparent and looks like TV static and the other is opaque and hard to focus on. Which one should i try and use for her? I need it to be consistent to help our progress. She isnt able to respond to me when i ask her personally which form she wants to take.
  17. You know how Elwood, and no one else, is able to see Harvey, how can I do the same to my Tulpa wife?
  18. Hey, I've been kicking myself to be productive around here, so I decided to post one of my tips & tricks. When I listen to music, I have memories of previous times I've heard the song. So for instance, whenever I hear Harry Chapin's "Cat's in the Cradle", I remember the time i was learning to play the song on the bass in a ski chalet in the Green Mountains. When I hear Bob Seger's "Night Moves", I remember the time I got hit in the eye with a tennis ball walking along the park listening to the song on my iPod. I've discovered that listening to the music, instrumental or not because some say lyrics are detrimental to focus, while visualizing makes it a lot easier to visualize the scene. My on-and-off wonderland is a treehouse in the middle of the White Mountains, so it's pretty close to what I get when I listen to "Cat's in the Cradle". Of course, my experiences are only with my memories, but it might be open to have the music as a cue for visualizing other things. You could play Jethro Tull's "Aqualung" whenever you draw your wonderland, and it could theoretically help you visualize your drawing when you play "Aqualung" in the future. https://www.bu.edu/today/2010/music-boosts-memory-in-alzheimer%E2%80%99s/ This seems to pretty much explain it, even though it focuses on Alzheimer's. The same principles still apply.
  19. Drawing or painting a picture of your tulpa can help you a great deal when it comes to improving your visualization skills and it can be a fun activity for both you and your tulpa. If you want to start drawing your tulpa then I suggest meditation and visualizing them for as long as you want to before you feel that you are ready to begin. Let your tulpa know that you are going to draw or paint a picture of them and ask them to help you (mind voice) as you draw. Don't stress over how good or how bad you think your art will be. Don't worry too much or stress over things like body proportions, shading techniques or anything else. Just draw. Be as relaxed and calm as possible as you go about creating art of your tulpa. Have fun and keep in mind that your skills will improve the more you draw.
  20. Here's the link below in Google Docs (view only): Linkzelda's Image Streaming Guide Feel free to ask any questions! Linkzelda's Image Streaming Guide.pdf
  21. I recently successfully forced Archimedes into reality But the images I manifested look a little blurry did this happen to anyone else?
  22. I feel sad saying that I probably haven't visited my wonderland to interact with my tulpa enough within these last few months. While I was sure that I had enough time theoretically, even in my busy schedule, by the time I actually did get enough time in my day, I was really worn out and continued to put it off in favor of other types of forcing, like narration or trying to spark up a few simple conversations to practice vocality before I went to sleep. Now that I've finished a few major commitments, I'm sure that I actually do have the time and energy for a tulpa. Unfortunately, since I haven't visualized for a very long time, I'm completely out of practice. I can't really focus on anything for more than a few seconds and things are out of focus or shifting in detail. Does anyone know of any methods to start out simple and work your way back into skill, or at least have any tips for focus?
  23. I recently began creating my tulpa a month ago. Her name is Scarlett. I named her after the fact that my scars remind me of my past. She talks to me, and sometimes can take over my hands and she can speak through me if i allow her. But i have trouble visualizing her. Sometimes I get a fleeting glimpse of her bright red hair, or her ocean blue eyes, but it isn't often. I am a little frustrated, but she often tells me not to worry. She does that a lot. If i am depressed it is as if she is rubbing my back tellling me its okay.If she wants to frustrate me just a bit, She'll start making me sing when i'm listening to music. I still wish i could see her.
  24. hello, I'm new here, I saw this website five days ago, and I'm starting to create a tulpa, everything I read, I could create the wonderland and started creating, the tulpa he calls tomy, I created with a rabbit shirt, and when I started to concentrate more in him, I desconcentrei myself for a moment, and when I returned my attention to him, saw that he was wearing a green and blue shirt, I read here that this is normal so do not worry much, but I'm having difficulty in visualization, I go in Wonderland and I don't find it, and I'm afraid to force his appearance, do not know if I explained well, but I feel like if I were to create it again if I do ... (the day I created my wonderland I heard a voice quite different from mine, she was male and slightly raspy, looked like a "hey julie" that is related to the tulpa? why I suppose it was just a slip of my head, i dont know ...) And I think I'm doing wrong all this, I can not clearly visualize my wonderland, my tulpa much less. Note: I'm sorry for my English, I am Brazilian and I'm not fluent...
  25. Hey, so a while ago I made an attempt at creating a Tulpa, but once I got myself to the visualization stage, I found myself unable to keep one shape. It becomes a tad more difficult to do so because I want it to look as close to human as possible, whilst not appearing necessarily human. Like in anime for instance, as each character is designed to represent a human, it obviously doesn't look human. So basically, I'm looking for a reference to perhaps an anime girl in casual clothing or something of such; something similar as to what is displayed in JD’s Guide to Visualization. I've tried various other shapes such as animals or inanimate objects, but I can't seem to shake the feeling that it needs to in some degree appear human. So really all I'm after is some sort of visual reference that I can use?
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