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  1. When going to bed fronting, I used to do all the thinking and that guaranteed me being the one dreaming (from my POV, not a shared dream) and Miri going inactive till I accidentally bring her back. In the past few days I haven't been able to think at all while falling asleep and it's as if our brain had ''skipped'' a step in the process of falling asleep (not really, but I don't know how to explain it). It used to be like this: I go to bed and let my mind wander for a while to get relaxed, then I focus really hard on something to keep my mind active while Miri doesn't pay attention to what
  2. [align=justify]Daily thread #23 What sort of experiences have you had with meditation in regards to tulpamancy? In what ways has meditation helped you to improve certain tulpa techniques/skills, if it has? Is meditation something you'd recommend to new tulpamancers and why? Of course meditation is something that can be beneficial in general to your mental health and such, but this is specifically how it can affect tulpamancy. (All daily threads are listed here.)[/align]
  3. Hey, with all this talk of co-fronting I felt encouraged to contribute what I know, and I want this to be a thread where everyone can share their experiences and techniques to bring more to the idea that there can be more than just one fronter, and adding to that, help explain our experience of 'active all day' to light. When we first started posting, we were called out for saying that we don't 'go inactive'. Given systems like Lance/Reilyn among others as examples and other systems expressing the desire to be more co-active, i figured i could download how we think we did it. Hopefully even
  4. Reposting this from the .info Discord in a bit more of a clear fashion. This is a method to enter a state of mind conductive to tulpaforcing. 1) Sit up straight, erect your spine and relax. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. 2) Listen closely in the distance for the sound of a blaring foghorn. You’ll never actually hear the sound, but listening for it will cause your sense of space around you to “shift” and expand. 3) Once this happens, maintain awareness of this feeling. 4) In this sort of focused, steady state, now would be a good time to imagine your tulpa, t
  5. I have an issue that I am certain is not a common one, or at least I haven't heard others mention it. I'll try to be concise. One of the symptoms of my schizoaffective disorder is hearing voices. It wasn't a symptom I even cared about because it paled to others (mostly involving paranoid delusions), and was easy enough to ignore. One might think this would make it easy when it came time to hear a tulpa, but it's caused nothing but issues. First, I had trouble because I instinctively stifled her thought voice because I'd gotten used to stifling other voices in my head. I think maybe I've
  6. I am trying to create my first Tulpa, and I am kind of scared that I may not be narrating/tulpaforcing enough. The problem is that due to my job, I can't really narrate while working as it takes my full concentration, and by the time I am back home, I am so exhausted that I can only tulpaforce for 20-40 minutes before I start getting distracted and I can no longer focus properly. The tulpaforcing time doesn't bother me too much, because I've been noticing significant improvement of my visualization and whatnot, but I am more worried about the narrating part. I have very limited free ti
  7. I created my tulpa on 28 Dec 2015. And I have been taking care of her. I'm still working on her personality through parroting and puppeting. Her name's nyaruko. Yeah I got that name from an anime. Haiyore nyaruko San. I recently finished watching it And my tulpa looks like nyaruko except her eyes are blue instead of green and has neko ears and a fluffy tail. I'm still working on it but, I have a sinister side of me. It's something like "I wonder what would happen if I stab someone" and stuff. I think it comes from my otherself. I used to be someone who loves fighting and I have a lot of rage.
  8. Hey everyone. I’ve been researching tulpas for months, and tried creating one on Black Friday. I now try my hardest to force her, but to no avail. I’ve tried both active and passive forcing, a wonderland, a personality trait list, narration, etc. I have tried both May The Force Be With You and JD's method. During passive forcing, I only slightly see her, doing random stuff, but that’s likely just me puppeting a servitor, even when I apparently didn’t think of that action she was doing. Every time I try to active force, visualize her, or use a wonderland, my mind quickly drifts away to somet
  9. Hey, I just joined the site and I just recently became familiar with tulpas and what they are. I find all of this extremely fascinating and I'm ecstatic to have my own tulpa! I was starting on my tulpa today while on lunch at work today, giving it an appearance and a core personality. I was only a few minutes into my meditation, and all of a sudden I feel this strange sensation in my head and I flinched, I opened my eyes and made an involuntary chuckle followed by goosebumps and it kind of spooked me. Does this sound like something that could be associated with creating my tulpa? I find
  10. This is a submission to tips and tricks. Intro: Forcing can be difficult, we all want to make our tulpa(s) a little more vivid each and every day. I , like many others have had problems sustaining consistent progress. I unfortunately, have adhd , and even though eve is very much "there" when I focus on her, I find it difficult to begin focusing on her in the first place. To work on this i try to keep a meditation regiment, and when I manage it the benefits are tremendous. This lead to a realization, I needed to figure out a way I could work on Eve while meditating. Specifically i wanted t
  11. I've had odd experiences and wanted to know if it's possible for the original self in a system to die. Can they be brought back or will the underlying personality always exist?
  12. Meditation for Those Seeking to Dissociate This guide should be used as a reference for those who want a thought-out look into meditation for dissociation and dissociation's uses in tulpa things. I have been meditating daily since the summer of 2010, and I have found myself able to dissociate from my body consistently and quickly at this point. I have been able to dissociate semi-reliably since the fall of 2013, and I started work on my first tulpa in January of 2014. I was first successfully switched with my second tulpa, Mikasa, in May of 2014. I fully realize that this is
  13. Whenever I try to force, I zone out, and day dream to whole time. Only to snap out of it and realize I have wasted my forcing session. I need some help with some concentration techniques, so I can actually force. I'm making this thread (probably should have done it earlier), because my zoning out while forcing has gotten way out of hand. Like today when I tried to force, I zoned out and day dreamed the yellow stone volcano had erupted. so if anyone has any suggestions, that would be great.
  14. Hello everyone, First off, I'm new to this community and have yet to create a Tulpa myself. However, I have this question in which I'm looking for an answer- or guidance. When your in the process of creating your Tulpa, which I know can take some time- you need to go through deep thought, focus, visualisation and concentration. My question is, how deep into focus do you need to be able to successfully and effectively create your Tulpa. For example, if you are perhaps someone who would spend their day at work, school etc and you were thinking about the aspects of your Tulpa is it possible to
  15. If my tulpa is based of a real person/fictinal character could i just take a picture of the person/fictional character and narrate to that, Will my tulpa know i'm talking to her?, or will it not work?,has anyone else tried this??
  16. Out of curiosity, I was thinking to myself earlier "I can't be the only one who has trouble remembering my tulpa". Which then led to looking through various ideas. After thinking about it, I thought I'd ask the wider community how they all managed this. So, yeah, how do you go about your day, and remember your tulpa throughout that time? EDIT: As of now, it's been more the form of suddenly having Hennessey's name pop into my head, then followed by my quiet realisation of "Oh, crap, Hennessey... Sorry about that..." And so then onto some narration before my mind wanders again back to
  17. Recently my Tulpa (Toree) has been quiet, probably out of a lack of things to say and/or shyness, so I dunno how to force with her being so shy. Is there any tips you can give? Should I try to do more parroting and bring her out of her shell like that?
  18. Note: I dunno if I'm using the wrong term, correct me if I am wrong. I've seen some people here channel their Tulpas and allow them to state their thoughts on the forums; I dunno if that's okay for new, young, and developing tulpas, though. I'd assume it's okay, but I've heard younger tulpas are impressionable.
  19. Ok, every one's mind probably never shuts up because all day we are constantly thinking. But every time I really try to sit down and focus on White, especially if I take a visit to the wonderland, it's like the levees of my mind broke and all kinds of random thoughts come pouring in making it hard if not impossible to focus on White or anything else. I notice this happens constantly through the day whether or not I'm paying attention. And also like I said in my PR when I'm daydreaming myself to sleep until random thoughts tear apart the dream and I lose conscienceness and fall into a basic ni
  20. I'm just starting out with tulpaforcing. I've had, for a long time, what could be considered just an "imaginary friend". I stumbled upon this yesterday, and I've been thinking I could probably tulpize it. I read a few guides, and they all suggest using a wonderland when you're starting. They also say to use your "mind's eye" instead of "projecting it onto your eyelids". Last night, I waited for it to get quiet, and then I tried meditating and thinking of the feelings I had when reading a guide to a wonderland. (For example, "You are sitting on grass. It's a nice day with a light breeze. Feel t
  21. So i have just started trying to create my first tulpa, i have tried to sit down and plan out the personality and traits but whenever i try to visualize anthing it just feels like im doing not it right, i can see her standing there and just about move around to get different angles but it just feels so distant like she is an empty shell. What sort of things would you recommend me to try? i really want to pull through with this since i have so much spare time being wasted as of right now. I have already read a few guides but the only one that seemed to help me so far is the breathing in a
  22. Hello. This problem only developed very recently, last few days at most. When the day starts, I can communicate and attempt to visualize my tulpa somewhat well. As the day goes on however, bad things happen whenever I think of her. My mind is bombarded by HORRIBLE thoughts that will not go away. I don't want to describe any of them but they are pretty awful. She says that she isn't causing them and she doesn't know where they are coming from, but it takes every ounce of focus I have to think of my tulpa without these thoughts getting in the way. Its almost painful to me, has anyone else has ex
  23. We used to get good sleep. After my tulpa started being depressed, and to this day, I only get to sleep 4 hours per night, sometimes even 3 hours per night. I wake up by myself, she wakes up a bit later, like after 5 minutes, until then I have to carry her around or just wait (yeah...). When I wake up, I wake up for good, although if she's really sleepy we get to go back to sleep after 1 hour or so of waking up. What gives? Is it her depression? We go to sleep early and well, no drugs, no alcohol, nothing that would affect sleep patterns. It's really bad because I want to sleep with her
  24. I have done some research and have read that feeling pressure is a good sign. I saw that somebody has been feeling pressure on their temples, but I am feeling it on my forehead. I have been feeling this for a couple of days and when I read up on it I found this. So is this something that I should be feeling? Sorry if it's in the wrong place or it's already been answered. It takes a little bit for me to get used to new forums.
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