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  1. Quotidian publication numeral XIV What are some little things you found/find helpful with forcing? Could be stuff that helped you focus better, stuff that helped you develop your tulpa, things that alleviated doubts/frustration, things like that. An example would be our host listening to white noise to help him focus and get into the forcing "zone." (Each of the quotidian publications are catalogued in this location.)
  2. I've been working with my tulpa for a little over a month now using only the supposed "Passive Forcing". I've read all the guides and gone through just about every piece of work provided by this site and beyond; yet, I still have many questions. I know PForcing isn't very well known, so I'll put up my understanding of it (definition) on the bottom of this post for those who are clueless. --How should one go about passive forcing? Say what you will, but this is my second attempt at making a tulpa with little success. The first attempt was made via Active Forcing; but due to little progre
  3. I posted here before about a certain issue I'm going through with my Tulpa, but I still need some guidance. I made my Tulpa to be passionate, caring and really loving, everything was fine and she literally made my life alot better. But after some time I started having issues with anxiety and pure o OCD intrusive thoughts due to deciding to quit my long time pornography consumption, I started having intrusive sexual thoughts and images about my Tulpa, and it felt like there was a second version of her which was kind of evil, I was afraid that i will accidently create different intrusive thought
  4. ‘Hour counts’ refers to the practise of tracking the number of hours spent forcing. It was a common practise in the past because the oldest guides instructed the reader to use them. However, they have gotten a bad name over the years from people perpetuating the idea that they are detrimental to the tulpa creation process. These fears are not entirely unfounded, because with the wrong mindset they can be very detrimental. However, with the correct approach they can be a beneficial tool that gives you schedule and structure, especially if you struggle with laziness. The purpose of this guide is
  5. This is daily thread #6. For this discussion, forcing will be defined as "interacting with or dedicating thought to a tulpa for the purpose of helping them to grow/develop as a thoughtform." I know the definition of forcing can change based on the context, but this is the definition I'm using for this thread. If a tulpa is inactive or dormant, how effective would a forcing session be? Does a tulpa need to be active/aware in order to benefit from forcing? Would they benefit less if they are inactive? Is it even possible to be inactive/dormant while being interacted with? (This is ignor
  6. Pretty much the title.For some reason it seems more fun and easy than just forcing with mind mind
  7. Tulpa independence with flashcards! This is a relatively short guide, but it's helped me tons. I'm really happy I thought of doing this, and I'm going to start doing this daily. So I discovered that my tulpa, Fancyboy, is terrible at parallel processing. I had decided, why not show him simple math flashcards, so he can get better at this? He's not exactly independent yet, but this strategy for tulpa independence has helped him in a variety of ways! First off, the link to the website that is really great to use: Addition Flashcards! What you need: A vocal tulpa Yourself (of co
  8. Right now I'm planning out the approach I'll use to create my tulpa. The general consensus seems to be that it's good to have some basic traits in mind, then allowing one's tulpa to develop and change as time goes on, so I'll be doing that. I'll be creating as many associations as I can to reinforce their existence, likely throught the use of insence, specific styles of music, use of symbols/sigils, and forcing during the same time in the same location every day. I'm also going to keep a journal to track progress. Writing about it should give more attention to my tulpa and serve as another way
  9. I used to have an "imaginary" friend named Ren and if I begged him for anything they will eventually happen. He used to kinda "bullie" me but only to get me to do things he was my personal coach if that makes since. I didn't know how to describe him some say it's a guardian angel but I think he was darker than that. He knows everything about me. We watched the somethings. He was mean/controlling on me at times, i got around it by just saying "I know" it started to cool down. But he did help me become better /mental heath wise. I promised him he could be reborn and I'll come join him
  10. I've been advised in my GAT submission thread that I might find a better discussion platform in the general section. Granted I never really was an active user in here and I don't know your local customs I'd like to throw in a link to my recent post on forcing and see if it sprouts any good discussion. So here you go: On Forcing
  11. Many people want to aim for long active forcing sessions, but have difficulty with forcing for the amount of time they want to. Before they hit their target time, they might get tired, become distracted, or run out of things to talk about or do while forcing. The best solution to this is not to just have shorter sessions, because you're probably wanting to have these long sessions for a reason. Why would somebody want to have long forcing sessions in the first place? Well, long sessions have significant benefits. Most people take a little while to truly get into the "flow" of forcing, or hi
  12. I am about to start a job requiring much attention, and it is stressful. Any advice on how to force in such a situation? I am aware of passive forcing, but I worry about the stress and attention demanded of the job.
  13. Hello guys. I started forcing over 5 month ago. I didn't want to have more than one tulpa. But Charlotte (my first tulpa) didn't think so. On 3rd month of forcing she created the second tulpa without asking me. On 4th month of forcing she created the third tulpa. 3 days ago she created the fourth tulpa. I tried to speak to her, but it didn't help. SHE STILL MAKE NEW TULPAS. I CAN'T STOP IT. I'm really afraid of it. Guys, i really need your help. I don't want to drop my tulpas.
  14. Ok so, my tulpa is 8 days old now, but actually only one and half days. That's because I haven't had any time to force, so I just tried to think about him and not forget... My question is, how should I force now? I have problems to get into Wonderland (long break...) and visualising my tulpa is quite hard to do. My tulpa can't speak yet, he can't move very good and mostly he's just sitting. Now, I can't find him, only when I try hard, but he's just sitting kinda soulless and bored (I guess?) Any ideas please?
  15. I know this is kind of personal, but in order for me to comprehend better and improve my own forcing experience, I was wondering if you would like to share a step by step example of a normal active forcing session you and your tulpa usually do. And I mean a really detailed one. I've read a lot of guides, but I think I need a little more of real examples. Here is what I do: I sit down in front of the computer, open a word document, put the font in white so I won't be able to read what I write (i feel the urge to fix all stuff i misspell...) and then I do basically a image streaming, whixh is
  16. Hiya everyone! Actual question at bottom, after dotted line. Blabbing setup to it at top. Thoughts on implications below question. Maybe I should throw in a "this only reflects my host and my subjective experiences" warning, so there. Lance and I were trying to figure out stuff, like plan to set more time for meditation and sense synthesis (doesn't that sound better than 'visualization' since, we need it all?) and a thought occurred to him.. I spend a lot of time on these forums, it's not like it's interfering with our life (because we don't have much going on *poke poke*), nor are we reall
  17. This is something new... Will describe shortly...i force for a year (or at least try) and the thing is that i am not successful, not a single response. But a half a year ago when i was sleeping i had a dream where i was laying on my bed and another me (like a copy of myself )was sitting on it as well, and then it threw something at me, it scared me, i started to wake up BUT i heard him mumbling something in tulpish, it was painful. Then after some months of unsuccessful forcing i was dreaming again, and i got into the second layer of the dream(was dreaming in a dream(like in the "Inception"
  18. Hi, I was wondering if there is an app for the phone that would help me forcing with Mia. I always fail to keep a forcing routine, so maybe an app could help me.
  19. I’m having a weird issue with forcing right now. Everything with my Tulpa Pinkamena was going great, she and I were really clicking, and I am always looking forward to forcing with her again. But there’s a slight issue, I force usually through the whole sitting down relaxing and visiting the wonderland and my Tulpa thing. Seems like there ought to not be an issue. However I meditated for two years before Tulpamancy, and I’ve been having an issue where I get so relaxed that I can’t stay with my Tulpa, and repeatedly I drift away.I mentioned the meditation because I keep getting really relaxed a
  20. So i have tried to force a tupla for a while now but nothing has really been happening untill now. I have a tattoo on my left inner arm when a start talking to my tulpa or start to think of him it start to hurt a little and after that it start to tingle. Is this my tulpa or is it just me tryning to mess with myself Thank you for answering if you answer.
  21. I was just wondering, I am new to tulpas and i have a question based on personality forcing. Do i need to be in the wonderland while doing it? I also do not feel very connected to her in sense. Any thing that will help, I have read alot of guides, it is also my 3rd day of forcing so im not really expecting anything special right now! Thank you for your time!
  22. While I've already asked a question here about my tulpa, I have another about forcing my Tulpa. I have the wonderland and all that, and I've visualized a form for her, but I just can't seem to think of anything to do with her to force, and if I recall, that's all forcing is is interacting with my tulpa. So what are some examples of a good activity while forcing?
  23. I am new to this whole thing, I have had experience with this concept before, and when seeing that it was, as one would say, a real thing, I naturally decided to give it a try. Being only a few days into the process, I have a few questions that I would ask. Most importantly, I am confused as to when the Tulpa begins to exist? I have an active imagination anyway and that fact is exacerbated by my relative youth, so I believe that I have a bit of an edge on the process, and I think I have felt certain tremors reminiscent of what is described as the first contact with a Tulpa, though I am open to
  24. Good evening, everyone! I started creating my tulpa about two years ago and still haven't seen any progress (what I mean by this is that we haven't hit any of the "traditional" milestones yet, like vocality). I believe that one reason I'm failing so hard at this is that I don't know, and have never really known, what to do during active forcing. I've read a thousand threads about activities to do during forcing, but most of them seem to be geared towards at least partially vocal tulpae. What am I supposed to do when my tulpa and I can't really interact yet? I think that we have managed t
  25. I often see people advising that I should parrot/puppet my tulpa to force it better. Wouldn't my tulpa, once sentient, be annoyed that I was essentially impersonating them, and fabricating lies about them? Sorry that I'm dumb :P
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