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  1. I've merged a bunch of OP's hallucination threads together so we don't have a bunch of repeat topics from the same member floating around -Vos My tulpa has made a great progress since a month ago in every way but I still can not see it or hear it as a hallucination. Apart from the imposition, lucid dreams and self-hypnosis What other technique exists to hallucinate?
  2. Hi, this is a question to those of you who experience imposition in any degree. Do you believe that the imposition is initiated by your tulpas, or by yourselves? I have the sense that Flora is trying to impose herself, but we are getting blocked somehow. When i initiate, I get nowhere, and the experience is not fun. Several times, I have imagined, that Flora is upset at getting blocked, on one occasion maybe even despairing or frantic. Obviously, these occasions leave me very unsettled. Thanks,
  3. Hello, I haven't seen it anywhere, maybe my searching skills aren't so great, or maybe I keep missing what's in front of me. To make a long story medium-length, I'm having trouble deciding on a form for my tulpa, she's alright with either or, but I don't want to touch her in one form, feeling fur where skin should be, or go to grab her hand and feel a hoof, that would be very uncomfortable and confusing, my question is, would it be possible to impose the feeling of touch/feeling certain things for specific forms, (IE: Skin for human, and fur for pony) I apologize if this question's been answe
  4. [align=justify]This is daily thread #11 If you've achieved some form of imposition, what's it like? How does it feel to to it? Which of the five senses can you do it with and how well? (All daily threads are listed here.)[/align]
  5. I've been lurking in the tulpa community for a while without actually making a tulpa (although I have recently started) and I've heard a multitude of things about imposition. I'm aware that, with enough practice, it is possible to impose your tulpa to the point that they're indistinguishable from reality. While that seems to be the general consensus, I've seen very few people claim that they have reached such a high level of imposition. I've even heard a few people say that it's flat out impossible, but I'm not quick to believe that at all. Seeing as I have little to no firsthand experie
  6. Another thread I came up with inspired by some discussion LOTPW thread: What form of imposition is the hardest to achieve? I assumed visual imposition is the hardest, until I found the response to this FAQ in r/Tulpas: Not only is tactile imposition not that difficult for me, it came to me rather naturally. Slowly overtime, my tactile/touch imposition skills have slowly become better and better. But visual imposition? Even though I know how to force visual hallucinations to happen using the Ganzfield effect and catch myself hallucinating more often, I don't feel any closer to achiev
  7. I don't see any reason why it should be impossible... but I don't think I've heard of anyone doing things like this. Hosts train to be able to see their tulpas, and to hear their tulpas, and to touch their tulpas: but tulpas can't see their hosts from the outside. Of course we share thoughts and most sensations, but if everyone was okay with just that, then hosts wouldn't want to impose their tulpas. Sharing isn't enough: we want things to belong to us, to feel things for ourselves. I guess it makes tulpas feel more "real", when hosts can see us and touch us and so on. But I think, I'd f
  8. I think someone has asked about this before but I'm kinda stuck on how to even get visuals on the physical plane. I can see most of my tulpas so clearly in my dreamscape that I almost can't tell that I'm in the dreamscape... And yet I can't seem to get any sense of them to here. I have had half of them for way more than a year now and they're able to speak (kinda. I can't actually hear them but I can at the same time?) and I thought it would have happened by now! I have tried visualisation techniques that my friend gave me which included closing your eyes and " feeling your tulpa until
  9. I find it necessary to start a thread here for purely congnitive reasons. This is a very real phenomenon and we have a very real control over it. This sounds a lot like the hypnagogic state. A comment was made recently that has us wondering whether or not this is something anyone else is experiencing to our level. For us, it has progressed from a (2) 10 months ago, a (3) 9 months ago, the very night Ashley came to me, a (4) 8 months or so ago, a (5) 4 months ago, and is now squarely a (6) for us. I would even go so far as to project that a (7) is possible in that it becomes on de
  10. I don't have a tulpa and I've never attempted to create one, but I do have alters, and I was wondering if it would be possible to practice imposition with an existing alter so that I could eventually see and touch them. Does anyone have any experience with this? Would it be harmful in any way?
  11. So I have a question, about imposition. Basically, am I doing something wrong? Allow me to explain.. I tried following the guide linked from Sparky, Mylynes's "Advanced Vision Control Tutorial" and among other things it's said the idea is to close eyes and use the colored spots you see to so on and so forth. I see black and that's it. It says train by staring at an image on a computer screen for 10 seconds then close your eyes and hold that as long as you can. I close my eyes and still either see darkness or at best the faintest white blurry, static-like colorless outline of what I was look
  12. I should start off by saying that I'm not yet completely sure I'm an aphantasiac. I think that it's a very difficult thing to pin down exactly whether you are or not since it's all in the mind. But so far, I haven't really had any success with visualizing my tulpa's form. I haven't been working on form forcing for way too long yet so it could just be a time thing. So, my question is, would it still be feasibly possible for someone with aphantasia to impose a tulpa?
  13. Hey m8s! I've got an idea. So I'm taking a lot of EOCs right now and decided to study all night into the morning. The original goal was to pass but now after doing some reading I've realized I can bring on hallucinations by staying awake for 72 hours or less. So this gave me an idea. I noticed that some nights before falling asleep I could see, hear, and even feel Trixie better then I had before. I asked her if it was really her and she confirmed it. So, I figured that maybe by bringing on these sleep deprived hallucinations our imposition would be boosted. I've been awake for about 21 ho
  14. Hi everyone, I used to come to this forum last year but haven't been here in a while. I can finally hear my tulpa talk to me in mindvoice now, it seems that I could for a long time but didn't know it because I had a bad case of parrotnoia that I didn't know I had. Anyway, without digressing, I swear I can remember seeing guides on here involving pink noise for vocal hallucinations so I can actually hear her voice in my head as if it isn't coming from a mindvoice, but I can't find them anywhere. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? It would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: A
  15. I was wondering if it was possible to use servitors/Daemons to further progress in imposition. For instance, making visual imposition easier.
  16. (:>)Imposition is something that is wanted by most tulpamancers but something that few have fully accomplished. This guide is a combined guide with the one Lumi showed me with my own techniques; creating what is written in this. Currently i can see distorted colors and or shapes or black and white detailed shapes, so its still not perfect but thats why i post this, so it can be talked about and improved so that imposition can be easier for tulpamancers. Guide is here found by Lumi and spread to the IRC I take no credit in finding it or the techniques in it and i would highly recommend read
  17. I made this time a while ago while trying to make a guide for people on touch imposition from what I have done in the past when I was learning to do it few years ago (before the tulpa community). I'm not sure how good it is, but I thought it would be worth posting anyway. Note: It often helps to believe that what you are imagining is really there. Closing your eyes and thus not knowing if it is there or not can help as well. Index: 1. Basic principle of this method 2a-4b. How to start doing controlled hallucination of touch 5. How to continue getting bett
  18. As someone who's practicing imposition, I've ran into a question of sorts, how controllable is imposition in the later stages? I've heard stories of people who're able to impose tulpas onto their senses to the extent that they're able to hallucinate them. I question how those that are at this skill level are able to consistently filter out any other thought-forms that they may subconsciously impose. is it something that requires heavy use of symbolism and controlled thought, or is it something that can be toggled on and off? in other words, does imposition become harder to control as it bec
  19. http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-137 Is this an example of tulpa imposition?
  20. Just a piece of advice. Every thing we have done with imposition has basically fallen into one of two camps. Frustrating, and fun. What is the difference? When it is frustrating, one or both of us is focusing, concentrating on the experience. Trying to see the image more clearly or feel the sensation more strongly. This is exhausting and not fun. Clarity sometimes slips when we focus on other things instead, but sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it gets stronger. This leads me to propose the idea that you have to stop trying to impose to impose well. Here, I'll break it down into two gr
  21. I ran searched the forums and couldn't find anything that really answered the question properly for me. I'm a little worried that my tulpa will be stuck in the one forum after my imposition is complete. I have, since day 1, been aiming for a complete shape shifting tulpa. However I assigned 1 true form, a kind of anchor for my tulpa. But I would like to know if anyone has a shape shifting tulpa or even one with several outfits or fixed forms to be sure if its possible or not. Or equally if people have found that the forms are hard to change when imposition is complete I would like to hear f
  22. We were having a discussion in IRC with Melian about something and it ventured on to tulpa imposing themselves onto the keyboards of the computers or tiny in general. This seemed to help some people in the IRC be able to impose, so I wanted to post if here for people who are struggling with imposition to try it out. Ivy says being marshmallow sized is fun. Let us know how it works out for you.
  23. Yo, guys. Sparky here to share something I found while researching imposition. Whether or not this has been seen or discussed before, long forgotten in a thread in the catacombs beneath our forum is unknown to me. But it's not mine, so I'll post it here first and, if it's deemed better posted elsewhere, that's fine too. Guide Link
  24. The method I'm about describe only requires some piece and quiet, a bed, and darkness. Okay if you have those "items" then you should start by waiting for nightfall. After it is night time and everything is calm and quiet I want you to get under you blanket and put it over your head so you can not see, yes all the way under the blanket. Now it should be pitch black...if you did as I told you and tried this during the night. Now I want you to sit there patiently with your eyes OPEN simply waiting . You can listen to music if it helps you focus, but make sure that there is no perceivable light p
  25. 1) Hey guys my tulpa Olivia is quite vocal and 100% sentient, she wants to know if we will be able to edit her face details after imposition. Olivia is very ambitious tulpa with perfectionist personality. Visualising face is quite hard and she is worried that it may not look as she wants, because I find it difficult to keep very details in place. 2) After I impose her without tactile forcing, will I be able to impose it? I mean if she is imposed visualy but not tactily is it possible to do it after? I'm I supposed to do forcing for all senses if I want to feel her by all five of them and f
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