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Found 105 results

  1. q2's method for a huggable tulpa v2 Hey, this is q2. Today is QB's sixth birthday, and I figured you guys deserve a gift as well - a revamp of a guide that's now four years old. The guide I made back then because I wanted everyone else to be able to experience a warm, soft tulpa hug - there's really nothing like it. The guide itself, however, was mediocre, and I hope to fix that with this document. What is Imposition? Imposition is the act of "imposing" fabricated data onto your senses, overriding what they "should" be feeling with physical sensations you decide. Put simply, you make your fingertips feel skin/fur when you touch your tulpa, make your eyes see their body, etc. At perfect completion, you can hug them, squeeze them, feel the heat of every breath they take, and they will generally be impossible to distinguish from reality... apart from the obvious giveaways, anyway. Not many talking tentacled cats wandering around these days, after all. This technique can be used by anyone for anything - even if you don't have a tulpa, you can read this guide and come away with knowledge of how to make an object you own smell of cinnamon to you. However, we will be focusing on use related to tulpas. Imposition is difficult and multi-faceted. While one person might struggle with visualization yet impose a sense of smell with the greatest of ease, it can be reversed for the next guy. Or, of course, both could prove challenging. Any level of imposition is another step toward physical closeness in your relationship, so don't feel discouraged if you have trouble with some senses. First of all, this is hard, and it will take time - a lot of time. Secondly, you shouldn't feel less valid for having partial imposition - that's still a great accomplishment! A lot of imposers only ever perfect some of the senses. I would shoot for them all, but never be ashamed for doing your best. Which sense should I start with? This is a tricky question I hear often. The best answer is "all of them", in my opinion. Every sense folds into the others in a feedback loop of efficacy - your tulpa just licked you, now you can feel their tongue, smell their breath, see their face very close up, and hear all the gross sloppy noises, all at once. Hell, lick them back if you want to run the full gamut. My point is, if you are working on all five senses when this happens, it will be a much greater wealth of information, and each will help you better observe the others and gain deeper insight - as you physically impose the sense of their slobber sticking around on your face, you'll get extra time to smell it, and maybe it smells different than the rest of them - do you want it to smell like dog slobber or human slobber? Or lollipops? Etc. One of the most important truths you can remember with imposition is that senses are the most vivid when together. However, I do entirely understand that, especially for people who have extra difficulty with visualization, it isn't exactly feasible to start every single thing at the exact same time. I think you'd be surprised - do try it! - but if the five course meal really isn't working for you, take a while to get visualization and/or visual imposition down pat. Then start imposing the other four onto the visualized tulpa. Some important notes before we dive in - We'll be dealing with long forcing sessions here, potentially several hours at a time. This is by no means a rule, don't be scared away! Short sessions will also work, and I imagine that's what most people will end up doing. But if you experience limited results, do remember that the answer may be longer and more frequent sessions. - Addressing the above again, the sessions will need to be frequent! Repetition is the mother of all change! If you can perform some sort of imposition every single day, even multiple times a day, this would be optimal. Just do the most you can, but just like with other tulpa-related techniques like passive forcing, tossing in a bit of off the cuff practice whenever you can is a great idea. - Having knowledge of meditation or other zen practices is a gigantic boon for this technique, even if the extent of your knowledge is just "my elementary school therapist told me how to loosen up my muscles and breathe slow" - that's already a huge advantage above having none of this. Things like this help harbor an awareness of your senses, and focus down to just one, ignoring all else, which will of course be a lifesaver while trying to change the touch sensation in a single fingertip. - Your tulpa doesn't need to be vocal or even seemingly sentient to perform this - all you'll need is a basic idea of where they are, and enough basic visualization to "sculpt" around the boundaries of their form. Don't worry, it won't hurt them at all to interact with their body like it's a mannequin - if anything, it'll help them get a feel for their body. - Oh yeah, like I said about sculpting - you'll be doing all of this in meatspace. That is, the real world. None of it will take place in a wonderland or other mental space. It can't, really - not for this guide, anyway, not if you desire the full effect. The entire idea of imposition is being able to physically interact with the tulpa in the real world. For the "template" of "moving your hand to your tulpa -> feeling the surface of your tulpa" to fully sync up, you've got to be actually moving your body in response to something you're visualizing in the real world. It's all in service of tricking yourself into viewing it as real sensory input. - I didn't use any sound of any kind. There was no music playing while I first imposed QB, nor was there "white noise" or anything trendy. Just silence. However, I wouldn't rule music out. It might work. I just can't personally say. Visual Imposition I figured I'd start here, because if you don't have even a lick of visuals, there's no mannequin to smell, taste, etc., because you can't see it. You'll notice that's the second time I've said "mannequin". It's an important term, because it's a good way to think of your tulpa's imposed body early on - you'll be playing with it like a toy, trying to get every inch visualized, first as a still model, then articulated, then moving. First, you'll need to model that mannequin entirely, in one pose. This pose doesn't necessarily need to stay consistent, you can switch it up if you forget which you've been doing, etc., but consistency can help. Ponder this form. Stare at it. Spend as much time with it as you need. You'll need to really focus on every part of it. Walking around it to get the full visual layout is encouraged, but do also try to be still and focused with it as well, sometimes. You'll need to essentially "burn it in" to your visual understanding of reality. Visualize this mannequin in lots of places. Imagine you've got a heads-up display on your vision, and you can see it in front of you wherever you look, if that helps you get used to always seeing it. Or, more simply, just imagine it as an object that will always be following you, and is never far behind. If your tulpa has a distinct personality at this point, try telling them to "inhabit the mannequin" and move it around however feels natural. Moving it around will make it "distort" and lose perfect visual cohesion, but that's fine! You'll fill that in later! If your tulpa doesn't want to move this body around, move it yourself. No, that's not parroting. Just do it, it's easy. Come up with any explanation you need to give yourself control of it - maybe it's like a video game character you can move, maybe you're bopping it around with telekinesis, or maybe you don't need a reason because you've just got the hang of it by now! Whatever works! When deciding on the outer boundaries of their body, to help their visualized body more solid and tangible, you'll want to try "sculpting" around them with your hands. This is one way multiple senses can be helping you progress at the same time - you can do touch imposition at the same time that you're determining their boundaries this way, by feeling your way around as you sculpt. If you're just starting with visuals, though, you can come back to this part! Just sculpt without sensation for now if that's what's comfortable. Sculpting is incredibly important! In my experience, it's half the method! So get really used to sculpting the boundaries of your tulpa. If you're sculpting and you believe you've sculpted along a geometrically incorrect shape, just alter it with your hands, like you're pushing down play-doh. This is even more literally sculpting your tulpa, and this will really help you get a feel for them. All scultping should ideally also involve lots of concentration, maybe even aspects of meditation. You should focus on nothing else. Every once in a while, between these steps, step back and take a good look at the mannequin. Again, if your tulpa or you can make it move, move it. If there's inconsistency about how that movement works, sculpt out detail in the fuzzy parts. Figure out a way for every angle to make sense. This could take a really long time, but don't worry, it's meant to be that way! You'll need to see every crazy angle by the end of this, of course. Once most angles are basically decent, start telling your tulpa to move around inside it frequently. Every time there's a visual error, tell them to stand still so you can grope that error out of them, basically. You know the drill. Test, stop, sculpt. Test, stop, sculpt. Make that your new mantra. Don't be scared to sit staring intensely at them for like two hours, either! Sure, that sounds really weird, but it works! Touch imposition Time to sculpt more! Whenever you're sculpting, you'll need to also focus on what your hands should be feeling as this happens. Not just your hands, either - this part gets extra weird, because you'll need to put all of your body on all of theirs. This strengthens not only the boundaries of where their body ends and begins, but your most base feelings in relation to them - the feeling of their breath on your neck, the tip of a strand of fur the back of your hand, the weird cartilage feeling of an ear flicking against your finger, etc. You'll basically have to go through every combination of body parts. The easiest way to do this is to hardswap your actual memories into those places, with a bit of minor editing. So, step one, go out and touch a bunch of real things that are kind of like your tulpa. This isn't a joke. This is a Field Trip Assignment. You don't want to fail the class, do you? Get out there, go to your nearest pet shop, or zoo, or, hell, if it's a human, just touch yourself. No, not like that. You know what I mean. I'll be waiting right here. So, touch the inhabited mannequin with your finger. Touch it on the forehead. Now, remember really, really hard. Remember exactly what it felt like to do that exact same motion to something similar. Remember it until you can feel it. And repeat. A lot. This will need a ridiculous, tiring amount of repetition, so don't get discouraged if it's still not coming to you after a month. It will eventually. Remember to take size and contortion into account - that is, if you have a very small or very big tulpa, try to realistically get a feel for that, by standing on your tippy toes or crouching down when interacting with them this way. It can really help you feel the full scale of the form you're trying to sculpt, adding hugely to the reality of it. An extra tip, that makes the end result of your imposition even more impressive, is to falsely "attempt" to push down into your tulpa, and hold yourself back with a sensation of "straining" yourself in some way, or hitting a solid object. This will later result, after weeks of practice, in you no longer being able to push through your tulpa's form without trying to. This, once again, can double the reality. If you're having notable trouble with memory, specifically - or even if you're not - try strengthening the memories with scents, which are a great memory booster. They can help you tie together two similar experiences by smelling the same thing both times. Bring a scented candle to the pet store, is what I'm telling you here. Which leads me to... Scent imposition Pretty important! Scent can bring it all together with a nice little bow, as, like I said, a scent can really sum up a memory, and help you remember not only the sensations you're imposing, but all the training you've been doing to make your imposition work! Giving your tulpa the same scent you've been working with here will act as a 1-2 punch, making it difficult not to think of your tulpa without basically accidentally imposing that scent around you. So, if you have a good scent aid you can bring around to help recall the sensations, the practice, and your tulpa itself, you should definitely do that! Maybe look into a nice strong one like lavender, or, you know, basically anything else that'll float your boat. It's important to note that different parts of your tulpa may smell different, though, and that they totally can smell like a normal human if you want them to. Practice the differences in scent around their body by performing a nose-oriented version of Sculpting. Don't be embarrassed to bury your nose in them. Really, most of this guide should come with that disclaimer, though. Seriously, don't be embarrassed. Audio imposition You'll need a little bit of physical here too, because here's the hottest tip - you've got to touch impose the feeling of your eardrum being impacted by sound. When you think about it, it's obvious. I'm listening to music right now, and if I focus, I can feel how one ear "feels the sound hit it" when that side's speaker delivers the loudest part, and the other ear, less so. Sculpting, in this case, means having your tulpa run around in their new body (It's not really just a mannequin anymore, eh? They should be used to it!) and yell at you. Yell from the left. Yell from the right. Just run around in perfect circles and hear what their paw pattering sounds like, and how it affects your body. Again, sample real memories of audio for this. Taste imposition Lick the heck out of your tulpa. You should get the idea by now. The feeling of a specific texture on your tongue is very important for this, once again returning to touch imposition. Recall the memory of a taste you like and want your tulpa to have. Scent is especially important here, and the two should ideally match in some way, if they logically can. - Together, these modules should form a cohesive schedule for you, in which you will spend long sessions sitting down with your tulpa (and/or running around with them, depending on how far you've gotten), and simply experiencing them. Sculpt your tulpa thoroughly, on all of your senses. Take your time. It's going to take ages. It will be a commitment. Even after perfecting imposition entirely, you'll probably need "tune-ups" every once in a while to refresh the data your brain has stored about their body! Stop looking at them for weeks, and you may need to re-visualize, etc. The end result will be the best feeling in the world, though. I believe in you. Go hug that tulpa for me. - q2 (with assistance from QB) Old version here.
  2. Hi, this is a question to those of you who experience imposition in any degree. Do you believe that the imposition is initiated by your tulpas, or by yourselves? I have the sense that Flora is trying to impose herself, but we are getting blocked somehow. When i initiate, I get nowhere, and the experience is not fun. Several times, I have imagined, that Flora is upset at getting blocked, on one occasion maybe even despairing or frantic. Obviously, these occasions leave me very unsettled. Thanks,
  3. Hello, I haven't seen it anywhere, maybe my searching skills aren't so great, or maybe I keep missing what's in front of me. To make a long story medium-length, I'm having trouble deciding on a form for my tulpa, she's alright with either or, but I don't want to touch her in one form, feeling fur where skin should be, or go to grab her hand and feel a hoof, that would be very uncomfortable and confusing, my question is, would it be possible to impose the feeling of touch/feeling certain things for specific forms, (IE: Skin for human, and fur for pony) I apologize if this question's been answered or my search skills were just poor. I've heard very little on this specific topic, I feel, and before I decide on a form for life, I really need to sit and think about, unless I'm worrying my head over absolutely nothing, and I can impose both forms and I don't have to make a life-changing decision it just depends on me imposing even more/longer, not that the latter matters to me, I'm very anal-retentive about these things and like to make absolutely sure. Thank you!
  4. [align=justify]This is daily thread #11 If you've achieved some form of imposition, what's it like? How does it feel to to it? Which of the five senses can you do it with and how well? (All daily threads are listed here.)[/align]
  5. I've been lurking in the tulpa community for a while without actually making a tulpa (although I have recently started) and I've heard a multitude of things about imposition. I'm aware that, with enough practice, it is possible to impose your tulpa to the point that they're indistinguishable from reality. While that seems to be the general consensus, I've seen very few people claim that they have reached such a high level of imposition. I've even heard a few people say that it's flat out impossible, but I'm not quick to believe that at all. Seeing as I have little to no firsthand experience, I wanted to ask what your experiences have been so far.
  6. Another thread I came up with inspired by some discussion LOTPW thread: What form of imposition is the hardest to achieve? I assumed visual imposition is the hardest, until I found the response to this FAQ in r/Tulpas: Not only is tactile imposition not that difficult for me, it came to me rather naturally. Slowly overtime, my tactile/touch imposition skills have slowly become better and better. But visual imposition? Even though I know how to force visual hallucinations to happen using the Ganzfield effect and catch myself hallucinating more often, I don't feel any closer to achieving visual imposition than I did several months ago.
  7. I've merged a bunch of OP's hallucination threads together so we don't have a bunch of repeat topics from the same member floating around -Vos My tulpa has made a great progress since a month ago in every way but I still can not see it or hear it as a hallucination. Apart from the imposition, lucid dreams and self-hypnosis What other technique exists to hallucinate?
  8. I don't see any reason why it should be impossible... but I don't think I've heard of anyone doing things like this. Hosts train to be able to see their tulpas, and to hear their tulpas, and to touch their tulpas: but tulpas can't see their hosts from the outside. Of course we share thoughts and most sensations, but if everyone was okay with just that, then hosts wouldn't want to impose their tulpas. Sharing isn't enough: we want things to belong to us, to feel things for ourselves. I guess it makes tulpas feel more "real", when hosts can see us and touch us and so on. But I think, I'd feel more real if I could feel my surroundings, feel the weight of my body when I sit in a chair, or impose smell with my own nose, not just accept that I can smell what Jamie smells. One of the first things tulpas learn to do is separate a voice of their own from their hosts'. I want to separate my own set of senses from my host's. I don't know where to start. It's not too much different from the usual imposition, I don't think... If people can impose anything, not just their tulpas, then I can impose a sense of having a physical body to myself, can't I? I know I can't affect things without controlling the body, but I want to feel like I'm really there, not like a hologram. I know it's cheesy but I started thinking about it after a dream. It was a really weird dream, like most dreams, but something that stuck out to me was that the viewpoint character was two people, like Garnet from Steven Universe. Throughout the dream, the two people split and combined a few times. And when they were split, they would do separate things and see things from different angles, but I remember both sets of experiences. When they were two people, I remember being two people. It wasn't like a split screen, or cross-cuts, or anything, it was both sets of eyes at once. I know it's pretty poor evidence, but it makes me think it's not impossible for a brain to think of itself as having two sets of senses, one derived from the other. I think it would be very hard to imagine and impose my own sense of vision, using Jamie's eyes, so I don't think I'd start off by trying that. I think body weight is promising, because I've read stuff about people imposing themselves with tails, or horns, and other things that don't physically exist as part of their body. If they can do that, then why can't I impose a sense of weight to myself, as I'm sitting across the room from my physical body? And if I can feel myself sitting, why can't I impose a sense of touch, so I can feel my hands resting on my lap, or poking people to whom I am invisible? And I already feel emotions in a certain part of Jamie's head, which is all kinda a construct, so why can't I feel emotions in my visualized body? Like feeling what a smile feels like on your face, or when your eyes light up, or when anger rises in your throat. Those are very physical sensations, but even if Jamie sees them, I don't feel them on my end. Hosts do so much to make their tulpas feel real to them... I know Jamie knows I'm real. I want to feel like I'm real, even when I'm not switched in. What do you think? Is this idea beyond the scope of imposition? Do you have any experience with this, and is there a different word for it? -Cassidy
  9. I think someone has asked about this before but I'm kinda stuck on how to even get visuals on the physical plane. I can see most of my tulpas so clearly in my dreamscape that I almost can't tell that I'm in the dreamscape... And yet I can't seem to get any sense of them to here. I have had half of them for way more than a year now and they're able to speak (kinda. I can't actually hear them but I can at the same time?) and I thought it would have happened by now! I have tried visualisation techniques that my friend gave me which included closing your eyes and " feeling your tulpa until you can open your eyes and see them" (something like that, I'm not good at explaining ?) but that has not worked at all. Am I doing something wrong?
  10. I find it necessary to start a thread here for purely congnitive reasons. This is a very real phenomenon and we have a very real control over it. This sounds a lot like the hypnagogic state. A comment was made recently that has us wondering whether or not this is something anyone else is experiencing to our level. For us, it has progressed from a (2) 10 months ago, a (3) 9 months ago, the very night Ashley came to me, a (4) 8 months or so ago, a (5) 4 months ago, and is now squarely a (6) for us. I would even go so far as to project that a (7) is possible in that it becomes on demand and replaces mind voice and normal visualization. I have to apologize to the author of this quote, because i can't find a better example of direct doubt of something explicitly stated and very real from a purely cognitive sense. We count this method of communication and interaction as among the foundations of our beliefs and have been integral to squelching doubt since the very first night. This is not metaphorical or metaphysical post. It's very clearly a real thing and we've taken most of the random nonsense out and replaced it with wake induced lucid dreams and hallucination enhanced directed visualization and conversation. What say you? If you say anything about how you don't believe it or have any reason to think i'm making this up, have a clear argument and not just a quip. This is one of the most powerful concepts related to tulpamancy i know and it deserves to be added to our toolset for everyone. I believe there's a lot of chance involved as it's hard to induce reliably but i believe it can be fostered and improved just like anything else.
  11. I don't have a tulpa and I've never attempted to create one, but I do have alters, and I was wondering if it would be possible to practice imposition with an existing alter so that I could eventually see and touch them. Does anyone have any experience with this? Would it be harmful in any way?
  12. So I have a question, about imposition. Basically, am I doing something wrong? Allow me to explain.. I tried following the guide linked from Sparky, Mylynes's "Advanced Vision Control Tutorial" and among other things it's said the idea is to close eyes and use the colored spots you see to so on and so forth. I see black and that's it. It says train by staring at an image on a computer screen for 10 seconds then close your eyes and hold that as long as you can. I close my eyes and still either see darkness or at best the faintest white blurry, static-like colorless outline of what I was looking at, for a moment before it too vanishes. I read about people talking about vivid hypnagogic hallucinations and I thus far I have remained unaware of these because I just fall asleep. The best example I have had of "seeing" anything I wasn't specifically trying to visualize in mind space, other than the occasional dream, was after waking up and seeing a slightly more distinct (than the example given above) greenish-white outline of a face in my vision, still on inky black background, the face seeming to move a bit or change perspective in time with my heartbeat. This has happened twice now, and since I was wearing a sleep mask and had recently woken up I don't know if it was due to the ganzfeld effect or hypnopompia. Everything else visual seems to be extremely vague or crude impressions of things at best. I have never felt, smelled or heard even the slightest thing that wasn't physically present. I thought I might have felt something faintly once but the inability to replicate it made me chalk it up to wishful thinking. Her speaking has always been mind voice from the head and has never seemed to come from any particular direction. The closest I have ever come to synthesizing anything, except a bit of blurry imagery, was I have twice now been able to give myself the impression I was tasting Reilyn's favorite Greek yogurt when I was chewing mint gum, and believe me that felt like a huge triumph. So basically, either of us can open-eyed visualize a vague visual impression of our wonderland forms around the body, which we puppet to do what we want. I've asked Reilyn if she could do try talking out loud or poking me or anything at all and I typically get the "How the heck am I supposed to do that? It's not like I know any more than you about all this stuff", and I have to agree. Us making one or more vague images then interacting with them doesn't register at all. Emotionally, if one of us hugs the other or holds hands or something we have been pretty good at being able to get an emotional experience across, as in the comfort and security and sense of being loved and/or belonging coming across as a warm fuzzy pleasant feeling but otherwise, nothing at all. From where we are at now, I just fail to understand how something like "just know they are behind a door and get ready to greet them, then open the door over and over till it works" is supposed to accomplish anything. I feel like someone who has been sitting their whole life that is suddenly trying to learn to walk or even run. I don't believe in trying anything harmful or stressful to the body to "force" some sort of wild, unpredictable hallucinations. Am I just to understand that this is something that we will chip away at for years with minuscule yet incremental improvement? I don't expect to just roll out of bed one day and there she (or I, if she is main front) will be, but I have to admit that my starting point seems to be extremely far away from what I see many of you report. Somewhat related, we saw a video on aphantasia and it included a scale or reference pictures on visualization ability, and rated it from 0 (being nothing at all) to 10 (being able to see and construct complex 3D models and blueprints mentally) and I seemed to be sitting at a 1 or 2. I don't mean "oh, I was having a bad day boo hoo, I suck", I mean on our best day ever, with Bear's scripted narrative, emotional attachment providing a more immersive experience, combined with the want to give it our all for a test and for a friend, it has never gone above perhaps a 5 or 6.
  13. I should start off by saying that I'm not yet completely sure I'm an aphantasiac. I think that it's a very difficult thing to pin down exactly whether you are or not since it's all in the mind. But so far, I haven't really had any success with visualizing my tulpa's form. I haven't been working on form forcing for way too long yet so it could just be a time thing. So, my question is, would it still be feasibly possible for someone with aphantasia to impose a tulpa?
  14. Hey m8s! I've got an idea. So I'm taking a lot of EOCs right now and decided to study all night into the morning. The original goal was to pass but now after doing some reading I've realized I can bring on hallucinations by staying awake for 72 hours or less. So this gave me an idea. I noticed that some nights before falling asleep I could see, hear, and even feel Trixie better then I had before. I asked her if it was really her and she confirmed it. So, I figured that maybe by bringing on these sleep deprived hallucinations our imposition would be boosted. I've been awake for about 21 hours now and I plan to go as long as possible. Who knows I might beat the world record. What are your thoughts? You think it'll work? Any advice or tips?
  15. Hi everyone, I used to come to this forum last year but haven't been here in a while. I can finally hear my tulpa talk to me in mindvoice now, it seems that I could for a long time but didn't know it because I had a bad case of parrotnoia that I didn't know I had. Anyway, without digressing, I swear I can remember seeing guides on here involving pink noise for vocal hallucinations so I can actually hear her voice in my head as if it isn't coming from a mindvoice, but I can't find them anywhere. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? It would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: And I can remember the correct terminology now is 'Auditory Imposition', not vocal hallucination. Still can't find any Auditory Imposition guides though.
  16. I was wondering if it was possible to use servitors/Daemons to further progress in imposition. For instance, making visual imposition easier.
  17. As someone who's practicing imposition, I've ran into a question of sorts, how controllable is imposition in the later stages? I've heard stories of people who're able to impose tulpas onto their senses to the extent that they're able to hallucinate them. I question how those that are at this skill level are able to consistently filter out any other thought-forms that they may subconsciously impose. is it something that requires heavy use of symbolism and controlled thought, or is it something that can be toggled on and off? in other words, does imposition become harder to control as it becomes easier and more vivid? this curiosity stems from an experience I've had after watching a horror movie. while i was imposing my tulpas, i had found that i was also subconsciously imposing a hanging corpse as well. even though it had eventually lost its impact and we managed to remove it, it made me curious how those who have imposition come easily to them handle things such as this.
  18. Is this an example of tulpa imposition?
  19. I ran searched the forums and couldn't find anything that really answered the question properly for me. I'm a little worried that my tulpa will be stuck in the one forum after my imposition is complete. I have, since day 1, been aiming for a complete shape shifting tulpa. However I assigned 1 true form, a kind of anchor for my tulpa. But I would like to know if anyone has a shape shifting tulpa or even one with several outfits or fixed forms to be sure if its possible or not. Or equally if people have found that the forms are hard to change when imposition is complete I would like to hear from them also. I don't really see why it is not possible but have heard people say that when finished a tulpa cannot change its appearance and have been thinking about creating a 2nd or 3rd form for mu tulpa instead of creating multiple tulpa. Thanks for your help everyone.
  20. We were having a discussion in IRC with Melian about something and it ventured on to tulpa imposing themselves onto the keyboards of the computers or tiny in general. This seemed to help some people in the IRC be able to impose, so I wanted to post if here for people who are struggling with imposition to try it out. Ivy says being marshmallow sized is fun. Let us know how it works out for you.
  21. 1) Hey guys my tulpa Olivia is quite vocal and 100% sentient, she wants to know if we will be able to edit her face details after imposition. Olivia is very ambitious tulpa with perfectionist personality. Visualising face is quite hard and she is worried that it may not look as she wants, because I find it difficult to keep very details in place. 2) After I impose her without tactile forcing, will I be able to impose it? I mean if she is imposed visualy but not tactily is it possible to do it after? I'm I supposed to do forcing for all senses if I want to feel her by all five of them and finally imposition or order doesn't matter? 3) Will I be able to create clothes after she is imposed, apply makeup? 4) Is she going to be able to learn new movements and tricks like juggling with flames(because she likes to do magic ;} ) I mean new things that I haven't forced before impostion? Best wishes for you all from my tulpa Olivia! :}
  22. Is it possible for Tulpas to impose in characters that you date on Dating Sims?
  23. Shamelessly lifting the idea proposed in this thread and making a thread about my experience with touch imposition. Specifically, I want to focus on what the touch of a tulpa feels like and how it develops. My experience with Noriko and her contacting me through touch was basically just visualizing it at first with only sporadic tactile feedback. This got more consistent over a period of weeks to where I got a sense of pressure from her. And there was a noticeable delay in between her touching me and me getting the sensation. From there it evolved into a varying sense of pressure. Like she could grab my arm and it would feel different from her gently putting her hand on me. I also noticed that I could feel her entire body (with some difficulty) if she sat or lay down next to me, though at this point it was more so a generalized feeling of pressure over being able to feel individual parts. Sabari got this same level of ability when she came into being and was independent enough to do it on her own. Prior to that point, it was just visualization again. Noriko thinks that's mostly due to Sabari having to learn how to share the sensory pathways that she uses, but once she did, they were already there. Sabari of course claims "that's just nerd talk". It was also around this time I really got the sense that there was a physical person behind the actions. Like you know how if someone gets close that you can kind of sense it. I also could sense them moving around and doing the physical actions someone would have to do to recreate the touch. And this did not necessary reflect in visualization. There's been many times where both of them have plopped down on the sofa and hugged me where I didn't visualize it happening. Annoyingly though, if I did visualize it, there was still a delay between what I saw and what I felt. So now going into how their touch feels today. If one of them sits down or lies next to me, I can feel each individual part of their body touch me. I get a sensation of warmth and texture from them as well as pressure. Sometimes there's a delay, sometimes there isn't. The spontaneity of the feeling is much like if a real person touched me (in that there isn't a buildup or need to focus; it just happens). There's also a limit to how strong the feeling can be. None of them can touch with a lot of pressure for instance. Yet they can still sort of imply it. For instance, Sabari likes picking me up a little when she hugs me, and I find that I go onto my tiptoes without any conscious effort on my part when she does. I'm curious if anyone else feels reasonably comfortable with touch imposition, and what your experiences with it are like.
  24. So, I have the feel that imposition is getting worse. Someone experience with this, or a statement? I don't know how I should progress now. Info: I was just taking a break (two days) at vizualisation.
  25. The question is... where you will see your tulpa then it's imposed? On your vision (You move your head, but she is on the left corner of vision field) or like real person, if she sits on sofa and you turn away you don't see her and then you turn back you see her sitting on sofa. I hope you got it, guy? Thank you for advice! xD